Obamacare Mandate to Get Beefed Up, Military Suicides Hit Record High, Kentucky Sheriff Won't Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Control Laws: P.M. Links


but can he make you eat your spinach?
  • That Obamacare mandate penalty the Supreme Court ruled was low enough to be considered a tax is now considered by supporters too low to be effective. Some of them want it hiked.
  • Military suicides hit a record high this year, surpassing the total number of combat-related deaths for the fourth year in a row.
  • Glenn Beck is planning to found a community based on "Galt's Gulch." Who's in?
  • The "Chief Technology Officer" for the Baltimore Public Schools resigned amid criticism of his spending habits. $250,000 in tax dollars was spent renovating his office, including the installation of "interactive whiteboards." Jerome Oberlton is now headed to be the chief-of-staff of the Dallas school district.
  • A sheriff in Eastern Kentucky says he won't enforce any unconstitutional gun control laws that might pass. Law enforcement officers shouldn't be enforcing any unconstitutional laws.
  • European leaders are reluctant to bail out Cyprus, not because they've found religion on bailouts, but because of concerns the money would benefit Russian account-holders at Cypriot banks.
  • A Saudi newspaper reports that Syria's Bashar Assad and his family are now living on a warship.
  • George H.W. Bush is expected to be discharged from hospital today.

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  1. A sheriff in Eastern Kentucky says he won’t enforce any unconstitutional gun control laws that might pass.

    Don’t worry, pal. The ATF can take it from here.

    1. Well, the Sheriff can arrest BATF agents or any other federal officer if they come into town after he bars them entry.

      1. I really hope stuff like that starts happening. There are some good opportunities with legal pot and if they try any gun restrictions, there will be a lot more there as well.

      2. And as satisfactory as that would be to many of us, it prolly ain’t a gonna happen. If it’s not already illegal to interfere with federal LEOs in their official capacities, it very quickly would be, and then you’d have an escalating war where the taxpayers would get screwed fifty ways from sunday for incarcerations, trials, replacement officers, etc, etc, on both sides.

  2. “As for people lining up and purchasing more guns, I think we have seen for some time now that those who oppose any commonsense gun control or gun safety measures have a pretty effective way of ginning up fear on the part of gun owners that somehow the federal government is a about to take all your guns away,”

    Barack Obama on the bitter clingers. The article then mentions that Obama wants to ban semi-automatic assault weapons, which kind of negates the point he made.

    1. I can’t believe Obama would do that.

    2. See, if only they were ‘sensible’, then they would agree with him…on guns, the debt, taxes…

    3. the only commonsense gun control they believe in is for the government to have total control

      1. Well, that’s just common sense.

    4. commonsense gun control or gun safety measures

      Christ, the passive-voiced mendaciousness of this asshole knows no bounds.

      Incidentally, one of our commenters suggested recently that if the gun-grabbers are really that concerned about “public safety” and wanted to eliminate the ambiguities over what constitutes a “well-regulated militia,” it only makes sense for them to push Congress to put up Amendment 28, which would repeal the 2nd and allow Congress and the states to pass any restrictions on the private ownership of ALL arms as they see fit.

      I have to say, that was a brilliant bit of counterpoint–every time I’ve subsequently suggested the same thing to liberals in various forums, the sound of crickets can be heard for miles. They literally won’t come anywhere near it, and that’s extremely telling.

      1. The one commonsense gun safety measure I can think of is disarming cops, and enforcing the laws against them the same way they’re enforced against non-cops.

      2. Time to Repeal the Second Amendment. Seriously.

        Here’s a consciousness-raising exercise: In the year it was ratified, would the Second Amendment have allowed an individual to mount a loaded cannon on the back of a carriage and drive it through town? I predict not. But today’s firearms, with increased accuracy, automatic reloading and mega-clips of 50 or 100 bullets, are easily capable of killing as many people as an 18th century cannon and they’re substantially easier to aim.

        So if the amendment did not intend to permit cannons, then what is the justification for permitting equally powerful weapons today? Merely miniaturisation?

        Ah, but the Amendment did intend to permit cannon, otherwise, that whole business of Letters of Marque and Reprisal in Article 1 Section 8 of the document written by old, white slaveowners was little more than a waste of ink.

        1. I like how he says “predict” for something that occurred in the past and could be looked up to determine if it’s true or not. But he doesn’t want to bother.

          1. It’s not that he doesn’t want to bother, it’s that he knows he’s lying. In fact, during the writing of the Bill of Rights, several state delegates felt that the 2nd wasn’t explicit enough in affirming an individual right to keep and bear arms:

            The Second Amendment guarantees the right of citizens to keep their own weapons apart from state-run arsenals.[l] Once the new Constitution began government, states petitioned Congress to propose amendments including militia protections. New Hampshire’s proposal for amendment was, “Congress shall never disarm any citizen unless such as are or have been in actual rebellion.” New York proposed, “… a well regulated militia, including the body of the people capable of bearing arms, is the proper, natural and safe defense of a free State.”[m] Over time, this amendment has been confirmed by the courts to protect individual rights and used to overturn state legislation regulating hand guns.

        2. Let them argue this to their hearts’ content. It’s really demonstrative for the rest of us to see that sort of ignorance on display.

        3. Even that article is still couched in half measures. Look at this line:

          So if the amendment did not intend to permit cannons, then what is the justification for permitting equally powerful weapons today? Merely miniaturisation?

          By that reasoning, single-shot .50 caliber rifles are A-Okay because the muskets and rifles owned by the colonists fired .40-.75 caliber ammunition.

          It’s also clear where his focus lies:

          These massacres that seem to be occurring ever-more-frequently in the USA have all been made possible by the NRA’s insistence that fully automatic, concealed weapons with armour-piercing rounds are not what kill people.

          You ever notice that even this relatively radical article doesn’t mention basic revolvers, shotguns, or low-caliber pistols–even though Finland, for example, has had two school shootings where the perp used a .22LR?

          1. He’s also one of those freaks who can’t spell “armor” correctly.

        4. In the year it was ratified, would the Second Amendment have allowed an individual to mount a loaded cannon on the back of a carriage and drive it through town? I predict not.

          Yes they would; a lot of the military hardware the US had during the colonial period was privately own. Indeed, the Revolutionary War started when the British sent a column of soldiers from Boston up to Concord to destroy a bunch of privately owned canons there.

