A.M. Links: Mitt Romney Breaks Post-Election Silence, Dennis Rodman Relays Message from Kim Jung Un, Al-Qaeda to Launch Magazine


  • boy dictator

    Mitt Romney broke a four month post-election silence by saying he's not disappearing and that the president's failed to show real leadership on the sequester, while Karl Rove doesn't think ideological purity should define good GOP candidates.

  • Dennis Rodman, who might know more about Kim Jung Un than anyone at the CIA, says the North Korean dictator wants a phone call from President Obama.
  • NASA's administrator claims the sequester could jeopardize missions to asteroids and even Mars planned for the 2020s and 2030s. Could be the most ridiculous claim so far.
  • Al-Qaeda is launching an English-language advice magazine.
  • Chad's military says it killed Mokhtar Belmokhtar, the mastermind of the attack on the BP oil field in Algeria earlier this year, in Mali.
  • The Swiss voted to curb executive pay by allowing shareholders more power to overrule pay decisions and by limiting bonuses to new and departing managers.
  • A man dressed in an ill-fitting Batman costume brought a suspect in to a police station in England.

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