A.M. Links: Support for Gay Marriage at Record High, Bill Introduced to Calculate Cost of Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, World Poverty Dropping


Credit: Lynn Friedman / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND
  • The latest Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that a record high of 58 percent of Americans support gay marriage
  • Rep. Bruce Braley (D-Iowa) has introduced a bill that requires a calculation of the human and financial costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
  • An Oxford University study says that many of the world's poorest people are becoming less poor and that acute poverty in some countries could be eradicated within 20 years.
  • Dominican police say that three women were paid to claim that they had sex with Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) for money in the Dominican Republic.  
  • Venezuelan opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles has said that he would end oil shipments to Cuba. 
  • A former U.S. Army officer has been arrested in Hawaii for allegedly passing military secrets to China. 

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  1. …record high of 58 percent of Americans support gay marriage.

    But I still don’t approve of those tats.

    1. Her tats suck. I say that as a person who actually likes tattoos, I just think randomly placed tats with little to no color look awful.

      1. I don’t like tats on white girls, with darker skin they look much better imho.

      2. Well I don’t mind monochrom tats, but those do indeed seem pretty lame.

        But if she brings her friend, I’ll get over it.

      3. That biceps tattoo ought to be barbed wire? 🙂

      4. I hate most tattoos on women but they are better than navel piercings.

        1. but they are better than navel piercings.

          Topanga from Boy Meets World would like to object.

        2. Yeah, I’m going to have to take the “con” side on this one.

      5. ALL tats are stupid. Damn kids!

        /My father

    2. Also from the smirk on the one girls face, that kiss has more to do with “Look At Me” then it does about homosexual marriage

      1. And god bless ’em for it.

        1. What other reason could two women possibly have for smiling at their wedding? Homosexuals don’t have the same emotions as us “normals.”

          1. Oh, duh. Right, sorry for the confusion.

    3. I still kind of object to being excluded from that embrace.

      1. You’re not excluded, you’re just not there.

        1. I’ll pretend to believe you.

          1. Were you excluded from the V-J Day Smooch in Time Square too?

            1. By name.

              1. Only because you get bitey. Find someone who actually wants a cheek pierced by a fang.

            2. Jesse Christ man, it’s “Times” Square.

              1. You provide the ‘s’, and I’ll show up with the ‘exy.’

    4. Peak Tattoo can’t get here fast enough.

      1. I knew there must be one thing on which we agree!

    5. Seriously. So many people are getting ink now, and most of it just looks fucking hideous.

      1. If you think it’s hideous now, wait forty years when they have droopy skin and are 70 years old. That thought is enough to have deterred me from getting any tattoos.

    6. I just said this below without reading any comments from the last 55 minutes.

      I feel stupid.

      1. I lose my mind trying to read and understand every one of these comments. I feel to sick to post anything afterwards.

        1. Every now and then I muster the energy to post “Jesse Christ man, it’s Times Square.”

  2. http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2013…..-politics/

    Senator wants heap big minimum wage.

    1. Massachusetts, you sure know how to pick ’em.

      1. Massachusetts, you sure know how to pick ’em.

        They are called Massholes for a reason.

        1. I thought that was driving habits.

          1. As bad as they are MA drivers are not worse than NJ drivers.

            1. NJ drivers are twits, but the whole Mid-Atlantic region stands alone as a melting pot of incompetent driving.

              1. Are you counting VA as mid-Atlantic? Cuz nobody beats Virginia in terms of incompetent driving.

                1. MD, DC, and NOVA.

                2. Seriously? I find driving in VA (for the last 23 years, mind you) to be very congenial and as normal a driving experience as you can get. I’m not talking about traffic volume, but in general road etiquette and skill, I’d put VA up near the top. I’d also include NC and WV in that. MD drivers – fuckin’-a they suck.

                  1. The one issue I’ve noticed drivers in my beloved Commonwealth have is a very Southern habit of not being in a hurry….even if they are in the left lane.

                    1. Any time I’m stuck behind some asshole going too slowly in the left lane, it’s inevitably a MD driver (I live with a mile of the MD border, so we have lots of em in my ‘hood).

                  2. It’s been my experience that VA drivers have never met a speed limit they don’t follow, a left lane they don’t hog, or a yield where they don’t stop. They are timid, tentative drivers, not so much courteous as they are confused. I’ve heard that they have rather severe penalties for moving violations and that most likely influences their behavior, but the end result is the same: they are infuriating for anyone that wants to get somewhere in a respectable amount of time.

                    North Carolinans are the best drivers from the areas I’ve logged a decent amount of hours in. They also generally lack the out-of-stater confusion most people have when outside their home range (this is especially acute for CT, VA, and MA drivers in NJ).

          2. True, people who don’t know how to drive properly should stay out of Massachusetts.

            1. This. Jesus, you out-of-staters piss me off on days like today.

            2. We get an illustrative demonstration of Massholeness in action even!

              1. Totally. And Denver should fucking give Welkah back.

                1. I think Belecheck sold at the right time with Welker. He is 32 years old. They got all of his best years out of him. Better to put the money in a younger player.

                  1. Much as I despise Belicheck, he has a real gift for unloading players at just the right time. And picking real, relatively unrecognized talent.

                    But he’s still an asshole, which makes him a perfect match for his QB. I haz a glad whenever the Patriots lose.

                    1. You don’t haz a glad often then. BOO-YEAH!!!

                      (Goes and watches Superbowl DVD while trying not to think of Tom Coughlin)…

                  2. I actually agree with this; I love Welker, have that jersey, but I would gladly trade the high-powered offense in exchange for Brady and no-name receivers and a smart, nimble defense. That’s what won us the Super Bowls.

                    1. (Oops – above “agree with” in reply to John).

