Microsoft Reveals Police Requests for Customer Data, School District Bans Hugging and Sharing Food, Legalization Brings Demand for Weak Pot: P.M. Links


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  1. A New York judge has forbidden Lifetime from promoting or broadcasting a TV movie about a real-life crime on the premise that the film violates the rights of the convicted killer.

    Could the killer profit from the movie? It’s Lifetime, nobody’s watching anyway.

    1. Isn’t Jennifer Love Hewitt running around in her underwear over there? People with Lifetime and no access to internet porn might just get desperate enough.

      1. I thought it was television for women. Or television for women who hate men.

        Wait, maybe I get it now.

    2. I’m a little unclear about how this jibes with the First Amendment. It’s unlikely to be found defamatory, for instance, since the killer is convicted.

      1. It doesn’t jibe with the 1A, but what I feel about that judge likely does cross the line of protected speech.

      2. If Lifetime had any balls, they would just run it anyway.

        No press like bad press.

        1. If Lifetime had any balls

          hehe, I see what you did there

      3. I seem to remember something about prior restraint too.

      4. I’m not sure how you can violate a convicted killers rights, provided it’s an accurate portrayal. It’s public record, right?

    3. How on earth does banning the movie possibly even come close to pretending to maybe comply with the First Amendment? I realize that it, along with the rest of the Constitution, is pretty much a dead letter nowadays, but still.

      1. Let them try it with a book, then you’ll get a lot more people screaming.
        No, I don’t understand why.

    4. TV doesn’t show what I need to see! My RIGHTS are being violated!

      1. Fucking rights – how do they work?

        1. When the government says so.

          1. No, they don’t work then. Let’s try again!

    5. It took about 5 minutes for another judge to stay the order – Lifetime can run the supposedly libelous movie.

    6. It didn’t take an appellate court long to stay the injunction because of the whole prior restraint thing – Lifetime can show the supposedly libelous movie.

      Just because it’s ‘a judge’ that says something doesn’t mean that it was said by anybody with a lick of sense or more than a passing knowledge of the law.

      1. Law School Joke:

        The “A” Students enter careers as Law Professors

        The “B” Students become corporate lawyers

        The “C” Students start their own practices and get rich.

        The “D” Students become judges.

  2. That looks like urine sample. and a cup of juice.

    1. Smells like two urine samples.

  3. Legal experts fret that 3D printers will render gun control laws unenforceable. Yes, we keep running similar stories, but it’s just so cool.

    Nothing is unenforceable! We just need to try harder! //derpgressive

    1. It’s funny to come across their posts. They hate the technology something fierce.

    2. Actually the really stupid thing about it is that gun control laws, like all other forms of prohibition are ALREADY unenforcable, new technology merely gives additional means to circumvent the laws.

    3. There is no such thing as an unenforceable law, merely one that requires massive resources and/or the curtailing of civil liberties to enforce. Barring those concessions, the law will instead be selectively enforced, but very forcefully when it is.

      See: RIAA lawsuits.

  4. Legal experts fret that 3D printers will render gun control laws unenforceable.

    When will the 3D printers render legal experts useless?

    1. When you can fabricate robot lawyers, that’s when.

      1. Most of us lawyers are robots nowadays.

          1. You will be adjudicated. Resistance is futile.

            1. Borg court must be great. “We are accusing us of a crime against the collective. How do we plead? Guilty, of course.”

    2. V-chips? G-Chips?

        1. Take me to your my leader

      1. Clipper Chip. Escrow Key.

    3. When has being unable to punish all offenders stopped a government from punishing as many offenders as it can?

      Even if they can only punish a few percent of the law breakers they’ll still do it.

    4. When will the 3D printers render legal experts useless?

      Sometime after 3D printers render legal experts useful?

    5. Gizmodo pisses it’s collective pants over Defense Distributed.

      Motherboard just released a trailer for Click. Print. Gun., its upcoming documentary on 3D printed guns, and you get to see a glimpse of the terrifying future that is having access to guns and gun parts that you can just click and print. The doc follows Cody R. Wilson, a guy who has home printed a semi-automatic rifle and uploaded all the info on the Internet. Fun!

      1. Oh wait Gawker Media again? Fuck that shit.

      2. There are 80 guns per 100 people in this country. If this scares you, you must be living in a constant state of terror.

        1. How do we arm the other 20? /smiles, then takes a drag off a cigarette

      3. It’s all fun and games when you can print parts for your hacked robot beer can thrower, but something useful? The pearl-clutching and vapors commence. The level of knee jerk liberal stupidity is appalling.

    6. Time to ban 3D printers.

  5. Now that marijuana is legally available (feds aside) in parts of the United States, suppliers say they’re seeing growing demand for milder grass with less of a kick.

    Entirely foreseeable. Prohibition always creates demand for stronger, more concentrated, more easily concealed product. This country drank a hell of a lot of beer before Prohibition, and a lot of hard liquor during.

    1. This. It’s a lot easier to find heroin than opium on the black market.

      1. Which stinks because I have no use for heroin.

        1. I’m sure if you try hard enough you can come up with a use for heroin.

        2. Thai stick is a wonderful thing.

          1. +1 cerebral sativa.

    2. A while ago I stumbled across an article that argued that if cigarette prices keep going up, it will eventually be profitable to distill nicotine into rocks (like crack) and sell them that way.

      Damned if I can find it, though. Has anyone else ever read that?

      1. Um that’s basically what an e-cig is. Not pure nicotine but that might kill you. As someone who has mostly quit with an e-cig one of the reasons I still have a real smoke now and then is because I like the tobacco itself.

      2. I think most people who smoke smoke because they like to smoke. The attachment to the nicotine is really only part of the addiction. So I doubt that many smokers would switch to tobacco crack. At this point, nicotine gum is already cheaper than smoking. If cigarettes become too expensive there will be a lot more black market cigarettes, but I’d bet that people would choose already available alternate nicotine delivery systems over some home made concentrate.

  6. Joe Biden and Mikey Bloomberg use dead children as a soap box, explicitly tells Congress to ‘think of Newton’ and bring back AWB.

    1. Joe to a parent:

      You know, it’s its time for the political establishment to show the courage your daughter showed…It doesn’t take one-tenth the courage your daughter showed. I was saying to one of the men you’re about to hear from, it must be awful being in public office and concluding that even though you might believe you should take action, you can’t take action because the political consequence you face. What a heck of a way to make a living. I mean it sincerely, what a heck of a way to have to act.

      It’s a real shame when the proles demand that legislators respect their rights, ain’t it Uncle Joe? Especially when confronted with feigned outrage and a hysterical media.

      1. He’s basically unintelligible

        1. Yeah, you really have to try to make what he says make any sort of sense. I find it a lot easier if you pretend you’re a fascist.

        2. Stand up, Slammer! Oh…God love ya….

          /Vice Derpident

      2. So Joe Biden hates democracy?

        1. “So Joe Biden hates democracy?”

          Ginned up, mob rule is a *kind* of democracy…..

      3. They should pass a law that says nobody can vote against an incumbent based on how they voted on a gun control bill.

        As a matter of fact, they should just say that anybody that votes in favor of gun control shall be deemed to have won his/her reelection and simply be put back into office. Obama could do it as an Executive Order during a lame-duck session. And I bet MSNBC and CNN would rush to justify it as the only fair way to protect our children.

        1. This could be a real fun proposal to toss out to Kos or DU or HP.

          Do it as a real law. Senate passes it (get two or three squishy republicans to avoid filibuster for the children), and say that the House has to pass it, or Obama will veto the next continuing resolution, shut down the government, and blame the repubs.

          Bet you could get a few bites.

          1. There are few things that I think have serious potential to kick start a second civil war. This would be one of them.

        2. I know! I know! Make gun control votes in Congress SECRET!!!

        3. Also, after watching the Rangel video Corneliusm posted in the Cuomo thread I’m pretty sure they could shout through anything.

      4. Think about Newtown.

        And buy a shotgun. Buy a shotgun.

    2. Joe Biden and Mikey Bloomberg use dead children as a soap box, explicitly tells Congress to ‘think of Newton’ and bring back AWB.

      Always living in the past, those two. The Average White Band had their run in the 70’s. No need to rehash that.

    3. Some Republican comfortable with being an asshole should tell people to “think of Waco” and ban the ATF.

      Or, he could remind people how dangerous assault weapons are to kids by showing the iconic picture of the raid to recover Elian Gonzales.

      1. Remember Ruby Ridge, ban the FBI?

        I’m down with that.

  7. On the list of verboten activities at Maryland’s St. Mary’s County Public Schools are: hugging, sharing homemade food and parents pushing children other than their own on swings.

