Most Americans Believe U.S. in Recession, LA Votes for New Mayor, Soviet Veteran Found Living in Afghanistan: P.M. Links


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    Warriors-Internationalists Affairs Committee/CIS

    Most Americans believe the U.S. is in a recession and economic optimism is at a 15-month low. The president's poll numbers are up, and above 50 percent, in the same set of poll.

  • Airports say lines are not up to 200 percent longer because of sequestration, something Janet Napolitano claimed just today. The TSA, meanwhile, may soon allow small knives back on flights.
  • The outgoing mayor of Los Angeles was third to vote in his precinct and was almost alone at the polling place. Voters are electing a new mayor today.
  • A former guard was sentenced to nine years in prison for trying to sell information to the Chinese about the consulate compound where he worked, which was being constructed at the time.
  • A veteran of the Soviet war in Afghanistan was found living semi-nomadically in the Herat province under the name Sheikh Abdullah.
  • A press conference about Hugo Chavez's health was about how his "enemies" are causing his cancer.
  • Russia wants to cut its soldiers' cigarette rations but fears a violent backlash.
  • Lamb of God front man Randy Blythe was acquitted of manslaughter in a Czech court.

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  1. Voters are electing a new mayor today.

    Will they choose the Democrat or the other Democrat or the other Democrat?

    1. Doesn’t matter, so long as they choose someone who will stand up for all those things everyone believes in.

      1. Someone has to do it!

    1. Mr Chavez’s illness was an “attack” by his enemies and called for this to be investigated.

      “I killed Papa Doc with my voodoo!”

      1. When is that fuckin’ Chavez gonna die, already? Shit.

        1. NOW~! (5PM 3/5/2013)

          Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause!

          1. CNBC reporting Chavez is dead

            1. And it’s now on Drudge.

              1. A press conference about Hugo Chavez’s health was about how his “enemies” are causing his cancer.

                Enemies win….Enemies win…..thuhuhuhuh Enemies win!

                (respect to John Sterling)


              See you in Hell Hugo.

              1. I think you meant, “Hugo to hell now, Chavez!”

          2. Also NOW: Sean Penn fresh out of friends

          3. Dear Hugo,

            Rot in hell you commie bastard.

            … Hobbit

        2. He’s done. Fuck that commie piece of shit.

          1. They must have a successor ready to go. Someone has been running things while he’s been dying.

    2. Leave it to the retard US not to just poison him and be done with it.

      1. It was part of our sinister plan to use up more of the Cuban medical system’s resources. We made Chavez suffer and government-run health care worse!

        (evil laugh I don’t feel like typing out)

    3. Venezuelan VP: US “infected” Chavez with cancer.

      In their defense, that is how they killed Jack Ruby.

      1. Yeah, after reading that, I figured they must’ve been on the horn with Oliver Stone.

        No doubt the Magic Earthquake Machine jockeys over at DemocracyUnderground are in hysterics.

  2. Russia wants to cut its soldiers’ cigarette rations but fears a violent backlash.

    They get their smokes doled out to them by the state? What is this, Russia?

    1. Why must everything lately remind me of 1984?

    2. I heard they were increasing the cigarette ration!

  3. The president’s poll numbers are up, and above 50 percent, in the same set of poll.

    Why is Drudge telling me they’re down? WE NEED A CENTRAL STANDARD FOR POLLING.

    1. Have *you* ever been polled? Me, neither!

      Where’s the Voting Rights Act on *this*?!

      1. I was polled once long ago. The first question was whether I was Republican or Democrat. When I answered that I was neither, they were no longer interested in polling me.

        1. Yes, but if you’re not one of their cronies, they’re still interested in poling you…every day and without lube.

        2. The last time I got polled, the poor young woman asking the questions told me that she wasn’t supposed to say it, but I was the second person to respond that I’d be voting for Gary Johnson.

          She seemed to realize the questions were badly-written.

