A.M. Links: Obamacare to Increase Cost of Private Insurance, 80 Percent of Americans Unhappy with Washington, $100 Bill Easier to Counterfeit Than Print


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    Obamacare may likely lead to higher prices for private insurance, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius admitted.

  • Mayor Michael Bloomberg told a Christian talk radio show that the prevalence of domestic drones, good or bad, is basically inevitable.
  • 80 percent of Americans are unhappy with Washington, with 30 percent being downright "angry."
  • A new poll shows a plurality of Californians opposing lowering the threshold for new voter-approved taxes.
  • A U.S. hundred dollar bill could be easier to counterfeit than to actually print
  • A British member of Parliament, the socialist George Galloway, wants to sanction Twitter for not providing the police with information they request. Maybe the social media service ought to ban him.
  • A Swedish professor will lead the UN team investigating chemical weapons in Syria. It's not Hans Blix.

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  1. Obamacare may likely lead to higher prices for private insurance, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius admitted.

    She found out what’s in it.

      1. Peanuts. Parents with nut allergic children should do something!

        1. No, everyone should do something. We can’t take the risk that any kid anywhere has a peanut crumb on his shirt.

          1. Ban fluffernutters.

            1. Public schools pretty much already have.

              1. They were banned in all MA schools.

            2. At least make them register as sex offenders.

          2. This is the moronic part. My kid has to abstain from eating peanut butter at school (one of the few foods he will eat with any kind of regularity) because some kid in the school somewhere might have a peanut allergy.

            What. The. Fuck.

            And this is a private school.

            1. That’s overkill. Here they just set up a separate “peanut-free” table for kids with the allergy. Other kids can sit there as long as they don’t bring in anything with peanuts in it for lunch.

              1. Making the kids with allergies eat by themselves? You monster! Think what that will do with their self-esteem. You probably want to keep Honors Night too.

              2. What’s overkill is the next rule down the line. One can’t even bring in a snack that was made in a factory that handles peanuts even if the snack itself has absolutely no trace of peanut at all.

      2. Obamacare flows higher premiums onto consumers, while single payer cascades higher premiums onto consumers.

        [insert link to Twix commercial]

        1. I wish they would also sell the damn cookie inside the Twix bar.

          1. Try eating the caramel off the bar first, and then eat the cookie. It’s like having two treats.

            You’re welcome.

            1. But Twix could make money this way!
              Also, I think Starburst should let people customize the wrapper, like how M&M let’s people write on their candy.

              1. I’d have my starburst wrappers say ‘yummy flavored wax!’.

            2. It’s like having FOUR treats.


            3. that’s what I normally do.

          2. They should sell the two separately, much like Wisconsin used to sell white margarine with yellow food-coloring separately when it was illegal to sell yellow margarine.

            1. Wisconsin would so have the same bs laws about that as Canada.

          3. Freeze them!

    1. It’s ok. Obamacare was never about lowering premiums. To say the goal of ObamaCare was to reduce the growth in health care spending is just plain crazy. It’s about expanding access, and making sure everyone gets better care, and also making sure those deadbeats pay their fair share by buying insurance. Aren’t you glad that you now can’t get a plan without maternity care? I know I am.

      1. But.. but.. it’s right in the name! Affordable Care Act! Are you seriously suggesting that our elected officials might lie to us?

      2. “Aren’t you glad that you now can’t get a plan without maternity care? I know I am.”

        Same here. As a 44-year old divorced man, a good maternity plan is critical to my sense of security and well-being.

        1. Yes, and as half of a couple that has paid good money to make sure that we don’t need a maternity plan, I certainly am glad that we’ll have that maternity plan.

        2. As a nearly-menopausal woman who has never so much as had a pregnancy scare, that maternity plan is gonna come in handy!

          1. So you’re saying you are due for a pregnancy?

  2. http://www.washingtonpost.com/…..story.html

    George Will on DOMA

    1. Temba, his arms wide.

      1. Shaka, and the walls fell.

        1. Full disclosure: I couldn’t remember any of the phrases, so I googled “Star Trek where they talk gay”.

          1. Tenagra, with orange juice.

          2. Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.

          3. Temba, his arms wide

            So does that mean Temba Wide-Arm is a Star Trek joke?

            You learn something new every day…

            …though not necessarily worth knowing.

            1. Everything is worth knowing.

          4. Counterfly, his google-fu.

      2. Episiarch and Wesley at Dorvan.

        1. Don’t you mean at Warty’s house?

      3. One thing always bothered me about that episode. Sure I get it, they use a lot of references to stories when talking. But if that is all you ever do, how do you tell the stories in the first place so that little kids can learn the stores to use as expressions. And if you were talking to somebody who you knew didn’t know the stories, wouldn’t you switch back to non-meta-speak?

        So I did it. I punched a hole in the logic of a Star Trek episode.

        1. Well, no.

          See, the problem wasn’t the language, the problem was the universal translator. Because their language was derived from this epic story, the translator picked it up as passages from the story, rather than as language. Why do you think they looked so exasperated? They’re saying ‘Okay, we seal our alliance with this ritual shared experience.’ And Picards’ hearing ‘Darmok and Jelad, their journey beginning’.

          The translator is breaking the pictograms into their component parts without understanding that together, those parts have a single meaning.

          1. Oh, so it was just a bug in the translator. I guess I can buy that.

          2. Any English speaker who has attained fluency in any high context language (Japanese, Chinese, Khmer to name a few) can see how this theoretical translator would not be up to the task right here on earth.

            This is one reason I find a lot of science fiction to be boring.

  3. Public Health and Public Trust

    But one possible reason that conservatives have arrived at a greater distrust of the government is that the government has become less trustworthy. The self-dealing and the friends-and-family appropriations that we now regard as business as usual in Washington may be entirely legal, but they are nonetheless wrong ? not just ill-advised but immoral ? and it is not surprising that Americans’ trust in public institutions (and many private institutions, such as Wall Street firms) is pretty low. This is a critical problem for a self-governing republic. Even when it comes to such core governmental functions as national defense and law enforcement, it is difficult to believe that all (or even most) of every $1 appropriated to the relevant agencies is used for the purpose intended.

    1. Was it ever truly trust-worthy? Arguably, NASA used to be competent, but that doesn’t equate to trustworthy.

      1. The average age of NASA engineers during Apollo’s run was something like 28. The average age now is like 55.

        Do not trust old people. They will steal your souls.

        1. Plus they were more or else initially products of a freer market. But yes, a lot of people are worthless after 45. Heck, I’m fairly worthless now. I suspect the human animal wasn’t supposed to make it passed 38.

          1. Yes, but you were always worthless.

            1. Can’t argue with that.

        2. And they smell funny.

        3. Get off my lawn!

        4. The average age of NASA engineers during Apollo’s run was something like 28. The average age now is like 55.

          Tell a bunch of young idealistic engineers that something is impossible they’re likely to say “fuck you we’ll figure something out”, tell a bunch of old engineers that something is impossible they’re most likely to say “fuck it, I’ve only got a few years left to retirement, so as long as we can keep the funding coming for another few years who gives a shit if it’s possible or not?”

          1. I have 17 patents. All were filed after I was 45. Fuck off.

            1. a lot of people are worthless after 45.

              Weasel words.

              1. 90% of everything is crap . . . . .

            2. Somebody’s gotta do the actual work while all those young engineers are sitting around jerking themselves. Amirite?

            3. Just going off what I’ve observed over the last 12 years in the aerospace industry. Most of the older engineers I’ve seen are just running out the clock to retirement.

