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In Massachusetts, Ipswich Middle School Principal David Fabrizio says he will end the school's annual Honors Night. "The Honors Night, which can be a great sense of pride for the recipients' families, can also be devastating to a child who has worked extremely hard in a difficult class but who, despite growth, has not been able to maintain a high grade-point average," Fabrizio wrote in a letter to parents.

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  1. I think Reason ought to do away with sorting comments by timestamp as it’s devastating for Fisty to lose that spot.

    1. My “Reasonable” add-on is set to block all other commenters, so in my browser I’m always first.

      1. If Reason had Honors Night for commenters, they’d have to cancel it because of you.

        1. Expecially if they serve booze.

          1. Yeah, because you’d always tie up all the bartenders with ridiculous chocomel cosmo-tini and bananaberry daquirita orders.


              1. There’s a market for JJ Abrams films too, that doesn’t mean they should exist.

                I’m not saying they should be banned. I’m saying the fabric of space-time should go back in time and annihilate itself before being used for either new Star Trek films or your god damned girl drinks.

            2. No worse than tying up the bartender with requests for obscure microbrews.

              1. Rope works better.

  2. I’ll say it again, it should be done away with. There’s nothing honorable about excelling in public school.

    1. The local paper prints the various schools’ honor rolls in the same section of the Sunday paper as the crossword, so I always come across the honor rolls even though I don’t give a shit about them.

      I would have thought school enrollments are decreasing based on the desire to merge schools, but the honor rolls seem to be getting longer and longer.

    2. Considering how awful teachers are, it’s really a sign of self-learning and motivation than anything else.

    3. You can keep saying it, but that doesn’t mean it will start making sense.

  3. “We were tired of Asians getting all the awards, so screw it, no more of that.”

  4. This only elicits a resigned shrug from me. It is indicative of a larger problem but with the WOD, rampant abuses of natural rights I have a hard time getting worked up about stuff like this.

  5. Trophies for everyone!

    1. too dangerous – what if the kids drop them on their feet? And let’s not even contemplate the horror of mass paper cuts from irresponsible certificate distribution…

      1. Plus what about the kids that are allergic to faux marble? Or paper? Or ink? They’d be so disappointed that other kids could hold the trophies and certificates that it’s just not worth doing.

      2. I thought Aussie kids were tougher than that.

  6. “The Honors Night … can also be devastating to a child who has worked extremely hard in a difficult class but who, despite growth, has not been able to maintain a high grade-point average.”

    “Amo gwanna cut yo face!”

    Fabrizio says he plans to include the honors ceremony with a previously planned end of the year assembly where students will be recognized in front of the entire student body.

    So, the aforementioned child is somehow supposed to be less devastated simply because the ceremony is held later in the year?

    I think this whole thing is because the kids call him “Mr. Febreze – io” while making noisy sniffing sounds.

    1. So instead of having a separate ceremony with just the winners he will do it in front of the whole student body so all the losers can be humiliated.

      1. I’m sure it feels much better to just not be there than to be there so everyone can see you never get up.

    2. Something tells me these youngsters aren’t the ones going to Honors Night anyway.

      1. ^THIS^

        Honors night is probably more for obnoxious helicopter parents who never won a fucking thing in their pathetic meaningless lives to live vicariously through their precious little snowflakes. Most of the kids probably don’t give a shit one way or the other.

  7. Oh heck yeah dude now thats what I am talking about. WOw.


    1. Yeah, denying honors to bots is racist speciesist proteinist!

  8. I’m pretty sure it’s the schools that turn humans into Statists. We have to destroy the schools.

  9. Well, we wouldn’t want fucking losers to actually realize what a bunch of pathetic worthless pieces of shit they are. I mean, the next generation is going to need lots of cops and bureaucrats to run the leviathan. How else are they going to have enough self important douchebags if we don’t condition to think of themselves as God’s gift to the world now?

  10. One thread that progressives are pushing hard these days is to replace the need for paying bonuses to high performers, and instead reward them with public ceremonies of thanks and recognition. The theory is that if we reward people in ways other than paying them more, we can cut down on conspicuous consumption.

    It looks here like they think they may be on a winning path, and need to think about the next stage, after monetary rewards are abolished. It looks like the next step will be a move towards a large group hug whenever the group succeeds, without calling out any individual contribution.

    Maybe they will also institute some sort of communal minute of hate, as well, to deal with any evil doers…

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