Republicans Are Almost As White and Male as Every New Republic Editor, Ever!


The new New Republic, pictured to the right, makes the brave, original case that Republicans are white people.

While we wait for Sam Tanenhaus's "historical investigation" to be made available online, a quick Wikipedia investigation of the magazine's 15 editors throughout its century of publishing reveals that each and every one–Herbert Croly, Bruce Bliven, Henry A. Wallace, Michael Straight, Gilbert A. Harrison, Marty Peretz, Michael Kinsley, Hendrik Hertzberg, Andrew Sullivan, Michael Kelly, Charles Lane, Peter Beinart, Franklin Foer, Richard Just, and Chris Hughes–was not just white, but white and male.

Though word on the street is that TNR is now "add[ing] women's voices to a magazine that has long been short on them," so hooray for progress, etc.

Read former Reason editor Virginia Postrel on New Republic founder Herbert Croly from our December 1997 issue.