Reason Nominated for 12 Maggie Awards!


I'm happy to announce that Reason scooped up a record-setting 12 nominations for Maggie awards from the Western Publishing Association this year. Which is pretty neat. You can see the full list here.

july cover

In addition to being nominated for the best in our print category, Politics & Social Issues (where we are up against Mother Jones, Pacific Standard, and Sierra), we also grabbed finalist slots for Best Web PublicationBest Blog, and Best Use of Social Media.

We picked up specific nominations for:

Not one, but two of Matt Welch's editor's notes for Best Signed Editorial:

"America's Free Speech Retreat"

"Goodnight Moonshot"

Best Feature Article

Katherine Mangu-Ward's "Your Vote Doesn't Count"

Best Interview or Profile:

Nick Gillespie's interview with David Simon "The World Is More Complicated."

Best Single Editorial Illustration

Terry Colon's "The Recovery That Wasn't"

We had two finalists for Best Regularly Featured Web Column:

Nick Gillespie's 3 Reasons video series:

 "3 Reasons U.S. Drone Policy Is Really Freakin' Scary"

"3 Reasons Mitt Romney and Republicans Lost Big in Election 2012"

Plus Ron Bailey's weekly column:

"Half the Facts You Know Are Probably Wrong"

"Are Atheists Worse Than Rapists?"

And Mike RIggs grabbed the Best Web Article nod for "How a Single Oxycontin Pill Nearly Ruined One Man's Life."

Winners will be announced on April 26.

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