              1. Yes, I have worked with many guys that started with the firm right out of college and put in 50-60 hours a week for thirty years. Now there counting down the days until they have the points to retire.

                The system also destroys a lot of creative people by making them managers at the peak of their careers.

                But there is a huge difference in the way product development is run and the way R&D is done. There just aren’t enough cool R&D jobs to go around.

        5. The problem is not the age, the problem is the number of years they worked in bureaucratic institutions.

          If you have a bunch of engineers working for a government agency and their average age is 28 that means on average they have been working there for less than 5 years and even the older ones likely still have some enthusiasm and idealism left. Take that same group and leave them in place for another decade so that their average age is now 38 and the bureaucracy has had a good 15 years to suck out their souls and they will become worthless shells trying to hang on till retirement

    2. The author should read some Twain or Will Rogers. Government has always been untrustworthy.

      1. Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself. – Mark Twain

  4. Reality remains sexist.


    1. “It’s strictly business, Darlin’.”

    2. The law remains sexist too, because for my own “protection” I can’t sign a contract saying that I promise not to get/remain pregnant and if I do you can fire me (and even claw back pay, hey, why not?).

      1. You’re a woman. You’re too stupid to look after your own interests without Big Government doing it for you.


        (I suppose this is why there are no female libertarians….)

        1. Did you count me?

      2. Stop focusing on results nicole. The intentions are beautiful and pure. Focus on them.

    3. Uhh…

      I try to always treat women with respect…

      I’m sure a combination of hormones, frustration, stress, and general vulnerability played into their response but now they hate me.

      1. It’s sexist to point out that pregnant women are hormonal, frustrated, stressed out, and vulnerable?

        1. Sexist? No. Disrespectful? Yes.

          1. Or, more specifically, to specify that hormones and vulnerability are what is motivating their distaste for you, rather than (impassioned) disagreement.

            1. Maybe the hormones make her less willing to put up with his bullshit.

  5. A British member of Parliament, the socialist George Galloway, wants-

    Stop right there.

    1. You gotta know right now?

      1. It’s all I need to know.

  6. I lost my faith in 1980 – but hey…

    An America that is losing faith with religion

    One group, however, has swelled: those with no religious affiliation, also known as “nones” (as in “none of the above”). In the 1950s, this was about 2 percent of the population. In the 1970s, it was about 7 percent. Today, it is close to 20 percent. These gains can be found in all regions of the country, including the South. The trend is particularly pronounced among whites, among the young and among men.

    1. I clearly remember the day when I said “Fuck it, I’m not going back to church.” That was a good day.

      1. I became an atheist at about 11. My parents were non-religious pretty much.

        When I was 15 I started going to church to hook up with chicks on church trips and because I thought the Power Team and Carman put on a good show.

        True story.

            1. Billions, and billions.

        1. Err, this could be read the wrong way. I am still, and always was, a (non-proseletyzing) atheist. I went to church ONLY for the treats.

          1. Did it all for the nookie? And/or cookie?

        2. I went from no-questions-asked (raised Catholic) to questioning (went to Unitarian youth group), to agnostic, to atheist (of the raging variety) to saying “meh, people believe what they want to believe.”
          I’m still pretty much in the “meh” stage.

          1. That is the final level Flashman.

            1. Yeah, but I have some envy of the no-questions-asked people, like I am missing something. But when I was Catholic I went around feeling guilty all the time, like 100%.

              1. like I am missing something

                Bash your head with a hammer a few times. It will let you relive it for a time.

            2. The older I get, the more I stand by my live and let live philosophy regarding religion.

              I went from being an evangelical, preaching to anyone with ears, fire and brimstone, god will strike you down Christian to a you’re all idiots, deluded morons, what’s wrong with you Atheist.

              I found that neither extreme was winning me any friends outside those that already shared my beliefs. I’ll have a friendly debate with anyone who WANTS to discuss religion with me, but pushing the issue just makes people mad and doesn’t convince anyone of anything.

        3. I was 8. At vacation bible school in the second grade, the teacher told the story of Noah. Afterwards, it went something like:

          Me: God killed everyone to get rid of sinful people?
          Her: Yes.
          Me: How’d that work out for Him?
          Her: Uh.

          They asked my parents not to bring me back. Maybe I was excommunicated.

          1. You were a good little collectivist at age 8.

            If you think about the people alive then as individuals, it worked just fine.

            1. WTF is collectivist about those questions?

              1. Think of them as individuals and work it thru?

                John Q Sinner drowns.

                Did the flood work? Yes, yes it did, as JQS is no longer amongst the living.

                Now multiply that by everyone.

                If you start collectivizing humanity by connecting the sins of the post-flood people with the pre-flood people you come to the wrong conclusion.

        4. I got dragged to church every Sunday. Mom was a nasty hypocrite, blaming God when something happened that she couldn’t blame on anybody else. Usually the screaming fit involved claiming God was punishing her for not going to church if we missed a week, but then there was the tantrum where she screamed that she went to church every week and God still didn’t help her.

          Unfortunately, her temper has gotten even nastier as she’s gotten older.

          1. She sounds lovely Theodore.

  7. 80 percent of Americans are unhappy with Washington, with 30 percent being downright “angry.”

    Twenty percent simply cannot slake their thirst for Kool-Aid.

    1. They put a chemical in it that makes you crave it fortnightly.

        1. Ancient Chinese Secret.

          1. Ahh…. It’s Slurm.

          2. Dog?

            1. Jesus Christ, people! KFC!

              Ooooh with his wee beady eyes and that smug look on his face…

        2. It’s got what plants crave.

        3. We all thought the prophecy meant that it was Gatorade that would become Brawndo in the 21st century. We were wrong. It was Kool-Aid all along. We missed the warning signs. We couldn’t change the future, because the future had already arrived.

      1. “Oh I hated Uncle Sam, with his wee beady eye, and that smug look on his face ‘Oh, you’re gonna drink my Kool-Aid, ohh!'”

    2. Ahem. It was Flavor-Aid.

      1. Kool-Aid is all encompassing. Like Xerox or Kleenex or Coke or Astroglide.

        1. Google.

        1. One of my all time favorite moments of television ever, from Jonathan Creek.

          “Enough with the pedanticism and let us eat.”

          “The word is pedantry.”

        2. You all are just jealous that I know more than you. :-p

          1. You seem to suffer from know-it-allism.

        3. Maybe he has an interest in protecting the Kool-Aid brand?

          1. ah! A Kool-Aid shill, working for the interest of sugar-flavored beverages. The science is settled!

            *breathes through mouth*

    3. No one asked me, so does that make it 30% +1?

  8. “A Swedish professor will lead the UN team investigating chemical weapons in Syria. It’s not Hans Blix.”

    Of course, Hans was et by sharks or lasered or somesuch wasn’t he?

    1. Dere you go, Hans Brix. How you rike that, you fucking cocksucker? Do you have any idea how fuckin’ busy I am, Hans Brix? Well, fuck you. You want inspection? Well, inspect that, you buttfucking piece of shit! What, you think I’m just a petty arms dearer? I’m pranning the attack. Congraturations, Team America, you have stopped nothing.

      I will miss you Kim Jong Il.

      1. He’s gone, but now we have Gangnam Style. Fair trade, in my book.

        1. That song crawled into my brain and destroyed the left lobe (but it’s not like that meant much anyway).

        2. Here is the best of both worlds, more or less.

          1. Is this a metal version by that Spaniard? Dude is my new hero.

          2. Thanks, I needed the lulz.

          3. I find it pretty awesome that they had a Vietnamese play Kim.

            And a couple of the chicks are pretty hot.

