American Embassy in Ankara Attacked, Senate Ethics Committee Investigating Sen. Menendez, Syrian Regime and Rebels Trying to Use Israeli Strike to Their Advantage, White House Confident Hagel Will Be Confirmed as Secretary of Defense: P.M. Links


  • An outlawed left-wing group is being blamed for the suicide bombing of the American embassy in Ankara.
  • A British woman who was jailed for running a brothel has written to Prime Minister David Cameron asking him to decriminalize prostitution
  • The Senate Ethics Committee is reviewing whether Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) took money from a donor being investigated by federal officials. 
  • Both the Assad regime and Syrian rebels are trying to take advantage of an Israeli strike in Syria near the Lebanese border. 
  • The White House is confident that Obama's Secretary of Defense nominee, former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, will be confirmed by the Senate. 
  • Three Islamic militants who were captured by Malian forces claim that they have been tortured. 

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