    That’s fair. I see anyone other than my precious on the swing I’m pushing, that brat is considered a launchworthy projectile.

    1. I can’t wait to see what happens when the kids ask a classmate’s parent to push them.

      1. I can’t see any reason to not be completely upfront:

        “Well, it’s against the law for me to push you.”

        “What does that mean?”

        “If I do it, they might put me in jail.”


        “That’s a good question.”

    2. One Obama imposes Sharia (any updates since 2009?) we can just adapt the Shiite temporary marriage thing to adoptions and you’re fine, although unless he modifies the incest laws this might cause some future third/fourth wife problems for some of you down the road.

  8. Gary Oldman loses his shit.

    1. He’s really good at that.

  9. If you are having trouble choosing between a hamburger and a sausage sandwich, McDonald’s has made things easier.

    McDonald’s China has launched the Sausage Double Beef Burger, which pretty much consists only of meat, mustard and bun.

    1. At last, China is free.

    2. meat, mustard and bun
      You mean, like a hamburger? Wow! Genius!

    3. I still can’t believe they took the Double Down off the market. That thing was awesome.

      1. I got it once, and it’s the only time I’ve had KFC in the past ~8 years. It really was delicious.

    4. China McDonald’s always gets cool shit. When I was over there they had MegaMacs that had 4 patties. My Belgian roommate taught be the brilliance of covering each layer with sweet and sour sauce.

      1. Just go to the In and Out and get a 4×4.

    5. We can’t have a meat gap!

  10. It’s also because people like to smoke it and vape it. They just like the taste and the ritual, but don’t want to be completely blitzed after 3 hits.

    1. An, erm, friend of mine who tried the latest hybrids, umm, in Amsterdam, yeah, that’s it, told me it was all two hits and out for him.

  11. Okay beer snobs. Be honest. When was the last time you drank Bud Light?

    I honestly can’t remember, but it was at least 6 years ago.

    1. had to been as an undergrad, which ended 13 years ago.

    2. My roommate drinks light, cheap and domestic, so if I run out, I’ll have one now and then. Its great for drinking when you’re doing yard work.

      1. Sometimes you just need something to help you sober up.

        1. Lol!

        2. Seriously, Lana, you do not want to see me hungover.

      2. Drink light, Mexican beer if you want a good buzz on and an easy come-down in the morning. Add a little salt and the dehydration factor goes down a bit.

        I’ll take Tecate over Bud Light any day of the week.*

        *But I’m pretty much only drinking red wine and liquor at the moment since I’m going low carb.

    3. on purpose? at least 10 years.

    4. Drank on you paid for is a better question. I rarely turn down free beer.

    5. I drank a Bud Light Platinum the other day. I thought it was pretty good for being a Budweiser.

      1. I tried one and thought it was cloyingly sweet.

    6. Football game, when it was all there was.

      1. I go through a lot of Bud Light during football season.

    7. Keg party I threw about 6 weeks ago. Those fuckers want something better they can bring it themselves. Then give me one.

      1. I usually buy even cheaper stuff for keg parties. I bought a half barrel of Leinenkugel last fall for a big cookout for about $40. The vast majority of people cannot tell the difference between different domestic lager-esque beers. And those that can tell, who cares, unlimited keg beer!

        1. At a get together last summer, the cheap ass host made it a Miller High Life Forties out of a brown paper bag themed party. Tasted like liquified Rice Krispies in heavily carbonated water. To be honest, I could drink it so long as I didn’t expect much from it. I have had worse. Budweiser is worse.

          1. Rice Krispies are delicious.

            1. It’s less of a beer (tasted no hops) and more of an alternative to cola products with a rich malt instead of a straight up simple sugar product. Hell, if they nixed the alcohol, and went in that product direction it could be a big seller.

          2. It should have been an Edward FortyHands themed party.

            1. First time I ever played that my friend feel off the couch, broke the bottle taped to his hands, and had to get a shitload of bandages.

      2. Homebrew solves that keg party problem.

        1. My good batches are MINE! MINE! MINE!

          1. I dont drink enough beer to have that attitude.

            1. I’ve been waiting since last summer to open these boys up. Waiting for my co-brewer to return home from overseas, and then we’re going to hit the first keg for a three day bender. From the samples I kept, the end product should be pretty good. At this point I’m about as possessive as Gollum.

    8. About the same. I’ll drink almost anything someone puts in front of me, except that.

      For the start of the evening consumption I have decided to mix things up a bit. What would make the perfect Black&Tan; I asked myself.

      Unlike some beer snobs, I think both Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada make worthy products. You just have to pay a bit more for Sam’s top shelf than you do for the lagers.

      Sam has a distinctive carmelized malt backbone. Sierra Nevada has a really tasty and consistent hop component.

      So, I picked up Sam’s cream stout

      and SN Pale Ale.

      1. I like Sam Irish Red, but you can’t really get it anywhere else.

        1. Nephew brought home a variety pack and two of those are sitting in the fridge. I’ll trade something for one of them. Thanks for the recommendation.

          Sam and SN get likely 50 plus percent of my retail beer expenses. Stone would be next in line.

          1. Oops, I meant the Boston Brick Red, but the Irish Red is another one I enjoy. The Brick Red is literally only available in Boston.

            1. Oh, okay. Pity. I haven’t been back to Boston in several years now. I hate airports. Worth getting groped, and standing in line over?

              1. It’s worth getting a pint the next time you happen to be here. Not worth a special trip.

                1. I drove from North Carolina to Kentucky to restock my liquor cabinet in order to avoid the government store. No more of that bad customer service nonsense for me! I also took in the tour of bourbon breweries so my wife would not think me a lunatic.

                  1. distilleries

      2. At a fairly hip but obscenely well-stocked bar in Tucson a few weeks ago, they had some beer cocktails. I had a Guiness dosed with Chambord.

        Damn good.

        That is all.

        1. Leprechaun makes a dry cider that is fucking fantastic with Chambord.

      3. Unlike some beer snobs, I think both Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada make worthy products.

        They truly have to be snobs for that attitude.

        I prefer beer geek anyway, as I try not to be snobbish about it. I fail, sometimes, but I try.

        1. I’ve met a few in Raleigh that are that bad about the snobbery. And, yep, I agree about beer geek being a more accurate term.

          BTW, this Sam and SN Black&Tan; strongly reminds me of SN’s Narwhal Imperial Stout. Perhaps a bit richer with the cream profile, but I’m liking it.

    9. Had one when putting a table together and out of everything else in the house. I think my sister in law left it in our fridge a few months ago. Water with more calories…

    10. I just texted my wife to try to pick me up some Bell’s Black Note. I cannot find the stuff to save my life. The website says a gas station (of all places) stocks it near me.

      1. Bell’s has a weapons-grade stout lineup. Apparently Black Note is the best of them all.

        1. Now I’ll have to make a run to the specialty shop this weekend to find some Bell. never had it, and I’m considered the authority on stouts amongst my tribe. If someone else gets a hold of one before I do, from what you describe, I could lose some face.

        2. For stouts (which I dont drink so Im speaking from no experience) wouldnt Founders have the “better” stout lineup amongst Michigan brewers? With Breakfast Stout and KBS and CBS?

    11. Always looking for new opportunities, Billy is now raising malting barley to supply the micro-brewery industry.


      Old timer in VA looking to supply brewers. Great! More competition. Let’s get that $1/lb for two-row down to $0.50

      1. Considering all the land in North Dakota switching from barley to corn, every little bit helps.

    12. Never before. I plan to keep it that way. I’ve never once had Budweiser, Coors, Michelob, Natural Light, or even PBR. Actually, I think I sampled one of those at a very early age which got me unfairly hating all beer until I was in my mid 20s.

      1. Mostly ditto, although I think I have had a half dozen or so Buds over my lifetime. And some MGDs and High Lifes.

        I discovered good beer when I moved to Switzerland after college. And then to Wisconsin for grad school.

        1. I assumed all beers were different colored or stronger variations of that pile of piss until I decided to force myself to step outside my comfort zone of teetotalism and discovered some beers I genuinely loved (like quads, weizenbocks and scotch ales) and plenty I liked enough (hefes, stouts, porters).

    13. 2004 or 2005.

      Local minor league baseball team had $1 Bud/Bud Light pre-game. You could get two at a time max. Line was long, turned out they had changed the promo to Bud Light only, I still got two, I sold one to a friend who showed up late and struggled to finish the other.

      I think it was the 2nd and last Bud Light in my life. I have still never had a Coors Light and probably never will.