  9. A new poll shows a plurality of Californians opposing lowering the threshold for new voter-approved taxes.

    Only a plurality? Seriously, why does anyone still live there? (says the guy moving to Chicago later this year…)

    1. Seriously, why does anyone still live there?

      After personally dealing with snow on Monday, I can tell you it has something to do with the weather.

      1. SoCal I get, but NoCal still has a ton of people too, no?

        1. I don’t think it snows in San Francisco or Berkley.

          1. Didn’t Mark Twain say the coldest winter he ever experienced was a summer in San Francisco?

            1. Yeah, but he also said he lived for a year on nothing but sea water, and that the biggest problem with America was a dearth of large bats. So I wouldn’t trust him.

              1. He was a writer of fiction.

              2. Maybe he should have lived on his own urine, presaging Ke-dollarsign-sha?

            2. Having spent two years in Monterey, (same basic weather/climate conditions) there is actually a lot of truth to that old saw. There is a wierd inversion effect.

              June was usually fucking miserable. Cold damp fog that chilled right down to the bone. November was the warmest month of the year, and Jan/Feb were memorably beautiful.

              If it weren’t for the ass-hats that lived there, I’d have found a way to never leave. It must be something in the water.

      2. There are other places that don’t get snow in March, like Jacksonville FL. Not that I’d want to live in Florida, of course.

        1. Texas is another, and it doesn’t have state income tax either (like Florida).

          1. I lived in FL. Don’t let ‘no state income tax’ fool you. They make up for it in other areas.

            1. I currently live there, and you’re right. But 90% of the things they do wrong are still marginally better than what California does right, with perhaps medijuana being the exception.

              1. live there here

          2. Yeah, but they fuck us on property taxes.

            1. I pay less in property taxes in Texas than friends and relatives in CA with comparable houses.

            2. When my parents moved back to TX from Bakersfield, CA when I was in 8th grade, they bought a much bigger, nicer house for the same money that sould the Bakersfield for in a school district that had the highest property taxes in town. The taxes were still ~half what they were paying in armpit of CA Bakersfield. And the schools were about 4 times better than CA too.

              1. sould = sold.

                Too bad they didn’t teach me to type in that much better school.

                1. The English folks understood.

                  1. especially those who use Olde Spice.

              2. Bakersfield isn’t the armpit of California, Loki. It’s the asshole of California.

                1. I thought that was Oakland.

                2. California is nothing but pure 100% asshole

          3. Doesn’t the panhandle get snow?

            1. Rarely, and it doesn’t stick.

    2. Oh you are? Awesome! Where’d you decide to go?

      1. I’ve decided on John Marshall because I was given a hefty scholarship. I was planning on sending you an email with some questions about the area; hopefully tonight.

          1. Can’t see Youtube at work, so this better not be anything obscene!! And don’t imply what I think you may be implying. As much as I love libertarianism and Nicole loves babies, I’m no homewrecker!

  10. Zuckerman: The Great Recession Has Been Followed by the Grand Illusion
    Don’t be fooled by the latest jobs numbers. The unemployment situation in the U.S. is still dire.

    Other numbers reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics have deteriorated. The 236,000 net new jobs added to the economy in February is misleading?the gross number of new jobs included 340,000 in the part-time, low wage category. Many of the so-called net new jobs are second or third jobs going to people who are already working, rather than going to those who are unemployed.

    We’re all Jamaicans now (old In Living Color joke)

    1. Oh come on, you’re fooling yourself.

      1. Counterfly, why must you be such an angry young man?

        1. Yeah, the future looks so bright to me.

          (Haven’t f5’d in a while. I’ll be surprised if no one else has posted this.)

        2. Cuz he’s gotta be a blue collar man?

    2. America spells competition, join us in our blind ambition…

      1. Get yourself a brand new motor car

        Cause like that will help the economy and stuff

    3. dat boy got nine jobs, mahn….

    4. The only people who need to be told this are the self-proclaimed elites (by which I mean Obama supporters).

    5. …Followed by the Grand Illusion

      Welcome to the Grand illusion
      Come on in and see what’s happening
      Pay the price, get your tickets for the show
      The stage is set, the band starts playing
      Suddenly your heart is pounding
      Wishing secretly you were a star.

      But don’t be fooled by the radio
      The TV or the magazines
      They show you photographs of how your life should be
      But they’re just someone else’s fantasy
      So if you think your life is complete confusion
      Because you never win the game
      Just remember that it’s a Grand illusion
      And deep inside we’re all the same.
      We’re all the same…

      So if you think your life is complete confusion
      Because your neighbors got it made
      Just remember that it’s a Grand illusion
      And deep inside we’re all the same.
      We’re all the same…

      America spells competition, join us in our blind ambition
      Get yourself a brand new motor car
      Someday soon we’ll stop to ponder what on Earth’s this spell we’re under
      We made the grade and still we wonder who the hell we are

  11. Mayor Michael Bloomberg told a Christian talk radio show that the prevalence of domestic drones, good or bad, is basically inevitable.

    And they will be powered by a mixture of salt, trans fats, soda and handguns.

    1. Don’t forget the self-righteous fury of a tiny billionaire.

      1. I couldn’t believe Meet The Press had a side shot comparing Mike to David Gregory. Hizzonner should have been given a booster seat.

        1. Wrong. They should have given Gregory surgary to make him shorter.

    2. Sounds like Bloomy can’t wait to get his hands on the controls.

  12. David Ignatius: In Syria, America’s fractured hopes

    The regional tension splitting the Syrian rebel movement is between Qatar and Turkey, on one side, and Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Emirates on the other. The former group would like to see an Islamist government headed by the Muslim Brotherhood after the fall of President Bashar al-Assad. The latter group opposes any expansion of Muslim Brotherhood influence into Syria, fearing that the movement could spread from there to endanger Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E.

    The Obama administration, to the consternation of some of its Arab allies, has been somewhere in the middle, resisting the efforts of Qatar and Turkey to impose their proxies, but not doing so very effectively. The lack of U.S. influence is one more sign of the price that Washington has paid in coming to the Syria problem so late, and so feebly.

    1. The US having a muddled, untenable and unachievable foreign policy? Say it ain’t so!

    2. WTF would Turkey want an Islamist neighbor?

  13. 80 percent of Americans are unhappy with Washington, with 30 percent being downright “angry.”

    This “angry”?

    They’re somewhat willing to make cuts to other, unspecified programs that benefit them

    Of course.

    1. 30% being angry is not enough. We need more than 50% being passionately angry. So angry they are ready to vote idiots out of office.

      1. You had me until you said vote.

        1. I second C-fly.

          1. I agree with Drax.

        2. Well, what else is there besides mass revolt?

      2. “But *my* congresscreatures are doing OK!”

        Until more than 50% are so angry they actually vote out their own representatives, nothing will happen.

        And even that is no guarantee of any real benefit.

        1. yes, the problem is simply voting them out is not even very likely to lead to improvement.

          Look at us here in Massachusetts, we voted out Scott Brown and got Elizabeth Warren instead

        2. But what if they ARE doing okay? What if they’re Rand Paul and Thomas Massie? What if it’s Justin Amash?

          Reflexively voting people out is stupid.

          Until decent candidates run, and people elect them, nothing will happen.

    2. What are we calling the people who are ready to brun shit dopwn and start shooting elected officials? I’m asking for a friend.