                    2. A kicker by the name of Casey won you the ’03 title.

                2. And Denver should fucking give Welkah back.

                  Fuck that. Les Weckler is worthless.

                3. From the Rumford Meteor, which has headlines as snarky as you can find:
                  Wes Welker Apparently Prefers That Crucial Playoff Passes Be Intercepted Before He Gets A Chance To Drop Them, Goes To Play With Peyton Manning


            3. I won’t say much positive about Massoftwoshits, but people there know how drive quickly and efficiently.

            4. “True, people who don’t know how to drive properly should stay out of Massachusetts.”

              Know how to drive properly? I almost got the front of my car smashed in on a freeway on-ramp because some masshole came to a stop in front of me and started to *back-up*. *Then* he looked in the rear view mirror.

    2. “So, my question ? is what happened to the other $14.75?”

      Here’s your answer, Senator Warren.

      1. Warren is fucking retarded. When adjusting for inflation, even at its greatest levels it was never more than $10-11 an hour.

        Of course, that’s the key word–inflation. When you look at the minimum wage increases over the years, they’ve always occurred long after the purchasing power of their previous levels was sucked away.

        Prevent inflation and even encourage deflation, and purchasing power will increase, making minimum wage increases unnecessary. That’s something a dipshit academic like Warren will never understand. The only people who deflation hurts is those who live on debt.

    3. Hell, make it $50/hour, then everyone will be making six figures and there will be no more poverty!

      What an idiot.

    4. She actually took the Reductio ad absurdum argument against minimum wage and thought “yeah that is a good idea, why not”.

      And she was a fucking Harvard professor.

      1. Just shows that people are paying for the Harvard brand, not an actual quality education. It’s like paying for Charmin when generic asswad will do the same job.

        1. A great analogy – Warren and asswad!

          (some folks have more sensitive asses, however)

        2. You’re terribly wrong here, Kristen.

          Paying for Harvard is just paying for the brand name, yes.

          Paying for Charmin (or similar quality) is worth every penny. I swear some of the cheap shit tickets are made from recycled sandpaper.

          1. Seconded. There is a strong hierarchy of TP brands.

            A better example would be “like paying for brand-name bleach,” or “brand-name rubbing alcohol.”

      2. And she was a fucking Harvard professor.

        I don’t find that hard to believe at all. The people who’ve brought the country to its current dysfunctional state were all university-trained.

        The existence of people like Warren make the case that the entire university system needs to be nuked, because elites do nothing but destroy and ruin everything they touch.

  3. An Oxford University study says that many of the world’s poorest people are becoming less poor and that acute poverty in some countries could be eradicated within 20 years.

    But… but… the rich keep getting richer and poor keep getting poorer!

    1. The only thing worse than actual poverty is relative poverty. When you’re not doubled over from hunger pains and sepsis, you really have a lot of time to think about how much more someone else has than you. It’s a shame that so many millions have escaped death and can live comfortable enough to think about things like the income gap. A tragic shame, indeed.

      1. Good point.

      2. “When you’re not doubled over from hunger pains and sepsis, you really have a lot of time to think about how much more someone else has than you.”

        There is much truth to this.

      3. I’ve had someone argue this to me. It made me really sad.

  4. An Oxford University study says that many of the world’s poorest people are becoming less poor and that acute poverty in some countries could be eradicated within 20 years.

    Until the sequester spreads to them.

    1. Until the definition of acute poverty gets adjusted.

      1. Pretty soon we’ll all be poverty stricken autistic children.

        1. ADHD children

          1. What was the one in the middle?

            1. Malcolm?

              1. I thought he was the guy from Firefly.

      2. near poverty

        1. second-hand poverty

          1. Fleetwood Mac B-sides?

            1. The A-sides suck just as bad.

      3. I point this out to people all the time. “Poor” people in the US have cell phones, driver cars, own nice television sets, and are generally well fed. Not only would they not be considered “poor” throughout most of the world, but they wouldn’t have even been considered “poor” 50 years ago.

        1. Most of the “poor” people that I’ve encountered live in shithole houses but have 90″ TVs and drive gold-trimmed rice burners.

        2. Remember, you’re not supposed to think globally in terms of poverty, because if you did you’d get really, really angry at all the advocates for the American (relatively) poor sucking on the government teat and want to act locally by screaming at them (the advocates, that is) to go get actual jobs.

  5. “Rep. Bruce Braley (D-Iowa) has introduced a bill that requires a calculation of the human and financial costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

    How about after the Donks actually propose and vote on a budget?

    1. I like the sentiment behind the bill but come on, everyone knows this will end up costing about 3 billion dollars and won’t actually produce a report for about 5 years.

      1. True, “lets have the government spend money on researching how much money it spent!”

      2. You mean under budget and ahead of schedule?

        Freaking optimists.

    2. How about trying to figure out the cost of war prior to going to war. And anyone who says that the war will be quick, easy and low cost gets a free ticket to the front line.

      1. That should be said in a Major Hochstetter voice and add “a free ticket to the Eastern Front“.

        1. But that would violate my rule of reading every post in alternating Christopher Walken, Gilbert Godfried voices.

        2. I always laugh at how Col. Klink gets so weird when Maj. Hochstetter shows up. Isn’t Klink married to Hochstetters’ sister?

          1. Nope. Burkhalter tried to get Klink to marry his niece in one episode, but Klink got one niece confused for another and hilarity ensued. IIRC, Klink is a bachelor.

            1. Was just about to type this–Klink was single.

              1. And obviously gay.

                1. Gay? Are you serious? Klink laid more pipe with women than anyone but Hogan, who operated on almost Shatnerian levels of excess.