      1. Coors Light is a headache in a can.

    14. I have never to my knowledge consumed a light beer.

    15. Real libertarians drink Rogue. The Rogue nation even has its own currency for godsake!

    16. I gave up light beer for Lent 20 years ago. God was so pleased by my sacrifice, I just let it roll.

    17. I won’t drink a light beer, but there’s a big difference between tasteless lite beer vs. delicious real beer and delicious strong pot that leaves you drooling after two hits vs. a delicious lighter buzz that allows you to concentrate while doing your housework without sitting down and contemplating the whirlwind action of your Dyson vacuum cleaner. Just sayin’.

  12. Tucille, you forgot a link criticizing Ann Coulter. Jesus Christ now what are we going to mindlessly fall in line behind?

    1. I think the reason writers are trying to ghetto John over in the Coulter thread. Please don’t mention her here.

    2. PUSSY!!!! GROUP THINKER!!!!!!

      *throws wadded up facial tissue at hamilton – like a girl, of course*

      1. Doesn’t everybody think of groups of pussies?

        Well, maybe not Nicole and IFH.

        1. I like your ideas – interest, newsletter, etc.

      2. [tries to duck, trips, drops Lord of the Rings lunchbox]

      3. *throws wadded up facial tissue at hamilton – like a girl Obama, of course*


  13. The company reports that in 2012 it received 75,378 law enforcement requests worldwide for customer information, but complied in only two percent of cases

    That’s a lot of terrorists. I’ll bet 1,700 of them wished they’d bought a Mac.

    1. Macs use Microsoft products, too, you know.

    2. Mac doesn’t have support for their niche terrorism management software FoE.

    3. I think Apple has a line in their terms of service about not using the product to make nuclear weapons. I’m sure there’s something about terrorism in there too. Clearly that’s what’s deterring the terrorists.

      1. I think Apple has a line in their terms of service about not using the product to make nuclear weapons. I’m sure there’s something about terrorism in there too.

        True but the part about the human caterpillar is the one you should probably worry about most.

  14. Now that marijuana is legally available (feds aside) in parts of the United States, suppliers say they’re seeing growing demand for milder grass with less of a kick. Washed down, no doubt, with light beer or white zin.

    Yes, I ordered a Zima, not emphysema.

  15. So the gf made the mistake of picking a fight with me on homeschooling any potential offspring. Apparently, when she did the research, she couldn’t find anything to support her feeling that homeschooled kids are weird.

    Yes, apparently I am on the fast track to spawning half-libertarian bastards and putting my balls permanently in someone else’s hands.

    1. Homeschoolers can end up weird, but they don’t have to. And they avoid a slew of problems that come from going to public school and getting socialismized (and getting an increasingly poor education). I know, I have kids in both.

      1. I think any disadvantage they have is from the fact that they receive a better moral and intellectual education than a public school kid and will thus find it harder to relate to any peers their age.

        1. Sure, but they don’t have to be completely isolated from other kids, either.

          And I think all that socialization crap is crap, because there are a shitload of bad qualities one picks up that way. They’ll interact with people enough without being shut into kiddie prison.

          1. The socialization crap is crap. There are plenty of ways to find other kids they can hang out with, if they want to. They can also socialize by hanging out with more mature people.

            Yesterday, my younger kid spent some time talking a Chinese-American woman about tea, the woman’s tea company, China, etc. while her friends from her old private school were at school doing work she had mastered over a year ago.

            1. The socialization crap is crap. There are plenty of ways to find other kids they can hang out with, if they want to. They can also socialize by hanging out with more mature people.

              Bingo. People who cry about “socialization” seem to think that community programs and athletics don’t exist outside government-approved institutions. And I certainly don’t see many high school sports teams, for that matter, going out of their way to exclude homeschoolers if they think the kid will help them win a championship.

        2. Also, for many homeschooled kids there is the potential to learn exponentially more than one would in government school. So that too makes it harder to relate.

          I know that when I was homeschooled in 6th grade and was reading college course literature and was doing advanced math I became extremely bored finishing my last 5 years the “regular way”.

        3. Homeschooling was fairly big in my family’s circles and while the kids did skew a little weird, it was mostly because the parents doing the homeschooling skewed a little weird, and their kids were a reflection of that.

          1. My wife takes my daughter to some co-op classes, which are basically science, art, and some other classes that homeschoolers sign up for. Kind of ? la carte private school.

            Anyway, some of those kids are odd, though not all of them. People’s motivations for homeschooling vary, with a good chunk doing it for religious reasons. Still, I think the population is growing and includes an increasing population of people who just don’t like public school and can’t afford private school.

            1. Yeah, all the stuff about kids not socializing enough are pure BS. Most of the homeschooling kids were in a ton of team sports or clubs. But the kids that were homeschooled, had their “academy” classes (mostly lab science, art and foreign language), and were in the robotics club only were weird, but they probably would’ve been weird in a public school too.

      2. Homeschoolers Kids can end up weird,

        I doubt homeschooling is really a risk factor here.

    2. Wow, Brett, and just last week you were ready to ditch her over the Green Day thing. And I was saying she was a keeper. But now this…and I’m just not sure anymore!

      1. wait, what’s wrong with Green Day.

        1. What isn’t wrong with Green Day?

        2. She refused to let me hit their bassist with a wine bottle on the way out of restaurant at SXSW. I thought any of their albums in the 2000s justified my hostility.

          1. hmm. it’s quite possible that my sister-in-law is right about me. my knowledge of music stopped the second i graduated from college in 2000.

            1. That’s about the time music started totally sucking. Even good 90s musicians like Radiohead, Beck and Wilco have been pretty meh through the aughts and teens so far.

          2. Or she’s Virginian’s ex and was afraid you were trying to pick him up for a little MMF action.

            1. Nah. She has a “no jail on vacation” policy. Its weird, but I really like her, so…

          3. I could never be with a woman that would not instruct me to throw a wine bottle at any member of Green Day if we saw them out in a restaurant.

            A man’s gotta have standards.

            1. To be fair sloopy, she just said he couldn’t do it while they were on vacation. For all we know she might have shivved the guy on the way out were they at home.

        3. Green Day sucks. At a minimum the most over-rated band in history.

          1. You know what other artist lost a lot of fans and good will after an initial burst of popularity?

              1. Pitchfork says positive things.

            1. W Axl Rose?

            2. Ned’s Atomic Dustbin?

            3. Marilyn Manson?

              1. The Hansens?

            4. GWB?

            5. Chubby Checker?

      2. I refused to be chained to a consistent opinion on anything, but based on some poor decisions having to do with alcohol, sex, and poor contraceptive planning, it was definitely time to have that conversation.

        Also, you and everyone else who meets her tells me she’s a keeper and her crazy is minimal and in realms I consider cute. So, I guess in the next 3-6 months if I haven’t driven her off, I’ll see if she’s foolish enough to sign up for a long-term hitch.

        1. her crazy is minimal

          Whoooooaaaaaa, dude – crazy is ALWAYS capable of INFINITE EXPANSION.

          Please be careful – one Reasonoid to another. Srsly…

          1. Yes, well, we’re kind of in the expansion zone now that we’re having long-term future discussions. I’ll be keeping a close eye. But other than an obsession with penguins, she’s pretty benign.

            1. Obsessed with BP? Well, I suppose that’s better than, say, Warty.

            2. Say, let me know if you two breakup.

              1. Made me blow a snot bubble. Good job, BP!

              2. I’m not kidding. When we stopped in Houston she made me take her to Moody Gardens to see the penguins. Then I found out you could pet one for only $50 more. Some days its easy to be a hero.


                  1. Animals: derailing women’s better sense since Eve.

                    1. Pro Lib is the one who thinks it’s a better idea to buy something and then have to take care of it forever than just pay $50 bucks for IMPOSSIBLE CUTENESS. That ends.

                    2. How hard is it to take care. . .oh, you mean a live penguin.

                  2. I think it costs more to pet a penguin that is fucking.

                2. $50 to pet a penguin? Holy shit. I could buy one on eBay for that.

                  1. Fifty calms to pet a penguin?

                    Hell, it’ll cost you more to touch a herpes ridden skank at the strip club; I think you got a good deal.

                    1. GBN gets it. He fucking gets it.

                    2. I wonder if Brett L’s girlfriend is talking about nuns?

        2. in 10-15 years that crazy will set you off like a match to a powderkeg.

          1. ^This.

            Also, the qualities that I used to think made my spouse and I a better team acutally make us more like NITRO and GLYCERIN.