      1. Sane? Situationaly aware?

      2. Libertarians?

  14. Failed Iowa entrepreneur awarded $112 million for Obamacare co-ops

    Federal officials awarded $112 million to fund new Obamacare health insurance cooperatives in Iowa and Nebraska to a group whose politically connected chief financial officer recorded at least three business flops since 2009.


    CCIIO officials refuse to make public details of their selection process for the Obamacare co-op loans, a fact that concerns Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., who is vice chairman of the House Energy & Commerce subcommittee on commerce, manufacturing and trade.

    “It’s obvious to us it is not a transparent process,” Blackburn told The Examiner. “For an administration that was going to try to be the most transparent in history, we continue to find a lack of transparency and a seeming to hide behind a litany of excuses for not giving us the information that is needed and in a timely manner.”

    1. I figured it go down in flames due to bad incentives, a broke ass nation and sufficating regulation. Maybe it will go down due to fraud and cronyism.

      1. Why not both?

        The Race To Failure!

          1. The racist to failure?

            That doesn’t even make sense.

    2. I’m shocked, shocked, to find there is cronyism in this establishment.
      (Apologies to Casablanca).

    3. What. The. Actual. Fuck.

  15. Ben Carson: Family breakdown is Detroit’s problem

    He sees America’s behemoth, family-busting welfare state as the root of the problem.

    “There is your elite group of intellectuals who pass judgment on everything. They see the people who are on the lower end of society and they say ‘you little poor thing’ and they pat you on the head and say, ‘we’re going to take care of you,'” he says. “Of course, that just enables them to remain in that situation without real incentive to improve themselves. You need a lower class in order for you to be the elite intellectual.”

    1. Carson is preparing to be the next Herman Cain and Alan Keyes.

      1. unlike Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson, John Conyers, Al Sharpton, and the rest of the poverty pimp warlords. Unlike any of them, Cain and Keyes have actually been productive citizens rather than leeches.

        1. Don’t forget that mother fucker Charlie Rangel.

          1. How could I? We’re talking millions of kids ….

        2. Unlike any of them, Cain and Keyes have actually been productive citizens rather than leeches.

          Which makes him a self hating lawn jockey uncle Tom House nigger in the eyes of the left, not a successful businessman.

        3. Remind me when and where Alan Keyes had a real job?

          1. I don’t think he ever has.

    2. He’s acting white.

    3. Well then Detroit should outsource and get some reliable, affordable family values from Japan or Korea. Or at least automate their families with robots.

  16. For any of you 90s Britpop fans, Suede’s new album Bloodsports has some good Bowie-esque/glam/trash tracks. Not quite Dog Star Man but still worth a few bucks.


    1. There hasn’t been anything original in music since the death of Josquin des Prez.

      1. I liked music until Ogg the Stick Smasher sold out and performed at the tribal congregation.

      2. Rock is certainly dead – any new “artists” are merely dancing around the corpse.

  17. What do you do for kicks if you’re a 20-year veteran police officer, a lottery millionaire and a successful businessman?

    Why, get a child porn ring started, what else!

    The officer is on administrative leave while he sits in jail awaiting his haring.

    1. Manganelli admitting [sic] using a Yahoo! email address to exchange images “containing child pornography” from his Waltham home with people outside the Bay State. Federal authorities searched his home yesterday, where he identified pornographic images as being those he sent and received, authorities said.

      He’s already admitted to it!! Why is he not in prison? Anyone? Dunphy?

    2. I always look forward to sloopy fueling my cop-hate.

    3. Jerry Sandusky should have been a cop.

      1. He always felt they were too homoerotic for his taste.

    4. Damn, I thought it was going to be that Fleshlight douchebag based on your description.

    GOPers Decry Sequestration’s Impact At Home


    1. …anything with “talking points” in the link…

    2. Republicans gonna shill, what can you do? Still not as bad as Democrats blaming for the sequester that they agreed to in the first place.

    3. Bestest idea Barry ever had.

    4. Of course they could have kept that little airport open with the money they would have saved by canceling the Royal Daughters spring break vacation.

    5. Statists gonna be statists, ain’t nothing new.

  19. “G4S Readies Guards as Cypriot Banks Prepare to Open”


    1. I first read that as “Prepare the Oven”

      1. Weren’t these the same guys that couldn’t get their shit together for the Olympics?

      2. I LOLed.

        Is that bad?

    2. Oh that’s interesting. The gov’t is planning to steal your 401k. They floated out this little article this morning, lamenting the fact that us poor consumers are losing money to pay the fees of the evil Wall Street banksters.

      They’re coming for your 401k. Soon.


      1. You article has nothing to do with the government. It is about private 401K custodian fees.

        1. True ‘dat. But some of the handwringing came from the Demos think tank. They like to advise government policy. It is also why I wrote “floated it out”. This is the beginning of the disinformation campaign, designed to get consumers angry at “banksters” so they gladly accept government intervention/takeover of private retirement accounts.

          Remember how there were lots of articles about how medical costs were skyrocketing and the poor consumer was getting killed? Then remember the articles about who could save the consumer? Then remember the articles about how government could fix the problem? Then remember Obamacare?

          Same thing, you douche.

          1. The vermin lives off your attention. Don’t feed it.

      2. Serious question: What does it *really* cost to manage such a fund?

        1. If Vanguard is any indicator, not a hell of a lot.

        2. I don’t know the *real* costs. Because I don’t have the time to manage our 401k’s on a daily basis. I also don’t know the *real* costs of fixing my Toyota, growing coffee, or sewing clothes. Services and products cost money. As a consumer, I either like the product and buy it, or I choose a different service or product.

        3. Not much, as I rolled my 401k into a self-directed IRA. So my fees are $0+costs of transactions (small and few)+a little bit of my time.

  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v…..r_embedded

    Humanity: Fuck Yeah

  21. “A U.S. hundred dollar bill could be easier to counterfeit than to actually print”

    Yeah, up here near the Canadian border, most businesses won’t even accept them, there’s that many fakes flooding in.

    1. Eh, I don’t see why it matters. The “real” thing is fake money as well.

    2. I think it’s more likely it’s because you don’t have any businesses that can make change for a hundo.

  22. http://townhall.com/columnists…..page/full/

    If only they would….

    1. I’m sure you’ll all just say that I’m an ill-tempered curmudgeon, but the Town Hall link put up an overlay ad that could only be closed by enabling images. (Well, unless you accidentally hover over the right spot.)

    2. It’s a sad commentary that the once boisterous, independent, take-no-guff New Yorker of the past has been replaced by a gutless, cowardly supplicant eager to obey the commands of whatever pint?sized potentate occupies Gracie Mansion. Back in the day, a real New Yorker would look that tiny troll in the mayor’s office in his beady little eyes and laugh, “Hey Mikey, I got your Big Gulp right here.”

    1. Universal Background Checks for snake purchases!

      1. Agent with BATFES to a group of children: “I’m the only one in this room qualified to handle this python.”

        *Python quickly contricts around him and then starts to swallow him hole in front of horrified young children.*

        1. He crawls, struggling for the gun he left on the table. He can’t reach it. He asks me, desperately, “Grab that Glock man, shoot this fucking snake.” I grin

          “Oh no suh, I’s not qualified to operate dat dere handgun. I’s not a trained man of the government, no suh. I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I’s scared to even touch it, cuz dat pistol just fill yo mind with the devil, yes suh indeed.”

          Then the BATFEIOEIO man dies screaming in agony. And all the children cheer.