            2. Ah yes. Thanks for clarifying. It’s been a few years since I watched Trial at Nuremberg.

    3. I propose no one pays their taxes until a budget is passed.

      1. ^^^ this. And, if the budget is out of balance, the congress critters get their pay reduced by whatever percentage the budget is “over.”

  6. Venezuelan opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles has said that he would end oil shipments to Cuba.

    Doesn’t he know those Bel Airs they drive leak oil like a sieve?

    1. But will they continue to ship oil to that Kennedy and his “oil for poor people” graft scheme?

  7. Dominican police say that three women were paid to claim that they had sex with Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) for money in the Dominican Republic.

    Those WHORES!

    1. I’m sure all those interviews were legit, with the women’s rights being respected and all.

    2. Paid by whom?

      Bush, I bet.

      1. By Menendez. Haven’t you seen the film Easy A?

    3. I’m sure women who take money from people to tell lies about having sex with someone would never take money from people in exchange for lying about telling lies about having sex with someone.

      1. The disappoint here is hilarious. When Vitter was reelected in the Senate after “blowing mud” for whores in his diaper did this place get all teary-eyed?

        No, he is a scumbag (R) – not a scumbag (D).

        1. It’s like you ignore “underage.”

          1. They lied. We don’t convict here without evidence.

            Rush Limbaugh goes on Viagra/Oxy vacations in the DR (caught without prescriptions at the airport) and there is a 99% chance he is with underage hookers (male in his case) but there is no EVIDENCE of it.

            1. I don’t think Limbaugh should be in the Senate either. So what is your point?

            2. I’m not convicting, I’m having an opinion based on the competing stories.

              I don’t give a damn where or if Limbaugh gets drugs. Your tu quoque becomes tiresome.

            3. You’re right, shrikey. Because putting drugs into one’s own body is the exact same thing as putting your penis into the body of a 12 year old child that may not have given consent.

    4. Of course, the fact that they were paid for their information doesn’t mean the information was false.

      1. ^^THIS^^ Being working girls, I would imagine they wouldn’t give a reporter the time of day without some cash. Their time is money.

  8. “Dominican police say that three women were paid to claim that they had sex with Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) for money in the Dominican Republic.”

    Stupid wingnut, ratfucking, teabagger Dominican cops!

    1. Because police all around the Caribbean are known for their honesty…

    2. Nailed it! Well done.

  9. Dominican police say that three women were paid to claim that they had sex with Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) for money in the Dominican Republic

    Ratfuckers at work – so predictable. Too bad you were wrong yet again, John.

    1. Yeah because the Dominican police are so believable. And of course it is totally impossible that Menendez’ people wouldn’t have paid the hookers to take back their story. Never. The idea that some fat, rich toad would ever fly to the DR to bang underage hookers is just out the realm of possibility.

      Menendez is an underage whore monger and that is perfectly okay with the Dems.

    2. I bet it’s real hard to pay people in the DR to change their story.

    3. Why does he keep refusing to say if he went to the DR on his buddy’s plane last Easter? The plane’s manifest has it going from Miami to Teterboro to the DR and witnesses saw him eating near the airport in NJ and also saw him in the DR, yet he refuses to explain his whereabouts.

      Please explain.

      1. He admitted it by paying $56,000 in air fare costs.

        Now THAT has some reality as a scandal. But then most of Congress does it.

        1. And he still won’t say what he was doing down there or when exactly he went. Yeah, he has nothing to hide. He wasn’t down there screwing 12 year old hookers or anything. Nope. He just likes the beach and is shy about it.

          1. He just likes the beach and is shy about it.

            If you looked like him you would be too. Blech.

        2. I think, honestly, that’s why there’s some disappoint about this new development.

          There are so many scandals and ethical violations that should end a politician’s career, but it’s only ever the sex stuff that puts a nail in it. And even that isn’t a given.

          1. Menendez is a bit differen thought. Like most Dems he is on the whole “stop human trafficking” bandwagon. Frequenting Caribbean whores is more than a bit hypocritical and also a federal crime.

            1. He just cares about them… so much.

              1. He was interviewing them! That’s why he had to have the youngest ones, because the tragedy is so much greater.

                Oh, you heartless conservatives and libertarians and DOUBTERS, doubting this man’s greatness.

                I weep.

  10. Elizabeth Warren Asks: Why isn’t the Minimum Wage $22 an Hour?

    1. you’re 4 minutes late

        1. a lie… that cake is.

      1. I wouldn’t post comments like that. People will start making fun of you for pointing out when things have already been posted. 🙂

    2. Someone should ask her what she pays her interns and staffers.

      1. She probably pays them all six-figure salaries. After all, it’s not like it’s coming out of her pocket.

    3. Why not a million?

    4. Its like one of those BB shooting galleries at the fair. The little ducks just keep coming around until they knock them all down.

      Gun control… minimum wage… taxes KERPLINK!… amnesty KERPLINK

  11. Mass Effect fans! NYU student creates medigel!

    But he calls it Veti-Gel. Boo!

    1. How long until we can genetically engineer Miranda Lawson?

      1. what about making contact with the Asari?

    2. Boo.

      If it doesn’t have Medi in the name, how are we supposed to know that it’s medical?

      1. Maybe he calls it “Veti” to get around the Obamacare tax on medical supplies/devices that would cost him 3% of his gross.

        “Hey look! I made a medical breakthrough!”

        “Thanks. That’ll be 3%, please.”

        ‘Did I say medical? I meant veterinarian. This is for dogs and cats.”

  12. Even as graffiti “artist” falls to his death with a can in his hand, his friends insist he never vandalized anything.
    Fucker’s body lay there for two days before being found. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    1. If you correct the grammar, syntax and/or spelling in some graffiti, are you a vandal?

