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Reason Foundation, a national nonprofit research and education organization, publisher of Reason, the nation's leading libertarian magazine, home of Reason TV and the Reason-Rupe Poll, is accepting applications for the following positions. For more information, please visit

Communications Specialist

Project Manager, California Reform Initiative

Development Writer


Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the positions are filled. 

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  1. When is that Senior Loafing Specialist job gonna open up?

    1. Probably before the one for fixing the comment preview functionality. Unless they are one and the same, as could well be the case.

    2. You just failed the interview. Way too eager.

      1. I’m very eager to loaf. It’s my strongest skill. My biggest weakness is sometimes I loaf just too damn hard.

        1. I was so happy not to be asked about my “biggest weakness” in my recent interview. I hate that fucking question. Someday I’m going to realize I don’t want a job about the time they ask that question and say, “Honestly, some days I fuck off in the comments section of for the whole day. And still outproduce my coworkers during that week.”

          1. My boyfriend just started a new job yesterday and I had been coaching him with interview questions for months. Every time I asked that one, he would moan and groan. I was like, “Look, I interview people, and I never ask that, but you know people do.” And like half the people he interviewed with did, so though we didn’t have an actual good answer to it, at least he was able to say something in response without vomiting in people’s faces.

            1. “I get too focused. Sometimes I have a little trouble spinning up on the next project when I’ve been focused on one for a while. I’m only about 75% effective for a day or two.”

              1. I think I told him to use my own biggest weakness (or at least something people are always telling me not to do): inability to delegate anything because I know I can get it done better and faster than I can explain what I need you to do.

                1. “I’m capable of working with idiots, but I don’t like it.”

                2. I thought your biggest weakness was a tendency to proposition coworkers?

                  1. A willingness to sleep my way to the top and the skillset to successfully do so.

                3. My answer to this goofy-ass question was similar to yours, Shiny Nikki Diamond: “I’m a perfectionist.”

          2. I just had an interview yesterday. Went fairly well. I think once I submit my work samples and assuming my references check out, I’ll be offered a position.

            And sadly, it may cut down on my reason time.

        2. So where do you see yourself in five years?

          1. Holding down a stupid job writing for a libertarian magazine.

            1. Galt’s Gulch.

          2. I’ve always wanted to respond “behind your desk” to that question.

    3. Snarky Commenters needed.
      Pay: $100K

      Duties: Being an asshole on the Internet, arguing with trolls, making fun of other snarky commenters.

      1. Sounds like a lot of work.

      2. I’m overqualified.

      3. All Reason trolls are actually the same person. If you want the paid position, you have to find out who it is and take them out.

    4. Communications Specialist: How do your past experiences or activities demonstrate your interest in Reason’s mission?

      As a former communications specialist for a private retailer and current communications specialist for a large non-profit, I spend most of my day reading Hit & Run and trolling the comments section with useful tips on how to keep the leather of Nick Gillespie’s jacket as soft and supple as a baby’s bottom.

  2. What the hell did you bastards do with Lucy!?!

    1. *looks around in a paranoid manner*

      We’re not supposed to ask that!!

    2. I wanted her job, so she had an ‘accident’.

    3. Matt had to send her away because The Jacket (not Nick, the actual Jacket) was demanding that she be sacrificed and unspeakable rites be performed to renew its power.

      1. (not Nick, the actual Jacket)

        A meaningless distinction to attempt to draw.

        1. Shortly after the jacket gained sentience, it began the process of integrating it’s neural pathways directly into Nick’s spine. Occasionally, Nick will rise to the surface and attempt a futile cry for help to release him from his leathery prison.

          Leathery prison… Sounds like Warty’s basement.

  3. Where is postings for Koch Stooge? Koch Pet? Koch sucker?

  4. Wait.

    I’m not being paid for this?

  5. “Project Manager, California Reform Initiative”

    Does this job involve coordinating a big fence along the AZ and NV borders, or possibly executing the Lex Luthor plan for nuking the San Andreas fault.

    Fuck Superman, and fuck Lois Lane…

  6. Let me know if you need any RNs or exercise physiologists.

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