          1. And all the children cheer.

            I suppose that would depend on how young they are and whether or not the teacher’s government fellation had brainwashed them into believing that government agents are paragons of virtue yet or not.

    2. I was down in Florida for vacation last month, a four foot iguana ran out in the road in front of my rental car and froze there. That was freaky.
      And they tell me that four feet isn’t all that big as iguanas go.

      1. Here is hoping they get some more freezes down there making them into lizard sickles.

        1. This is why the South scares me a little. It never gets cold enough for things to die, so bugs & other things get huuuuge.
          Although last vacation, the mate & I had bets about what state we’d see the biggest bug in, and we never saw anything big at all. So my expectations were dashed. Perhaps we were in cities too much.

          1. It’s been fucking cold the past few days. It’s been pissing me off.

      2. Seriously. I moved to freaking West Africa from Florida, and the lizards here got smaller. I was sorely disappointed.

        The bats, however, are freaking big. But they only hang* out a couple of months.

        *not intended.

      3. Four feet is a pretty big iguana, though they are known to get to 6 feet or longer.

        1. That’s what they told me. A six foot iguana? I would probably shit myself.

          1. They’re like 2 feet of body and 4 feet of tail. Supposedly they can kill dogs by using their tail like a bullwhip, but I think mostly they run away from about anything that moves unless they are digesting.

    3. Let’s get down to brass tacks. How much for the snake?

  23. Talk about coming to the wrong conclusion.

    In this morning’s briefing for RedState.com, I noted that gay marriage and religious freedom are incompatible. The gay rights movement must drive from the town square those who disagree and must punish and silence those who refuse to surrender their belief that marriage is between a man and woman.

    Many people howled in protest over email this morning, denying the incompatibility. The irony is that many howling against me will not be on the side of the church and Christian when the fight comes.

    1. Understand we are not talking about “marriage”. We are talking about legally sanctioned marriage. There is a difference. Gays can get married now. They do all of the time. That battle was won when the sodomy laws were struck down. What they can’t get in most states is legally sanctioned marriage.

      Now what is legally sanctioned marriage? It is document from the state that forces everyone to recognize my marriage. No one can say that someone who is legally married is not. They have to treat their spouse just like any other spouse. So currently, for example, an Orthodox Jew could not refuse to recognize one of his gentile employee’s marriage to an Jew. Or a Catholic employer could not refuse to recognize the marriage of two divorcees. Those people have a paper from the state that says that you and everyone else has to recognize their marriage and treat them like every other married couple.

      Currently, gays can’t get this. So people are free not to recognize gay marriages. A Baptist Church for example can offer spousal benefits and tell a gay couple no because they don’t recognize their marriage. Legally sanctioned gay marriage is all about using the force of law and in reality the barrel of a gun to force people to recognize gay marriages, even if doing so goes against their religious beliefs of consciences.

      It is a shame Libertarians are so in love with the culture war that they can’t understand that point.

      1. Indeed – the link between SSM and coercion of private for-profit businesses seems so blatant that ignoring it requires a heroic effort.

        1. Yep, it’s what changed me from an advocate for SSM to passively opposing it.

      2. Surprise, surprise. Another member of Team Red comes to the wrong conclusion in defense of the wrong conclusion.

        1. If you think it is wrong, tell me why. If you can’t do that, shut up. Sorry, screaming team red doesn’t count as an argument around here.

          1. Why would recognition of gay marriages be forced on anyone? Answer that question and you’ll be on the way to a happier and healthier new life.

            1. I just explained it to you above. Once a marriage is recognized by law, all employers have to recognize it. Can you not read?

              Maybe you think forcing all employers to recognize gay marriage or not recognize any marriage is a great idea. But stop lying and pretending you are not on the side of government coercion here.

              1. I just explained it to you above. Once a marriage is recognized by law, all employers have to recognize it. Can you not read?

                I’m trying to get you to think for a second but I guess that’s a lost cause. What is it that specifically forces people to take part in activities that they would rather not? What makes business have to deal with blacks? What makes businesses have to deal with women?

                If you get rid of anti-discrimination laws then the state has no more lever to force people into these situations. If people aren’t forced into the situations, then they don’t need to worry about recognizing them. Let the people who don’t like gays/blacks/women tell them to get lost. Let religious institutions not hire gays because they don’t recognize the lifestyle.

            2. People are already free to recognize gay marriages if they want. The whole point of this fight is to get people who don’t want to to recognize them.

              1. Exactly AD. Lots of companies give benefits to same sex partners. And more power to them. This whole thing will work itself out.

                1. I think you’ve come to the wrong conclusion in regards to getting the government out of marriage altogether, but you’re right that the point of the gay marriage fight is to get people who don’t want to recognize them to do so. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a fight in the first place.

                  1. It is more of a semantic issue. We will never get the government literally out of marriage. But what we could do is what Niki suggest below which is stop forcing employers or organizations to recognize every state sanctioned marriage.

                    1. We will never get the government literally out of marriage.

                      Why not?

                      You have no imagination.

                    2. He didn’t say he couldn’t imagine it, he said it wouldn’t happen.

                    3. He cant imagine a path from here to there, hence him thinking it has zero probability.

                  2. you’re right that the point of the gay marriage fight is to get people who don’t want to recognize them to do so. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a fight in the first place.

                    It’s not just ’employers’ either. The admitted next step is to use equal protection laws to force anyone engaged in commercial activity to validate certain approved lifestyles and use the same laws to aggressively attack religious entities that won’t bend to the will of the state.

                    And if you think that is hyperbole and can’t happen here, then you are ignorant of history. Because it did happen in the US to the mormon church over the issue of polygamy in the 19th century. At one point they were disincorporated and the church’s property was seized. They only became a legal entity again by vociferously denouncing polygamy including excommunicating members that refused to change.

                    The proglodytes would love to do the same to the Catholic organizations, or baptist or anyone that has the temerity to disagree with them.

            3. Why would recognition of gay marriages be forced on anyone?

              Ask these folks:


              I’m in favor of gay marraige, but that doesn’t mean coercion won’t be part of the package. It’s going to open up businesses to a whole slew of civil rights lawsuits, and in some cases those suits will be complete bullshit from a libertarian perspective, because all that’s needed to set one off is the mere impression that the service they received wasn’t as good or denied because they were gay.

              1. Even if they were denied service explicitly because they are gay, a lawsuit about that would be bullshit from a libertarian perspective.

              2. It’s going to open up businesses to a whole slew of civil rights lawsuits

                That’s my point. The problem is, some idiots see this and advocate against gay marriage. Instead, all people should see this and advocate against anti-discrimination laws.

                1. Most of the people who see that legalizing SSM will open up an endless supply of lawsuit material ALREADY are against anti-discrimination laws.

                  They’re kind of confused that you think advocating against adding another protected group isn’t part of advocating against anti-discrimination laws.

          2. If it’s wrong to force people to accept gay marriages, then it is wrong to force people to accept any marriages.

            I’ve just now started a new religion that does not recognize marriages between two people with the same eye color. Who’s standing up for my religious freedom?

              1. Apparently Justin Amash too.

            1. Who’s standing up for my religious freedom?

              The tons of posters on HnR who support getting government out of marriage.

            2. I like your religion.

          3. Because it’s basically a form of contract. The two people who married joined into a contract with certain legally recognized provisions. When dealing with any legally defined entity, you don’t get much leeway to choose how you deal with them on a legal basis, that’s already defined. For example, if you had business go bad with an LLC, going after the personal assets of a member of an LLC is much harder than going after the personal assets of someone who isn’t covered by any limitation of liabiity.