      1. No just a pedant.

        1. Or a roman centurion.

    2. Also, wasn’t this the plot of Breakin’?

    3. I don’t see why they can’t be artists and vandals at the same time. The two are nto mutually exclusive.

  13. Whatever are we going to do about this epidemic in screwdriver violence!
    I demand a ban on assault screwdrivers!
    I’m guessing that she didn’t have a gun with which to defend her home. Especially being that this happened in Chicago.

    1. Actually, it happened in Elgin, right down the street from the gun store we go to. So she probably could have if she’d wanted one.

      1. That was 10 minutes away from my house. Gah!

        Priors – Armed robbery, residential burglary, etc. Thank God he was sentenced so lightly… and paroled! Whew, good thing we got rid of the death penalty here….

        I am tempted to endorse vigilante justice, for once.

    2. It’s the high-capacity tool chests causing the problem.

  14. ‘This is no shape for a girl.’

    John would beg to differ.
    Funny advertisements from the days before political correctness.

    1. Feminism’s most pressing issue: Ads from 40 years ago.

    2. Awww, how cute! Another feminist has come of age and thinks that an historical rehashing of golden era, sexist ads is a fresh and daring bit of journalism.

      1. I don’t think anyone at the Mail thinks they are doing fresh and daring journalism…

    3. “Is your daughter on the plump side? She can have a tummy … and still look yummy!”

      Seems there’s a bit more going on than “political correctness” with *that* one.

      1. Specifically: cannibalism.

      1. The one time your blogwhoring is relevant to the topic! Well played, SIV!

        1. SIV’s blogwhoring is relevant to everything.

    4. Shirley Smkin’s lost her sleek appeal
      She never stops eating from meal to meal

      Slim Sally Hayes stays light on her feet
      She makes Life Savers her ‘tween meal treat

      The candy with the hole

    5. I’d keep her in spite of the dandruff.

  15. Obama’s GOP charm offensive is just damage control

    Recall that only a few weeks ago, Obama couldn’t be bothered to sit down with Republicans as the sequester approached. He was too busy holding campaign-style rallies and issuing apocalyptic warnings of the plagues and pestilence that would soon descend upon the land if the GOP did not bend to his will and accept another round of tax increases. Now, all of a sudden, the apocalypse has been postponed, and Obama is on a charm offensive.

    What changed? Here’s a clue: A new Washington Post-ABC News poll found “nearly three-quarters say they are feeling no impact on their lives [from the sequester], and fewer than half expect a toll on their family finances if the cuts continue.”

    1. He fucked it up badly. The problem is that no one other than Shreek and the people in the media who have no other choice can stand him anymore. It is going to be a long for years for him.

      1. But the sequester was Obama’s idea!

        Get your dishonesty straight, John. It is bouncing around all over the place.

        Wait till another Obama idea (chained CPI) gets pinned on the GOP.

        1. Yes it was his idea dipshit.

          Everyone but you acknowledges it. He counted on being able to bully the Republicans into doing anything to avoid it. Didn’t work out that way. And now he looks like the fool he is.

          Go die in a fire you dishonest sack of puss.

          1. I know it was, you idiot. But it stuck to the GOP. Polls show the public blames the Republicans for any negative effects.

            That is what all this posturing is about. When they finally cut SS/Medicare who will get the blame?

            Obama is filleting the GOP like a fish.

            1. Blue Tony Shreek to the rescue!

              1. Blue Tony Shreek to the rescue!

                He’s really a libertarian, you know.

            2. So it was his idea, he tried to hurt the Republicans with it, society didn’t collapse, now he’s trying to make nice.

              Yeah, he’s a genius.

            3. It is going swimmingly for Obama. That is why his approval ratings are underwater and he is now crawling over to the hill making nice with Boehner. Don’t you ever get tired of lying?

            4. When did you start parodying yourself PBP?

              1. The goal is to cut entitlements and blame the other guy!

                Both parties are trying to do this. Obama put SS (chained CPI) on the table and the progs are howling mad at him.

                It is perfectly logical.

              2. Start?

            5. I don’t know why more people aren’t using reasonable to block this thing, and therefore lose the ability to see (and presumably respond to) its posts.

              1. Kristen,

                What did you think of the Vikings this week? I thought the scene where they offered the enslaved monk the threesome was awesome. And I am really ready for the earl’s midget toady to get his.

                1. I loved it – great episode. History Channel also offeres next week’s episode online, so I watched that also. Not as much action, but there is really good suspense and more questions about Rollo’s loyalty.

                  1. Rollo is in his own way more nuts than the ship builder dude. He is just not as open about it. And don’t give me any spoilers.

              2. I don’t know why more people aren’t using reasonable to block this thing, and therefore lose the ability to see (and presumably respond to) its posts.

                Censorship is bad. To understand the true depravity of the world, you must be exposed to every dismal bit of it.

                1. And you are a masochist, Sparky 🙂

                  1. And you are a masochist, Sparky 🙂

                    You’re probably right, but somebody’s gotta do it.

                2. Yabut, its posts aren’t even interesting, like, say, HERCULE’s. Hell, even Mary’s insane rantings were more worthy of replies. It’s like trying to hold an intelligent and thoughtful conversation with Paris Hilton or Miley Cyrus. What’s the point?

                  1. What’s the point?

                    It’s just a philosophical thing for me. Sometimes you need to simmer in the crazy pot for a while to appreciate the difference.

                    1. I don’t get a crazy vibe from it – just boring & pedantic.

                    2. just boring & pedantic

                      Meh, I get that from most of the other people here.

                    3. Shriek spouts some of the same shit I hear from many others in my real life. I enjoy reading the comebacks from others on H&R, and occasionally get to use the best of them. Call it research.

