Republicans Are Almost As White and Male as Every New Republic Editor, Ever!


Bra-vo, TNR, Bra-fucking-vo!

The new New Republic, pictured to the right, makes the brave, original case that Republicans are white people.

While we wait for Sam Tanenhaus's "historical investigation" to be made available online, a quick Wikipedia investigation of the magazine's 15 editors throughout its century of publishing reveals that each and every one–Herbert Croly, Bruce Bliven, Henry A. Wallace, Michael Straight, Gilbert A. Harrison, Marty Peretz, Michael Kinsley, Hendrik Hertzberg, Andrew Sullivan, Michael Kelly, Charles Lane, Peter Beinart, Franklin Foer, Richard Just, and Chris Hughes–was not just white, but white and male.

Hey white boy, watcha doin' uptown?

Though word on the street is that TNR is now "add[ing] women's voices to a magazine that has long been short on them," so hooray for progress, etc.

Read former Reason editor Virginia Postrel on New Republic founder Herbert Croly from our December 1997 issue.

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  1. That person in the small picture on the left is a woman. A little butch granted, but clearly female.

    1. Actually that’s Chris Hughes.

      1. John would fuck her.

        1. Nope. Too thin and I don’t go for butches.

      2. So I was right, it is a woman.

        1. I actually had to read the intro of the Wiki article to find out whether or not this is actually true.

          1. So did I. He is just creepy looking. Nothing wrong with being gay. But there is a lot wrong with being creepy.

            1. So he looks like a creepy butch dyke and he;s gay? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!

              1. Does being a male homosexual and looking like a lesbian double his chances of getting a date on Saturday night?

                1. No, it means that when someone finally gets around to smacking him in the mouth, they’ll get thrice the punishment.

                2. I don’t know, let’s ask Rachel Maddow – “the angry young man” . . ..

    2. I thought that was Ellen DeGeneres for a second.

      1. I don’t want to insinuate tooooo much, but I’ve never seen Chris Hayes and Ellen in the same room together.

  2. But they’re not those kind of white people. they’re the racially-sensitive, privelege-checking, republican-hating right kind of white people./

    1. SWPL white people to summarize.

          1. White People White People Like. Eventually all the confirmation bias becomes dense enough to compress into a white hole, spewing self-congratulation into the void of a non-event horizon awards dinner.

            1. spewing self-congratulation into the void of a non-event horizon awards dinner.

              Known more widely as The National Press Foundation*.

              *Check out all the EVIL! corporashunzs sponsoring this shindig.

            2. “The change in the quality of the daylight increased, and the crowd gazed about the horizon in wonder. A purplish darkness, born of nothing more than a spectral deepening of the sky’s blue, pressed down upon the rumbling hills. Then the lightning flashed again, somewhat brighter than before, and the crowd fancied that it had showed a certain mistiness around the altar-stone on the distant height. No one, however, had been using the telescope at that instant. The WPWPLs continued their irregular pulsation, and the men of Dunwich braced themselves tensely against some imponderable menace with which the atmosphere seemed surcharged.”

              1. Is that a quote from one of the Riverworld stories, Sparky?

                1. The Dunwich Horror

                2. Brett, come on, man, know your Lovecraft.

                  1. Sorry. The “altar stones” got me single-tracked on PJF’s Riverworld saga. Although I think he called them grail stones now that I reconsider.

                    1. WPWPLs: “It is vowed that the birds are psychopomps lying in wait for the souls of the dying, and that they time their eerie cries in unison with the sufferer’s struggling breath If they can catch the fleeing soul when it leaves the body, they instantly flutter away chittering in daemonic laughter; but if they fail, they subside gradually into a disappointed silence.”

  3. So, I guess the New Republic thinks these people aren’t ‘authentically’ black, or something.

    1. Stockholm Syndrome or something.

    2. So, I guess the New Republic thinks these people aren’t ‘authentically’ black, or something.

      No, NR just thinks they’re all Uncle Toms. Well except maybe Colin Powell.

      1. No, NR just thinks they’re all Uncle Toms.

        So they’re resisting abuse from the left to help prevent the Dems from forcing other blacks to stay in the Democratic Party? Sounds about right.

  4. The pot calling the kettle black.

  5. I would assume that whites are the majority of the Democrats, too, since the same is true for the population in general.

    Incidentally, most Hispanics will slug you if you tell them they aren’t “white.”

    1. Incidentally, most Hispanics will slug you if you tell them they aren’t “white.”

      Yes, the preferred term is, “blanco.” There is a language sensitivity component here.