            1. Oh yeah – we know alllll the buttons after 28 years, and we’ll push ’em just for the lulz.

              1. Oh yeah – we know alllll the buttons after 28 years, and we’ll push ’em just for the lulz.

                Tell me about it–if I’m watching a favorite movie or show, or reading a book, I don’t like being distracted unless the conversation has to do with the subject at hand. My wife will do this running-stream-of-consciousness commentary on things the spawn is doing, or what her mother told her, or what her best friend posted on FB, anything OTHER than what’s showing or what I’m reading about. I’ve come to realize she’s doing it just to see if she can make me pop off because I’m normally laid-back as hell in real life.

        3. I’ll see if she’s foolish enough

          So is that a test? Hehe.

        4. Have a long-term discussion about EVERYTHING before doing that, but then, do, because being hitched is awesome.

          1. Have a long-term discussion about EVERYTHING before doing that, but then, do, because being hitched is awesome.

            I couldn’t agree more. Of course, I didn’t do this, so the result is, shall we say, slightly less than awesome.

        5. Here’s a wonderful guide to acceptable crazy.

    3. I was seriously anti-homeschool and lost that battle (surprise surprise). The kids are decent and the culture is pretty interesting; I came around (mostly). Be glad to help you make your case if you need it.

      1. She’s a life coach for freshmen at FSU. (Retention Coordinator I think is the official term.) She got some research from work and is working on convincing herself. As long as I take the lead on the actual schooling, which is fine with me.

        1. As long as I take the lead on the actual schooling, which is fine with me.

          You forgot the BWAHAHahaha and rubbing your hands together thing.

    4. School choice for potential offspring seems to be the go to fight starter for libertarians and their significant others. That was one of the main things that came out in a huge fight my girlfriend and I had two months ago.

      Of course she counts my 2.5 total years being homeschooled (and subsequently my personality and beliefs) as evidence that the whole thing is whack, whereas I count her 12+ years of government school as the reason she can’t think logically.

      1. the reason she can’t think logically

        Not the double-X thing?

        1. According to Jezebel, women aren’t disadvantaged from birth, so we’ll blame it on the schools.

    5. Maybe she could get her Che lovin’ friend* to help teach the kids history; Howard Zinn style.

      *you’re the one with the facebook argument, or am I thinking of someone else?

      1. Someone else.

        1. Dang, coulda sworn that was you.

          You’re much better off than I thought, so there’s that, I guess.

          Speaking of the home school thing: To me it seems great in theory, but I get the idea that it would be a huge pain in the ass in practice. Anyone else get that vibe?

          1. I do. But I also feel like having kids at all would be a huge pain in the ass.

            1. Yeah, kids themselves would be a serious damper on my life. I would think sending them off to school everyday would be a relief.

          2. To me it seems great in theory, but I get the idea that it would be a huge pain in the ass in practice

            My wife did the schooling until the kids were around 5 and 8 at which time I took over. The past 4 years HAVE been a pain in the ass and I often think of sending the ungrateful brats to the public asylum. Then I realize the pure evil that is promoted in Socialist schools and can’t bring myself to do that to them. Not to mention that it would probably also spell my own death when I was confronted with the System and went postal.

            1. Is it a reasonable thing to do if both spouses work? Or is that just too much?

              1. It depends on what you want to accomplish.

      2. I think it was Mad Lib Guy

        1. You’re right.

          My mind attributes all the bad GF stories to whomever is writing one at the time.

    6. Were you home schooled? Because maybe she didn’t want to point at a way too obvious example?

      1. Nope. I went to public school in a rich suburb. It was the best possible public school experience, and I have no desire for my children to go through that.

  16. Now that marijuana is legally available (feds aside) in parts of the United States, suppliers say they’re seeing growing demand for milder grass with less of a kick.

    Just like the weed I got yesterday. It’s so pleasant driving down 99 with some weed in my pocket and zero worries about getting pulled over (other than the normal ones).

      1. Didn’t you see hugging is being banned?

      2. Do we really want Epi out “hugging” people?

        1. (gets high, hugs FoE and jesse)

          1. I NEED AN ADULT!

            (Look what you’ve unleashed on an unsuspecting world FoE)

            1. Too bad your parents aren’t here – and the other parents can’t help you.

              How do you like public school so far?

            2. I’m an adult!

              1. When my son was little, he used to tell us, “I don’t want to BE a dult.”

                God makes ’em cute so you don’t kill ’em.

              2. I think he’s gay. He wants a male adult. Which is why Episiarch wouldn’t work.

                1. I thought he wanted to be saved from Epi. I mean, not that I can really do that.

              3. But are you a helpful adult or are you in it for the lulz of watching Epi get high and hug people?

                1. Depends on whether or not I’m high. Could be some good lulz.

                2. I was thinking it would just make the most sense if we did all those things together.

      3. Hugs nor drugs, asshole.

        What the hell are these kids gonna turn to? Lugs?

          1. Mugs

            1. Anything but mugs!

              How about tugs? No, scratch that, you don’t want your kids out there giving tugs to the creepy guy at the playground.

            2. Pugs.

              1. Isn’t that how K Kristen views Facebook political posts? It’s like a quasi-drug, in cute dog form.

    1. “The company reports that in 2012 it received 75,378 law enforcement requests worldwide for customer information, but complied in only two percent of cases. “

      1. Mmm hmm….go on

    2. Is the milder weed also less expensive per gram? If not, not seeing the point of this. Why not just put a tiny scrap of high-THC weed in your bong?

      1. I call it “old guy weed”. They want to smoke a fat joint and still be able to move.

  17. Houston about to start sucking a little bit; Marfreless, the secret make out bar, is closing.

    1. You mean start sucking a little less, amirite?

  18. Lotto winner blew through $10M in less than 10 years

    1. Vinny says they owned four vehicles: a bright yellow Hummer, a Mustang, a Dodge Charger and a $200,000-plus, souped-up Cadillac Escalade, Tirabassi’s baby. The vanity licence plate read “BABIPHAT,” after one of her favourite designer clothing lines.

      Ancaster neighbours hated that Cadillac. Equipped with interior turntables and sound mixers, it blared hip hop in the driveway that shook their quiet suburban street.

      Tirabassi didn’t like her neighbours. “They didn’t like young people,” she says.
      Yes, “young” people.

  19. From the science is awesome files: Planck project results show that universe is 69% dark energy, 26.8% dark matter, 4.1% normal matter, oddly shaped and 100 million years older than previously thought.

    I’m going to try and invent a universe themed cocktail based on similar composition.

    1. But how much of it is eezo?

      1. Shoot some probes and find out!

      2. I’m in major Mass Effect replay mode. I love those games.

        1. I have put 330 hours into ME3 multiplayer. I have yet to play any of the single player DLC, though.

          1. I’m all about the single player. I cannot tell you how pissed off I was to learn that The Old Republic was going to be an MMO. KOTOR was one of my favorite games ever.

            1. I had to stop lurking and log on in order to say: yup. THIS.

    2. What does it really dark matter at this point?

      1. + or – 1

      2. Zero 30?

    3. How come “dark” is not “normal”, hmmmmm?

      1. because science is inherently racists

  20. Now that marijuana is legally available (feds aside) in parts of the United States, suppliers say they’re seeing growing demand for milder grass with less of a kick. Washed down, no doubt, with light beer or white zin”

    One of the biggest forces behind this is medical use. Several strains have been developed that are much higher in cannabinoids and CBD than THC compared with the strains that have been developed for recreational use.

    1. But, but….pot is ilLEGAL. So how can there be any “development” for “recreational use”????

      1. It’s hilarious to read about LE clowns who talk about ‘eradicating’ pot. One look through something like High Times would show them that there are thousands and thousands of people in this country alone working at cultivating and creating different and better types.

        It occurred to me the other day that in general, one of the best strategies for a plant or animal species to ensure it’s survival (as a species) is to be of great use to humans.

        1. The certain way to avoid an animal’s extinction? Eat it.

  21. Well, the official DOD notice to us that they will be furloughing us has been delayed by two weeks. With this budget being passed, they are looking at impacts. So we may nor may not be furloughed now. Who knows.

    1. Why they delayed it, I don’t know. They could always decide they didn’t need it later.

  22. I’ll post this story here, because it’s what I do.

    I’m gonna warn you, though. It’s a particularly anger-inducing piece where a corrupt cop gets a three-month paid vacation and a golden parachute.

    1. If only he were a corrupt banker, then he would have gotten a much bigger farewell package.

      1. Tell me again how much taxpayer money would be directly paying for that.

        1. Is that the major issue here? I thought you were concerned with the impunity aspect of it.

          1. The major issue to me is that if he were a banker that had been found to have misappropriated funds by the Feds, he would be awaiting trial. Since he’s a cop, he gets a lengthy paid vacation and a sweet retirement package and not so much as a misdemeanor charge. He also put the town taxpayers on the hook to the Feds for several million dollars due to asset forfeiture shenanigans.