  16. Israeli military object to Bar Refaeli in advertisement promoting the country because she didn’t complete military service. Turns out she was allowed to quit after getting married, and immediately got a divorce. Sham?

    1. I’d have done the sham marriage, just for the honeymoon…

    2. Did the marriage get consummated? If so, not a bad gig if you can get it.

    3. Hey, if you have stupid rules, don’t blame people for playing by them.

    4. If only Israel had the foresight to pass a Fugitive Slave Act.

    5. Compulsory military service is a bad idea.

      1. You antisemite!

      2. But slave armies are a venerable tradition in this part of the world!


        Quite so!


  17. ‘I should stop but I’m not going to’: Man ignored police flashing him for speeding as wife gave birth in passenger seat (and no, he didn’t get a ticket)

    Is this evidence that the mythical “good cop” exists?

    1. I’m not going to RTFA, but I’m just picturing that he made it to the county line, just like the good ol’ Duke boys.

      1. Extra bonus if he jumped the creek and the baby popped out from the landing.

    2. As a teenager in Kentucky I once had a deputy pour out my beer and then follow me back to my parents house to make sure I got there safe. He told me that if he ever caught me again that he would be knocking on my Dad’s door. I thougt he was a pretty good guy. The funny thing is that when my son was eighteen he went back to Kentucky to visit his father’s parents and he got caught by the same deputy who poured out his Jack, followed him to his grandparent’s and told him the exact same thing.

      1. That’s funny. And how it should work. Everyone knows that some laws just aren’t going to universally obeyed, and that there isn’t much harm in that.

      2. My theory is that America’s problem regarding a certain blindness to police bad behavior is the Andy Griffith Show. That dude was a good man and a good cop. I mean, in some episodes, people were SHOOTING AT HIM, and he never got flustered. He was, like, “Now settle down, Roy, you know you can’t do that.” He was the only sane man in Mayberry, and tv viewers, I think, got the idea that this tv show cop was how all cops really are (except for a few bad apples).

  18. Magpul leaving Colorado

    I hope they also refuse to sell Colorado law enforcement any weapons.

    1. Good for them.

  19. Behind the Campaign to Smear the Pope
    Argentines who want their country to be the next Venezuela see Francis as an obstacle.

    One might have expected a swell of pride from Argentine officialdom when the news broke that the nation has produced a man so highly esteemed around the world. Instead the Kirchner government’s pit bulls in journalism?men such as Horacio Verbitsky, a former member of the guerrilla group known as the Montoneros and now an editor at the pro-government newspaper Pagina 12?immediately began a campaign to smear the new pontiff’s character and reputation at home and in the international news media.

    1. With soap on a rope?

    2. Who wants their country to be an impoverished shit hole where the lights don’t even work?

      1. The point is to take down the rich, not to lift up the poor.

        1. Actually, sarc, the point is to replace the rich.

    3. Shades of Poland and John Paul II.

      Speaking of Poland, was sent this link:


      Fought the Nazis throughout the war, then fought in the anti communist underground. An amnesty in the 50s gave most of his comrades an out, but he continued to fight alone. Killed in 1963. Died on his feet, with a gun in his hand. He fought oppressive regimes for 24 of his 45 years on this Earth.

      1. Damn. We are unworthy to share the earth with people like that.

        1. The margarita I had last night had some chunky salt on the rim that kinda hurt my lips when I took a sip.

    4. Would you like to see the pope
      on the end of a rope
      Do you think he’s a fool?
      nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh

    5. Argentines who want their country to be the next Venezuela, without that messy oil money, see Francis as an obstacle.

      1. Oh, how they’re hoping Las Islas Malvinas will be theirs and turn out to be over a giant oil reserve.

  20. Anyone else watching The Americans?

    1. Yes, the Russian secretary is ba-damn!

    2. The pilot had great music, too expensive for the episodes I guess.

    3. Yes, and I haven’t watched last week’s episode yet. So no spoilers please.

      1. This program contains nudity. I will spoil no more.

        1. Fuck. I won’t have time to watch it tonight.

        2. Unfortunately, it’s naked Steve Smith.

          1. not that there’s anything wrong with that I suppose

            1. Obviously, you have never seen STEVE SMITH in his birthday suit.

              1. STEVE SMITH was…born?

                1. Born, wasn’t he brewed?

                2. STEVE SMITH was…born?

                  I’m assuming he and his 12 other siblings were hatched in his mother’s abdomen. Then, they started clawing and tearing at each other as they struggled to escape. STEVE SMITH ended up naked on the cave floor, covered in blood, viscera, and bone; having devoured his siblings and his mother.

                  1. That sounds about right to me.

                    BTW when are you supposed to be coming out here again?

                    1. The wife and I are going on our Tour of Interstate 65!
                      April 17-19 in Chicago
                      April 20-21 in Indianapolis
                      April 22 in Louisville
                      April 23 in Chicago

                      If any Reasonoids would like to meet up for drinks and to plot the overthrow of the government, drop me an email.

                  2. I thought that was the method for choosing a new pope.

    4. Yep. I like it so far.

    5. I’ve only seen the pilot so far, but I intend to catch up.

      Good stuff.

      1. There hasnt been a single episode as good as the pilot, IMO, but there have been some very good ones.

    6. I’ll have to add that to my Netflix list when it comes out.

    7. I still like best the Russian peasant dress she wore in pilot when they first came to the American motel.

  21. Mother Nature hates us all.

    Bat-eating spiders all over the world.

    Except Antarctica. To Antarctica!

    1. A new frontier for SF!

      “An Error Was Encountered

      The URI you submitted has disallowed characters.”

      1. Interesting. I was using the Reasonable link shortcut. (Still don’t have preview.)


        1. URI – Upper Respitory Infection?

          URinary Infection?