      1. The norther European kind of white people should just start calling themselves “pink” instead to avoid this confusion.

      2. Like the new name.

        Out of curiosity, does the “do” in your email mean you are an osteopath? I wonder because the only doctor I have had who was an osteopath was kind of a silly person who didn’t impress me much and I wondered if that is common for DOs or if I was just unlucky. If that is your background, it would improve my view on them, in case you are wondering.

        1. Yeppers. An Osteopath, I am.-) I completed an MD surgical residency, however. Like any profession, you’ll get your percentage of goofy folk, but osteopaths are generally trained to be a bit more personable and holistic in approach as opposed to a traditional allopath. One of the main differences is that an allopath will typically try to isolate one specific organ or system when DX’ing and more likely to TX S/S, whereas the osteopath will use a more integrated approach, as all of the body’s systems are interconnected and interdependent, leading to more curative TX’s.

          I preferred the foundation that osteopathic medicine gave me, as we are much more versed in nutrition and pain management than allopaths upon graduation from med school and more likely to be open to novel, evidence based TX.-)))

          1. Face it, man, you’re an advanced chiropractor. Do you swing babies around by their ankles and stuff?

          2. Thanks. Good to know from someone on the inside. I take the “see a doctor as infrequently possible approach to medical care, so I don’t have a very broad perspective.

    2. Incidentally, most Hispanics will slug you if you tell them they aren’t “white.”

      What if you call them “mestizo?”

      1. Then they will kick you in the nuts.

  6. What kind of man reads The New Republic?

    1. It’s soft and absorbent. Wiping with the New Republic is like wiping with a cloud.

      1. Uh, don’t you use a bidet, Hugh?

    2. What kind of man reads The New Republic?

      The kind without a penis?

    3. What kind of man reads The New Republic?


  7. I’ve got bad news for all you vile left-wing gutter scum in the media and elsewhere: there isn’t going to be a race war in this country, no matter how badly you want one and how desperately you try to foment one. It simply isn’t going to happen.

    1. They don’t want a race war. This is nothing but bullshit printed to make liberals feel good about themselves. Bullshit to make their readers feel smug is all publications like TNR have to sell these days.

  8. Michael Kinsley

    Matt Welch, I have it on solid medical and biological authority that Michael Kinsley is not male. He has a mangina. Girl grapes, too. The tests on whether or not he is even human are inconclusive.

    I remember him from Crossfire and he was more shrill than any woman on To the Contrary…

    1. If he/she/whatever weren’t male, wouldn’t it just be a vagina?

      1. You’d think so, but since Kinsley assumed an allegedly masculine personae, mangina applies.

        Otherwise, cloaca would apply.

        1. I gotta say doc, did you not realize that SF is having a little fun at your expense? Maybe you need some lube?

          1. So? You shouldn’t be so stuffy, Sparky. Or, in your case, stuffed, so you keep that lube for yourself there, slick.-)))

            1. Well, I get the joke anyway. Thor = Sore, see?

              1. Yes, yes. You certainly get something, don’t you?-)

                1. Bah, you’re no fun. I’ll just have to keep chuckling along with the voices in my head, as usual.

          2. I gotta say doc, did you not realize that SF is having a little fun at your expense?

            The “Thor Cockhammer” joke between GM and I goes back quite a while.

            1. Fine, be that way then.

  9. Welch is on a tear this morning, laying into fellow journalists left and right. Next I expect him to rip Highlights a new one.

    1. I always hated that magazine.

      1. Because you knew you were destined to only date an endless string of Goofuses.

        Highlights was a window into your dismal romantic future.

        1. Goofus leaves the toilet seat up.

          Gallant never raises the seat because he pees sitting down.

          1. It’s called sitzpinkeln. Use this excellent word!

        2. Highlights taught me that evil will always come concealed as banality.

    2. Poor Gallant. You know that boy will face the mighty, mighty Wrath of Welch.

      Goofus, of course, will receive a pass. I blame Mrs. Le Welch for this.

    3. “The actions of Gallant are far from heroic.”

    4. “I tell you what, this Goofus fella is a dumbass.”

    5. Hum. I’m pretty sure I was exposed to Highlights as a child to some degree (I think my little brother got it for a while) but I remember none of what anyone is talking about. All I remember is the look for what’s out of place game on the back cover.

      1. I remember it always being in the doctor’s offices, but I never actually read it.

      2. I was already reading my older bros science fiction collection by the end of fourth grade so I felt books for kids were beneath me because they were written by adults trying to tell me how to live, so these references are vague to me too.

