Nick Gillespie on Hating Breitbart


The late online impresario Andrew Breitbart (1969–2012) was firmly on the right side of the political spectrum. But a new documentary about his life, Hating Breitbart, transcends his politics and instead captures the tectonic shift he helped bring about from the legacy media to newer forms of distributed news-gathering and opinion-making, writes Nick Gillespie.

The guy who once worked as Matt Drudge's "bitch" (his term!) and who helped create The Huffington Post came into his own by striking out on his own, first with the aggregator sites and and then with Big Hollywood (born in 2008), Big Government (2009), and all the rest. Like many on the right, he burned with resentment that the mainstream media disdained not just his perspective but his preferred ways of expressing it.