Anti-Gunners Say Obama's Moves Come Too Late, West Point Warns of Advocates of Individual Freedom, Sarasota Cops Go 'Bum Hunting': P.M. Links


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  1. “Bum Hunters” sounds like a video series Warty would watch

    1. Sounds like it would come TLC or A&E.

      1. I’m pissed I didn’t pitch the show.

    2. Art Modell presents: “Bum Kingdom.”

    3. But it’ll have to be called something else for syndication in the UK.

      1. Ha! Ha! Ha! ;-P

    4. Isn’t that the spinoff of Honey-Boo-Boo? After Honey-Boo-Boo chews through her restraints and escapes into the darkness…

  2. They say his attentions, coming only after reelection, are long-overdue and they’re just not impressed.

    That’s like telling Jesus, “Thanks for ruining Sundays.”

    1. Yup. Who would be president if they had tried even half of this 6 or 12 months ago?

      1. Pin the brain on the moron.

  3. What the way you hold a bag says about you

    She said A-listers loved “Arm-crook Hook” – a style by which women hold an oversized bag slung over their arm. And it screams empowerment.


      1. Easy, nicole. Just put the bag down.

        1. It said I was supposed to be screaming.

          1. I think it’s the bag that’s supposed to be screaming, not you.

      2. A dude once told me he thought that arm-crook hook was a tell-tale sign of a “high maintenance chick.” I was stunned that was a thing some people actually notice.

        1. Women carry bags?

          1. Not if there held prisoner in your basement

        2. A dude once told me that carrying a bag cross-body was a sign that your vagina was closed for business.

          Then again that dude was my best gay friend who worked at Coach, so it’s not super surprising he’d “notice” such things.

          1. I’m surprised “vagina” even crossed his mind.

            1. Pretty sure his wording was more like “might as well sew up her snatch and call it a day.”

              1. Way to shatter those stereotypes, Nicole’s Gay Friend who Works at Coach.

          2. So women who don’t carry their bags like that are open for having sex in the middle of the Coach store?

            There is another way to look at it, cross-body purse = not really “turned on” by shopping

        3. I was stunned that was a thing some people actually notice.

          The only reason to carry a bag like that is to get people to notice.

          1. Either that or to keep both hands free.

            1. Or to store your gun.

              1. Purse carry is a bad idea. It’s slow to draw and makes it easier for it to be stolen or taken away from you. On-body carry is the way to go.

                1. The other problem is purses are horrible places in which to keep the gun clean and in working order…the bottom of a purse is a treasure trove of small particles of junk from loose coins to bits of tobacco, bobby pins, lipsticks, keys,lint, etc… which end up in the mechanism. When/if I purse carry, I put it in a ziplock bag to protect it from the weird stuff.

                2. Purse carry is a bad idea.

                  Unless it’s carrying a brick.

    2. all i heard was screaming

    3. I’ve always thought those were just women with a keen understanding of mechanical advantage doing curls.

    4. I usually hold them by the ankles, boobs, or the ponytail depending on the position.

  4. Republican lawmakers appear poised to sign off on a three-month extension of federal borrowing authority.

    They like feeling that fleeting rush of power every quarter.

    1. “No, fuck you, cut spending.” Jesus, am I stuttering here? What’s wrong with the GOP? Do they want to not be the obvious alternative to the Suicidecrat party?

      1. They don’t want to be the Gingriches who stole Groundhog Day.

      2. They concern-troll about abortion, homosexuality, and all of that anti-Christian persecution that all right-thinking people know to be happening. What more do you want?

  5. Trouble with Canada’s new $20 bill

    Some botanists are shaking their heads at the new polymer bills because they say the money features a maple leaf from Norway, and not Canada, although that’s not how the Bank of Canada sees it

    Plus it’s plastic. I hates it

      1. It’s not even a Canadian Queen!

        Lolsie, them mooseheads are weird.

    1. That certainly isn’t a sugar maple leaf.

      1. Also, I think that maple leaf is radioactive.

  6. The debt ceiling thing could be this easy. Just say that only new debt can be created if it is used to “pay the bills” ie pay off existing debt since that seems to be the primary stated reason given for it being imperative that the ceiling be raised.