          1. At 1.05, How I miss those sweet ass hang dog torpedo titties from the seventies. You just don’t see much of that these days due to modern bra design and fake boobs.

  10. “Republicans are White People”

    That’s racist

    1. Democrats are cool and multicultural. Republicans and Libertarians are just a bunch of angry old white guys pissed off about their guns and their lost privilege.

      Don’t you want to be cool JB?

      1. I’d rather be right than cool, I know that I am right because the voices in my head tell me that I am.

      2. They dream of the day Obama stops by to play a little b-ball in the court behind the office and when they break for juice boxes light beer and Zinfandels he asks them advice on what his second term priorities should be.

      3. …pissed off about their guns and their lost privilege.

        And the staggering price increases for monocles.

  11. I’m sorry
    For something I didn’t do
    Lynched somebody
    But I don’t know who


    If we treated any other ethnic group the way they’re treating white people here, they’d denounce us for it.

    I don’t think most white people think of themselves as a united ethnicity, and I think that’s a good thing. Thinking of oneself as an ethnicity, primarily, and acting purposefully and politically as an ethnicity is a terrible thing–see the Jim Crow era South for examples…

    But one great way to get white people to think of themselves primarily as an ethnicity and act as an ethnicity, politically, is to keep telling them that they’re uniting politically as an ethnicity. Haven’t they ever heard of self-fulfilling prophecy?

    1. ^^THIS^^ They are going to keep fucking around with this until we actually get a real white sense of identity. I don’t think whinny ass liberals are going to like that very much.

      1. They are going to keep fucking around with this until we actually get a real white sense of identity.

        What’s this WE business?

        1. You live in this country don’t you?

          1. Woosh…. right over your head….

            I don’t think most white people think of themselves as a united ethnicity…

            1. No what I said went right over your head. Of course they don’t, now. That is my whole point. Things like this are eventually going to create one. And “we” means the entire country that is going to be stuck living with the consequences.

              I don’t really understand why people have such a hard time comprehending the “collective you” does not mean them personally. But apparently some do.

              1. It’s called sarcasm John…. that’s what went over your head.

                Damn it man. stop being so fucking uptight. There was a time when you had a sense of humor.

                1. My apologies.

                2. There was a time when you had a sense of humor.


              2. I’ll dumb it down for you….

                Ken talks about how most whites don’t think of themselves as a united ethnicity.

                You use the collective “we” in your agreement with his statement.

                I chime in with “what’s this WE business” and your feelings get hurt because you assume someone is contradicting you…. Fucking comedy gold.

                1. That could just be an example of the New Republic, et. al. making some people start thinking of themselves as a “we”–people who didn’t really think of themselves as a “we” in the past.

                  How long can you listen to people say, “It’s us versus them”–when they’re talking about you–before you start thinking of yourself as the “them” they keep talking about?

                  Call other people your adversary long enough, and eventually some of them will start to believe it.

          2. John| 2.8.13 @ 12:55PM |#

            You live in this country don’t you?

            uh. i live in nyc. i aint white no more. although there IS a lot of snow on the ground, and i blend in better than most

      2. Whites tend to see their “ethnicity” if at all as related to their European ancestry. “German”, “Irish”, “Italian”, et cetera. Most don’t even take that beyond food choices or why Grandma had an accent.

        If every other aggrieved ethnic group in the USA insists on lumping all whites together as a distinct ethnic group, it’ll eventually happen.

        I don’t think that’ll play out in a positive way for anyone.

        1. No it will not. I would be a disaster.

          1. I would be a disaster.

            Come on now, don’t be so hard on your hypothetical self. 🙂

        2. I assume most of this shit will get short circuited by technology.

          First some acne medicine is found to change skin color. Then, a few years later, a cosmetic company researches it and comes out with some pills or patches to alter your skin color across the spectrum from Scandinavian Pale to Nigerian Black.

          Once that’s popularized by the teenagers, everyone will be doing weird things with there skin. I’m hoping for a razzle-dazzle camo pattern.

          The Wiggers are going to love this. Race baiters might have some semantic problems.

          1. Implantable chromataphors that are programmable via a BAN (body area network) that interfaces with your smartphone or whatever we carry in its place. I want them just so I can walk around with “Poor Impulse Control” tattooed on my forehead at night and show up normal during the day.