            This criminal will spend the rest of his life in relative luxury. You or I would be spending it in federal prison.

      2. What branch of the government are the “Bankers” a part of again? I forget.

  23. Looks like Denver cops might have a little too much time on their hands.

    But don’t worry about them. Both officers in question are still getting paid.

    1. A Denver police officer has been removed from duty for having sex while he was supposed to be working…

      The residents of Denver should probably thankful he wasn’t working.

  24. Obama: ‘Peace is possible,’ but see the world as Palestinians do.

    See the world as a Palestinian, Obama? Ok, I’ll try….

    *deep breath*

    Cult of victimhood growing….engaging in delusional projection….yes…I think I see it….worship of death and lust for Jew-blood building….almost there….YES!

    Praise be to you, our Lord. You have made our killing of the Jews an act of worship, through which we come closer to you.

    It’s…it’s beautiful…it’s all so clear now! Thank you Obama!


  25. Next XBox = DivX?

    Earlier this week, fresh screenshots of the Durango XDK (the developer kit) leaked, and pointed to the next-generation Xbox console requiring all games to be installed to the hard drive. According to the alleged documents, retail game discs will be installed to the console’s hard drive and users can begin playing the game during installation. However, once the game is fully installed the game disc is no longer necessary, and playing from the optical drive will actually be prevented.

    Furthermore, the XDK documentation states that the console “will always maintain a network connection so that software and games are always current.”

    1. The last video game thing that I had was a nintendo 64, and that was just for playing Bond, do all of the new systems need an internet connection to work?

      Can you just put a game in and play?

      1. Yes, and no. You can play systems right out of the box. But if they are connected they will want to do updates. And those can take forever. The same with brand new games. Almost every new game has an update at launch. So they can’t just play the game right away. You always gotta wait for the update. And if you’re interet is abysmally slow like mine, that means waiting a few hours, sometimes, to play a game you just bought.

        1. Dang man, I’d be pissed about that.

          Why can’t the game just be ready when you buy it? Are they basically sending out beta versions then fixing bugs as they come along?

          1. Pretty much.

    2. We discussed this earlier this week. It is only making my blood boil with these anti-consumer practices by gaming companies.

      They are looking to end the used game market. That hurts a lot of gamers. Many people buy new, play the game, and a few weeks later trade it in for money towards a new game. They will have less money to spend on games, so they will be buying fewer. Some people never buy new, so they won’t be able to buy but maybe a couple per year if any. Plus, if you can’t sell it, then you don’t own it.

      Also, I have a feeling this is going to be another proprietary HDD that is way too damned expensive and does not offer enough HDD space for real gamers who play a lot of games (like me). And I don’t feel like deleting shit because I got a new game.

      The always connected is a disaster waiting to happen. Did we not learn the lessons of PSN, SimCity, and Diablo 3?

      And don’t forget they are patenting a solution to use Kinect to face scan people to see how many are sitting in your livingroom watching a movie you rented. If there are more people than they think should be watching it, they will stop the movie until you pay more or those extra people leave.

      Okay, I better stop before my blood boils in my veins.

      1. If there are more people than they think should be watching it, they will stop the movie until you pay more or those extra people leave.

        This is a thing? Or just an episode from Professor Farnsworth’s “What If?” machine?

        1. This is an actual thing Microsoft has filed a patent for.

          1. Wake me when the Kinect is built in to the base system and not an add on that I have to (and won’t) pay for.

            1. It is going to be, dude. Was also leaked.

      2. Vote with your wallet, it’s that simple. Precisely why I am done with EA after the SimCity debacle. Although I was essentially done with them before its release and anticipated the massive DRM fail.

        1. Hard to vote with your wallet when the whole industry seems to be moving in that direction.

          1. As much as I love playing video games I have to say, after recenlty dusting off Squad Leader, Third Reich and my D&D books, I find the original gaming more fun.

          2. The big publishers, sure, but the indie market is exploding, at least on PC. I’ve gotten pretty cracked-out on a few of them, like Terraria and FTL: Faster Than Light, for example.

            1. Joe, are you familiar with Humble Bundle?

              1. Yeah, although I’ve never purchased any of the deals, yet. Anyway, I have a video game backlog in the dozens and approaching a hundred at this point. Getting the entire THQ library for $25 when the company was filing for bankruptcy really overloaded me beyond my already huge list of games.

                1. Haha, yes. I did the same thing. I’m not playing games nearly as fast as I acquire them. I’ve also found that I’m easily distracted from my longer campaign games by games like FTL and Osmos.

                  1. Definitely. With two kids, I don’t get to sit down for six hours at a stretch like I used to. Much easier to open FTL and be annihilated within 30 minutes. Although my three year old loves Portal 2 and Skyrim, so there’s that.

    3. So, it’s basically a cheap, low-spec, locked down PC with overpriced games?

  26. Krugman rides again.

    Some people are apparently shocked by a new poll suggesting, not just that voters want a balanced budget, but that they believe that balancing the budget would create jobs.

    But this is nothing new. Early in the crisis, I pointed to polls from the 1930s:

    Gallup Poll [December, 1935]

    Do you think it necessary at this time to balance the budget and start reducing the national debt?

    70% Yes
    30 No

    Gallup Poll [May, 1936]

    Are the acts of the present Administration helping or hindering recovery?

    55% Helping
    45 Hindering

    Gallup Poll (AIPO) [November, 1936]


    65% YES
    28 NO

    The key point, however, is that when FDR tried to give voters what they thought they wanted, he plunged the economy back into recession, and paid a heavy political price.

    1. Cutting discretionary spending linked to direct government employment increases UE numbers and lowers GDP? Well, slap my ass and call me Sally! It’s almost like those aren’t the only measures of whether or not a policy is desirable for the long-run health of the economy!

    2. In Krugmanstan giving voters half of what they want doesn’t work which means the voters are stupid and were wrong in the first place…

      whereas giving voters a little bit of what they DON’T WANT AT ALL doesn’t work which means you should be giving them A LOT MORE OF WHAT THEY DON’T WANT so that they’ll be convinced that you were right and they were wrong.

    3. No, you sociopathic twat, the key point is that FDR’s deficit spending was masking a phantom economic “recovery” and even he realized he needed private sector growth to make a sustainable recovery.

      Also, at the height of the Depression, FDR only spent $150 billion, inflation-adjusted, even in those New Government Program Smell times, because the payouts for WPA/CCC workers and the like were a pittance. No way Obama can be the “next FDR” when his worshippers are calling for silly “living wage” nonsense.

  27. Violent psychopath gets reduced charges and lenient sentence just because he is a cop.

    FTA (emphasis mine): Defense attorney Jaime Goldberg said although he expected a not guilty verdict, he was content with the judge’s sentence.

    “The sentence was a fair one, given who he is,” Goldberg said. “Sometimes, they just treat people like they’re a piece of meat.”

    He said Ritchie didn’t intend to hurt Lampman and was reacting to a threatening situation. Ritchie restrained himself after realizing he was going too far, Goldberg said.


    It also wasn’t the first time Ritchie’s actions had come under fire for being too extreme.

    He was demoted from sergeant in 2004 for shooting Olga Rybak 27 times with a stun gun for failing to comply with dog regulations.

    The police department concluded Ritchie had used excessive force.

    The Rybak incident didn’t play a factor in Ritchie’s firing or sentencing, however.

    He faced no charges in the prior incident. And we’re expected to accept that there is no double-standard and that cops are often held to a higher standard. This is in Washington State, by the way.


      You forgot that.

    2. You know, that’s exactly how I pictured Dunphy to look like.

      Jus’ sayin’

    3. “The sentence was a fair one, given who he is,” Goldberg said. “Sometimes, they just treat people like they’re a piece of meat.”

      Who is the lawyer talking about here?

    4. They are held to a higher standard of proof of guilt

  28. School Resource Officer fired for a plethora of of charges after craching his cruiser while out on a drunken spin.

    Yeah, these are the only guys qualified to carry guns in our elementary schools.

  29. Did you guys know that North Carolina’s General Assembly had their own special police force?

    And it looks like one of them liked to spend his off-duty time raping kids.

  30. Senate Dems failure on assault weapons ban is like voting for the Iraq War all over again.

  31. Mesa, AZ cop accused of molesting kids and sharing kiddie porn.

    Looks like there’s some pretty damning evidence.

    FTA: Search warrants served in the case provided police with several allegedly smoking guns, like the picture of Millsaps ejaculating into Hello Kitty underwear — underwear that was recovered from the home of the victims, who are 4 and 7 years old, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

    1. Wow, that sent me into a fever dream of vengeance, thinking about if I found out something like that had happened to my kids.

