One Out of Four Prisoners Worldwide is in America, Obama Shuts Down Jobs Council, Al-Qaeda Promises "Shocking" Attack on United States: P.M. Links


  • One out of every four prisoners in the world is held in the United States.  Drug crimes are the primary cause of imprisonment on the federal level, followed closely by immigration violations and weapons offenses.

  • President Obama shuts down his jobs council, allowing the charter to expire this week. Major regulations issued in the first three years of his term, meanwhile, are three times the cost of major regulations issued in the first three years of President Clinton's term.
  • Al-Qaeda threatened a "shocking" attack against the United States, and also singled out France and Denmark in a posting on a jihadi website.
  • A prosecutor handling drug and murder cases in the Dallas County District Attorney's office was gunned down on his way to court this morning.
  • The trial of Kwame Kilpatrick, the former mayor of Detroit, on charges of corruption comes to a close.
  • North Korea declared martial law ahead of a planned nuclear missile test.

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