            You SHOULD have the right to choose whether or not you deal with such entities, but you don’t have the authority to ignore the provisions of their contract with the state.

            I’m no lawyer, but that’s my take on it.

      3. Huckabee is threatening a mass Evangelical walkout that would cripple the GOP if they fold on gay marriage.

        So you are right there too. No surprise.

        1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuGtxt84wPQ

          Get back in your hole and stop throwing shit.

          1. John, Kudos for your commitment to this point. However, you should try to find a video compilation of Basil Fawlty smacking Manuel around, as it would be so much more cathartic.

        2. He can threaten all he likes, where are they going to go?

          Their 15% of the population and shrinking aren’t going to switch sides to the democrats and they aren’t a large enough faction to exert any real political power on their own as a 3rd party plus with the exodus of the evangelicals from the Republican ranks a good chunk of independents would return to/join the reformed Republican party because the only thing keeping them from doing so in the first place was those evangelicals.

          Basically if they left the political structure of the country would go from…

          30% Dem, 30% GOP, 40% independent


          25% Dem, 25% GOP, 15% Evangelical, 35% independent

          resulting in effectively no change.

      4. So currently, for example, an Orthodox Jew could not refuse to recognize one of his gentile employee’s marriage to an Jew. Or a Catholic employer could not refuse to recognize the marriage of two divorcees. Those people have a paper from the state that says that you and everyone else has to recognize their marriage and treat them like every other married couple.

        And yet you won’t come out against legally sanctioned marriage period because you think a contract of that nature must be handled by the state. But why aren’t these violations of liberty just as bad as any potential violations caused by SSM?

        1. A contract is by its very nature handled by the state. But yes, if you wanted to carve out a rule in marriage law that said employers are free to recognize any marriage they want, thus allowing the Jew in this case to not recognize the Gentile marriage, that would be a pretty good compromise here.

          Sadly, that is not a compromise that is on the table because the supporters of gay marriage are not interested in marriage, they are interested in legal coercion.

          1. Handled by the state != licensed by the state.

            And under current law, the state isnt even handling the contracts, as they refuse to acknowledge many of the terms, due to no-fault divorce laws.

            I keep bringing this up in these discussion, but it seems Im the only libertarian in the universe upset over no-fault divorce laws.

            Where are the weekly reason articles over it?

            Why arent more of you upset over the courts ignoring oral contracts?

            1. I would agree with you Rob. No fault divorce laws are bullshit.

              But there is nothing wrong with ignoring oral contracts. Courts have done it for centuries regarding real property. I think that marriage is sufficiently important to say that if you want one, you need to put it in writing just like if you want to sell land you have to do so as well. Because of the dangers of bigamy and deceit, there is nothing wrong with saying people have to put their marriages in writing and announce them publicly.

              1. Most of the oral contracts are performed before an audience and witnesses.

                Hell, most (all?) states require two witnesses to sign the marriage license so they have plenty of witnesses to the oral terms of the contract, under the current system. I see no reason to require it be written down.

                Writing the terms down is better, of course. And in a world without state licensed marriage and the courts took marriage contract terms seriously, I think they would be written down.

                Im sure the catholic church, for example, would have some very specific clauses they would expect to be in the contract before they agree to perform a wedding.

      5. Seems to me, conscience-wise, there’s a ‘get out of Hell free’ card–

        “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”.

        This allows the religious the ability to abide by state laws that don’t agree with doctrine without imperiling their immortal souls.

  24. Bitcoin closes in on $90 USD… http://bitcoinity.org/markets

  25. Omaha police beat man for complaining about them towing his car away. Proceed to flip over woman in wheelchair, beat brother and confiscate his phone for recording the assault. Neighbor recorded incident without the cops knowledge. Had they known, he too would have likely been beaten and arrested.

    The brother was complaining about cars being towed for petty reasons like being parked facing the wrong direction.

    Bonus points for counting the number of police cars at the end of the video.

    1. I nominate Sloopy for the Balko Award. In fact, maybe Reason should put him on staff to take over for the Daily Nutpunch?

    2. Read the comments. Apparently this is not an isolated incident.

    3. It’s like all the real-life cackling super-villains became cops or something.

    4. so just another day for Sheriff Andy and Deputy Fife?

    5. I’m suprprised the dog didn’t get shot. I’m sure one of the cops will be discipilined for that.

  26. XX comes up with another real head-scratcher: Why are most Vegas bartenders young, sexy women?

    I’m sure no one can possibly figure that out.

    1. When you cram all of reality into your world view now matter how poorly it fits, it is really hard to figure things out sometimes.

    2. Because they want to make bank without getting up on the pole?

    3. I want almost all jobs to be staffed with young, sexy women.

      1. There is one “job” in particular that I wish this was so.

    4. I’m headed out there early May. I’ll do some reconnaissance and report back.

    5. Sorry, Ann McGinley, but you just “made this up”. Seriously, you should be fired.

  27. Carson is preparing to be the next Herman Cain and Alan Keyes.

    It really pisses you people off when the darkies r-u-n-n-o-f-t, doesn’t it? Why can’t they just stay on the plantation and sing those soothing spirituals and be grateful?

    1. Is the plantation in this case bloated government bureaucracies like the DMV?

    2. And the guy is a neurosurgeon or something. They won’t even be able to call him stupid. They are going to have to resort to the “he is crazy” theme.

      1. Self hating lawn jockeyj uncle Tom house nigger.

        Take your pick. Or not, he’ll be called all of them.

    3. The government can’t do anything about family breakdown – nor should they try.

      I get tired of getting preached to by these nanny state moralists like Carson and Keyes.

      1. Because subsidizing women having kids out of wedlock does nothing to encourage such behavior.

        Go die in a fire you nasty little retard.

        1. Funny how the GOP ignored that issue when they had full power 2001-2007.

          1. The GOP had full power in Detroit?

          2. Yeah dipshit, I was in love with welfare for single mothers when Bush was doing it.

            Jesus, you don’t even try anymore. Tell your handlers we want a less retarded sock puppet assigned to Reason.

            1. STOP RESPONDING TO IT.

          3. a non-answer answer. Great arguing there, Socrates.

          4. Tu quoque. Fail.

      2. and yet, the govt has done a hell of a lot to PROMOTE family breakdown. See: Poverty, War on.

        1. There is a pro-abortion party.

          And why won’t the GOP kill the EITC? Or TANF? Instead of just talking about welfare mothers?

          Then I might respect them.

          1. Just amend TANF with the following provision: after 5 years of assistance, deportation is mandatory.

  28. Why are most Vegas bartenders young, sexy women?

    It’s a fucking conundrum, alright.

  29. Oxnard police officer pleads guilty to two counts of workman’s comp fraud. Looks to receive light sentence. But the real kickers come from the article, which show how easy it is to game the system.

    FTA: Idukas faces up to four years behind bars but will not likely get a harsh sentence, Acosta said.

    “Other than committing workers’ compensation fraud, he doesn’t have anything else on his record,” Acosta said. “The guy is a former cop.”

    “I hope in the interest of justice the judge reduces it to a misdemeanor and doesn’t impose jail. He’s suffered a lot as a result of his mistake. But before that he had done a lot of good for the community and received a lot of commendations … from the Oxnard PD.” Idukas was placed on temporary total disabled status after he told a supervisor on Dec. 29, 2009, that he hurt his back while bending over at his locker and had pain and limited mobility, according to court records. He received disability pay for several months.
    “Psychologically, he didn’t feel he could be a police officer (with a back injury). That was one of the problems.”

