Nanny State

Professor Assigns Students To Lobby for Nanny State Policy

An A+ in meddling


Some 200 undergrads will be asked to contact legislators in their home cities, counties, or states asking them to adopt legislation similar to that already adopted in New York City – and apparently to be considered in D.C., Cambridge, Mass, New York State, and perhaps elsewhere  – banning restaurants, delis, movie theaters and many other businesses from selling high-sugar drinks in cups or containers larger than 16 ounces.

        The instructor, law professor John Banzhaf, is already well known for requiring his law students  –  whom the press has dubbed "Banzhaf's Bandits"  –  to bring legal actions in order to pass his law school course in Public Interest Law.  But now he will be carrying his activist philosophy one step further by assigning homework in which undergrads will have to file a real legal document aimed at a major social problem – something which he suggests might be a first for any university