Curt Schilling Selling Bloody Sock

Though apparently it's not the bloody sock


Heritage Auctions has posted a preview of an eagerly awaited lot—a bloodstained sock worn by Curt Schilling as he pitched through injury to lead the Red Sox to their first World Championship in 86 years. But before you go taking out a second mortgage, know that this isn't the one from Game 6 of the ALCS, when Schilling dominated the Yankees. This is another one that nobody knows or cares about, because the ALCS one got thrown in the trash.

Schilling, who's being forced to sell memorabilia to pay back loans for his shuttered video game company, probably wishes he still had the important sock.

It's actually the citizens of Rhode Island who are on the hook for the failure of 38 Studios. Schilling's company moved to Rhode Island in 2010, lured by a big fat taxpayer-backed loan from the state's Economic Development Corporation. Mismanagement on all sides sent 38 Studios under before they could complete a single game, and with interest, Rhode Island is out around $112 million.