          Likewise up until the civil war, most of the US’s naval vessels were privately owned (hence the Letters of the Marque clause in the Constitution), and the practice wasn’t banned until the T. Roosevelt administration.

    5. It’s always about “common sense” or “education” with the Progressives, isn’t? What I mean is the utterly obnoxious notion that the only reason one disagree with them is that you aren’t “educated enough” in the subject or aren’t being “pragmatic/commonsensical enough” or aren’t being “open minded” enough, mutatis mutandis ad infinitum nauseamque.

      1. For example, take a look at this utterly cringe-worthy essay on the Huffington Post by Ph.D candidate in sociology and self-styled ‘interfaith activist’, Craig Considine. When several commentators criticize the article’s intellectual shallowness (and I realize it was published with a general audience in mind; however, in sophistication the essay barely rises above an assignment for secondary school college composition class. Truly, the English language belles-lettres are dead.) the author of the essay hops onto the comment board to defend his arguments with all the finesse of a smug college sophomore ‘intellectual’. Any criticism is immediately dismissed, to paraphrase him, as evidence that people need to be more open-minded and educated about Islam In all his interactions on the comment board, it is clear that Considine’s pea-brain just cannot comprehend the fact that other people could possess the same level of knowledge and expertise in the subject as he does, and yet, through use of their reason, come to a different conclusion.

      2. “Common sense” is code for Progressives meaning they have no rational defense for their position but dammit, they want what they want and you’re a fucking racist/sexist/homophobe/corporate shill if you don’t give it to them.

        1. It’s a ghetto-cheap debate tactic, but the TEAM members eat it up and amplify it through the Death Smug Ray array.

        2. “Common sense” is code for Progressives meaning they have no rational defense for their position…

          I’ll go you one better. I put it to you that they have no concept of the difference.

          Everything is emotion. The mind plays no role.

      3. It’s always about “common sense” or “education” with the Progressives, isn’t [it]?

        In all honesty, HM, it’s not just proggies who use “commonsense”; that word/phrase is used across the political spectrum by people who can’t or won’t articulate a principaled argument for whatever reason. It’s often trotted out in opposition to gay marriage…

        1. Fair enough.

  3. A Saudi newspaper reports that Syria’s Bashar Assad and his family are now living on a warship.

    Still probably better than a Carnival ship.

    1. I’ve done both; you have it backwards.

  4. For the first time in over seven years, Clarence Thomas spoke up during oral arguments at the Supreme Court.

    But really, I’m just linking so you can look at the comments from ‘tolerant’ left on the subject of the uppity black justice that won’t tow the lion for the progressives.

    1. catlady1954:
      “As an attorney, I’ve always questioned Thomas’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, because I didn’t get that he was qualified at the level required for such a prominent position. This has nothing to do with his race. I am a loyal Obama supporter, because I have noticed that the President is highly intelligent, thoughtful, and knowledgeable about the issues. I have a lot of confidence in the President. Not so much with Justice Thomas.”


      1. catlady1954

        Are you surprised?

        1. The number in her name is how many cats she has.

      2. She’s about as fucking stupid as the guys who claim not be racist because they have a black friend.

      3. Whatever. He’s a good justice, with well-written and reasoned opinions. Even if you don’t agree with him.

      4. This has nothing to do with his race. I am a loyal Obama supporter…

        Yes, but Obama is only half black. She finds the other half very qualified.

      5. The reply is even better:

        Engineer Rob
        Are you and I the only people who notice the President’s intelligence? I sure hope not.

        And may I add, he’s an excellent speaker, as evidenced by the press conference today. Ever heard of people being envious, if indeed you can call today’s Republicant’s “people.”

        That’s almost intelligible.

        1. “Engineer Rob”

          I’m thinking driving trains, not designing them. Although he could be an industrial engineer.

          1. Maybe he’s a civil engineer? It would be a fitting gig for a statist asshole.

            1. Saying half the country aren’t people aren’t people isn’t very civil. Then again, neither is civil war.

          2. I’m thinking driving trains, not designing them.


            1. “I was protected by the bill of my Engineer Fred Rob cap!”

          3. Or a Maintenance Engineer (janitor).

            Don’t knock Industrial Engineers, my dad was one, and he designed the machine that puts Solo Beverage Cups into plastic sleeves. May not sound like a big deal, but check out how every disposable cup in the grocery store still uses those.

        2. Barack Obama is a terrible speaker. He can take an idea that’s worth 4 minutes of speech time and talk about it for 2 hours. Never in the course of human events has a man of such average speaking ability been treated like the second coming of Cicero.

          1. he’s an okay reader, but give him a topic and tell him to speak, and it’s not much more than an ah-um convention. Someone at Toastmasters would get carpal tunnel on whatever mechanism is used to count the fillers.

          2. Never in the course of human events has a man of such average speaking ability been treated like the second coming of Cicero

            Well, golly gee, don’t you know how amazing it is that he’s so “well-spoken” when he comes from that community?

            To say otherwise would be racist.

        3. You know who else thought his political opponents were subhuman?

          1. You know who else thought his political opponents were subhuman?

            Dr Zaius?

            1. Subsimian, you mean.

          2. Rick Grimes?

      6. I am a loyal Obama supporter, because I have noticed that the President is highly intelligent, thoughtful, and knowledgeable about the issues. vote TEAM BLUE no matter what, and have no curiosity about opinions that I didn’t read on “She-Woman Man-Haters.com.”

        1. I’d add that it’s laughable that this woman’s bagging on Thomas’ qaulifications when ALLAH HUSSEIN OBAMA appointed a non-entity like Kagan.

          1. Kagan’s on the correct TEAM, so she’s automatically qualified.

        2. I thought the proper URL was Jezebel.com? Did they move?

        3. That is totally the title & main plot of my next NaNoWriMo story.

      7. shorter catlady: black guy who parrots everything I believe is smartest man ever; one who questions my belief system is clearly a moron.

    2. They believe that Scalia tells him what to think…

      The capacity of the human mind towards self-delusion is very impressive; these people actually think they aren’t racist!

      1. Thomas is the superior. . . .

    3. Jesus Christ. Obama was a do-nothing state senator and was in the U.S. senate for what? 2 years?

      It’s true that Thomas had only been a judge for 16 months before he was nominated to the Supreme Court, but he’d been a practicing lawyer, the Attorney General of Missouri, Assistant Secretary of Education for the Office of Civil Rights. He’d been practicing law in some form for 17 years when he was nominated to the court.