  7. Specifically, says the ACLU, cops go “bum hunting” at night ? stalking the homeless and beating them up, after dark.

    Do you want your LEO well-trained or not?

    1. Look, they did what they had to do to get Trader Joe’s in the area.

  8. Serious questions for serous times:

    Why Do Subway Restaurants Smell Awful?

    1. I always noticed an odor, too. It always reminded me of mushrooms or maybe yeast.

    2. I figure it’s due to the clientele, like all such places.

      1. I’m guessing that the staff’s hair nets don’t react well to the Brylcreem in their coiffures. That, and the low-fat mayo doesn’t keep well next to the toasting oven.

    3. All the ones I’ve been to smell just fine.

    1. Rapiscan parent company OSI Systems Inc. said it will help the TSA move the scanners to other undisclosed government agencies. Scanners are often used … on military bases where privacy is not a concern.

      Yep, nothing’s too good for our civil servants and our heroes.

      1. Didn’t anyone at the company realize that “Rapiscan” looks like “RAPEscan”?

        Steve Smith approves.

        1. I actually didn’t realize that that was the real name of the company. I was sure it was just a joke.

        2. Isn’t STEVE SMITH supposed to be in all caps? Otherwise it’s this guy, who’s more on the receiving side.

          1. We need a reason style guide for these things.

          2. He’s only in caps when he’s raping someone, (which is almost constantly) that way he can sneak up on you.

    2. I wonder if Chertoff will have to give all that money back.

  9. “I went bum hunting yesterday but all I found was this Burmese python.”

  10. The Combating Terrorism Center at West Point warns us that “far right” groups have become a violent danger to the public good, what with their advocacy of “civil activism, individual freedoms, and self government.”

    It’s almost as though that report was tailored to appeal to the current authority in Washington.

    1. Um, “civil activism, individual freedoms, and self government” are bad things? Crap, better report to the Disintegration Chamber. Again.

      I just hate being disintegrated.

    2. Shocking even.

    3. That’s crazy talk.

    4. The report says there were 350 “attacks initiated by far-right groups/individuals” in 2011.

      They are probably mixing far-right Islamists in with the Christers. Or maybe not.

    5. Have any *actual* far-right groups done anything violent lately? Or do they mean idiots who like hanging out with the new guy who totally will hook them up with weapons and explosives and laughs nervously whenever someone mentions the FBI?

      1. They mean the LP, a known subversive militia.

        1. They should set their sights on someone a little more effectual.

          1. They’re too timid for that.

        2. Is the LP “far right”?

          1. Depends on where you’re standing, asshat

    6. Fuckers ought to be decertified. It is an even more alien culture from ours than anything you’ll find in Cambridge, Mass and Berkley, Ca combined.

    7. It’s almost as though that report was tailored to appeal to the current authority in Washington.

      The report also draws a link between the mainstream conservative movement and the violent “far right,” and describes liberals as “future oriented” and conservatives as living in the past.

      I’m sure they have no idea what you’re talking about

      1. Is there anything more reactionary than proglodytes going retard after a mass shooting?

        1. Is there any any group more reactionary than proglodytes? Their entire platform for the future is taken from their platform from the early 20th century. Not one damn new idea.

  11. They’ve made inroads into the party establishments of many states and outright taken over state organizations in Iowa and Nevada.

    We can look forward to seeing them crushed by the national leadership.

  12. Lawyers fuck clients. Really.

    1. Bet the ABA names him Lawyer of the Year.

      1. It got a rise out of me.

        1. eh, I think she’s a bit of a butterface

          1. Isn’t a butterface supposed to have a nice body?

          2. She’d be decently attractive if she didn’t go out of her way to look like a drag queen. The object of fame is to make your fans emulate you, not the other way around.

      2. A FIRESTORM!

  13. I know the accompanying photo is intended to be humorous. But goddamn does that guy look like an idiot. Like an actual idiot. A dullard. A nincompoop.