            1. Aleutian skin tone too?

        3. Thing is, left academics assume that once they point out the flaws and crimes of whites through out history (while advancing the narrative that slavery, genocide, resource exploitation are unique traits of white people), the current generation of whites will out of collective guilt just sit back and take what they ‘deserve.’ To a horrifying extent, the election of Obama is one such result, that is true, but at some point, the current generation learns a few things. They are getting fucked in the ass by official public policy, and those doing the assfucking are no better in a moral sense than they are. Once you reach those conclusions the next logical step is to assert your own interest. If whites become an aggrieved interest group, the left can kiss their current political and social advantages good bye.

        4. Whites as an amalgamation don’t walk around with an inferiority complex. Remember when the University of Northern Colorado tried to give white folk a taste of “racism” by changing the name and mascot of their basketball team from the “Fightin’ Reds” (referring to Indians – feathers, not dots) to the “Fightin’ Whities”? Subsequently, the white folks overwhelmed them with orders for their t-shirts because they LOVED it! They thought it was a hoot, causing the whole uptight experiment to backfire.

          1. No one finds the ‘fightin irish’ offensive

            because the irish are the scum of the earth. we agree. never liked white people anyway. sanctimonious fucks.

      3. I think that it is much more likely that “minorities” are going to get sick and tired of being defined and put into boxes by white liberals and other minorities that have been brainwashed by them by the “education” system, “journalist”, and “pop culture”. At some point someone’s going to be called an Uncle Tom and other black people are going to say “you know what, fuck you, we don’t all have think the same and be good little democrats like white liberals want us to be”. And hopefully that be a catalyst for all minorities to be accepting of diverse view points. I think that day is coming soon and to some degree has already started.

        1. I think that it is much more likely that “minorities” are going to get sick and tired of being defined and put into boxes

          while I look forward to that day, it seems far down the line.

          1. I don’t know, that one dude for espn took a lot of heat for playing that tune on RGIII. I think success will breed more self-identification and less group-identification. They’re able to keep them in boxes by making them see themselves as victims. As more and more minorities gain success and wealth it’s harder to use that victim card. Hell, we have a black president for god-sakes.

            1. and with the black POTUS, anyone criticizing him is a branded as racist, because no previous president was ever criticized.

              The ESPN guy was a step forward, to be sure, but the rank and file blacks have to step up, too.

              1. Yeah, It’s difficult for me to even grasp group identification. I get where it comes from but regardless of your race, at some point you have to look around and see that there’s a lot of idiots and aholes out there including people the same race as you so how to maintain that connection?

                1. I hate when people claim partial ownership of other people’s inventions or innovations just because they share an ethnicity or something. I don’t claim superiority based on the works of Archimedes because we’re both Sicilian.

                  1. Yes, they’re “proud” of their heritage and ancestry. WTF? What the hell did they have to do with it? I’m neither proud nor ashamed of my ancestry. I had nothing to do with it. Talk about misplaced pride.

        2. Not as long as there is political advantage to putting people into boxes.

  12. How many people of color actually read TNR?

    1. almost as many as are listed on its masthead.

      1. Sorry. I guess I should say “minorities”. I’ll make sure to get my language down for you next time: “White” and “minorities”. Got it.

        1. We actually prefer either “honkies” or “crackers”.

          1. Duly noted. Funny thing is that I’m actually a “person of color”. Yet, I didn’t take any offense to it. I just don’t get it. People want to be offended by anything.

            Can’t call minorities “people of color”, but, obviously, all whites are the same. Now that is *barf*.

            1. I consider everyone a person of color. I have yet to meet a transparent person.

              1. You’ve obviously never met a post-tragedy gun grabber then.

              2. I guess that’s true. And since we’re going all literal, whites will now be known as beige-ish.

                1. GBN, I have not. And I’m thankful for that.


  13. One of these days, I will get tired of my ethnicity being used as a term for “bad”.

    1. You’re Irish?!?

      1. Worse: He’s Finnish.

        1. So does the new handle mean the GF is now Podruga Cockhammerova?

          1. Cockhammera.-)

            1. That almost sounds like a cheesy Japanese monster:

              Godzilla vs. Cockhammera!

              1. I saw that one!

        2. Worse: He’s Finnish.

          Tuo meille tuoppia olutta!

      2. Who invited the dago?

        1. That’s-a spicy meat-a-ball!

        2. “Here comes a big greaseball!”

          “Hey, Luigi bring-a you pizza, why you make-a the fun?”

          1. “It’s only been-a 23 minutes, you dumb-a cannoli. You got a problem, we can take it outside.”

            1. take the cannoli, leave the gun.