      How in the hell can you think Obama was qualified after a couple years of bumming around the most dysfunctional State Assembly in the country but Thomas wasn’t qualified?

      1. Uh…because TEAM, that’s why.

      2. Four years in the US Senate, actually.

        Not that that’s much better.

        1. 2 years of actually serving in the US Senate, and 2 of drawing a paycheck while campaigning for President.

  5. If cats were on twitter. whatever twitter is.

    1. Not as funny as actual fake cats on twitter.

  6. Also, when did the PM links get banished to the kids’ table of Reason, 24/7?

    1. Fist did it.

      1. They try to hide it from me, but they can’t.

    2. Nevermind, they’re back to where they should be on Hit & Run.

    3. The “Bloomberg vs. the Unions” piece is bringing up a 404, however.

  7. Meet the chimp that’s addicted to the porno.

    1. I don’t even need to click the link, I know the story is about Warty.

    2. Wait, human pornography?

      1. Yeah, wtf? Stick with your own kind’s porn, sicko.

        1. I’d expect that sort of thing from a human, but from a chimp? What would Dr. Zaius say?

          1. That he hates every ape he sees, from chimp-an-A to chimp-an-Z?

            1. That’s not Zaius, Beast Called Man, that’s Taylor.

          2. Troy: What’s wrong with me?
            Zaius: I think you’re crazy.
            Troy: Want a second opinion.
            Zaius: You’re also lazy.

    3. – Banana Blowing Bitches Seven

      – Coconut Crazed Chimpettes

      – The Bangtree

    4. Speaking of porn, and Warty, look at this gem.

      1. NO WAY

      2. Well, that was 5 minutes wasted reading someone’s unwarranted sense of self-importance puked up as text.

      3. I looked into the mirror, truly proud that I could now fulfill my procreative proclivities, and raised my arms and said out loud to myself, “I can be a dad.”

        Your first thought upon ejaculating for the first time is “I can make babies.” What the fuck is wrong with you? Whatever happened to “Again!” or “Whoa!” or “Now, I need a girl”?

        1. Or “oh, I get it, that’s what my tentmate meant when he asked if I’d be pissed if I woke up with lotion on my butt”.

      4. So this asshole is 23 and is wondering if his life is is warped forever because of porn?

      5. Looks like somebody is confused by the tranny sites and wants to blame someone else.

        1. The worst part of the essay is where he attempts to convince us that women only masturbate to thoughts of puppy dogs, rainbows, and the smell of an Irish spring.

        2. It’s gotten better. I’ve had several long-term relationships, read some Foucault and even had a chance to experiment a bit with kinkier sex.

          HAHAHA, oh the poor baby.

      6. If the chinless poor-man’s-Michael-Cera in the picture is him, he should probably just stick with the porn.

      7. Jesus Christ. I found myself rapidly desensitized to online images. If a threesome was kinky last week, then I’d need something wilder this week. To reach climax, I had to find that same toxic mix of shame and lust.

        Maybe you’re just a serial killer. I’ve looked at some pretty weird stuff, but it was to see what I liked, not because I suddenly couldn’t get off on pictures of regular naked girls. The vast majority of what I still watch is regular old 1 on 1 HD porn.

        1. From the comments:

          Certainly true for me. Sex with real women has ruined me for porn and I can’t get any kind of kick out of it.

          Now THAT’S just sick!

  8. …but because of concerns the money would benefit Russian account-holders at Cypriot banks.

    In unrelated news, there is now a ban on Europeans adopting Russian orphans.

  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogsI2OAYWnk

    Steve Jobs or Jacob Sullum?

  10. Dope smoking DOES NOT affect IQ in teens.

    1. Not so fast:

      In the simulation model Rogeberg created, poverty was able to reproduce the same IQ change as cannabis exposure.

      But Professor Richie Poulton, co-author of the Dunedin research, said Rogeberg’s data was not taken from real people.

      “Rogeberg’s challenge is based on simulations, but we used actual data on 1000 people to carry out the analyses he suggested,” he said.

      Poulton said looking only at the children sampled from middle-class homes, the Dunedin findings remained the same.

      Yeah, that challenge doesn’t really hold up. We know alcohol has deleterious afects on brain development; it makes sense that any brain -altering chemicals would negatively affect brain development while it was growing. SLD: Anyone over 18 (or probably with parental consent) should be able to put what they want into their body.

      1. We know alcohol has deleterious afects on brain development; it makes sense that any brain -altering chemicals would negatively affect brain development while it was growing

        Why must one assume all impacts would be NEGATIVE? Certainly the chems produced naturally in the body have positive effects as well. Why must any other substance be a negative impact?

  11. It’s apparently not ok to kill nazis.

    1. Damn, should I feel bad about killing all those Nazis in CoD and MoH?

      What about Nazi Zombies?

      1. Depends on whether or not you’re being stalked by a possessed teddy bear sitting on a weapon crate.

      2. Were they zombies who decided to embrace Nazism? Or dead Nazis who were resurrected as zombies?

    2. If killing Nazis is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

    3. What about Illinois Nazis?

      I hate Illinois Nazis!

  12. Obama says like it or not, the debt ceiling is going up.

    President Obama used the final press conference of his first term to again warn congressional Republicans that he will not negotiate with them over the debt ceiling, saying that Washington must increase the limit to pay its bills and such brinksmanship would be “absurd” and “irresponsible.”

    “The issue here is whether Washington will pay its bills,” Obama said. “We are not a deadbeat nation.”

    1. It’s good that the king is taking action here. Something needs to be done.

    2. There’s no spending problem.

      We are not a deadbeat nation.

      This guy is comedy gold.

      1. There’s no problem spending, ProL.

        1. Really, I need the Guardians to give me the power ring so I can straighten stuff out around here.

      2. It’s a good thing to becasue we’re going to need as much gold as we can get.

      3. If you meet someone who spends $70,000 a year when they only make $50,000 a year, and they do this year after year, they’re a fucking deadbeat. Just because they haven’t fucked their creditors over yet does not mean they’re not a deadbeat, it means that they’re just delaying the inevitable. Or they’re selling drugs on the side.