      2. I get occasionally get polling calls near election time.

        One time they asked me who I was voting for in the Attorney General race, and then listed one candidate who had actually lost his primary. I said I was going to vote for the primary winner, and they insisted he wasn’t going to be on the ballot.

        I wonder if they ended up publishing the results or not.

    2. That’s ’cause all the icky stuff is the republicans fault.

    1. There’s Klingon’s talking crap, and Scotty’s getting mad. That thing is full of spoilers.

    2. Soon to be followed by Spock’s Fly and You Belong With Miri.

  4. Jezebel sez This Terrible Subway Ad Will Not Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

    I see remarkably similar ones about kids of smokers. But I’m sure that’s totally different.

    1. What does that ad have to do with foot-long sandwiches? Waste of money on that one, Subway.

      1. They don’t want Jared to reproduce. He’s got the fat gene.

        1. That’s why Jared has aides.

      2. It’s obviously a childhood picture of Jared.

      3. What does that ad have to do with foot-longeleven-inch-long sandwiches?

    2. Plus, it is RACIST!

    3. That kid looks exactly like Hugh. It’s uncanny. Right down to the crying.

    4. I like the commenter who said essentially that shame is a good thing. It’s about time someone stepped up and said it.

      1. Yeah, that was a good one; I was pleased.

      2. I guess Orrin found a new haunt.

        You got to be kidding me education wont help you can get prego if you have unprotected sex its that simple and as far as assistance goes alot of teenagers are having kids just for a check abd are not afraid to admit it the intint of the poster is to be a deturent not shame anyone

    5. I was a “teen” mom – I got pregnant at 19 and had my first two sons, back to back, 10 months apart. I was in college too. Funny thing about us “teen moms” – we don’t stay fucking teenagers forever. This ad is absolutely not helpful. You know what was helpful? Government assistance so I could buy food and formula, aid to assist with the astronomical costs of daycare, nice low cost housing so I could raise my babes without worrying about the blight that comes with poverty, a supportive network of family, friends, and college advisers/professors who understood my situation but didn’t try to shame me for it. And here I am, 29 years old, firmly in the middle class as I’m lucky enough to have a well-paying job post-college, married with my family completed with baby 3 last year. So yeah, I was a teen mom, but I highly doubt my children would have suffered forever for it – in fact they’re incredibly happy and healthy and love having a young mom who can keep up with them.

      I was a teen mom, and you know what really helped? Stealing from other people who didn’t make stupid and irresponsible decisions that I now don’t think anyone should be shamed for.

      1. “You know what was helpful? Fucking over the middle class so my lifestyle could be subsidized until I found a sugar daddy.”

        1. The mom deserves to live in poverty. The kids do not. It’s not them who got pregnant a teens.

          And where were the baby-daddies? Those are the real culprits in this tragedy.

          1. And where were the baby-daddies? Those are the real culprits in this tragedy.

            Absolutely. They should have used birth control. So equal responsibility there. Except for the fact that they only had the option of condoms, while she had dozens. But they should have taken the morning after pill. Wait, that only works if she does it. So they have 33% of the responsibility.

            Wait, almost forgot, they could have taken ru486. What’s that? That option was only available to her? So I guess 25%.

            But they definitely should have gotten an abortion….Oh shit, they had no say in that. So 20%.

            It might have also been wise use the safe harbor laws or put the child up for adoption. What’s that you say? They have no say in that either?

            But you’re right. That 14% of the responisbility makes them the real culprits. Maybe we could do something about that. Dock their paycheck for 18 years and throw them in jail if they don’t meekly do as they’re told. Yeah, that might work.

      2. What kind of dumb c*nt is having sex with some random loser 1 month after giving birth to another random loser’s kid?

    6. Well he was 100% more likely to be born so that kid should the fuck up and love and adore his mommy.

  5. The TSA, meanwhile, may soon allow small knives back on flights.

    Everyone laughed at me when I said Obama was a Muslim extremist plant, but who’s laughing now? He’s playing the long con. Evenually there will be no TSA standing guard between us and terrorism at all!