              1. How many pollocks does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

                1. Umm, I know this one! Three! One to hold the lightbulb and two to spin the stepladder!

      3. NOT THE IRISH!! RUN!!

  14. http://philadelphia.cbslocal.c…..ladelphia/

    Black man in a KKK outfit on a street corner in Philadelphia…
    … holds a sign saying that black-on-black murder today exceeds ? every 6 months ? the total number of murders the KKK inflicted on black people over a period of 86 years.

    The man, Sixx King, is a filmmaker. A lot of people are angry at him.

    1. This is what speaking truth to power looks like. (no sarcasm)

    2. black-on-black murder today exceeds ? every 6 months ? the total number of murders the KKK inflicted on black people over a period of 86 years.

      Are they mad because they interpret his message as saying that Blacks are worse than the KKK?

    3. “He needs to be committed to the jail system,” said another onlooker

      I weep for the future of the republic.

      1. The Republic died a long time ago.

    4. I remember this black dude walking around Asheville with a Confederate flag in full military garb.

      1. I live in Asheville and remember this guy. Him doing this in a blue city was fun to watch; the hipppie/hipster/artisan crowd was not sure what to do.

        1. Dude, you have a very special brewer in your town.


          Seven Devils Scottish Ale is just wonderful stuff.

          If you like Black IPA’s can’t go wrong with Black Raven.

        2. Wait, they are in fact in Hickory. Could have sworn I read Asheville on the label. My bad.

          1. short drive East on I-40. This place is microbrew heaven.

            1. hickory is a short drive east.

              1. For me, a short drive west. My dear late granny said she remembered when they called the city Hickory Tavern. Looked it up on the Wikipedia:

                In the 1850s, under a huge hickory tree, Henry Robinson built a tavern of logs. The city of “Hickory Tavern” was established in 1863 and the name was eventually changed to “Hickory” in 1873.[citation needed]

                The first train operated in the city of “Hickory Tavern” in 1859. The first lot was sold to Henry Link for $45.00 in 1858. His house is now known as “The 1859 Cafe.” The community of Hickory was the first for many things in North Carolina including the council-manager form of government it adopted in 1913. Hickory was also one of the first towns to install electric lights in 1888 and a complete sewage system in 1904.[3]

            2. It’s really too bad I hated beer when I was going to college in Asheville. I’d move back in a heartbeat, unlike my wife who also went to college there.

    5. One of the funniest comeday sketches I’ve ever seen was Dave Chappelle playing a blind black man who thought he was white and he hated black people. It was hilarious.

      1. comedy

      2. Chappelle was a genius.

      3. That was probably the single best sketch he did.

  15. By the way, there is greater political viewpoint diversity among whites in this country than any other racial group. Exit polling has consistently shown that 40% of white voters have voted for the democratic presidential candidate going back 25 years.

    But I suppose that if you’re white, you’re probably a racist simply for having the audacity to point out this fact.

  16. Say it all together: PROJECTION. The race obsession by leftists? Projection. Everything they do is projection. Everything. Matt’s point about how the TNR’s ranks are lily-white just reinforces this.

    The fundamental core of TEAM BLUE is projection and envy. That’s pretty much everything for them.

    1. a good deal is projection and a good deal is to inspire thought in the collective. Easier to separate people if you can categorize them into neat little groups and assign them leaders who purportedly speak for the entire lot.

      If minorities of any stripe can be convinced to think of themselves as a monolith rather than as individuals, then the statist has an easier time painting anyone else as a boogeyman.

      1. Right. It’s identity politics. get blacks and hispanics tihnking that Republicans are the white people party and Democrats are the brown people party, and they should vote for the brown people party.

      2. “People of color”. Whoever invented that term is an evil genius. Or something.

      3. It’s not even just “leaders” – they pick the loudest and craziest voice on the other team to summarize what that team actually believes.

    2. I think it’s a little more subtle than that.

      The D’s are trying to send a message to blacks and hispancs that they’re the party of “colored people” but to do it in a way that doesn’t immediately raise red flags for white liberal democrats.

      This is at base an ugly identity politics move. They’re the WHITES , WE’RE the Black and Hispanics. it’s US vs. THEM.

      1. Bingo. It’s nothing more than a way of signaling to non-whites that the democratic party is the only one that represents their interests, and attempting to do it in a way that will not alienate the whites within their own ranks, but actually appeal to their white guilt by saying “you don’t wanna be a part of that entirely white party right? Clearly, it’s teh racist”

      2. I think you give them WAY to much credit for strategizing. They’re just not intelligent enough for that. We see, constantly, that they are purely emotionally driven. Do you really think these morons are capable of devising a strategy and then implementing it? No fucking way. It just works out this way emotionally for them, because they’re projecting their own race-consciousness on others.