    1. Flowers from Algernon

      1. It’s “Flowers for Algernon,” but that gives me an idea for a florist name.

        1. I remember in the 7th grade, telling a kid what a great book that was. He looked at the title and told me to shut up.

          1. Can’t beat that logic.

          2. It’s a little gay, the title.

          3. That kid is now a congresscreature, I’ll wager.

            1. I don’t think he was venal enough. He thought I was BSing him.

              1. They should do a gritty reboot of Charlie. Then maybe he’ll read the book.

                1. “Starring Jason Statham as Charlie, the tard who would Not. Stay. DOWN.”

                  1. He doesn’t just get smart, he gets even.

                    1. Excellent! For the new ending, instead of him slipping back into his former life as a janitor, he takes out the doctors who performed the operation, and then fights dozens of cops who come to track him down at the factory where he used to work.

                    2. He keeps killing and killing until his brilliance fades to the point where he doesn’t know how to reload his gun. He then walks away into the distance, finally dropping the gun and the large magazine and picking up a mop to clean up all of the blood.

          4. In 7th grade I was asked by another guy why I wore my wallet in my front pocket. I said, ‘if you try to steal my wallet, you have to give me a squeezy too.’ He replied it sounded like I wanted one.

            1. In 7th grade I was sent to the principal’s office because I snorted a bunch of jell-o through a straw. My friends thought it was hilarious. The principal thought he had me dead to rights and he called my mom in so we could “discuss the incident”. My mom basically went on a twenty minute, profanity-laden tirade against the principal, the school, the school system, and the entire town. She concluded by telling the principal that unless I have assaulted a teacher, staff member, or fellow student, she does not care what behavior I exhibit, or what language I use in school. After all, the purpose of school was to educate, and since I was getting straight “A’s”, they must be doing their job, and she would handle discipline matters.

              I have had a healthy disrespect for authority for a loooong time.

  14. A Virginia state lawmaker brandished an AK-47 on the floor of the state House of Delegates Thursday.

    Del. Todd Gilbert, R-Woodstock, interrupted Morrissey’s speech to ask him to take his finger off the trigger lock…

    1. “Morrissey responded by holding the gun to an eight-year old girl’s head and forcing her to read a letter asking Mr. Obama to ban all guns.”

    2. “The clip I had in it was 30 rounds. Imagine a clip in three times this, imagine what you could do in a school.”

      Sounds like he fantasizes about it.

      The point of the exercise, he said, was to show people the extremity of what’s legal in Virginia, which scores 12 out of 100 possible points on state-by-state ratings of gun-control laws by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

      Not bad. Kentucky scores a two. They only get that because they don’t force colleges to allow firearms on campus.

      1. “The clip I had in it was 30 rounds. Imagine a clip in three times this, imagine what you could do in a school.”

        Malfunction drills?

        1. Get tired arms?

      2. I really enjoy looking at the Brady Campaigns state ratings and knowing that I interpret them in exactly the opposite way from what they intend.

    3. I wish someone had interrupted Joe Morrissey’s speech to point out to him that he had been fooled. That gun is a MAK-90, not an AK-47.

      1. You are correct, sir

      2. 30 round CLIP????

        1. I wasn’t going to pick on the vocabulary; hell, the moron violated the most important rule of gun safety: always treat a gun as if it’s loaded.


  16. Read it and weep

    city government fired him from his $59,000-a-year job as a snowplow driver

    Blazek sued the city alleging what local reports termed “alcoholism discrimination”

    alcoholism is considered to be a disability under federal law, substance abuse on the job is not protected

    1. $59k/yr? To drive a snowplow? Fuck me.

      1. Seriously. Even in Ohio, there can’t be snow to be plowed for more than 4 or 5 months out of the year.

    2. That reminds me, I gotta call the airline to arrange disability accommodations for my crippling alcoholism.

      If you don’t call ahead they get all scary when you blow an airhorn mid-flight to signal that you’re ready for the next Bloody Mary.

    3. So, that’s why I get away with the flask at work.

    4. I think you get fired for plowing snow while drunk whether or not you are an alcoholic.

      1. “Senor Plow no es macho, Es solamente un borracho.”