    2. Those bats should learn to watch where they’re flying.

      1. Ok, I laughed.

    3. “…subtropical regions of north america…”

      I love bats. I love anything that eats mosquitoes. Since bat populations are 100% infected with rabies I tend to avoid contact with them, but I do appreciate their important work. Spiders eat a lot of mosquitoes so I am not adverse to them either, but I dont keep any for pets.

      I dont think there are any critters in Louisiana that I am not familiar with, and I have never seen bat eating spiders here. South Florida and the keys maybe, but I doubt there are any here.

      1. I’d think that Mexico is probaby the place to look for hte north AMerican bat eating spiders.

  22. Passionate rant on the EU crisis

    I suggest headphones if you listen at work.

    1. 63,000 views in a day and 1688 videos published?

      So this guy is, like, a thing?

      1. Apparently. I don’t know when he finds the time to drive his taxi.

    2. That bloke’s a bit of a nutter.

      1. “Nutter”?!


  23. Syrian jets fire rockets on Lebanese targets. Not good.

    1. I think it’s fucking hilarious. For decades Assad and his father intentionally destabilized Lebanon. They armed and trained the all kinds of Jihadists and prevented the Lebanese from clearing them out. Now the loonies they trained are attacking them. Perfect.

      1. By “Not good” I was thinking “Isn’t this how regional conflicts turn into wars?”

        1. I think we crossed that threshold a few months ago. While they will protest officially, I doubt the Lebanese really care.

          They won’t be drawn into that quagmire.

    2. Why not? Lebanon has been pretty much a province of Syria/Iran for years now anyway.

  24. “Light echo” of exploding star. Pretty cool.

    1. Looks like my toilet the morning after some greasy Mexican rolled tacos.

      1. Thanks for that…I might just be skipping that next burrito dining opportunity.

  25. Nixon sabotaged Vietnam peace talks to influence 1968 election:


    1. I am pretty militantly anti-Nixon and anti-Viet Nam war, but it’s hard for me to get outraged that somebody undermined peace talks where the North was simply lying the whole time.

      The North always intended to negotiate our departure by guaranteeing the South’s independence, and then to invade once we left.

      It’s also pretty foolish to call Nixon a traitor, since all he did was advise the South to wait and see if he could get them a better deal. Every last protestor in the streets was, by their action, encouraging the North to hold out for the best possible deal. Why can’t Nixon do the same with the South? Statist elastic definitions of treason get pretty fucking stupid sometimes. (shakes head)

      1. Nice perspective. I was toting a Jetsons lunch box at the time.

        1. I was toting a Jetsons lunch box at the time.

          Well, that I think just about wraps up the case boys.

          1. He now has a Sponge-Bob lunch box

      2. The source is also Lyndon Johnson’s recordings. Not the most trustworthy source. (Yes, Shriek, I read the article.)

        1. Hey, I think LBJ was awful. The sort of pol I despise. A power brute who can’t admit when he was wrong.

          1. But you love Obama. Self awareness really isn’t your strong suit is it?

            1. In his defense, he was carrying a Flintstones lunch box when Johnson was in the white house.

              Of course, now he’s carrying a water bucket, but that’s another story.

              1. Water bucket? I thought it was a piss bucket?

  26. Scott Rasmussen: Beware of the New Elites

    In other words, it’s not just the income; it’s whether the reward matched the effort. People don’t think it’s a problem that Steve Jobs got rich. After all, he created Apple Computer and the iPad generation. But there was massive outrage about the bonuses paid to AIG executives after that company was propped up by the federal government.

    On a more routine basis, most Americans are offended by the revolving door between Washington and Wall Street. The practice of working for the government to network and then cash in with a firm that needs your government contacts is seen as fair only by those who practice it.

    1. We are becoming the ancient regime of France complete with our own Marie Antoinette and imbecile king. At least their Marie as thin and pretty hot.

      1. That certainly isn’t my favorite thing about her.

      2. our own Marie Antoinette

        The wife calls her Michelle Antoinette.

      3. Eh, I also get some English civil war, with the deep religious divide between the elites and the people. I’d say that most people see the elites as only paying lip service to religion, and that pisses any number of them, even the atheist ones, off.

        1. That is a good analogy. The question is when does the next Cromwell happen?

          1. Cromwell cut off the head of an odd numbered Charles.

            The current Prince of Wales would be Charles III.

            I think everything follows from that.

            1. The current Charles may actually be dumber than the first two.

              1. Im not sure that is possible, and yet, I think its also probably true.

      4. I bet her arms weren’t as fabulously tone though.

      5. The education system is our church, the police are the knight class, the press is… the press. Yup, neo-feudalist.

        1. Of course, university credentialism is, in a more flexible and unofficial way, a reincarnation of venal office (especially in the more explicit forms, like getting a sweeter gig in a school or government office by earning a higher level of degree).

          Our patrician families (Bushes, Clintons, Kennedys, and even Pauls), similarly, represent a more flexible system of aristocracy — hereditary power, but neither official, nor tied to a specific office.

    2. “seen as fair only by those who practice it.”

      and lucrative.

  27. Supersonic Stereo: What if you somehow managed to make a stereo travel at twice the speed of sound, would it sound backwards to someone who was just casually sitting somewhere as it flies by?


    1. So, you will be making just such a rugged stereo, yes?

      1. ‘fraid not, but I am starting a build on a new tube amp.


        based on this:

        1. I just got my first tube amp — a Jolida 502. Tried to bias it last night and quickly blew the fuse.

          1. 6550 amp?

            I would first try replacing the fuse 😉

            Or else you have a dodgy tube that is drawing too much current.