    3. If reporters had any integrity, one would have stood up and said:

      “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. ? Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

      1. To be fair, we’re now relying on the Fed for our ongoing financial assistance, so that makes it okay or something.


      2. If reporters had any integrity


      3. Actually, they should attribute it to an evul Rethuglican and see if the Big Zero takes the bait.

  13. Jerome Oberlton is now headed to be the chief-of-staff of the Dallas school district.

    I don’t understand why places don’t avoid Charm City castoffs like the plague.

  14. Have scienticians discovered Warty’s species?


    2. I’m gonna go huddle in a corner and convince myself that that’s not real.

  15. That Obamacare mandate penalty the Supreme Court ruled was low enough to be considered a tax is now considered by supporters too low to be effective.

    It doesn’t work when the chess pieces refuse to move where they’re supposed to.

    1. As I asked when Roberts messed this up so bad: does this mean I can expect a new challenge every time they increase the “tax” over whether or not it now counts as a “penalty”.

  16. If the flu doesn’t kill you this year, the sun will.

    A massive solar storm, like the one that knocked out radio communications all over the U.S. in 1958, is coming, and this time the devastation could total as much as $2 trillion, experts told FoxNews.com. Call it the perfect solar storm.

    Wireless networks that power Blackberrys and iPhones here on earth, as well as GPS satellites that help pilots navigate planes in the skies, could be blacked out. And electric grids that power neighborhoods and whole cities could temporarily go down, said Professor Jose Lopez, a physicist at Seton Hall University.

    1. “Since the beginning of time, man has yearned to destroy the sun.”

      Busted iPhones? Sounds more like the perfect stimulus.

      1. +1 krugnuts

    2. Solar maximums like this come up once every 11 years, and this one’s supposed to be weaker than usual. Yawn.

      1. Wasn’t the previous minimum especially low, too?

        1. I remember there were many days of no spots.

      2. If a large flare happens to hit the earth, it could happen. I think it happens fairly often (relative to the age of the sun or earth), it just hasn’t happened since people have been so dependent on electrical things. It’s going to happen some time, and most likely at a solar maximum.

        1. “it just hasn’t happened since people have been so dependent on electrical things”

          It’s painfully obvious that the western developed nations insatiable abuse of finite resources, coupled with our willful and wanton exploitation of underdeveloped nations…and fossil fuels, and pollution, and..um…fucking with gaia…and..um…not enough windmills…has left the sun polluted, and in an unstable state,so….buy my solar credits, and..uhhh…save the sun. This solar flare crisis is pretty much our fault any way. Oh, and “Big Oil?” too.

    3. the devastation could total as much as $2 trillion

      It’s economic stimulus!

    4. Revolution! Time to polish up my sword fighting! (Is that stupid show canceled yet?)

    5. According to spaceweather.com :

      NOAA forecasters estimate a 65% chance of M-class solar flares, and a 10% chance of X-flares today. The probable source would be big sunspot AR1654, which is squarely facing Earth.

      1. “. . .The probable source would be big sunspot AR1654, which is squarely facing Earth.”

        He does know that the sun rotates fast enough that its day is not equal to a terrestrial year, right?

        1. Depending on where you are on the Sun, a solar “day” is equal to about 1 terrestrial month.

          Besides, the sunspot is much bigger than the Earth itself.

    6. It’s just God breaking a few Windows for the sake of economic stimulus. Sometimes I wonder whether you glibertarians think about or understand economics at all.

    7. “…Wireless networks that power Blackberrys and iPhones here on earth”

      Uhm, he does know we don’t use wireless power transmission, right?

  17. What if Lawerence Olivier had been cast as Don Corleone.

    1. Timely. Wife hadn’t seen it and made me watch it 2 nights ago. Couldn’t believe how young Al Pacino was.

  18. How do I already know that “Galt’s Gulch” ends with a Vat of punch with a slight almond taste.

    1. Shut your whore mouth. Don’t you know that Glenn Beck correctly identified this generation’s George Washington?

      1. Who is it?

  19. Ohio teacher sues school district for firing her over her pedophobia, which is a debilitating fear of children.

    1. That’s like firing a pilot who’s afraid of heights.

      1. Not so. I’ve known several good pilots who were afraid of heights. The fear doesn’t manifest itself in the cockpit.

    2. OK, we’ve finally reached peak retard. Right?

      1. The supply of retard is infinitely expandable.

  20. Time for Belgium to stop being a dirty word.

    Identical Belgian twin brothers, born deaf, becoming blind and unable to bear not being able to see and hear each other, had their wish to die granted in a case testing the boundaries of legal euthanasia.

    Doctors gave the 45-year-old twins lethal injections after they had had a cup of coffee together and said goodbye to each other, a spokesman at the UZ Brussel hospital said on Monday.

    1. Why couldn’t they just shoot themselves?

      1. They were blind and deaf. They might have accidentally shot each other, then that would have been murder.

    2. I linked to that this morning already.

      But I can’t stay mad at you! You snookums!

  21. Beyonce is bad because derp.

    Are we really going to help the children of our nation lead healthy lives, or not? If we are, we’ll have to stop pretending it’s a good idea to give the new face of Pepsi, aka Beyonc?, the honor of singing our national anthem at President Obama’s second inauguration. It’s not. What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong.

    Let’s take a step back and give this gorgeous, talented megastar the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she doesn’t realize the extent of the obesity epidemic: that one in three kids in America are overweight or obese. But surely she has an inner circle of managers, agents, attorneys, PR people, stylists, make-up artists, and others who might have clued her in to the irony of pimping soda at a time of worldwide concern?

    1. OK, now I’m glad either the flu or the sun is going to kill me.

    2. It’s amazing how every single issue of interest to TEAM BLUE is now an “issue of worldwide concern”. It’s almost like they think they can get their entire laundry list of shit because their guy is in the White House.

      1. Well The Week did tell me that fatness is now more widespread than starvation worldwide.


        1. How long before the Malthusians start whining about “global nutritional change” instead of “mass starvation?”

        2. That’s my favorite part about liberals. Communists in 1950 claim that capitalism is bad for the working class because it doesn’t give them enough of what they want. Communists in 2012 claim capitalism gives us too much of what we want, we’re overly materialistic, we’re raping the Earth Mother of resources she needs to build new Panda Bears and people just have SO MUCH FOOD that now we need imminent government intervention in order to stop them from being so goddamn fat.