  17. Libertarian-leaners [have] outright taken over state organizations in Iowa and Nevada.

    Perhaps *this* is “change you can believe in”? Of course, “leaning” doesn’t say much in today’s politics.

  18. …they … umm … forgot to exempt cops.

    Except the coppers are exempt. They all but said so. Somehow, through obviousness or something, they’ve declared the law as written can’t be applied equally.

    1. But they said nobody had a legitimate reason to have more than seven rounds. What, they changed their minds already? Cops do?

  19. Bill O’Reilly says you’re all evil, puts up “Keep off the lawn” sign.

    And as you know, if you use the Internet, there is a tremendous evil available at your finger tips. Pedophilia, drug dealing, violence, sadism, even rape. All can be accessed on sick Internet sites. Children barraged with unhealthy images, addictive games some of them explicitly violent. Chat rooms can promote discourse that is so crude and malevolent, it is beyond the pale.

    1. Is that what a virus is? It makes an internet site sick?

      Crude discourse, like “Fuck it, we’ll do it live”?

      1. Did O’Reilly just now log on the internet? He must have dial-up.

        1. He uses an acoustic coupler.

        2. He uses an acoustic coupler.

          1. I’m getting mildly annoyed at the server trouble.

            1. Bad acoustics in them there tubes.

            2. You too? That fuckin thing sucks.

          2. Acoustic echo?

        3. Or maybe he just discovered Warty.

      2. “To play us out?” What does that even mean?? Like, to end the show??? I can’t do it.

    2. Bill thinks a person should stick to the good, safe, wholesome telephone to advocate to one’s lady staffers the use of a vibrator.

      1. Sounds pretty crude, but probably not malevolent.

      2. I read the complaint on Smoking Gun. There was an insinuation of underage ladyboys on trips to Thailand.

    3. Just found Hit and Run I see. Though it’s a streach to call this a chat room.

    4. “Pedophilia, drug dealing, violence, sadism, even rape.”

      One of these things is not like the others.

    5. O’Reilly is the epitome of what’s wrong with Republicans. Fuck his statist ass.

  20. at least western civilization had a long run.


    Somebody, get me on this boat!

    1. Can we sink it?

      1. Seriously.

    2. Somebody, get me on this boat!

      For the killing spree, right? RIGHT?

    3. I hope you are not kidding. Just the other day I gave in to a craving and put Bittersweet Symphony on my iPod. And now this ought to be enough to send me down a late-90’s altrock shame spiral for the rest of the afternoon.

      1. Feed the Tree.

      2. Novocaine for the soul

    4. The Gin Blossoms shitcanned the guy who wrote “Hey Jealousy” a few months before it became a hit. Despondent, and alcoholic, the guy snuffed it out with a .38 shortly thereafter.

      Enjoy the cruise!

      1. Damn, that’s messed up. Is your name Buzz Killington?

        1. No. It’s Earwax Puppystomper.

          1. You can’t fool us, those initials don’t match. It’s actually Earwax Doggie Grinder, isn’t it?

            1. Jesus, dude. I was trying to remain somewhat anonymous. It is the internet after all. Now everybody on these boards know my name.

    5. Jeez, I’m getting so old that I thought that Sugar Ray song “Every Morning” was a recent hit, like in the the last three years or so. It’s from the 90’s? Do you play it on a Victrola?

    6. I’d certainly go if I wasn’t so busy trying to save up some bucks to buy “assault weapons”.

  22. A Virginia couple has put an add on Craiglist.

    Middle aged bored couple (Kempsville)

    Both male and female late 40?s seek adventurous couple for fun times. We seek another couple for a night of fun so we can check off another on our bucket list. We would like the man to dress up and play the part of Pat Robertson and the female to wear a tight blue dress and act like she is a sales spokesperson on Home Shopping channel. My husband I would be naked and making love in our bed all the while Pat Robertson will be constantly attempting to save our souls and the female to have ongoing dialogue trying to sell us an Ab Rocket in 3 easy payments. We are open to possibly videoing the event as long as each of you sign a disclaimer. Pl;ease place the word “damnation” as subject line

    1. well, VA is for lovers.