            1. Yea, it’s 6550s. I think I had no clue on how to bias it, and ended up turning them up all the way, rather than down all the way. Got three of the four set down to where they should be before it popped the fuse.

              I’m hoping it’s just the fuse.

              I got a few minutes out of it first, and was liking the sound. Just ended up having to mess with it (since I had no idea which slot each tube was in before or anything).

  28. The bizarre copycat architecture of China

    We all know that Chinese companies love to clone everything from sneakers to smartphones, but that’s not all. In the last few decades, architecture firms in China have started to copy iconic buildings and even whole cities from other countries. Here are some of the strangest copycat monuments, including the Eiffel Tower and the entire city of Venice.

    1. Who do they think they are, Las Vegas?

      1. Well Asians do love them some gambling…

  29. Penis Snatching on the Rise — Africa’s Genital-Stealing Crime Wave Hits the Countryside

    Elaborate greetings are the norm, I’ve found, when one enters a Central African village. So it was a surprise when I noticed that many people weren’t shaking hands the morning I arrived in Tiringoulou, a town of about 2,000 people in one of the remotest corners of the Central African Republic, in March 2010. I soon found out the reason: the day before, a traveler passing through town on a Sudanese merchant truck had, with a simple handshake, removed two men’s penises.

    As best I could reconstruct from witness accounts, the stranger had stopped to purchase a cup of tea at the market. After handing over his money, he clasped the vendor’s hand. The tea seller felt an electric tingling course through his body and immediately sensed that his penis had shrunk to a size smaller than that of a baby’s. His yells quickly drew a crowd. Somehow in the fray a second man fell victim as well.

    1. wtf did I just read?

    2. What is this I don’t even…

      So, basically, men who are ashamed of having a micropenis have found a way to blame others for their misfortune.

      1. So, does this disprove the idea that black men are bigger?

        Or is it a sliding scale thing, and their micropenis is our normal size?

        1. There’s no “disproving” – black men are bigger. Science.

          1. The two sources that it claims to get its data from don’t lead back to anything. Just two dead links.

            Double Science’d!

    3. This is worse then a Zombie Apocalypse!

    4. Superstitious villagers, stuck in the armpit of the world.

      1. Armpit of the world is kind of generous, don’t you think? I ‘d say it is more of the posterior fundamental orifice of the globe, m’self.

    5. Pfft, that’s happened to me three or four times over here.

      It’s pretty easy to get it back, you just have to read their little spamphlets.

      1. Wait, you had your penis shrunk to the size of a baby’s three or four times while over there?

        What. The. Fuck.

        1. Yeah, these things happen, no biggie.

          Like I said, they do it just to make you read their literature. Like the Jehova’s Witnesses, except with super powers.

          1. That’s why I never shake hands with them jokers who show up on my doorstep, early Saturday Morning.

            Some Mormon’s still got the last eight inches…

    6. Any time you go to oogabooga land you hear absurd, superstitious bullshit like this.

      Any and every misfortune is blamed on someone else via magic and witchcraft. Often, as in this case, that someone else is a mystery person that cant be found. If they can be found they are usually murdered.

      My favorite was the old bolivian woman who supposedly cast a spell on a neighbor and caused the roof of their hut to fall in. She was hanged. When examined it was discovered it was riddled with termites. When this was pointed out the villagers said that the witch had sent them. Ooooo-K.

      1. Any and every misfortune is blamed on someone else via magic and witchcraft.

        Or miracles.

      2. so they’re like progressives leftists?

    7. Gotta be the AntiChrist. Only explanation there is.

      1. Man, if the AntiChirst is reduced to shrinking Congloese peckers as his most vile acts, the world might be OK then…

        1. Hey, the AntiChrist works in mysterious ways.

  30. http://www.usnews.com/news/blo…..e-memorial

    So they spent $62 million to plan an Ike memorial for DC. A memorial that hasn’t been built.

    Where did the money go? What did they spend it on?

    They spent $2 million a year on salaries. How do you manage to do that, for a memorial that doesn’t get built? For most of the time since the enabling legislation, they’ve been holding a competition to pick the design, and then dealing with the fallout from the fact that Ike’s family hates the winning design.

    But that means they spent $2 million a year on salaries…while other people worked on designs, and they sat around and waited to pick the winning design.

    What was the work week like for people employed by the memorial commission, for all this time? What did they do? You come in Monday morning to work for a commission that has no responsibilities other than to wait for designs, and then judge them (which takes about an hour). Who are these people? How do we make them account for their time?

    1. these days this is the way it is.

    2. The first problem appears to be hiring Gehry for a memorial. He is more about promoting Gehry then making designs appropriate for the customer

      1. The first problem is having a memorial.

        The second problem is setting up a commission where people get parked to eat salaries for doing nothing for years while they wait for events to develop.

        All the work I can fathom would be necessary before the general contractor starts his work could be attached to the world’s smallest Facilities office. And you could get volunteers to judge the entries and pay them nothing. This should have been a $200,000 line item total for staff.

        1. Eisenhower already has a library in Kansas. It is a really nice place. Few are as big of a fan of Eisenhower as I am. But I don’t see where he should be on the mall.

          1. maybe they should have incorporated it into the WWII memorial*. or at least nearby

            *which stinks. the Korean, however, it well done.

            1. I like the WWII memorial. I think they did a good job. But the Korean one is the best, especially at night. It is just eery and stunning.

              1. as a kid, i thought the Iwo Jima was a WWII memorial and didn’t realize it was just for the Marines, so that was kind of my standard.

                1. Fucking media whore Marines. How the hell did they get that spot of prime real estate? Next to Fort Meyer no less. Actually, that spot would have been the perfect spot for a world war II memorial.

                  1. Fucking media whore Marines

                    As someone who had to deal with marines in the field, this makes me giggle. The few the proud my ass.

