A.M. Links: Obama Meeting With Police Chiefs from Mass Shooting Towns, Milwaukee County Sheriff Urges Gun Ownership, Berlusconi Praises Mussolini


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    President Obama will meet with police chiefs in Aurora, Oak Creek and Newtown, towns where mass shootings occurred last year. The Milwaukee county sheriff, meanwhile, explained in his latest PSA that when calling 911 isn't enough you should get a gun.

  • Iowa Democrat Tom Harkin won't be seeking re-election to the senate in 2014.
  • Two barges hit a railroad bridge in Vicksburg, Mississippi, causing oil to spill into the Mississippi River, according to the Coast Guard.
  • Silvio Berlusconi explained on Holocaust Memorial Day that while Mussolini shouldn't have passed anti-Jewish laws, he was otherwise a good leader.
  • Mohammed Morsi declared a state of emergency in three Egyptian towns enflamed by riot after death sentences were handed down for a deadly soccer riot in Port Said last year, and wants talks with opposition leaders about the unrest.
  • An aide to Iran's supreme leader warned this weekend that an attack on Syria would be considered an attack on Iran. Iran is also claiming it sent a monkey into space.

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