  23. Website Sells Fake FB Girlfriends

    Since it discriminates against women, I am standing up for social justice by offering myself as fake boyfriend at a discount.

    Interesting trades considered.

    1. Manti Te’o has his own website?

  24. If President Obama was hoping to make nice with the gun-control crowd, he may have miscalculated. They say his attentions, coming only after reelection, are long-overdue and they’re just not impressed. You should have bought flowers, Barry.

    Uhm, and for whom would the gun-control crowd voted for had they known he would pay short-shrift to grabbing your guns until his second term?

      1. Nope. Because they’re still stinging from Gore’s loss.

        Jeanine Garafalo: I’m so pissed at Ralph Nader…

        Besides, Obama already screwed half a dozen of his core constituent groups in his first term, they voted for him again with the tagline, “We believe he’ll finally implement [x] in his fourth term”

        1. Sorry, second term, Bush’s fourth term.

          So hard to keep straight.

  25. …cops go “bum hunting” at night ? stalking the homeless and beating them up, after dark.

    Tonight’s the night that we got the truck,
    going downtown, gonna beat up drunks

  26. ‘Anti-federalists “espouse strong convictions regarding the federal government, believing it to be corrupt and tyrannical, with a natural tendency to intrude on individuals’ civil and constitutional rights.’

    My God. I never knew I was a dangerous right-wing terrorist. I’m glad West Point was there to tell me I’ve been a threat to national security this whole time.

    1. Consider the long term implications of the Army’s officer corps being indoctrinated with stuff like this.

      1. It doesn’t work. Heh heh heh.

  27. You know who else was endorsed by Chuck Norris?

    1. The division of the NHL that has Chicago and Detroit?

  28. Scooped by the anti-federalist media


    1. “Remember: Evil exists because good men don’t kill the government officials committing it.”

      Nothing extreme about that.

  29. Does / has anyone here lived in Austin? Is it as hipster-infested as it’s made out to be, or can they be avoided?

    1. Some of my best hipster-friends live there

    2. Some of my best hipster-friends live there

    3. The hipsters live within a few miles of the river. Get past that and it’s pretty normal.

    4. Basically, everything west of Mopac (Highway 1 on a map) between 183 and 71 has a very high class/hipster ratio.

  30. The anti-gun crowd thinks Obama is not sincere or doing enough to regulate guns.

    Of course he isn’t trying. He is pandering to the middle and Reid will never let the Red State (D) Senators vote on a shitty bill and hurt them in 2014.

    This is all a charade.

    1. Phase 1: Denial.

      1. Shriek is right – Obama is just performing a Punch and Judy show with his feeble and pathetic “23 points” and attacking gun owners because he won’t pass anything meaningful pass the Senate, let alone the House.

        1. True. Obama wants to win back the House for the 2015-16 Congress.

          Gun control is a certain loser for both sides of Congress from a (D) view.

    2. Re: Shrike,

      This is all a charade.

      Noooooo! Ya think?

    3. This is all a charade.

      Thank Zod.

  31. Chat rooms can promote discourse that is so crude and malevolent, it is beyond the pale.

    Shreeek is Bill O’Reilly?

  32. Does this mean we do have to work on Monday?…..index.html

    1. Now that he has payback? Yes.

    2. … well at least the reporter used the term “assault rifle” correctly and not the ubiquitous and amorphous “assault weapon”.

      Find the good news where you can get it …

  33. Before too long, that CTC study will become policy and a majority of Americans will manage to be labeled as “Civil Activists” simply for contributing to non-leftist campaign or a Reason subscription. These Americans will be surprised when their federal background check comes back with red ink whilst trying to purchase a firearm.

  34. Fark takes on Whole Foods:

    2013-01-18 02:09:29 PM
    “Mackey continued to argue that the new system …will not be as effective as a system in which the government is less involved. “Competition forces business to improve and get better,” Mackey said in an earlier Fox News interview, saying “bad regulations” are hurting.”