          Everything they initially said about capitalism was wrong, so now they just make the opposite argument against capitalism. Capitalism is bad, no matter what it does!

          1. Capitalism is bad, no matter what it does!

            Isn’t that their motto?

          2. Oh God, yes. There’s too much of what we want, the mere act of choosing is psychologically destroying us!

      2. And until they get proven wrong, they will continue to act as if they can their entire laundry list.

      3. At some level it’s actually heartwarming that they’re spending their time and energy on soda rather than on trying to “fix” anything more important. I actually hope that might lead to less assassination and theft, at the cost of more personal heartburn, which is a tradeoff that for the moment I am willing to make.

      4. They’re only trying to offer commonsense solutions, you igmo.

        Stop standing in the way of commonsense solutions!

    3. She’s obviously not ready for this jelly.

    4. I think that what Laurie David meant to say is ‘One in three kids in America are overweight or obese, according to an incredibly flawed BMI system that was developed in an astonishingly unscientific way in the 1800s.’

      Of course, if you said that you wouldn’t be able to freak out about an epidemic that’s murdering our kids.

      1. Yeah, kids are probably just a lot more muscular than they used to be.

        1. You know, when they had child labor in cities and rural kids spent a lot of time working on the farm.

          1. I was unaware that we had accurate BMI statistics for early 1900s child laborers or children in 1890 who worked on farms.

            Also, it’s possible for there to be MORE obesity now without the 1/3 number being correct. The 1/3 number is certainly wrong since BMI statistics are so flawed. Their ‘we must do something!’ argument is based on hysterical numbers that they parrot without thinking about where the numbers come from.

            Based on that, my post was clearly a valid point, which you responded to with glib nonsense.

    5. What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong.

      Whoa, whoa, slow down there lady.

      1. Wow, that’s deep.

    6. I think this is all you need to know about the author’s motivations for this piece.

    7. Because, epidemic.

  22. Puppy thrown at “Biker Gang”

    1. What the fuck, Germany? Also, explain again how a bunch of guys on motorcycles can’t catch a bulldozer. Because I’m fucking missing something.

      1. Probably too stunned to give chase.

    2. Unless it was an elaborate suicide scheme the dude should be on something stronger than mass murder pills.. I mean antidepressants.

  23. You wanted it, you got it: spacegays is a thing now.

    Despite vocal opposition from thousands of angry gamers, a software developer has added support for homosexual relationships to the game “Star Wars: The Old Republic” — albeit just on a single planet.

    1. Something tells me that a planet full of homos would not last that long.

      1. They gentrified this planet into something I don’t recognize any more!

    2. Since I don’t do this sort of computer gaming, what difference does it make to the gameplay whether any or all of the planets allow homosexual relationships?

      1. Interaction choices. Opposite sex interaction trees sometimes included romantic choices that would make the person more loyal to you. Unless you didn’t give them presents often enough.


          Wait, you’re really serious, aren’t you?

          1. ^THIS^

        2. In Fable III the NPC’s reaction to your romantic advances depends on their own sexuality. I don’t see why it can’t be structured like that to solve the problem of being able to be romantic with twice as many people.

      2. No, and in RPGs relationships themselves are generally not important to gameplay. A lot of games allow homosexual relationships these days and though not common before it’s not exactly new. I believe Arcanum allowed it in 2001.

      3. Bioware doesn’t do gameplay anymore, they’re the fucking Stephenie Meyer of game developers.

    3. Time for the Jedi Sacred Band to form up.

      1. You don’t want to see what they do with the lightsabers.

    4. I’m more shocked there was that much opposition to it to begin with–the “gay relationship” option’s become pretty standard on video game RPGs lately.

    5. a software developer has added support for homosexual relationships to the game “Star Wars: The Old Republic”

      A planet full of Fandalorians? Somebody send the Death Star there! Quick!

    6. In KOTOR it seemed like Bastila Shan was always coming on to my (female) character. Was that just me?

      1. When you’re Darth Revan, everybody wants you. Men, women, Ithorians, Hutts, doesn’t matter.

    7. Yeah, but can they get married? Legally, I mean?

  24. It’s tough to be a vegan in Italy

    1. Yo, fuck that. Italy isn’t about dieting or avoiding meat.

    2. Vegetarians are idiots, Bourdain is absolutely correct about that.

      1. Vegetarianism I get. I wont ever practice it, but I get it. Vegans, on the other hand, are insane.

      2. I’ll be the first to agree with Bourdain that many western vegetarians (particularly vegans) are assholes, but there’s millions of buddhists in india, china and japan for whom its just as normal a cultural tradition as eggs and bacon is here.

        1. That doesn’t make them less gay.

          1. NTTAWWT

          2. Sorry, no offense meant.

    3. Amusingly, Italian restaurants are about the only place I have vegetarian meals.

      I prefer cheese-stuffed to meat-stuffed pasta, and marinara sauce to meat sauces. I dont actively avoid meat at Italian restaurants , but probably about 50% of the time, I end up with a meatless dish.

      1. Cheese isn’t vegan. At least, I don’t think it’s vegan.

        1. I didnt mention the word vegan in that post.

          1. Yes, but Archduke’s original post did.

        2. Even if vegan was the healthiest thing in the world, the cheese thing would be a deal breaker.

          1. Zeb:
            You don’t live longer, it just feels that way.

          2. That and no honey, and therefore, no mead.

            1. I’ve encountered self-identified vegans who differ in opinion on honey. One honey eater claimed that he was vegan not because he loved animals, but because he hates plants.

              1. That’s probably the funniest thing a vegan has ever said.

                1. And its a line stolen from a non-vegan.

  25. A piece shaming green tech crony capitalists and their progressive enablers who jizz their shit at the sound of every alternative energy project that graces their pretty little ears? On HuffPo?

    P.T. Barnum may have said it best, but when it comes to hornswoggling suckers, few compare to the fast-talking peddlers of utopian technologies who have become the new kings of crony capitalism. Feasting on billions in federal grants, subsidies, tax breaks, loans, and mandates, there is hardly a single uneconomic, unsustainable, cure worse than the disease, violates-the-second-law-of-thermodynamics idea left out there that hasn’t been used to separate progressives from … other people’s money.

    As per always, visit the comments at your own peril.

    1. who jizz their shit

      Sounds painful.