            2. My problem with the WWII Memorial is that it is ON the Mall. I mean, on the central axis. The central axis contains memorials to men, most of whom had great ideas, and I was really disappointed they put a war memorial on it. Also, it kind of denigrates all the other wars that are memorialized around the city. They don’t get prime space on the Mall – they’re all off to the side or in different neighborhoods.

              1. The WWII memorial, in placement and design, is unfortunately a failure. It looks like something Napoleon would build to commemorate a stubbed toe. An early 2000s marketing major’s idea of a monument (let’s put the names of the countries on THINGS!) I find it cold, lacking in solemnity or purpose, and just bad.

                1. That is a good way of putting it Tony. We can’t build great art anymore.

          2. His birthplace in Texas is a historic site. The locals did it well before he was elected president.

        2. “”””‘The first problem is having a memorial.”””‘

          True, it all started with the Washington Monument boondoggle

          1. They should just do monuments the way they did Presidents Day. Instead of having a separate holiday for each President’s birthday, we just have President’s Day. Similarly, can’t we just have one President’s Memorial?

            1. Similarly, can’t we just have one President’s Memorial?

              And it should look like this

              1. I would say, like the Vietnam memorial, only with President’s names engraved on the Giant Tombstone o’ the Constitution.

    3. Why do you need a staff? Couldn’t one guy and an assistant do the whole thing? You just need to pick a spot and an artist and write a check.

      1. Right. That’s what I’m saying.

        I bet the Smithsonian has a Facilities office, and I bet they know all the inside baseball DC bullshit you need to know to get stuff done down by the Mall. Attach the project to their office and throw them a couple of bucks.

        Once you actually need to start doing work, THEN you spend money. Right?

        1. Don’t forget the National Park Service. Just a guess, but I would imagine they already know a little bit about getting shit built on the mall.

          1. They like to pretend that its a private non profit organization but then throw money at it.

            Its like all those Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) that get 99 percent of their money from the government. Its private so it avoids a lot of scrutiny but its gets lots of taxpayer money to pay for lots of cronies of the “elite”.

    4. Hopefully they purchased some good games to play during their grueling workday.

    5. NOTHING LEFT TO CUT!!!!!!

    6. Where did the money go?

      It went to the Eisenhower Memorial Committee complex.

    7. I will not rest until William Henry Harrison gets his monument on the mall, like he deserves.

      1. A statue of him under an Eternal Shower.

  31. http://washingtonexaminer.com/…..le/2524677

    Droids don’t rip Press Secretary’s arms out of their sockets when they don’t get to go to Spain every year.

  32. In two weeks, I’ll be on vacation, renting a house on Hunting Island, SC. The world can go burn.

    1. Cool, go climb the lighthouse.

  33. I thought only Americans were ratbagging teafuckers, but apparently New Zealanders are too:

    New Zealand man in tax dispute planned to fly plane into courthouse

    Why am I not surprised that the press came up with the most unflattering photo of the guy they could find?

    1. He’s HOOOOGE

  34. Re: the alt text

    Its the tats.

    1. Hey, at least he’s attempting alt text now.

  35. http://www.guardian.co.uk/musi…..i-gay-rant

    Wow. Never saw this one coming.

    1. I have no idea who that is.

      1. Had a couple of hits in the 1990s. Big feminist folk singer type back during the Lilith Fair, Inigo Girls era.

        1. Oh ok, so she definitely wasn’t supposed to say “When they stop Prop 8 and force priests at gunpoint to marry gays, it will be the downfall of civilisation, and Jesus will come back,”

    2. Those who occupy one extreme and switch sides usually don’t gravitate towards the middle. They’ll head right for the other extreme because they don’t know how to moderate themselves or their philosophical positions. She just changed from anarchist to authoritarian.

    3. Super lefty turned born again christian.

      What a shock.

      The first time I heard someone describe leftyism as a symptom of mental illness I thought it was just rhetorical. After paying closer attention to the left for a while I see that it is not rhetorical at all.

      1. Some people just can’t stay out of the ditch. A lot of really nutso atheists I know were raised born again and seems like a lot of born again are former atheists over coming drug problems or what not.

        1. “Some people just can’t stay out of the ditch.”

          I have never heard it put that way. Thanks, I am gonna use that.

    4. Michelle Shocked said God hates faggots

      1. Does the intolerance of the anti-tobacco crowd have any limits?

        1. No, it’s just a common misunderstanding of the story where God smote some people for collecting wood — the problem wasn’t the bundles of wood themselves, but that they were doing it on the Sabbath. The union influence in Heaven was strong at that time.

    5. I didn’t either, as I’ve never heard of that person.

  36. “42 percent still object”

    As they should, those tattoos are horrible.

    1. And the corn rows are even worse.

      1. Nah, I kinda like them.

  37. http://www.deadline.com/2013/0…..nker-hill/

    Affleck to do Bunker Hill movie. That has potential.

  38. Ok folks, I have been so busy lately that I have had trouble keeping up here. Spring is here and there is much to do….

    The hummingbirds have arrived as have the carpenter bees so I am off to purchase 40 lbs of sugar and a new bb gun. Dont worry, the bb gun is only for the carpenter bees and the caterpillars that infest my passionflower vines.

    Y’all have fun.

    1. WTF is the point of luring in the hummingbirds with sugar if you’re going to waste all your ammo on bees?

    2. Wear eye protection if using copper BBs. Or try this

  39. A Very ‘Unofficial NRA Game’ Uses Their Own Quotes to Shoot The Gun Lobby’s Logic Full of Holes

    If you mean “shoot full of holes” is “makes absolutely no fucking sense”. then there you go. Why are people so fucking dumb!

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