A.M. Links: John Kerry in Iraq, Afghanistan, Michael Bloomberg Targeting Pro-Gun Rights Politicians Around Country, IRS Spent $60,000 on Star Trek Parody


  • to boldly spend

    John Kerry made a surprise visit to Iraq this weekend, followed by a surprise visit to Afghanistan this morning. In Iraq Kerry accused the regime of providing support to Bashar Assad, including allowing Iranian weapons to be shipped to Syria. The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, meanwhile, says the red line for U.S. intervention in Syria has been crossed.

  • Michael Bloomberg says he has a responsibility "to try to make this country safer," and will be spending millions of dollars on ads targeting the NRA and pro-gun rights candidates across America..
  • A Mississippi state legislator apparently shot herself in another former lawmaker's home.
  • The president of the Central African Republic fled the capital this weekend ahead of a takeover by rebels, where at least a dozen South African soldiers died trying to defend the city. The rebels have now named a new government. 
  • Just as work to clear the Shanghai river of dead pigs finished, at least a thousand dead ducks were found in a river in the southwestern province of Sichuan.
  • The IRS spent $60,000 to shoot a Star Trek parody. Beam me up.

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