Russia Considers Ban on Bribe-Related Phrases

Because bureaucrats can't solicit payoffs with all new phrases?


Phrases such as "Let's come to an agreement" and "This is difficult to resolve, but possible" could be banned under a Russian ministry's proposals.

 Bribe-taking is a scourge of everyday life in Russia but now officials in Moscow have dreamed up a new way to stamp out the age-old practice.

The ministry of labour is advising a ban on bureaucrats using common phrases which indicate to citizens that a backhander will help snip away red tape or speed up an application.

Passing university exams, getting a driving licence or finding your child a place in a kindergarten are some of the obstacles that often require the greasing of a palm or two. At the lower end of the scale, a few hundred roubles can help a traffic policeman forget your illegal left turn.