    1. The TSA, meanwhile, may soon allow small knives back on flights.

      I can live without a small knife on a plane. I’d much rather you let me through with my shoes on? And perhaps with a snow globe, or a water bottle with more than 3 ounces?


        1. That’s spelled “nuke-you-lar”, I believe.

      2. I can hardly live without my Victorinox. I’ve carried the things daily since I was 16 or so. Snow globes, I don’t really need.

        1. What if the snow globe had a corkscrew?

          1. Or a toothpick?

            1. And was full of vodka.

      3. All this is is dumbing down the rest for the TSA. They probably scored the worst on assessment concerning what percentage of knives they caught so they just eliminated those to make them look better. next year guns will be allowed.

    2. Under the TSA decision, however, box-cutter type knives used by the 9/11 hijackers are still prohibited.

      Of course!

      1. Assault packaging tools!

    3. I didn’t laugh. Only a bigot would reject the truth and beauty of the Islam in which they were raised for the ugly lies of Christianity. And Obama is no bigot, so therefore, he’s a Muslim.

        1. Ironically, he would have probably turned out a more decent human being if he really did attend a mainline Muslim mosque instead of absorbing the message of Reverend Rabble Rousing Crazy Fuck for twenty years.

          1. He probably would have turned out to be a decent human being if he had decided not to be a politician.

            1. And if had decided not to be a politician who he is probably wouldn’t matter at all.

              Granted, we’d be being fucked by somebody else, unfortunately.

  6. I just picked up ‘For Your Eyes Only’ and ‘Goldfinger’ on Blu Ray for $10 each.

    1. I just watch them for free on

      Boom muva fukka!

      1. that looks like the express route to Virustown

      2. also not Blu Ray

      3. if i wanted something that viral i’d go to Haiti.

    2. Good find, AP. Those two are my favorites. Be sure to dress up in your best tux, polished leathers, high end smokes and top shelf liquor for the full experience while watching.

    3. Shocking. Positively shocking.

  7. Online misogynists are not fringe characters.

    More unsupported crap from Marcotte. See if you can spot the lie by omission that makes the whole argument work.

    1. 1. Misogynist = any non-liberal man [and possibly some liberal men, as well, because men suck]

      2. Note there’s never any talk about “misandrists”, because men suck.

      1. Second only to Miss America is Miss O’Gyny.

    2. Once again, she produces a wall of text that says absolutely nothing. It really is quite a skill she has there, and on top of that she’s getting paid for it.

      1. Are you saying that Amanda is smarter than we who toil in the vines of Hit and Run for no pay?

        /runs out of room sobbing, grabbing a dull plastic knife to experiment with self-cutting later.

        1. Still, though, when they open up her chest all they are going to find is a shriveled black heart and no soul.


        2. Well, she’s certainly smarter than you. But that goes without saying.

        3. I really doubt unless she has a best seller out there that she gets paid as well as most of us in spite of being famous.

      2. Her columns are actually a front for MIT, they’ve got a standing bet on whether or not they can generate sentient-sounding but content free text that can fool humans.

        1. +1 Colorless green idea that sleeps furiously

        2. “Her columns are actually a front for MIT, they’ve got a standing bet on whether or not they can generate sentient-sounding but content free text that can fool humans.”

          I thought that was what Chumpsky was tenured for.

      3. *cough*O’Malley*cough*

    3. The deception is all those comments are referring to the joke and not the upskirt picture.

      My antenna went up as soon as I realized there was no mention of the joke whatsoever. In fact, the joke is a gender reversal of an older joke about a man coming home late trying not to wake up his wife (the posted joke is a woman coming home late). This obviously explains the “prolly out sucking dick” comment. Instead, Marcotte leaves the reader to imply this was a vile, possibly violent, comment about the up-skirt picture of a passed out girl.

