A.M. Links: Obamacare to Increase Cost of Private Insurance, 80 Percent of Americans Unhappy with Washington, $100 Bill Easier to Counterfeit Than Print


  • don't leave the original at the copy place
    U.S. Mint

    Obamacare may likely lead to higher prices for private insurance, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius admitted.

  • Mayor Michael Bloomberg told a Christian talk radio show that the prevalence of domestic drones, good or bad, is basically inevitable.
  • 80 percent of Americans are unhappy with Washington, with 30 percent being downright "angry."
  • A new poll shows a plurality of Californians opposing lowering the threshold for new voter-approved taxes.
  • A U.S. hundred dollar bill could be easier to counterfeit than to actually print
  • A British member of Parliament, the socialist George Galloway, wants to sanction Twitter for not providing the police with information they request. Maybe the social media service ought to ban him.
  • A Swedish professor will lead the UN team investigating chemical weapons in Syria. It's not Hans Blix.

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