    Recap: gets full disability because he said he hurt himself bending over. Plays baseball but still “thinks” he’s totally disabled, so he shouldn’t have to work. His only crime has been to commit fraud, so losing his ought to be enough.

    1. He’s suffered a lot as a result of his mistake.

      So sitting on your fat ass collecting a free paycheck is now considered “suffering”?

      1. Duh, that’s why paid leave is a “punishment” for killing someone.

        1. And notice how the fact that he is a cop is now mitigating rather than enhancing of his sentence. It used to be that we held cops to higher standards of behavior, because you know they were supposed to be professionals and set the standards. Now being a cop means you are held to a lower standard.

          1. I got in a lot of arguments on NFL boards because I don’t think Dennard (Pats player on trial for something he did predraft) should get a higher sentence because the guy he supposedly punched was a cop. If the cops need the protection of a felony for getting assaulted, then make that the standard for everyone. Pretty much everyone disagreed and thought cops deserve more protection because “its their job to risk themselves for us”.

            1. I would be on board with a higher punishment for punching a cop, if in turn cops got a higher punishment for exceeding their authority. We are going to give cops extra protection and authority but the price for that should be extra punishment when they abuse that authority.

              1. My preferred scenario would be exactly the same protections, and exactly the same punishments. No kind of immunity at all. Like possibly to the point that the cop can’t even mention being a cop during a trial. Just explain the situation and let the jury decide if it was OK for you to beat up the guy on the side of the road.

                1. See, I would put cops on a very short leash and hold them strictly responsible when they exceed their authority. The flip side of that is that everyone needs to understand you don’t assault a cop. The cop’s uniform and badge ought to command people’s respect. But the cop ought to know that if he so much as thinks of abusing that power, he is going down hard.

                  1. The flip side of that is that everyone needs to understand you don’t assault a cop.

                    If the current protection they get from assault laws isn’t sufficient to make people understand not to assault people (which includes cops), the punishment for it should be increased. Otherwise you are saying that everyone doesn’t need to understand that you don’t assault a random person.

            2. Yes, it should be a tougher penalty for punching the people that wear flak jackets, carry several weapons on them and have near total immunity for testilying, their own assaults and have the benefit of all investigations involving them being done by their coworkers and “brothers”.

              1. I hold to my position that being employed by the state is a sentence enhancement. You’re a cop and you assault someone off duty? You get 3 times the sentence a normal person would. You embezzle? 3 times. If we give you power, we should absolutely fucking hammer you into the ground like a tent peg when you misuse it.

    1. [pisses on Enough About Palin]

  30. Other than committing workers’ compensation fraud, he doesn’t have anything else on his record

    “I only raped and murdered that one kid, what the fuck is everybody so worked up about?”

  31. So, has anyone picked up BioShock Infinite yet? I’m thinking about jumping back into gaming and it looks appealing.

    1. Was thinking about picking it up. Unfortunately, IGN said it’s the best on souped-up PC’s (vice consoles) due to the graphics and I don’t feel like shelling out 3 grand to get the bastard to run.

    2. Does it have giant iguanas?

    3. I’m hesitant, mainly because I’m not a fan of FPS games that don’t lean heavily into RPG or open-world territory.

  32. http://www.redstate.com/2013/0…..ams-again/

    Unions putting poison pills into immigration reform. Do they really not want to get it or are they so stupid they think it is only worth having if they can put immigrants on welfare?

  33. Utah town throws out 19 cases because of possible illegal actions by the detective on the cases.

    Yeah, they don’t dismiss cases because of “possible” illegal actions. They throw out cases because something happened.

    Of course, in another example of the thick blue wall, the police officer’s name is not released and he’s given a vacation/desk duty so the taxpayers can continue to pay him while IA and the union play the spin game.

  34. The government can’t do anything about family breakdown

    Fucking incentives- how do they work?

    1. Exactly. My wife’s niece has 3 kids and she’s only 22. She’ll never marry the father because she’ll lose benefits, nor will she ever actually get a degree or job. She’ll keep taking out student loans and bouncing around in different college programs.

      1. A course of action that would be literally impossible for a man.

        So glad I work two jobs so people like this can put food on the table without the hassle of working.

        1. The boyfriend works, and makes enough so they wouldn’t be eligible for benes.

          Of course, they still go out, rent shore houses, buy new cars, etc.

          1. Sounds like a couple of my cousins. But the “wellfare queen” is just a silly right wing meme, amiright?

            RAGE TAKING OVER

  35. This is what happens when a cop’s word is accepted as the gospel truth in a courtroom.

    Over 70 DUI convictions had to be vacated and overturned when it turns out the arresting officer lied, fabricated evidence and committed perjury, and all of it would have been contradicted with his dashcam video.

    And notice that they let him plead no contest to 4 charges when he had been charged with over 30, all of them lead-pipe locks for conviction. The trial, by the way, lasted 22 months.

      1. NSFL

        Not Safe For Lunch…

  36. And last but not least: Frederick, MD Police who kill man with Down Syndrome for not leaving movie theatre will not face charges.

    FTA: Smith, who would not go into great detail about the investigation, said that when the deputies confronted Saylor, he verbally and physically resisted their attempts to remove him. He said they restrained him using three sets of handcuffs because of his large size. Smith said that when the deputies placed Smith on his stomach, it was for “one to two minutes” and that once Saylor began showing signs of distress, the deputies removed the handcuffs, called for help and administered CPR.

    Krevor-Weisbaum said that a witness heard Saylor cry out for his mother, who even though he didn’t know it, wasn’t far away. Alerted by someone to what was happening, Patti Saylor was on her way to the theater and was almost there, Krevor-Weisbaum said.


  37. Over 70 DUI convictions had to be vacated and overturned

    And those people will all be compensated for the costs imposed on them by this egregious fraud, such as legal fees, increased insurance rates, and mandatory “alcohol counseling” treatments.

    Fuck the pigs.

    1. Sure they will…compliments of the Salt Lake County taxpayers.

  38. Worst birthday ever yesterday. Anyone wanna buy a dive in Alexandria?

    Tiffany Tavern is now closed. After 33 years in business, we have decided to retire. We’d like to thank all the great musicians, patrons, and staff we’ve had the privilege of knowing over the years.

    1. Will they take a suitcase of IOUs?

    2. Interesting idea.

    3. Other reasons my birthday sucked: projectile vomiting all over my neighbor’s bathroom (and no, I was neither drunk nor high), my best friend since 4th grade forgetting my birthday, working until 11pm on stupid government web sites.

      I did get laid, though.

      1. my best friend since 4th grade forgetting my birthday

        Put a dead bird in her glove box. It’s the only way.

      2. I did get laid, though.

        Hopefully before the vomiting and not because of the vomiting.

        1. Managed to fit it in post-vomit and pre-work.

          1. You must have been really horny or really don’t mind vomiting.

            1. Meh – I felt perfectly fine after barfing. I think it was the Chantix – didn’t take it with enough water.

            2. Maybe Kristen is an emetophile, John. Stop being so judgmental.

              1. I try not to be SF.

                1. Don’t we all.

            3. Either way you got in the important part.

            4. Either way you got in the important part.

      3. my best friend since 4th grade forgetting my birthday

        LOL. As a dude, if any of my friends had ever remembered my birthday, I would have been shocked and slightly suspicious.