  26. Hey guys, pay attention! Prince Charles: ‘We must take care of our environment’
    He knows Cuz he was born to a rich family or something.

    1. As soon as he stops flying in jets to faraway places when Skype works just fine, I’ll start worrying.

  27. Dickhead local cop beats assaults two high school students. Incident caught on tape yet the officer may avoid charges since he resigned.

    I wish I could beat up someone and avoid prosecution because I quit my job.

    1. Are you sure you can’t? Maybe give it a try?

    2. Dude is 300 pounds. Even at 6’5″, isn’t that obese by any definition?

    3. What’s the cop’s side of the story? After all, that’s all Tulpa will care about. These two teenage punks probably had it coming.

      1. Why would he need to hear the cop’s side? Tulpa already knows the cop was in the right. The two punks put themselves into a situation with foreseeable consequences, doncha know.

    4. The students said Hjortshoj, who stands 6 foot 5 and weighs nearly 300 pounds,

      And in their tongue, he is Dovakiin: Dragonborn!

  28. http://www.vulture.com/2013/01…..l?mid=imdb

    Disney’s relaunch of the Star Wars film franchise has grown more bizarre. Apparently, they plan on branching out from the main sequence into parallel film series, starting with a future film by Zach Snyder.

    1. Well it’s a big galaxy.

    2. It’s an idea with some potential–it’s not unreasonable that the collapse of a highly complex, centralized authoritarian government would result in a group of Jedi bringing order to lands where strongmen have taken over–but it’s hard to guess how the fanbois’ childish impulses will break on anything outside the main storyline. They’ll either love it or cry “Zach Snyder ruined Star Wars and my childhood!!” (as if Lucas himself didn’t already do an effective job of pissing all over it himself).

    3. So they’re once again taking a page from Star Trek?

      1. You mean the multiple series and movies that all center around the activities of the military?

    4. I like it. More room for hot alien babes. Puts Star Wars on a more even footing with Star Trek.

    1. “Eight year olds, Dude.”

  29. Who could have imagine that affirmative action is not only a bad idea for liberty, for also for the group that affirmative action is allegedly designed to help.

    Affirmative-action supporters worry, however, that the Court will take the opportunity to cut back severely on Grutter. They point to changes in the Court’s personnel???most notably Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s replacement with Justice Samuel Alito???as cause for concern. Since Grutter was a 5-4 decision, it may not take much to swing the Court in the opposite direction.

    The biggest change since Grutter, though, has nothing to do with Court membership. It is the mounting empirical evidence that race preferences are doing more harm than good???even for their supposed beneficiaries. If this evidence is correct, we now have fewer African-American physicians, scientists, and engineers than we would have had using race-neutral admissions policies. We have fewer college professors and lawyers, too. Put more bluntly, affirmative action has backfired.

    1. If this evidence is correct, we now have fewer African-American physicians, scientists, and engineers than we would have had using race-neutral admissions policies.

      but more presidents

  30. Because of bikini waxing and other modern pubic grooming techniques, pubic lice are now endangered.

    Won’t someone think of Mother Gaia? We should ban all bikini waxes now to conserve a valuable species.

    1. Don’t worry, between Warty and NutraSweet, they have enough to sustain the lice population indefinitely.

      “Well, that’s gonna be a problem. I laser. It’s like a turtle shell down there.”

      1. I just wish they would stay in the public region. 🙁

      2. One of the best all time episodes of IASIP-

        Dee: No, it has nothing to do with that. It’s?the problem is I’m gonna have a really hard time if we’re both cannibals and we’re racists?

        Charlie: We’re not, Dee. Cannibalism? Racism, Dee? That’s?that’s not for us. You know, those are the decisions that are best left to the suits at Washington, OK? We’re just here to eat some dude.

    2. We discussed this in the Morning Links.

    3. I suspect that there are many parts of the world where they are doing just fine and will continue to do so for some time.

    4. I cannot wait for the PeTA campaign on this issue.

    5. Sounds like the EPA needs to step in and start handing out fines of tens of thousands of dollars a day until the area is returned to its original condition.

  31. Glenn Beck is planning to found a community based on “Galt’s Gulch.” Who’s in?

    Jesus Christ–he’s just blatantly trolling now.

    1. The Beckerhead imagining himself as John Galt is just hilarious.

      1. It’s almost, but not quite, as hilarious as when you claim to be a libertarian.

  32. German police say robbers dug a 30-metre tunnel into the safe deposit room of a Berlin bank and escaped with their haul, setting a fire as they left to cover their tracks.

    1. Boom baby! It’s almost a pity they gave up on the trillion dollar coin, the theft of which would be quite the caper.

    2. I saw that movie, but it was set in London.

  33. Who could have thought that your average voter is a complete idiot?

    Many polls show that large majorities of the public want to raise tax rates on people earning over $250,000 per year. But in an interesting recent post on the Democrats’ approach to tax policy, Megan McArdle cites an interesting 2012 poll of likely voters conducted for The Hill, which shows that the vast majority of Americans prefer rates that are much lower than those that existed even before the the recent fiscal cliff deal

    And considering your average voter is so clueless as to tax rates, I’d bet that they are equally stupid when it comes to understanding the federal budget.

  34. No winners in this sexual misconduct investigation. The “victim” is a high-ranking officer’s daughter and also a deputy. The offenders have all been able to retire with their pensions. And the taxpayers will end up holding the bag for a sweet-ass settlement.

  35. A sheriff in Eastern Kentucky says he won’t enforce any unconstitutional gun control laws that might pass. Law enforcement officers shouldn’t be enforcing any unconstitutional laws.

    We definitely have our problems, but between Massie, Rand Paul, and guys like this sheriff, it’s clear that we have a burgeoning liberty movement here in the Bluegrass State.

    1. That’s still not enough to make for the creation museum. Or for Cincinnati Airport.

      1. Florence, Y’all FTW!

        1. There’s a funny story behind that water tower.

          1. Not that funny. It used to say Florence Mall, then something something, and they changed the M to Y’.

            1. I didn’t lol

            2. They weren’t allowed to advertise the mall on public property.

              1. But the annoying thing is that it used to look like they’d simply painted over the arms of the ‘M’–which is what they did initially. When they did the repaint a few years ago they ‘fixed’ it.

                How goddamned many of us are there in Kentucky?