    Yes, because all that free market competition in insurance didn’t get us to this point of failure in the first place, it’s all because of those darn ‘regulations’.

    /I was in the hospital about two years ago and had a hospital water pitcher
    //It was a bargain, and only showed up on my hospital bill as a $35 charge for my insurance company
    //not part of the problem at all

    1. and:

      2013-01-18 02:31:27 PM
      i think trying to give heathcare is the opposite of fascism.

      but you racist cracker meatheads can’t wrap your tiny minds around the fact that fascism is when you blame all your problems on some defenseless minority of people (jews, blacks, mexicans, gay, mentally ill) and then you start a pogrom to demonize these minorities. This conveniently shelters the governments (Hitler, Bush, Obama) from their atrocities by blaming it on the defenseless, while *BONUS ROUND* you get to destroy the those very minorities that oppose you, one by one, cleanly.

      1. That is one “seamless” worldview.

        It must be hard for him to resist picking up an assault rifle and….wait….never mind.

    2. Oh man. Fark commenters, especially in the Politics tab, are worse than Huffpo.

      1. No they aren’t.

    3. Holy shit, I hate people. I mean it’s one thing to say we don’t have the right regulations or some other TOP MEN!!! bullshit. But these people who act like there are not already literally thousands of pages of laws and thousands of full time bureaucrats who regulate the healthcare industry….are they that ignorant? Or are they just liars?

      1. Fucking liars who willfully deny the truth to the point of ignorance.

      2. Regulations??? Nice try! I happen to know that every function of government is promulgated on six 3′ by 5′ cards in the basement of the treasury building.

        1. And one of those cards is an index to the other five!

        2. Actually it’s just one card.

          Simply says “Fuck you, that’s why.”

  35. The Combating Terrorism Center at West Point warns us that “far right” groups have become a violent danger to the public good, what with their advocacy of “civil activism, individual freedoms, and self government.”

    They must be talking about incendiary and radical stuff like the following (warning – not for sensitive minds)

    “An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot.”

    “The instant formal government is abolished, society begins to act. A general association takes place, and common interest produces common security.”

    Crazy thinking. No wonder the worry.

    Oh, those were from Thomas Paine, in case you were wondering…

    1. And how many time are the other Founding Fathers guilty of open advocacy of “civil activism, individual freedoms, and self government.”

      Zinn and Alinsky are winning.

  36. The Institute for Justice just beat the IRS in court! The government’s attempt to fuck over tax preparers has been struck down.

  37. Libertarian-leaners brought into the GOP by Ron Paul continue their activism even after the retirement of the congressman. They’ve made inroads into the party establishments of many states and outright taken over state organizations in Iowa and Nevada.

    These were probably the people the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point was thinking about.

  38. Another trial balloon about expanding NATO to become a world wide force. Time for the US to get out of NATO. It gives US politicians another hammer and then they go looking around the world for nails to pound.

    “””Panetta: NATO Needs to Join U.S. Rebalance to Asia-Pacific”””

    1. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization needs to “rebalance” the Asia-Pacific region?

      1. In other words, they have built a NATO military to defend the North Atlantic countries but they don’t actually have a significant threat in the North Atlantic so lets find somewhere there is a threat.

        It pains them that the treaty limits NATO to acting only if one of the 28 members (and only in North America, North Atlantic or Europe) is attacked or if the UN authorizes it and even then they need all 28 members to at least not veto the action.

      2. Of course — otherwise the region might tip over.

        /Hank Johnson

      3. What the hell happened to SEATO?

        1. What the hell happened to SEATO?

          It was a paper tiger that fell apart because it was almost completely unwilling as an organization to deal with a situation (Communist aggression in Vietnam) for which it was created in the first place.

          The U.S. was obviously there, as was Australia, and Thailand was nominally involved by allowing use of its airbases, but all of the other member nations begged out of the Vietnam War. If they weren’t willing to stand there, why fucking bother anymore?