      1. Right – half the comments would not even make sense with just a photo.

        But I mean do we expect intellectual honesty out of the types like Marcotte?

        She really is evil.

        1. She’s not so much evil as just a cheap grievance whore brimming with, and feeding into her audience’s, collectivist hate fantasies.

          1. You know who else fed his audience’s collectivist hate fantasies?

            1. Aaron Sorkin?

              1. No, stupid, he fed into his audience’s Josh&Donna; fantasies.

                1. It pleases me that I have no fucking idea who you’re talking about.

                  1. That’s just because you don’t know what love is.

                    1. And that goes for both of you, obviously.

                    2. I had a lovectomy when I was 18. I couldn’t risk falling for the sluts I was banging.

            2. GG Allin?

            3. You’re all wrong. The correct answer is Vigo the Carpathian.

          2. And what part of that isn’t evil?

      2. That’s definitely part of it, but the full issue is this:

        So, here’s a list of some of the men saying stuff about the upskirt photo:

        Get it? Saying stuff. Maybe just not the stuff she listed.

        1. Look, we all know men don’t say stuff unless it’s motivated by their hatred of women. That’s why women like the strong, silent type.

          1. If only they knew of the seething anger and contempt underneath all that strong silence?

      3. Photo?

    4. Holee SHIT!!!

      The posts on that site are fucking terrifying.

      If you even think you might like a little bit of the peter, let alone have one, then you might be a rapist…

      1. So long as you are going to get accused and punished, anyway, you might as well have fun before they strap you into ol’ Sparky.

    5. But it is interesting that so many people believe it’s appropriate to share an image that was taken against a woman’s will for no other purpose than to humiliate her.

      Do rights to one’s own body project onto all the photons that strike it?

      1. Photons. Striking.

        Can you not see the inherit violence of energy? Do you not see why so many desire alternative, peaceful energy?

        1. All of physics is obviously gendered male anyway.

    6. So could anyone find the facebook page with the picture and all those quotes? Because I could not.

      I’m not saying he’s full of shit and made the whole thing up but he’s full of shit and made the whole thing up.

  8. The union for Southwest Airlines flight attendants called the decision “dangerous” and “designed to make the lives of TSA staff easier, but not make flights safer.”

    Unlike the no iPads, phones, or Kindles once the forward door is closed, of course… no, that’s totally about safety.

    1. Why do you hate people so much?!?! You do realize that the 4th plane that went down in the field probably had less to do with the terrorist pilots and more to do with all of those people making phone calls, right?

  9. Steal from taxpayers by falsifying time sheets? Don’t worry about facing criminal charges, but we’re gonna have to let you go.

  10. Zimmerman waives Stand Your Ground hearing. Will be allowed to present the argument in his trial.

    1. That should pretty much sew up his not guilty verdict. A jury is going to get confused and say “aww fuck it let him go”

      1. Prosecution: “And who is *not* being allowed to present *his* argument? We rest our case.”

        1. The kid who is self-styled as NO LIMIT NIGGA? Come now.

    2. He couldn’t even stand his ground on the hearing???

    3. This is a standard self-defense case, it has nothing to do with SYG since Zimmerman shot Martin while Martin was assaulting him and thus had no way of retreating.

      1. The whole point of naming it SYG is that there is no duty to retreat. Thus, you can “stand your ground”, so I’m not sure where you’re going with that. Furthermore, ANY use of lethal force claimed to be in self-defense in FL has the right to a SYG hearing.

        1. The thing is that once you’re on your back and being pummeled, it becomes impossible to retreat, so SYG doesn’t come into it. The shooting would still have been justified had the SYG law not existed.