      2. The creation museum is a part of that burgeoning liberty.

        Libertopia would allow a creation museum too.

        1. You won’t find me disagreeing with that. Libertopia would obviously allow a creation museum, and I agree with that. Now the intelligence of the people who built it and the people who visit, that’s an entirely different matter.

          1. Ive suggested a reason meet-up at it. Response has mostly been crickets.

            1. Just to be clear, creation museum followed by Hofbrauhaus.

            2. I’d much rather have a reason meet-up in my back yard. Archery, fire, and moonshine FTW!

            3. About a two hour drive from me.

            4. I’d go if I were anywhere nearby. Sounds like a good laugh. Followed by good beer, it sounds like a fine way to spend an afternoon.

            5. Ive suggested a reason meet-up at it. Response has mostly been crickets.

              The museum is a little pricey for something I’d be immediately kicked out of.

              1. Maybe if you stopped taking your pants off in public that wouldn’t happen so much.

                1. Fuck you, you stinking slanderous liar! How dare you say what everyone already knows!

                  1. Now now, NutraSweet: were the moral consequences of taking your pants off in public foreseeable? Well?

                2. Don’t discourage him from taking his pants off!

                  1. Oh, I’m not, he’s stubborn, so I know that by telling him not to he’ll just do it more.

                    1. I avoid the whole mess by not wearing pants at all.

                    2. But I thought you were, I mean, aren’t you a fan of, that is, well, really?

                    3. Just because he’s a fan, that doesn’t mean he want to wear them. I’m a fan of lesbian bondge porn, but I don’t want to wear it.

                    4. I’m a fan of lesbian bondage porn, but I don’t want to wear it.

                      Public Service Announcement: parties at T’s house are boring.

                    5. You are dead to me now.

                    6. Pantsfan at 542, that is.

              2. There are certain times when it’s free. Some friends went. ‘Fun’ was not a word they use to describe the experience. Interesting. Creepy.

          2. Oh boy, the arrogance of you YouTube atheists is really repulsive. You guys are the Westboro Baptists of Atheists/Agnostiscs-disgusting.

            1. Creationists really are stupid. Just saying.

              1. Young or Old Earth? Or both? Or are you just exemplifying ignorance?

                1. The creationist museum is young earth I believe. They are idiots. Old Earth creationism is wrong but I wouldn’t say all people who believe it are idiots.

            2. Absolutely, but nothing compared to the arrogance of “god’s chosen people,” “one true religion,” “not perfect just saved,” etc.

      3. That’s still not enough to make for the creation museum. Or for Cincinnati Airport.

        You may well have a point here. After Orlando, CVG is BY FAR the worst airport I’ve had to use. The security is fucking awful.

        And I have no doubt that the creation museum will die soon enough, or bring poverty to those few individuals who try to keep it afloat.

      4. Are you functionally retarded?

        1. I don’t think I am. It’s possible that all of my IQ tests, as well as my current life, and all of you, are just the dream of an autistic child in a snowglobe. But I doubt that.

          Now, creationists? I’d consider them to be so, yes. Not from a religious angle (don’t care what you believe as long as you don’t use those beliefs to affect me and mine), but anyone believing in creationism is likely missing a chromosome or two. And yes, I am aware that a large percentage of Americans believe in YAC, and that frightens me.

          1. er, YEC, not YAC. I’m not sure what YAC is.

            1. The Young American Coprophiliacs are very insulted.

          2. Fine. But there is quite a difference between Old and Young Earth, same with Intelligent Design. I try not to argue religious matters, its pointless and fruitless. It just has taken me years to figure it out.

            1. I don’t mind old-earth creationism belief. When I was a semi-religious person myself, I was basically taught that everything we know about evolution and the age of the earth happened as science tells us, just that it was guided by a higher hand.

              The creation museum comes from a young-earth creation point of view. And young earth creationism is just plain stupid.

              1. T-Rexs only used those teeth to eat coconuts!

          3. why does this bother you? Life started in some way. The bible version of a day does not necessarily have to be the 24 hour cycle we associate with the term.

            I don’t know how things started, don’t much care, and have no use for organized religion. But, not agreeing with me does not make one scary or retarded.

            1. Ooohhh, special pleading, FTL.

            2. why does this bother you?

              I don’t know how things started, don’t much care

              The problem comes when they jump from “I don’t know X” to “Therefore no one else knows X and X cannot possibly ever be known”. I’m offended by the implication that the reach of my intellect somehow has to be limited by yours.

    2. Boyd Crowder also resides there, which is both a good and bad thing.

      1. I feel safer with Boyd than Raylan, however.

      2. when does season 3 start up?

          1. Well I better get on that then!

  36. Where’s our troll from Seattle? I’d like to see him come on here and explain how this is OK.*

    *I assume it will have something to do with a lack of training, a union-enforced due process afforded only to cops or that ot was all just gallows humor.

    1. FTA: The video, captured by an in-house camera in the South Precinct, was released Thursday under a public-disclosure request by the Seattle City Attorney’s Office, which is reviewing the entire episode to determine if Powell should be criminally charged.

      The fucking DA has to make a FOIA request to get the police department to release video from the jailhouse cameras? WTF?

      Also, Police said Powell, 51, who joined the Police Department in 1993, was baited into a physical confrontation with the man, who allegedly spit in the officer’s face.

      After the spitting, Powell initially pushed the man, which would not be considered a criminal act because it could be viewed as self-defense, according to a law-enforcement source familiar with the investigation.

      Somehow, though, the man was not charged with spitting on the officer and no footage of it exists. I call bullshit.

      1. Even if he did spit, how is shoving they guy going to defend against further spitting? Shouldn’t self defense actually be at least theoretically effective in defending yourself?

        1. Why do you want the streets to be unsafe, Zeb? Why do you hate women and children?

  37. A reader writes:

    My husband and I have stopped having sex after two months of marriage
    His libido has suffered with his hectic work hours and I have developed a pain in my vagina. And me shouting at him is making matters worse

    1. Well, not shouting at the guy would be a good start. Granted, I understand that women are genetically evolved to nag and shout at their menfolk, so this might be tough.

    2. So he’s only been working hectic hours since they’ve been married? More likely she’s turned the nagging up to 11 since she got the ring.

