Most Americans Believe U.S. in Recession, LA Votes for New Mayor, Soviet Veteran Found Living in Afghanistan: P.M. Links


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    Warriors-Internationalists Affairs Committee/CIS

    Most Americans believe the U.S. is in a recession and economic optimism is at a 15-month low. The president's poll numbers are up, and above 50 percent, in the same set of poll.

  • Airports say lines are not up to 200 percent longer because of sequestration, something Janet Napolitano claimed just today. The TSA, meanwhile, may soon allow small knives back on flights.
  • The outgoing mayor of Los Angeles was third to vote in his precinct and was almost alone at the polling place. Voters are electing a new mayor today.
  • A former guard was sentenced to nine years in prison for trying to sell information to the Chinese about the consulate compound where he worked, which was being constructed at the time.
  • A veteran of the Soviet war in Afghanistan was found living semi-nomadically in the Herat province under the name Sheikh Abdullah.
  • A press conference about Hugo Chavez's health was about how his "enemies" are causing his cancer.
  • Russia wants to cut its soldiers' cigarette rations but fears a violent backlash.
  • Lamb of God front man Randy Blythe was acquitted of manslaughter in a Czech court.

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