      2. Right, but being allowed to present gives him two bites, essentially, at the self-defense apple. He’ll walk.

  11. Kurt Russell is a lucky bastard. Mid-30s, two kids and still looks like that.

    1. Why? Does he get to fuck his girlfriend’s daughter?

      1. Aww, did I misread that? I thought he was fucking her.

        1. Nope, he’s been with Goldie Hawn forever. That’s Kate’s mom.

          1. It’s like they never even saw Overboard

            1. How can a movie about imprisoning an amnesiac woman and making her the slave of some children against her will be so entertaining?

              1. Read some of the messages in that Marcotte article above and pretty soon you’ll be cheering on the bad guys in TAKEN.

              2. It all turns out okay in the end, when her pronounced Stockholm Syndrome makes her a slave to him for life.

              3. How can a movie about imprisoning an amnesiac woman and making her the slave of some children against her will be so entertaining?

                Please refer to the Marcotte entries upthread!

              4. I always thought Overboard was just the G rated version of Swept Away (the 1974 one, not the Madonna one)

    2. Kurt Russel is *not* in his mid-30’s – more like mid 60’s.

      1. The second sentence is a description of the subject of the link, not of the subject of the first sentence.

        Took me a minute too.

    3. Kurt Russell got to kick Elvis in It Happened at the World’s Fair.

      1. Then later he got to play Elvis, but there was no actor playing him kicking Elvis.

        1. He got to play Elvis’s bastard.

  12. Most Americans believe the U.S. is in a recession and economic optimism is at a 15-month low. The president’s poll numbers are up, and above 50 percent

    so people know the economy sucks and they like it? No other conclusion from this poll.

    1. no, no, we all feel bad and O is where we find solace…like when you have the sads about someone dying…you find peace with jesus…you don’t blame him.

    2. Maybe they believe that the pollsters are secretly part of the Obama machine and so don’t want to give a “wrong answer”.

  13. Cop doesn’t think conspiring to rob people in a Craigslist scam is enough of a rush. So he decides to rob people at gunpoint while in uniform.

    1. Did he at least walk out, put on a fake mustache and walk back in saying there was no need to call the cops?

      1. Nope. He told the homeowner that if they called the (other) cops, he’d slap them with drug charges.

        1. Shoulda gone with the fake mustache.

  14. Former Sheriff (that resigned when charged) convicted of stealing guns that were seized as evidence and illegally reselling them in April of 2012 arrested again for dealing meth.

    How the fuck was he already out of federal prison for stealing firearms that were evidence and selling them illegally? Meh, maybe he was in on some new Fast & Furious pilot program.

    1. Standard libertarian disclaimer about how meth shouldn’t be illegal.

      1. Well of course. My big question is about the sentence for stealing the guns and illegally reselling them. How the fuck was he not rotting in a cell?

          1. [insert power lifting anecdote] [insert obscure abbreviation or acronym] [insert BIGORATI and other randomly capitalized words]


        1. How the fuck was he not rotting in a cell?

          Professional courtesy?

  15. A press conference about Hugo Chavez’s health was about how his “enemies” are causing his cancer.

    Raimondo and co. will agree.

  16. I’ve been reading about the French Revolution. Interesting to see that the terms “right” and “left” have always been rather meaningless. For example during Thermidor Robespierre tried to save his head by appealing to the Right.

    Also the Left from the very beginning included authoritarian statists who supported war. The notion that Socialism, Communism, Obamaism, etc. is some “betrayal” of some pre-Great Depression Left is not accurate.

    1. There’s a little apples and oranges there, though, because the French left and right vary considerably (and always have) from the (back then) English and American versions.

      1. Well the terms left and right didn’t become political terms in the US and UK until much later. I believe that the terms left and right didn’t really come into the US until the New Deal.

        I more refering to the Left-Libertarians. They love to talk about how the Right means absolutist monarchy while the Left means (classical) liberalism. Problem is this has never been the case in the US. Also this was the only the case in France during the early years of the French Revolution.
        Pretty disingenious to act as if the current political climate has anything to do with the early French Revolution by saying that libertarians are the True Left and should ally with Leftists because of that.