      1. Here you go, then.…..e-children

  32. Why Can’t a Man Ever Tell a Woman the ‘Truth’ About How She Looks?

    I don’t want to spoil the ending, but it’s men’s fault (like you didn’t know that from hovering over the link).

    1. Uh, Coeus, that’s like the least bad thing I’ve ever read on Jezebel. It says you should tell women the truth and not infantilize them. What exactly is the problem?

      1. Cause it’s a lie, and they blame men for not believing it.

      2. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

      3. I’d say the problem, to the extent there is one, is that men didn’t come up with the idea to avoid saying, “Yes, that dress makes your ass look big” in a vacuum.

      4. Re: Shine on, Nikki Diamond,

        Uh, Coeus, that’s like the least bad thing I’ve ever read on Jezebel. It says you should tell women the truth and not infantilize them. What exactly is the problem?

        Don’t look to the light, Shine on! Don’t look to the light!

        They’re trying to lure you in like a dumb bass. All men have learned the hard way that you lie your ass off whenever your woman asks you for your “unbiased opinion” about how she looks.

        1. exactly OM. At some point you actually buy into the whole, “just be honest with me” bs and get you head bitten off enough times that you learn to just lie your ass off.

      5. You’re cute.

    2. Without reading it, let me guess:

      Men can’t tell the women the truth about their appearance because women are obsessed with their looks. This obsession, in turn, is driven by the fact that in every day life, women are surrounded by men who judge them solely on appearance (and, of course, not how professionally they are dressed, but whether they are Patriarchily “hot”). Therefore, for men to be able to answer that question honestly, they must first stop focusing on the woman’s appearance and trust that other will not need to as well.

      How’d I do?

      1. That’s far more rational than the shit they said.

      2. You did very poorly.

        Heading out guys.

        1. Why is depression persistently characterized as such a starkly gendered disease?

          Because more women than men are diagnosed with depression, and because women are more likely to be in caretaking roles.

          See? Simple.

          Now, if you want to explore why more women than men are diagnosed with depression, and list gender bias in commercials as a possible reason (via increased awareness), fine. Except that’s not what’s being said.

          I do agree that the idea of getting treatment has been / is “feminized”; I have my doubts that its majorly or even minorly related to the commercials, though.

          1. Men are also more likely to do things like become raging alcoholics if they’re seriously depressed, in which case they get diagnosed with alcoholism, not depression.

    3. Of course it’s their fault. If they always truthfully thought all women were always perfectly beautiful, it would not be an issue. The problem is that men are daring to have an opinion about a woman’s looks, not whether they hide it or not.

  33. Chicago Pizza rated #1

    This is Bullshit

    1. American’s are stoopid for awful shit that comes out of Chicago.

      The current administration, for example.

    1. This very serious issue has now been reported on here at least three times! And I might as well warn you about the impending bitching for not having hotter pictures.

      1. I’m just basing my question on the fact that every day I see nubile college girls wearing yoga tights as pants and proudly displaying their underwear imprints (or lack thereof).

        “I wear yoga pants because they are comfortable” is the biggest lie young girls tell today.

      2. Let’s just short-circuit that with this

        And a repost of:…..ct-ass.jpg

        1. First you hate on penguins, then you perpetuate those boots? You are a fucking monster.

          1. *Steeples fingers and bows ever so slightly*

            To be fair, even I have a hard time noticing the boots in that photo and I’m at least a Kinsey 5, if not a 6.

            Also, I have nothing against penguins, they’re adorable (though they’re no baby owls).

          2. She was wearing boots?

            1. It’s entirely possible she’s just a satyr.

          3. It’s all about puffins.

    2. You’d think some basic level of product testing would have revealed the “flaw” in their product. It never occured to them have some put them on and test them on and bend over to make sure you can’t see through them?

      Oh wait, they were probably rightly worried about the potential sexual harassment lawsuit that would have arisen from asking a female employee to “Put these on and bend over.” Nevermind.

      1. Wow, I’m not even going to bother to correct the grammar issues in my first paragraph up there. I’m just going to blame it on not getting enough sleep last night.

  34. False equivalence and where it came from.

    I don’t even know where to start here. Suffice it to say that they call Rebublicans bullies for not raising taxes.

    1. Idiots.

    2. Do the comments there make you feel the same way I feel after reading PoliceOne threads?

      1. Don’t know. I do know that the policeone comments make me feel worse, since those guys can kill me with minimal repercussions.

  35. Ooh. Davidson is up by 5 over Marquette with 3 minutes to go. That could fuck up a bracket or two.

    1. Marquette was overseeded. I thought everyone knew that.

    2. Someone on the radio called that earlier.

      1. They would have been wrong then. They just yakked the game away.

    3. I picked Davidson but they just fucking blew it. No big deal its only for that one round.

      1. Well nvm, I thought that I had done the same bracket as on ESPN but looks like I misclicked that one. Nice.

  36. On the list of verboten activities at Maryland’s St. Mary’s County Public Schools are: hugging, sharing homemade food and parents pushing children other than their own on swings. Well, how else will you turn kids into fearful little freaks?

    You can start by expelling kids who eat their poptarts into the shape of a gun and then offering counseling to any of the other little precious little snowflakes who might have been “traumatized” by a firearm shaped breakfast pastry.

    Combine that with annoying ass helicopter parents and you’re well on your way to ensuring the next generation is a bunch of perpetually frightened little pussies who are afraid of their own shadows unless a nice man from the government reassures them it’s OK.

    1. Way to go Maryland. You just made yourself look stupider than California.

  37. About time someone addressed this “common sense knowledge”.

    Are Successful Women Really Less Likable Than Successful Men?

    In a recent segment for his show, CNN’s Anderson Cooper had New York University’s business school repeat the Heidi/Howard study, now ten years after it was originally conducted. This time around, students rated the female entrepreneur as more likable and desirable as a boss than the male:

    1. Oh shit! Just noticed LoneWhacko is posting in the comments.

  38. Sometimes dude you just have to smack it good man!

    1. Virginian is anonbot?!?

      1. This thread deserves a better class of anonbot.

  39. Yay for more women in tech.

    Forking and Dongle Jokes Don’t Belong At Tech Conferences

    Bullshit. That’s exactly where they belong. But at least she got one of them fired.

    1. She got fired, too.

      1. Just saw that. I’d figure that the feminists would support that. Aren’t they all about punishment for taking pictures of people in public without their consent?

    2. Delicious. What a fucking cunt.

    3. Wow, we can’t even be nerds anymore without having to deal with dumb females.

    4. And look at that picture of the guy. Typical modern American man, or at least the feminists vision of him. What they don’t seem to understand is that men don’t WANT to be that guy, men would rather sit around and play xbox. Pretty soon females will start to ruin that, too.

      1. Shut the hell up. Thanks.

        1. The best reasoned feminist argument I’ve seen today.

    1. Well, I heard that those kids weren’t of totally pure stock and that one of them might have had an IQ under 95, so I’m sure you’re OK with their deportation, you eugenecist fuck.

      1. Me angry!

    2. Seriously? You’re linking to VDare? That idiotic, paleocon site? That site that seems to think they do a good job of pretending they’re not white supremacist? That site?

      Seriously. Get the hell back to Stormfront or wherever you come from. I’d rather deal with a barrage of posts from John and Tony than to have to see your drivel.

      1. It’s definitely American. Last time he was here he linked to American Renaissance, a site whose ‘About Us’ page says they are against Miscegenation.

        How long until he gets banned again?

      2. I am an American. And as an American I want to live in this country, my country, not some else’s country. I don’t believe that we should give everyone with legs a piece of our country. Nor that capitalism could survive in a non-white nation. Blacks voted for Obama by percentages not ordinarily found outside of North Korea. And you have no problem with that? The Stormfront accusation is very Tony. I guess the majority of Americans should go back to Stormfront, as the majority of Americans agree with my views on immigration.

        1. OK, you’re not even trying.

        2. I don’t believe that we should give everyone with legs a piece of our country.

          I dont want to GIVE anyone anything. But if they want to BUY (or RENT) a piece of our country, then that makes them a member.

          1. If they don’t have something, they will TAKE it. After all are they supposed to be content to starve to death? You think they’ll accept shit wages for ever? And working white Americans won’t either. They don’t want to work for Nigerian wages.

        3. You know, if you’re going to refute me, you could have actually said something that would’ve denied that you’re a racist. As if the support for eugenics didn’t clue me in before.

          And the majority of Americans like killing brown people. The majority of Americans support the death penalty. The majority of Americans support the drug war. The majority of Americans are morons, and thus aren’t worth listening to.

