John Kerry Calls for Unity, Reform in Egypt

Secretary of State of the world??


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met with Egypt's president Sunday, wrapping up a visit to the deeply divided country with an appeal for unity and reform.

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  1. Seventy million people living in Egypt are rooted in the lower Nile, they should be boated to Sudan or further down river. A higher civilization of Europeans and Israelis can replace the unemployable freeloaders.

  2. Don’t worry, they’ll get unity through Islamism. Through force is necessary (and probably even if not necessary), but it will happen.

    1. I am reminded by a quote from H. Beam Piper’s Space Viking

      “You had a nice civilization once. Too bad you let the barbarians in”

      1. Okay, the exact quote is

        “”I’m sorry, Prince Edvard. You had a wonderful civilization here on Marduk. You could have made almost anything of it. But it’s too late now. You’ve torn down the gates; the barbarians are in.””

  3. But, they already have reform in Egypt…

  4. “We believe that being active, engaging in peaceful participation is essential to building strong communities and healthy democracies.”

    Yes, when two wolves and a lamb vote on what’s for dinner, the lamb should engage in peaceful participation in the democratic process and be a good sport when the election doesn’t go his way.

  5. Oh, that’s cute. They actually think the passive-aggressive demands for conformity and obedience via finger-wagging about “unity” BS they pull over here will work on a bunch of theocratic whackadoos.

    Someone should remind Kerry that fundamentalist psychopaths tend to be the most unified people on the planet.

    1. Those “theocratic whackadoos” have already made quick work of swift-boating ole horse face. And as usual he was so taken by surprise and given to flight over fight all he could do is sit there grinning and looking even dumber than he normally does.

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