        1. I pretty much assume that everyone that remembers my birthday saw it on Facebook, or happens to have theirs the day after mine.

          1. That’s the only way I know when to say “Happy Birthday” to anyone. There are only a few people I can remember their birthdays. A couple of cousins, one of my exes, my daughter, mine, and my childhood best friend, and my roommate. It’s not that I don’t care… there are just too many to have to remember that I never commit them to memory.

            Thank HaShem for Facebook, otherwise I would be in trouble with the family.

  39. Don’t be such a big baby

  40. (cont.)

    In February, the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office in Baltimore ruled Saylor’s death a homicide as a result of asphyxia. On Friday, Smith said that the report indicated that Down syndrome and obesity made Saylor more susceptible to breathing problems.

    Krevor-Weisbaum said that Saylor had no ongoing health problems. She added that his parents had not seen the autopsy report, although they have requested it, along with all the files from the investigation. She said the family has been concerned that the investigation was handled by the same sheriff’s office that employs the deputies.

    Since February, the deputies have been on paid administrative leave. An attorney for them said Friday that they welcomed the chance to testify and did so voluntarily.

    “They’ve stood by patiently waiting for this day to come,” attorney Patrick J. McAndrew said. “This was an unfortunate set of circumstances. Each of these professionals, devoted law enforcement officers, did what was necessary under the circumstances, and they did what their training dictated that they do.”

    So the ME called it homicide. And this is what police officers are trained to do when an obviously mentally and physically challenged person refuses to leave a movie theatre?

    Fucking disgusting. I hope the federal courts get ahold of this and put these cocksuckers against a wall.

    1. Give the “boys in blue” a break, the dude was literally retard-strong. /sarc

    2. Didn’t I just say something to John about vacations being punishment for killing people?

  41. Cop fired for giving a politician an break.


    That’s right. Cop uses cuts a politician a break, and gets fired for it.

    1. But murder? That’s A-OK!

  42. Hit & Run Poll… for the ladies…

    Have you ever wanted someone to “murder” your “vagina”? If so, how did you imagine they would go about it?

    1. That’s not the kind of question a lady answers.

      1. You’re no lady.

    2. I had a huge crush on her when I was younger. Good to see she’s developed that child star insanity.

    3. Sounds hot!

      1. From comments in this thread, I have concluded Kristen is an alias and you are in fact Pam Poovey, HR Director at ISIS.

        1. I would love to have a name like “Poovey”! Alas, I do not.

    4. Every day, SF. Every day.

      Oh, and with his dick. Mostly.

      1. Damn, girl.

        1. Hey, you named me. You knew.

          1. Murder, She Moaned

          2. Are you the old nicole? I think there may have been a name change while I was on vacation.

            1. Yes, I am.

              1. And you let Sugarfree name you? He’s afraid of candy. At least when I let Pro Lib name me he wasn’t afraid of candy.

    5. I have to agree with the ladies, and with The Bynes herself. Slightly more colorful than, say, “tear it up,” but the sentiment is the same.

      1. This is another one of those times when rap lyrics are always right. Baby bend it over bust it open for me!

        I mean, not you personally Dags.

      2. “Girl, I’m gonna buy you a moderately expensive dinner and then take you home and sledgehammer that vag.”

        1. There is your winning How About We, right there.

          1. I promised a girl I would “pound her cervix into jelly.” I didn’t like up to my end of the deal, but she seemed content afterwards.

            1. Cervix banging is very painful! Don’t bang the cervix!

              1. There was little danger of it happening. 🙁

  43. NorKs need photoshop to make their military look badass.


    1. While they were at it why didn’t they photoshop the Corpulent Leader’s (is that what they’re calling Kim Jong-Un?) gut away. Seriously, that fucker’s clearly never missed a meal.

      And they failed, BTW. 8 hovercraft instead of 6. Ooh, I’m so scared.

  44. Pompeii exhibit includes statue of god Pan fucking a goat.

    1. Now that is a badass god.

      1. So you’re a big fan of goat fucking?

        1. Re: Virginian,

          So [are] you [Palin’s Buttwipe] a big fan of goat fucking?

          Isn’t it obvious?

    2. comparing the modern world to the Romans, surprising how the ol’ Victorian age of sexual repression still carries on.

      1. It’s interesting, actually, how mores shift. I have heard that the Georgian era, particularly the Napoleonic wars , had women’s fashion featuring a lot of very sheer fabric, tight fitting dresses, low cut in the front.

      2. I’m sure that in twenty years or so you will be allowed to marry a goat if that’s your thing.

    3. Fuck that, I want those dick windchimes.

  45. Poll: Menendez’s Approval Rating Back In Positive Territory (after DC ratfuckers admit to printing lies).


    Too bad, John.

    1. I said all along Democrats love under age whores. I am quite sure most of his supporters are like you and think fucking under age brown hookers is the white man’s burden.

    2. Being proud that Dems love a crooked underage whore monger, doesn’t really help your case dipshit.

      1. They were lies, you idiot. The DC admitted it.

        Fuck Menendez but fuck your ratfucking liars too.

        1. No they weren’t. The hookers said they were paid to talk. That doesn’t mean they were lying. That just means they are hookers and time is money.

          And there are other hookers in the US who have said Menendez is a client. They weren’t paid. So we know Menendez is a whore monger. And we also know he took multiple trips to a place in the DR that is known not just for hookers but underage hookers and then lied about them later. Why did Menendez lie? The only explanation is that he lied because he was down there doing something he shouldn’t have been, namely seeing whores, which is only an issue because they were underage whores.

          He is guilty as sin and you know and support it.

  46. http://www.freep.com/article/2…..cting-baby

    NBC now has a fairly attractive lesbian couple on air. Sorry to see Jenna Wolfe playing on the other team.

    1. [fingers crossed Al Roker is the sperm donor]

      1. We don’t live well enough to live in such a wonderful world.

    2. Haven’t Kathie and Hoda Lee Gifford been on air together for quite some time?

  47. “This was an unfortunate set of circumstances. Each of these professionals, devoted law enforcement officers, did what was necessary under the circumstances, and they did what their training dictated that they do.”

    This country is fucked. I’m glad I don’t have kids.

  48. I did get laid, though.

    Before or after the projectile vomiting?

    1. After, but I showered and brushed my teeth!

      1. And that is the difference between men and women. For a man, that is no reason to not bang you.

  49. I showered and brushed my teeth!

    Cthulu be praised.

  50. Hello, please visit the next link to help a men that can lose his house.

  51. Kaptious Kristen| 3.27.13 @ 10:16AM |#

    After, but I showered and brushed my teeth!

    In South Africa some say that is foolproof AIDS prevention.

    In other barfworthy news = IMF douchebags are douches!


    Apparently this issue is this = “Energy is too cheap because of Government Subsidy: Ergo – Tax Consumers MORE. Make that shit so expensive no one will want to use it!”

    The asshole-in-chief seems to understand one part of an equation…

    “…”You don’t want over consumption based on getting something for less than it costs and forcing someone else to pay.””

    Give the man a cewpie doll!!

    Unfortunately their solution isn’t to simply remove market distortions and seek out cheaper and more efficient energy sources… its to *reduce economic activity through carbon taxes and more regulations*. Because, you know, …. “externalities”. Too much economic activity? DEATH OF THE PLANET. Can’t have that! Must choke innovation in the cradle!

    …The United States is enjoying an energy renaissance with the development of new drilling and other technologies, and the focus has been on how that might revive the country’s economic fortunes ? not on how to calculate news taxes that ought to be applied.


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