Covered at Reason 24/7: Somali Intelligence Chief Reportedly Fired Over Extrajudicial Killings


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It's never too early to introduce palace intrigue to a nascent government. Somalia's president has been in office just a little more than six months, and he's already reportedly sacked his intelligence chief.

From Garowe Online:

Somalia's intelligence chief Ahmed Moallim Fiqi has been sacked by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud who appointed an interim intelligence chief, Garowe Online reports.

Mr. Fiqi claimed at a media conference in Mogadishu on Monday that he has resigned as national intelligence boss, but sources say he held the press conference after receiving information that President Hassan appointed an interim intelligence chief.

Also on Monday, President Hassan told Radio Mogadishu that he appointed an interim intelligence chief after Mr. Fiqi "resigned" from his post.

Sources in Mogadishu tell Garowe Online that Mr. Fiqi has been accused of "extrajudicial killings" in Mogadishu, after a number of dead bodies were discovered. Some of the dead bodies were young men apprehended by security services days prior to their deaths, the sources added.

Mr. Fiqi has also been accused of involvement in the killing of an intelligence official in Mogadishu's Yaaqshiid district.

If you like extrajudicial killings so much–ah, forget it.

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  1. Somalia’s president has been in office just a little more than six months…

    Wait, Somalia has a president now? When did this happen? The world’s last paradise, gone.

    1. And an intelligence service. How did the nihilist libertarians lose power? What happened?

    2. The fact that government officials are being fired rather than re-elected for extrajudicial killings proves that heartless libertarian isolationists are still in charge of Somalia.

      1. Yeah. When the Somalians will hold a secret policeman more accountable for overfilling his corpse quota than Americans will, well, need I say more?

  2. I don’t understand the point of this article.

    1. The point? The point is ROADZZZZZZZZZ!

      That’s always the point of any reference to Somalia.

    2. The Somali president is more moral than Obama?

      1. That was pretty much my takeaway. Perhaps they’d be willing to trade?

      2. This isn’t the case though. Obama hasn’t extra-judicially killed any Americans in the United States.

        What is happening in Somalia doesn’t compare at all to Obama killing American jihadists in Yemen.

        1. I must have missed the part in the Constitution about it only applying within US borders. Oh and you forgot to add “and their 16 year old sons” after “jihadists”

  3. Isn’t there a way to say “extrjudicial killings” without using all those syllables? Why not reduce seven syllables to two, with the use of a simple word:


    Anyway, I’m glad Somalia has joined the civilized world. Imagine a country which targets people for assassination without proper judicial procedure!

  4. Too bad for him he wasn’t the intelligence chief of a “civilized” country like America. If he was the only people who would give a shit about extra-judicial killings would be “wacko birds” like Rand Paul. Oh well, but at least we have ROADZ!!!111!!!!11!, right?

    1. Agreed.

  5. Does this mean that idiots can no longer utilize Somalia as a talking point when discussing statism? OF COURSE NOT.

    1. They still think Sweden is a statist paradise.

      So yes, we’ll be hearing about Somalia for decades.

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    1. Unfortunately, your girlfriend’s half-brother put his money in a Cypriot Bank.

      1. But you can help him get it out but you need to give me your bank account first.

  7. Silly Ahmed Moallim Fiqi! Why didn’t you just tell the press, “These killings are legal, they are ethical and they are wise.” ??

    works *every time*, like Colt 45 baby.

    The joke needed to be made was more like this =

    Libertarian: “I object to the Government arbitrarily assassinating its own citizens!”

    Progtard: “You crazy radical Teabagger! Why don’t you go live in *Somalia*!

  8. So, who comes up with all that crazy nonsense?

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