          The org was never as formal or well funded (by the American tax payer) as NATO was, and that is also certainly a factor in its demise. I suspect the member nations (especially Pakistan, Thailand, and Philippines) wanted the U.S. to foot the bill for their entire defense (much like we had done with Europe through NATO) and the French wanted Americans to support their continued imperialist experiments in the region. Since those nations essentially already got what they wanted without having any real obligation to do exactly what we told them to do (unlike how NATO worked) they figured, fuck it.

  39. “The Combating Terrorism Center at West Point warns us that “far right” groups have become a violent danger to the public good, what with their advocacy of “civil activism, individual freedoms, and self government.””

    Why do we still have these hundred million boondoogle Service Academies? It costs over 450,000 to educate one of these leaches that only turn out to be Defense contractors and Pentagon desk warriors? ROTC other state military academies churn out much better officers(VMI, The Citadel, North Georgia).I even say this as an SSO cadet-those Service Academy grads are nothing but a bunch of Socialist tit suckers.


    1. ***hundred million dollar boondoogle Service Academies

    2. Hey, guys like Dave Petraeus do a lot of good for this country. Are you All In for the Big Win or not?

  40. you racist cracker meatheads can’t wrap your tiny minds around the fact that fascism is when you blame all your problems on some defenseless minority of people (jews, blacks, mexicans, gay, mentally ill) and then you start a pogrom to demonize these minorities.

  41. The second amendment was only ratified to preserve slavery.

    The real reason the Second Amendment was ratified, and why it says “State” instead of “Country” (the Framers knew the difference – see the 10th Amendment), was to preserve the slave patrol militias in the southern states, which was necessary to get Virginia’s vote.

    1. There is something glaringly missing in his narrative account. The use of militias in the Revolutionary War.

      He makes it sound like the Second Amendment was the singular concern of slave owners who wanted slave patrols furnished at the expense and free labor of all free men in a given state. Other founders just went along to make redneck Virginians happy. That is absurd beyond belief. Has he not read the words of those who opposed slavery like Alexander Hamilton, or others of the Federalist Papers whose concerns were much broader than the institution of slavery who also supported an armed citizenry? What a disingenuous fuckstain. Especially here:

      Little did Madison realize that one day in the future weapons-manufacturing corporations, newly defined as “persons” by a Supreme Court some have called dysfunctional, would use his slave patrol militia amendment to protect their “right” to manufacture and sell assault weapons used to murder schoolchildren.

      1. Oh, agreed. It’s only talking about one back-room deal involving Virginia and has nothing to do with the actual intent. I just thought it would be helpful everyone here to know that this is gonna be a new talking point.

        1. Re: Coeus,

          I just thought it would be helpful everyone here to know that this is gonna be a new talking point.

          Possibly, albeit the Progressive Prick (I’m making fun of one of the links on the top menu) will be hard-pressed to explain why the post-Civil War American South was against gun ownership for blacks. He can’t have it both ways.

          1. He can’t have it both ways.

            You just said he’s a progressive. They promote this theory then shout “racism” to anyone who counters. That’s like their prime modus operandi.

  42. Whoops.

    you racist cracker meatheads can’t wrap your tiny minds around the fact that fascism is when you blame all your problems on some defenseless minority of people (jews, blacks, mexicans, gay, mentally ill) and then you start a pogrom to demonize these minorities.

    I may be a racist cracker meathead, but at least I own a goddam dictionary.

    1. You know what really gets me about that statement is? I blame most of my problems on the government. Not all, certainly. But there are an awful lot of issues in my life caused entirely or partially by the presence of the massive State that has metastasized into every avenue of American life. But what really pisses me off about that statement is that the government is not a “defenseless minority”. They’ve got every single goddamn tank, every single goddamn plane, every single goddamn drone and submarine and artillery piece and surface to air missile and aircraft carrier, etc. They’ve got spy satellites and a massive electronic eavesdropping operation. They’ve got secret prisons and torture chambers in foreign countries. They’ve got prisons all over this country, and millions of cops who give less than a shit about anyone’s rights.

      Who the fuck wouldn’t be scared of that?

        1. You’re not helping, dude.

      1. The right man is in charge now! No need for them to fear until another Republican is elected, which will be never, because the right man is in charge!