        1. I thought the left were the trade folk while the right was the church and Royalty.

          How classical liberals today get stuck with what was originally the Church and Royalty is beyond me.

          Yeah left/right has long been twisted from its origin.

          1. I should also point out that the left/right was distinguished by government (the right) and those outside of government (the left).

            Anyone who thinks today that the left is outside of government is insane.

          2. It originally literally referred to seating arrangement in the French Legislatures of the time. That’s it, nothing more.

            1. Yeah; they’re a contentless labels and I can’t fucking understand why people still use them.

    1. Unless it involves crossing into NJ, I don’t care.

  17. Sad day for camels everywhere as they find out that they are actually Canadian.

    1. So then camels store Labatts in their hump?

  18. Holy shit. Check out the “burn the apostate” comments regarding bad statistics in an article about Ashley Judd.

    A sample:

    whidyann 03/03/2013 05:48 PM in reply to ThePigman
    Your arguments are shoes of clay; it is precisely her argument’s merits that supports the white male vote goes by slightly more than half to thise who espouse such ideas as legitament rape, and the body has ways of shutting that thing down…and I suspect you are one of them!

    1. Could I get a Mother Jones ranter to English translation plz? tia.

      Btw, lurv Mother Jones. It and the Nation are my two “go to” sources for leftist-think.

      1. There is a whole lotta of crazy on that site. That one and the Fark politics tab. I rarely read Nation, have to give it another try. For the luls, of course.

      2. Translation: White men vote for rapists and you are probably a white rapist because you doubt Ashley Judd.

  19. Fun Fact: only 15,000 Red Army casualties in the grave of empires prequal

  20. BREAKING NEWS: Chavez just died

    1. When are they going to start work on the glass coffin?

    2. Urgently looking forward to libertarians mourning the loss of such a heroic opponent of the Zionist-Amoronikkkan Empire.

        1. I’m refering to Raimondo and co.

        2. Just take a look in the Chaved is Dead thread, there’s some links to mourning his sickness and subsequent passing.

    3. In other news, a hirsute 40-year-old Irishman drunkenly threw himself off of One Citgo Plaza today in downtown Lowell.

      1. Hirsute doesn’t mean “incredibly short”.

        1. Still, though, isn’t every mick from the southside basically an Ewok? I thought it went without saying.

          1. Ewoks didn’t deserve that, Randian.

          2. Since I would never set a foot in South Boston, I have no idea. Probably, though.

            1. went to S. Boston once, looked just like Endor…

    4. Cue the “If only he’d lived, Venezuela would be an egalitarian paradise.”

      1. He just needed another term.

  21. I presume the gun was released on its own recognizance after firing itself

    Lloyd police officer’s gun goes off in Highland High School hallway; no one hurt

    HIGHLAND, N.Y.? A school resource officer’s gun accidentally fired today in a hallway at Highland High School, police and the school district said.

    (I commented, but unfortunately the comments are moderated so I don’t know if it will show up.)

    1. The “gun accidentally fired?”.

      How about the negligent user unintentionally fired his gun?

      Guns don’t accidentally fire on their own.

      1. Not modern ones. Simply doesn’t happen.

    2. You know how it is. Smith and Wesson start shoving each other and then one of them bumps into the trigger and BANG!

    3. The officer, Sean McCutcheon of the Lloyd Police Department, was on foot patrol in a hallway…

      They couldn’t say “Waddling down a hallway?”

      BTW, your comment showed up.

      1. And some other comments:

        Steve_LeVeritas 5 minutes ago
        Officer McCutcheon is really good with the kids and is known for helping others. He’s a good man.
        However, this story really needs some followup that includes an explanation as to how this could possible happen. We certainly don’t need Barney Fife patrolling school hallways but I believe that Officer McCutcheon is better than that and should be afforded the opportunity to explain what happened.