          1. I don’t believe that we should give everyone with legs a piece of our country. Nor that capitalism could survive in a non-white nation.

            Yeah, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Chile, Qatar, Bahrain, Taiwan and South Korea are basically Communists.

            1. That was meant to be to American.

            2. Only the Japanese are ethnically pure ubermenschen enough for him on that list.

            3. I’ve expressed by admiration for Asia many times before. As for Qatar, it isn’t a democracy, so it doesn’t count. Chile is mostly white.

              1. ‘Chile is mostly white’ Uh…I believe they’re mostly native South Americans who mixed with Spaniards. You know, like those dirty Mexicans that you don’t want to let into our country.

                Qatar isn’t a democracy, but this wasn’t about democracy. It was about capitalism. Qatar is definitely capitalistic when compared to various socialist societies.


                  A public health book from the University of Chile states that 30% of the population is of Caucasian origin; Mestizos with an average 60% Caucasian ancestry and 40% Native American ancestry are estimated to amount a total of 65%, while Native Americans (Amerindians) comprise the remaining 5%. A genetic study by the same university showed that the average Chilean’s genes are 64% Caucasian and 35% Amerindian.

                  So they’re multi-ethnic and the majority of their population is of mixed blood. They also have a history of allowing large levels of immigration. Man, you must HATE Chile. I know that now you’re going to pull a “But they have more Caucasian than Indian genes!” which of course would be moving the goal posts.

          2. I’ll always be a racist, as will most people on this site. We all support a racist system, the system of capitalism. And it is a racist system, and if IQ scores are any indication, always will be. I live in a white community and associate with other white people. My support of eugenics(I explained in the past what I meant by eugenics) has little to do with race, though I do believe that, as all the evidence shows, blacks are less intelligent than whites. I do in fact support the death penalty. My point about the majority of Americans was to show that rather than the fringe the liberals portray us as, those with sane(IMHO) opinions on immigration are in fact the majority of white Americans.

            1. D.B. Cooper| 3.21.13 @ 6:55PM |#
              “I’ll always be a racist,”

              “as will most people on this site.”

          1. hehe. Nice.

        4. . And as an American I want to live in this country, my country, not some else’s country. I don’t believe that we should give everyone with legs a piece of our country. Nor that capitalism could survive in a non-white nation.

          When you start picking oranges, then we’ll talk. If we don’t import people with a work ethic, where are we supposed to find them?

          1. Lots of Americans have work ethic. They just don’t want to work for 4$ an hour.

            1. Not when they’re spoonfed a bunch of bullshit that says they’re of more value than the market will bear.

            2. You sure that’s the reason?

              Picking oranges, grapefruits and tangerines is exhausting labor that requires a surprising level of skill. Workers must be able to quickly gauge if the fruit is ripe.

              Most Americans don’t want to do it ? even though it pays above the minimum wage. This year, the hourly take was about $9.50 an hour. The federal government regulates that, too.

              1. Shit, a good picker can make $14-15/hr if he’s humping it. And it’s not that hard to get a crew contracted to work 40 hrs a week for most of the year and still be home every night. That’s about $28k a year, which isn’t too far below the US average for a FT employee.

                1. But that’s only $5K more than they could get sitting at home collecting unemployment for years.

        5. Capitalism sure is thriving in all those 90+% white European nations.

  40. Where’s PantsFan to come on here and gloat over what a great game his Canadian heroes at Gonzaga are having against the 16 seed? Yeah, they’re up by a whopping 1 point.

      1. Double digits, they are finally putting Southern away.

        1. And now a 2 pt game.

    1. Gonzaga beat a grand total of 1 ranked team this year and they were in one of the worst conferences in the country. It’s a joke that they’re a 1 seed.

      1. Not really. Even pure power rankings like kenpom have them as a #2 seed.

        And Ken Pomeroy has Florida as the #1 team. And they got a #3 seed, which is a bigger difference than Gonzaga.

        1. This is their schedule.

          They’re a one seed because they only had two losses, but they beat one ranked team by one point. They lost to Butler and Illinois, neither of which were even ranked by the end of the year. There are 4 Big Ten teams that only would have lost 1 or 2 games with that schedule. Indiana might have gone undefeated.

          1. But Gonzaga won by big enough points to make up for it.

            Hence them being 7th? in the kenpom rankings.

            1. Sorry, I was wrong, they are 4th in the kenpom rankings, which is a #1 seed equivalent.

              They had the #89 strength of schedule, which isnt great, but is only slightly worse than Pitt’s SOS.

          2. I hear that argument all the time, but it’s a silly one. Yeah, Illinois, as currently constructed, would probably do really well with that schedule. As would a bunch of Big East and ACC teams that were 4th-5th-6th in their conference. But being in those conferences also carries with it a pretty significant recruiting advantage. If Illinois or any of those other schools had to recruit players to a tiny university in the middle of nowhere in a mid-tier conference, they don’t get the same caliber of players they do now.

            This is why I’m going to be very interested to see how Butler does in the new Big East.

            1. This is why I’m going to be very interested to see how Butler does in the new Big East.

              Me, too. It’s not often that a team voluntarily steps into a lower-tier conference.*

              *Dragging Xavier and Creighton may make it better than the A10, but that remains to be seen.

            2. Gonzaga consistently gets 4 or 5 star recruits. At this point, Gonzaga is so well known that I don’t think they have a recruiting disadvantage relative to a mid-level Big 10 team.

              They’ve been in the NCAA tournament every year since 1999, and they almost always win at least one game. I think Gonzaga’s a well enough known program that this recruiting disadvantage probably isn’t that pronounced.

              Look at Indiana. Indiana was terrible at basketball for years. Sure they had history, but do you really think Indiana in 2009, with all of those sanctions on them, who won something like 8 games, really had that much of a recruiting advantage over a team that had made the NCAA tournament for 9 years in a row?

              1. Yes. Because they are Indiana.

                Look at the recruiting class the year Kentucky got put on probation and was banned from the tourney for 2 years. Yeah, those were the guys that took them to the regional final vs Duke (the Laettner shot).

                SI literally made fun of them, asking if they had been or Mars and hadnt heard the news.

                Certain schools (Kentucky, Indiana, etc) have that recruiting advantage coming off a 0-28 year.

                1. Another example:

                  Kentucky loses in the 1st round of NIT and the incoming class is already being called the best in history.

              2. Sure they had history, but do you really think Indiana in 2009, with all of those sanctions on them, who won something like 8 games, really had that much of a recruiting advantage over a team that had made the NCAA tournament for 9 years in a row?

                Abso-fucking-lutely. They’re Indiana, man. They’re one of the 10 premier basketball programs in America. They’re on national TV almost 25 times a year. They play against the best competition in the NCAA year-in year-out.

                They were down because they made one bad hire and they went on probation. The sanctions punished them for the length of the sanctions. Those same penalties would bury Gonzaga’s program forever.

                1. Yeah, that was a stupid example on my part. I posted it and immediately was like ‘Wow, that’s an incredibly dumb example I just posted. How long until someone tells me how dumb that example was?’

                  The answer was ‘Not long.’

    2. I don’t care about Gonzaga.

  41. Oregon’s looking like it’s about to upset OK State.

    1. I had Memphis losing to St. Mary’s and I had Marquette losing to Davidson.

      Therefore, since I also picked Oregon, OK State is going to pull off a miracle comeback, because the Tourney gods hare me, like they do every other year.

  42. I don’t know why Southern is taking so many bad shots.

  43. A Black Woman is Miss Israel

    What’s next, a fat Miss America, or a Miss England with one arm?

    1. What’s next, a fat Miss America, or a Miss England with one arm?

      A fat Miss America would be more likely than a black Miss Israel based on the demographics of both nations.

      And wouldn’t Miss Rwanda be more likely to have one arm than Miss England She’d be more likely to have a beak-nose and huge horse-teeth.

      1. Since they arent selected at random, I dont think either of those hold.

        1. The Miss England one might.

          1. Racist.

      2. Ethiopia has a recognized Jewish population with repatriation rights to Israel.

        1. I’m not happy about it either. They aren’t even real Jews.

          1. Die in a fire. Seriously.

    2. Given that you’re a racist idiotic troll, I’m not sure why I’m replying to you. But there are many Ethiopian Jews that have emigrated to Israel. I know, it’s disappointing that it’s not a lily white country. Maybe you can go to Scandanavia or something.

      1. Silly Andrew, he’s an American and wants to live in his country. He just wants everyone else to leave. No other Americans get a say in this, especially the brown ones.

        1. The majority of Americans support my views on immigration.

          1. The majority is always wrong.

            1. Yeah, the majority of people are of average IQ or below. Given his previous comments, you’d think he’d consider that little factoid.

