Roman Catholic

Buenos Aires Cardinal Chosen as Pope Francis

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the new guy


Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina was elected pope on Wednesday to lead the Roman Catholic Church, a prelate announced to huge crowds gathered in St. Peter's Square.

He took the name Pope Francis, the cardinal said.

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  1. Lighten up, Pope Francis.

    1. Damn, beat me to it…

      “The name is Psycho. Nobody calls me Francis.. any of you homos call me Francis, I kill ya. And I don’t like people touching my stuff.. any of you homos touch my stuff… I kill ya. And I don’t like nobody touching me…….. Any of you homos touch me…………………………..I kill ya.”

  2. swing and a miss. Apparently, this guy is critical of free-market policies

    better luck next time, catholic church

  3. The Vatican Boys Choir heaved a collective sigh of relief –

    ‘Lord be praised, they didn’t pick the black guy.’

  4. Go, Pope, Go!

    From a Catholic.

    1. Fuck the Pope, and his fairy-tale religion, and his “infallibility”, and his child-fucking friends!!

      From a Sane Person.

      1. Yeah but he looks great in a beanie.

      2. Ooooohhhh, careful with that edge bro. You might cut somebody.

      3. LOL! I find your silly diatribe even more ridiculous as have as your screen name the name of a Catholic priest and scientist.

  5. From ?bertwittermeister Iowahawk, “Curious; do Catholics go apeshit over who gets elected president of the Atheist Club?”

    1. There is no atheist club, and atheism doesn’t have the baggage, or worldwide reach and influence, of Boys R Us?

      1. Geez, what’s with the lame, short-sighted molestation references?

    2. Well, to some extent the Catholic church brought it on itself. Posturing as the spokesman for God and playing politics while having a veritable graveyard in your closet sort of makes you a target.
      That said, yeah, a lot of atheists get downright batshit authoritarian when the topic of Catholicism or Christianity in general comes up. Anything short of the downright rejection of the possibility of the existence of God gets their knickers in a twist. It becomes as dogmatic as some of the stricter strains of religion.
      Me? I’ve always worked from the premise that if there is a divine being who created the universe (space-time), there’s no reason to assume he/she/it would have to exist within that context. So, any pronouncement yea or neigh on the existence of God is ultimately impossible. And if there is a God, His/Her/It’s greatest gift to mankind is a reasoning mind able to judge right from wrong and good from evil without appealing to the rulebook.

      1. Would you consider demanding church/state separation to be vigilantly upheld as ‘batshit authoritarian’?
        What about holding the faithful accountable for their frequent contravention of NAP?

        1. From above: “Fuck the Pope, and his fairy-tale religion, and his “infallibility”, and his child-fucking friends!!”

          I’m not sure I would consider that statement to be ‘demanding church/state separation to be vigilantly upheld’.

          Or did I miss something?

        2. Except, as munke notes, your own commentary doesn’t really support the criticisms you claim. Neither Vatican Boys Choir references nor “Boys R Us?” really sound much like a criticism focused on church-state separation. As an instance of a violation of the non-agression principle? Well, kids are more likely to be molested by public schoolteachers than priests, yet I somehow fail to hear similar accusations in any discussion of public education.

    3. First rule of atheist club is…

  6. Son of an Italian immigrant who has lived in Argentina has been appointed Pope, now he will make his home in the Vatican. Friends that know him best say he is humble. full of humility, and a lover of children.

    1. I see what you did here

    2. Now known around the neighborhood as “Frankie da Pope.”


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