        Sure, he fired off a round for no reason in the middle of a school, but let’s just wait and hear his explanation.

        1. My comment finally showed up.

          I wonder when he gets Plaxico’d and given a plea deal that only sentences him to two years. At least that would be consistent with the “there’s no double-standard” policy that surely exists in New York.

      2. And thank you all for making mine the most popular comment. 🙂

    1. Its been a good day.

      1. “I didn’t even have to use my AK…”

    2. woot woot

  22. Top. Men.

    Jesus wept these people are worthless. I mean, they can’t even lie effectively. You’d think a former presidential nominee would at least have that skill.

    1. You SugarFreed the link.

        1. Shoulda pulled a Hilldog there.

          1. What difference, at this point, does it make what he should have done?

    2. A little sensitivity is in order…this poor bastards brain was in a jar for how long before Dr. Frankenstein sewed it in and hit him him with the lightning?

    3. So when will John Kerry get his Nobel Peace Prize? Maybe he can do something with Mondale and Dukakis so the Nobel committee can award every living Dem nominee.

    4. My guess is that he’s got them sequestered in his ice castle.


    Be honest, who would go 11 for 11?

    1. So you can make an informed decision:…..iesha-tate

      And nah. Unless it was all at once.

    2. I take it you’re into pegging?

  24. Corporate America is dooming the country. One underpaid worker at a time.

    1. It’s the korporashuns!!!!11

  25. That Russian dude looks fucking crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Sequester may make lines at airports longer, but it won’t stop the TSA from spending $50 million on uniforms for a year.*

    *That works out to $1000 a person, which is higher than the uniform allowance for a US Marine.

    1. Designed by Hugo Boss?

      1. I see what you did there.

    2. That’s more than I spend on my entire wardrobe in a year.

    3. We know the budget has been cut to the bone. Therefore, these $1000 uniforms must have been absolutely essential.

  27. Krugman decides that delving into the intricacies of life expectancy statistics yields better information.

    If we look at life expectancy statistics from the 1930s we might come to the conclusion that the Social Security program was designed in such a way that people would work for many years paying in taxes, but would not live long enough to collect benefits. Life expectancy at birth in 1930 was indeed only 58 for men and 62 for women, and the retirement age was 65. But life expectancy at birth in the early decades of the 20th century was low due mainly to high infant mortality, and someone who died as a child would never have worked and paid into Social Security. A more appropriate measure is probably life expectancy after attainment of adulthood.

    Where was this recognition when he was writing about other countries “superior” health care? Oh, I guess his views just “evolved” again. Amazing how that seems to keep happening at such politically advantageous times for him.

    1. But life expectancy at birth in the early decades of the 20th century was low due mainly to high infant mortality

      That’s bullshit. Life expectancy at 20 years old in 1930 was 43 years for males and 45 years for females. In 2010 it was 53 for males and 60 for females. Infant mortality has nothing to do with either.

      1. Sorry, the last numbers were for 2004, from here.

        1. The number of years are continued years, so actually 1930 = 63/65 and 2004 = 73/80

          1. Yes, that’s what I meant. Even so, we have had increases of 10 and 15 years for the genders with no infant mortality involvement (presumably the female increase is partially due to safer childbirth).

  28. Sloopy and Banjos: Good news. You’re still innovators.

    A social baby naming startup that made international headlines last week after it claimed to have offered a mother-to-be $5,000 in exchange for allowing the Internet to name her baby has confessed to making the whole thing up.

  29. OT:

    President Barack Obama has the legal authority to unleash deadly force?such as drone strikes?against Americans on U.S. soil without first putting them on trial, Attorney General Eric Holder wrote in a letter released Tuesday.

  30. Sheikh Abdullah is no Shoichi Yokoi, that’s for sure.

  31. the reason why this happened is not motivating in any way

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