  43. Out of curiosity, have any of you ever fiddled around with ?

    A friend of mine introduced me to it, Here is my country. It’s kinda goofy, but it’s an interesting way to kill time now and then.

    1. I did that a little back in college. Looks like they added some features.

    2. That’s pretty cool. I’m starting a country called Cheeseburgandia.

    3. Dude, CyberNations and NationStates are so 2005…

  44. Why do people even listen to Krugnuts anymore?

    This is, however, a case in which what everyone knows just ain’t so. The budget deficit isn’t our biggest problem, by a long shot. Furthermore, it’s a problem that is already, to a large degree, solved. The medium-term budget outlook isn’t great, but it’s not terrible either ? and the long-term outlook gets much more attention than it should.

  45. By the way, J D; no Ray Nagin link?

    I am disappoint.

  46. Feminists have now defined “street harassment” as any communication in public whatsoever.

    And let’s be honest, men know it’s annoying. They know. We’ve told them so. When we’re exasperated by the umpteenth time some clever dude says, “Smile. It ain’t so bad.” The presumption that, when we’re keeping company with our own thoughts, you dude walking bad should suggest (often bark/command) me to “smile” and somehow I feel better. There is a lesson passed generationally that this is how one should approach a woman. The coaching perhaps includes the idea that you’ll get told no, you’ll get no response, but there’s always that one. Again, a numbers game, the thrill of the chase.

    Why won’t these guys just be happy with internet porn (until we get it banned) and quit trying to get laid? Who do they think they are? Mammals?

    1. Guide to avoiding sexual harassment lawsuit.

      Rule 1: Be attractive.
      Rule 2: Don’t be unattractive.

    2. And, of course, declining to communicate in public is “harassment” too.

      But the feminists just can’t imagine why men don’t want to marry them. Or work with them. Or talk to them. Or come within a country mile of them.

  47. Surprise!

    “Nagin used his public office and his official capacity to provide favorable treatment that benefited the business and financial interests of individuals providing him with bribery or kickback payoffs in the form of checks, cash, granite inventory, wire transfers, personal services and free travel,” the indictment said.

    In one case he received $72,500 in bribes, and $50,000 in another, according to the indictment. Nagin and his sons, Jeremy Nagin and Jarin Nagin, owned a countertop company called Stone Age LLC that provided granite for projects such as kitchen remodeling. In several instances, he received wire transfers and granite as bribes, the indictment said.


    In the immediate aftermath of the storm, Nagin told federal officials to “get off your asses” as thousands of people who had been forced from their homes waited for help.

    “This is, if true, a betrayal of the public trust that really started before Katrina,” said Rafael Goyeneche, president of the Metropolitan Crime Commission Inc, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting corruption in Louisiana.

    “Is it any wonder that New Orleans is still struggling to recover from the catastrophic effects of that storm when the person that was supposed to be championing the city’s recovery was more interested in lining his own pockets?” he said.

  48. If only the city of New Orleans had paid Nagin a living wage, he could have concentrated on helping people!

  49. This is why David Gergen gets paid the big bucks.

    Two suspicions are starting to float among those with distaste for the president. The first is that he isn’t really all that committed to bringing deficits under control. If he were, he would be pushing a master plan by now. Instead, it is argued, he will tinker with the deficits but cares much more about leaving a progressive legacy — health care reform, a stronger safety net, green energy, and the like.

    No shit?

  50. That looks liek its gonna be good dude. Wow.

  51. When New York lawmakers hustled to “do something now” and quickly reduced the legal capacity of gun magazines to seven rounds

    How the fuck did they decide that the legal magazine capacity should be seven rounds? Throwing dice? Because it’s a “lucky” number? Or because they’re spiteful douchebags?

    1. Not too many full size pistols that use magazines that hold less than 10. A defacto starter ban on handguns as well as scary looking rifles. Of course this may be giving these clowns too much credit…

  52. [Cuomo spokesman Matthew Wing tells The Daily Caller that “No police officer possessing [an] ammunition clip with more than 7 bullets is in violation of the law or guilty of any crime, period.”]

    So they’re Gregoryed?

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