A.M. Links: Joe Biden Coming Guns a Blazing, White House to Miss Deadline to Submit Budget, Afghanistan Wants U.S. Special Forces Out


  • not exactly a beretta

    Joe Biden has 19 "executive actions" for the president to take on guns, because Joe Biden means business  is full of it.

  • Meanwhile, the White House informed House Budget Chair Paul Ryan that the president will miss the February 4 legal deadline to submit a budget. 
  • Ben Bernanke wants the debt ceiling raised; the Federal Reserve chair says it doesn't create new deficits or spending.
  • The Afghanistan government wants U.S. special forces training local police to be part of this spring's drawdown plans, which comes as news to the U.S.
  • George P. Bush has raised $1.3 million in two months. He's considering running for Texas Land Commissioner in 2014.
  • Barack Obama's half-brother is running for governor in Kenya.

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