A.M. Links: DHS Gets Armored Toy, Millions of Dollars Worth of Aid Released to Egypt, Former Foreign Policy Adviser Says Obama Has a "Risk-Averse Attitude"


  • Secretary of State John Kerry has released $250 million in aid to Egypt, saying that the aid is intended to support the country's "future as a democracy."
  • A former foreign policy adviser has claimed that the president's "risk-averse attitude" has harmed American interests in the Middle East. 
  • A bill will be introduced to the Colorado Senate next week that would require law enforcement officials to take a course on how to deal with dogs. 
  • Human rights activists claim that Syrian rebels have captured the governor of the northern Raqqa province. 
  • The Italian president is considering putting a technocratic government together rather than hold another election as a way to resolve Italy's political stalemate. 

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