          2. Bully for you and the rest of the xenophobic assholes.

            The majority of Americans also believe that bad weather is caused by global warming.

            So there’s two examples for why democracy isn’t always a good thing.

            1. The majority of scientists also believe that too. Stupid scientists.

              1. The majority of scientists also believe that too.

                [citation required]

          3. I’m not the biggest supporter of democracy, but if it’s a big popularity contest over who gets a say in what than I win.

      2. I’d also love to hear American explain to me why Chinese people in Hong Kong behaved so differently than Chinese people in China for so many years. Why did Hong Kong become so rich while mainland China didn’t?

        It’s almost like free market institutions rub off on people regardless of race and make them wealthy, while controlling institutions have the opposite effect. That can’t be possible though. I’m sure there’s some genetic difference that makes people in Hong Kong genetically superior.

        1. This bullshit is the exact same crap they said about the Irish. Today, the most common genetic mix is Irish/German. So they were right about the demographic change, wrong about the poverty.

          Statistically, this guy is probably half irish. I see Irish-looking dudes at the bar saying this shit all the time. The irony is strong.

          1. The most common genetic origin in America is British. Comparing the British and Irish to blacks and whites is stupid and you know it. Besides, overpopulation at that time DID create poverty, which spawned socialism. Who knows what would have happend in WW1 and the immigration act of 1924 had not happened? Imagine the Great depression, but with twice as many people.

            1. The most common genetic origin in America is British.

              citation? And what’s in your woodpile? You one of the last pure badteeth? Or is your skin freckled and your cheeks round?

              Comparing the British and Irish to blacks and whites is stupid and you know it.

              Nice argument.

              Besides, overpopulation at that time DID create poverty, which spawned socialism.

              You think you might be forgetting something important here? I believe it’s called “The Dust Bowl”.

        2. A genetic difference may be possible. After Mao took power in China a large number of wealthy people immigrated to Hong Kong. They might have has an effect of increasing average intelligence. Its funny that you use Asians as an example of how race doesn’t matter. Look at the Asian experience in America, and compare it to the Mexican.

          1. So, basically, Hong Kong is eugenics in action, right?

            Christ on a stick. You’re a fucking retard.

          2. Compare the Asian experience in America to the Asian experience in Asia. Asians in Asia have far worse outcomes than Asians here, which is why people were convinced in the late 1800s that we had to keep the Chinese out, lest they turn the west coast into a 3rd world dystopia of opium dens and indentured servitude.

            The descendants of those people are now doctors and scientists. What’s that tell you?

            1. Asians in Asia have far worse outcomes than Asians here

              Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore don’t follow that pattern.

              people were convinced in the late 1800s that we had to keep the Chinese out, lest they turn the west coast into a 3rd world dystopia of opium dens and indentured servitude.

              And are we to say they were wrong? Had immigration contiued what would have happened? Would wages and prices stayed the same? A lot of suffering in Asia comes out of overpopulation.

      3. I’m aware of the Ethiopean “Jews.” What amazes me is that the white Israeli population would give her miss Israel. Even cosmotarians have to admit that black women are really not that attractive?

        1. Hahahaha. You’re so obviously a troll. This is awesome.

          1. I wonder who it is. I have my suspicions but I’ve not been sent the “this troll is me, ken” e-mail yet.

            I expected it last night.

            1. Wait, why do you get informed of troll identities?

              1. Just a couple of times. I got the email because I was kind enough to have let him know that I was Slapdick McGee a while back.

          2. What, you think that they are just as attractive as white and Asian women? Really?

  44. We’re watching the NCAA games and they just showed some cheerleaders. Banjos informed me that they were all not that attractive because they were so young. She said women don’t become really attractive until their late 20’s, when they peak.

    I laughed hysterically.

    1. 18 year old girls with baby fat still on them are not attractive to me. Sorry if that kills your college threesome fantasy.

      1. Why would it kill his college threesome fantasy?

        1. Well played ASM, well played.

          1. +2 college girls

      2. That is why Upton does nothing for me. She is like a big ball of unformed collagen to my eyes. If she ages gracefully like a Sophia Vergara and those curves become supple, I might change my opinion of her.

        1. Upton does nothing for me because she’s got a face that looks like somebody squeezed in a vise.

          I was referring to a college cheerleader, of which this is a fair representation.

          1. I’m sure she’ll develop boobs eventually.

            1. Fuck, even gay men get it. I don’t know why you can’t, sweetie.

            2. You’re probably one of the least qualified people here to offer a response. Between you and John, I don’t trust a word you say about the attractiveness of women (under 175 lbs).

              1. Everyone likes boobs, I thought this was established evo-psych or something. No interest in sleeping with women, will still have a conversation with their cleavage.

                1. , will still have a conversation with their cleavage.

                  You talk to titties? OK, I’ve done that before as well.

          2. I have to side with Banjos and jesse on this. I definitely prefer women in their late-20s to 18-24 year olds. You’re wrong, Sloopy.

            Also, that was the best example of a college cheerleader you could find? Sorry if I’m not into flat chested 12 year olds with vacant smiles and serial killer eyes.

            1. That was just one of the first pics I pulled up, as I already had Ole Miss in the search bar for b-ball purposes.

              And I loves me some women in their late 20’s and early 30’s. Hell, I married one. And I think we’re all missing what she said originally, which was that young women aren’t that attractive. And I’d say the average woman peaks around 20-24 because way too many of them end up all sloppy and shit by the time they get to 28 or so.

              1. I will agree that some women get super sloppy and don’t take care of themselves and become much less attractive in their late 20s because their metabolism isn’t there to bail them out anymore.

                I went to school in Wisconsin, so I know what you’re talking about. Nothing ruins a formerly attractive person like beer, cheese and a near total lack of exercise, all of which seem to be a little too common in the Badger State.

                1. Sounds like John’s paradise.

              2. And if those women had taken care of themselves they would have been more attractive than their former 20 year old selves as they would no longer have their little girl baby faces but still have their healthy physique.

                1. You mean the healthier physique they have in their early 20’s without much exercise?

                  1. That, but with boobs.

                    1. Then take a look at these. The one has a bit of a bucktooth smile, but I’m just having a hard time believing these chicks are not gonna peak for 6-7 more years.

                    2. The second from left looks like the wife from Everybody Loves Raymond.

                      That is a better example of attractive early 20-somethings.

                  2. Are you honestly telling me that a professional cheerleader in her late 20s is not more attractive than that little girl you posted?

                    1. Cool. I wonder what she’ll look like when she gets that neck job she’ll really need in another year or two.

                    2. I wonder what the girl you posted will look like when she hits puberty.

                    3. What kind of industrial laser are these women using to get their teeth so unnaturally white?

                    4. Banjos| 3.21.13 @ 8:55PM |#
                      “Are you honestly telling me that a professional cheerleader in her late 20s is not more attractive than that little girl you posted?”

                      Do you honestly think I’d bother to make the choice if given it?
                      Here’s my choice: Yes. Yep. Unhunh. Right.
                      I’m sure there are guys who are so attractive they had that option, but…

    2. Women don’t reach their attractiveness peak in their late twenties and early thirties, they reach their sexual peak, probably because their biological clock is shouting all the time that the baby train is leaving the station, and if they want to have one with all chromosomes in order, they better fucking get on it. And by “it”, I mean a dick or two.

  45. C’mon everybody. Let’s cheer on South Dakota State.

    1. yes, good. let the hate flow through you

  46. Well, now we know the real reason why Block Yomomma is over in Israel. He’s doing some old fashioned community disorganizing, once again channeling his old mentor Saul Alinsky.

    I guess he figures his plan to destroy America is going so swimmingly that he can start extending his agenda to bring down his enemies overseas.

    1. The supposedly sinister quotes looked fairly innocent. Maybe they’re Alinskyan dog-whistles, or maybe they aren’t. But SA didn’t invent the idea of contrasting the world as it is with how it should be.

  47. Expect a stern finger-wagging in about a decade.

    The Tulpabot has many functions.

  48. flat chested 12 year olds with vacant smiles and serial killer eyes.

    I’ll be in my bunk.

  49. So far this tournament fucking sucks. Other than St. Mary’s almost making a great comeback, today has been a total snoozefest.

    1. The Davidson choke-job was pretty exciting.

      1. College basketball sucks.

  50. From the bits I read, and for all Squishy’s ills, many inflicted via decades of tiny slices from likes of me, I applaud Squish only capitulating in 2% of the NSL bullshit. Squish should run that in their ads – how little they comparatively suck up your persona and clicks – and they would find a market.

    Ballmer’s gotta go.

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