        1. Smugness. Don’t forget smugness. This stuff makes them feel superior to their opponents. That is really important to them.

        2. you may be selling them short. Evil is not driven by emotion and it is the evil wing that drives the segmentation of people, the identity politics. They then rely on the stupid to be carriers.

      3. Sorry, Hazel, but it’s the New Republic. They aren’t sending much message at all to blacks and hispancs.

  17. that TNR cover makes me wanna cutabitch. god i hate the crackers that wrote it. i’m going blackface in the race war. at least at first

  18. Yeah, but those guys from the New Republic are in touch with their feelings, and empathetic, and stuff.

  19. Quick question:

    Aren’t they also saying that Democrats aren’t white people?

    1. They’re saying nothing, as usual.

    2. Democrats are post-white. Their clearly not post-racial, but their post-white.

      1. TheirThey’re

        I feel like John.

  20. Environmentalists are also predominately white.

    SO they must be out of touch racists as well.

    1. Environmentalists are also predominately white.

      SO they must be out of touch racists as well.

      Well, yeah, which is why they advocate policies like turning corn into fuel, causing millions of brown people to starve so they can feel good about themselves.

  21. “Michael Straight”

    Gosh, that same sound familiar. There’s a book which claims Michael Straight was a communist and an associate of the infamous Cambridge spy ring.

    The name of the author? Michael Straight.


  22. Oh I get it now. In liberal world whiteness is a vile inborn natural trait that qualifies you to be a republican. But gender is a social construct made up by white persons with a ding dong. Anything that a white person with a ding dong proclaims to be true is therefore the republican platform and must be annihilated from society to protect anyone who is not white with a ding dong. Makes sense now.

  23. So is it not the case that the Republican party is overwhelmingly white?

    Is this what passes for snark in libertarian land? You still gotta address the issue.

    And I don’t know why everyone’s so butthurt over a perfectly true observation about the Republican party.

    1. So is it not the case that the Republican party is overwhelmingly white?


      If you hurry up, you might still catch that point that went sailing over your head.

      1. Perhaps. The thing is, Republicans have to try to get elected to office in a country where demographics are rapidly ceasing to favor them. New Republic employees don’t. Same with reason employees, who don’t exactly comprise a Benetton ad.

    2. Are you saying that it is “an issue” that the Republican party is overwhelmingly white?

      Is being white a bad thing to you?

      I think you might be one of those people who says they are anti-racist but is really just anti-white.

      1. I am white. And it is “an issue.” It’s an issue for their ability to win elections (legitimately, that is), and it’s certainly indicative of a problem they have with minorities. An all-white party in a highly diverse country doesn’t happen by accident.

        1. The Republicans are overwhelmingly white because most non white immigrants are natural constituents for the democrat party.

          If you’re hardcore nationalist, sold on identity politics and believe in a government that promotes “social justice”, then you’re not libertarian. And if you’er not libertarian, then you certainly won’t warm up the GOP, which is sort of libertarian sometimes.

          STUNNINGLY, minorities can be clueless morons or uniformed voters. The democrats basically have a multicultural base that’s prone to victimhood, sense of entitlement, or are removed from policies (like the fiscal cliff or O’s kill list) that really doesn’t concern their immediate circle.

          If it’s any consolation to Republicans, these minorities and immigrants heartily support hawkish nationalists back at home. Shinzo Abe won in Japan, and the new female South Korean president won largely she was a daughter of one SK’s worst dictator’s ever! Who cares who wins in Mexico, their leadership is crap.

    3. The Democratic party is overwhelmingly white.

      The Green Party is overwhelmingly white.

      The Communist Party is overwhelmingly white.

      Black people are 12% of the population. There aren’t enough of them to chsnge a party from being overwhelmingly white–even with 95% being Democrats.

  24. I laugh at articles like this. The black population in the USA is 12% but there are those that think it should be a 50/50 split. The heck with the red, yellow or olive or whatever. If you are anything but a progressive you are a racist republican. i’ m still laughing at the total ignorance.

  25. Proggies crack me up sometimes. One of my progressive friends was talking about a part of Atlanta that is almost entirely black. She referred to it as a “diverse neighborhood”.

    An almost 100% black neighborhood in Atlanta? Diverse doesn’t seem to be the proper word to use.

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