      1. No shit–no man’s libido suffers from “hectic work hours.” It does, however, suffer from “nagging shrew of a wife.”

        1. Queen of the harpies! Queen of the harpies!

        2. Maybe he’s a TSA agent and spends all day rubbing H&R posters’ balls and getting his face farted on.

          1. That’s your job, Tulpy-Poo.

          2. Maybe he’s a TSA agent and spends all day rubbing H&R posters’ balls and getting his face farted on.

            I always opt out.

            I wish I could, just once, have a nasty, lingering shit on the floor kind of fart as he’s moving his hand up until he gets “resistance”, but no matter how mightily I try, I can never muster one when I need it.

    3. “It burns so badly I have to just stop”

      Seek medical attention. Also, I further suggest that you buy some lube, let your husband watch porn featuring American women, and let him take you from behind. Try not to speak and remind him he married a Brit.

      1. I wouldn’t mind marrying a Brit, if she were Lacey Banghard. (HER ACTUAL NAME!)

        1. That’s because she’s half-Indian and therefore has 50% less…well, English in her.

          1. 50% less…well, English in her.


            And you know what I mean….

    4. His libido has suffered with his hectic work hours

      Vanishing libido and longer time spent away from home? Hmm. I wonder what that could mean.

    5. “Working hectic hours” probably means “banging a chick on the side”.

      1. Or what Tulpa said. Damn failure to refresh.

    6. Re:

      My husband and I have stopped having sex after two months of marriage

      Get into the kitchen and cook, now.

      His libido has suffered with his hectic work hours and I have developed a pain in my vagina.

      Get your ass into the kitchen and cook, now. Oh, and buy some lube.

      And me shouting at him is making matters worse

      Get into the kitchen and cook… quietly!.

      What’s the matter with these womenfolk? Don’t they realize what turns us men on???

  38. I have to say, Glenn Beck has gone a bit off the deep end with this theme park idea.

    Now on the other hand, if he was planning a private city/town like The Villages, I would be all in. Even better, why not get the Koch Bros and other rich libertarians together and we all settle on a chain of Caribbean islands? Hell, theres even a show called “Island Hunters” on HGTV (dont ask) about people buying entire islands. Much better than seasteading, if you ask me.

    1. Why not just do like in Superman Returns and create our own continent?

    2. The problem with buying an island is sovereignty doesnt come with it. Its still part of some country.

      1. Unless we buy a chain of Islands from a weak country and declare our own, rightful sovereignty. I assume that we would be armed, right?

      2. Can we just build our own islands?

        1. Exactly. We’d essentially buy the islands then connect them via land bridge.

          1. Im not a property lawyer**

      3. You’re right, robc, but local officials can be bribed and coopted, so effectively the next best thing.

    3. What? When he makes several million dollars in appearance fees, while this thing slowly tanks under its own weight, he’ll laugh all the way to the bank because his fees are going to a different subsidiary than the development corp. Also, if he’s really smart, he bought the land and is selling it in tranches direct to suckers, while taking a kickback if they use one of his developers to build on the property.

      1. The problem with this theory is that Beck already has shit tons of money. I honestly think he believes in this..

    4. I think it will be more like this.


      1. If it fails, it will be Jonestown. If it succeeds, it will be Waco.

        1. awesome

  39. $250,000 in tax dollars was spent renovating his office, including the installation of “interactive whiteboards.”

    I hate(d) SmartBoards and that tax dollars actually went to that crap. Such a scam.

    1. Aren’t whiteboards already interactive?

      1. If you’d had a fulfilling education with expensive computerized whiteboards you’d understand just how wrong you are.

      2. Students can interact with them from their taxpayer-purchased laptops and Ipads, both of which are critical to academic achievement in the 21st century.

      3. Aren’t whiteboards already interactive?


    1. I understand this a libertarian circle jerk of a video. You have a black token who? doesn’t know what the fuck he is talking about, doesn’t know the demographics and attitudes of the people who align themselves with libertarianism. I understand. You libertards. Only exist on the net. You have to make yourselves feel better somehow. Real people living in the real world will never fail for libertarian charlatanry and chicanery. Because people really know that libertarian = republicans = nutjobs.

      Well played, YouTube commenter.

      1. But wait! There’s more!

        Awbrfg55 4 hours ago

        Libertarianism is a white supremacist party and political ideology whereby massive slashes in government spending on programs that poor minorities depend on to maintain a fucking subsistence level of existence would be passed and maintained. As a black man, all I gotta say is fuck Big Boi, fuck Gary Johnson that incompetent fuck who wants to slash medicare, medicaid, and SS and fuck libertarianism. I aint no? guru selling spiritual bullshit, so fuck that enlightenment bull as well. Nuff said.

        Shorter version: I’m black, free shit, wah wah wah!

        1. Liberalism is a white supremacist party and political ideology whereby massive increases in government keep poor minorities in their place.

          1. Libertarianism is a white supremacist party

            Which is why my support for the LP has always been half-hearted.

            1. Well, played, HM.

              1. ^_^

        2. I aint no? guru selling spiritual bullshit, so fuck that enlightenment bull as well.

          Apparently he has no idea what the Enlightenment was actually about, either. Which isn’t altogether surprising, I guess.

        3. I’m black, free shit, wah wah wah!

          Fuck off, slaver!!

          … Hobbit

      2. You libertards. Only exist on the net.


        Because people really know that libertarian = republicans = nutjobs.

        Hmm. Does not compute.

        Think he’s going for libertarian ? republicans ? nutjobs.

  40. [Galt] believed that only through freedom could people tap into their divine potential

    Oh yeah, I remember how overtly religious Galt was. Is there some Evangelical Christian version of Atlas Shrugged that turned all the heroes into devout Christians? Like the Jefferson Bible in reverse?

    1. Left Behind? Or am I just making some unwarranted mental leap from Atlas Shrugged to Bioshock to Rapture to shite Christian fiction?

  41. just as Virginia replied I cant believe that you able to earn $8471 in four weeks on the computer. have you read this link. http://google.com.qr.net/j5GS


    2. Yes, Virginia, there is a spam-fairy.

    3. Things were so much better when Virigina was still here.

    4. Work-at-home-spam-bot needs to get together with anon-bot.

      1. Why stop at two? (groucho eyebrows)

        1. Sometimes dude, you jsut gotta roll with the punches!

    5. Who knew camwhores made so much?

      1. It’s a good scam.
        Set 400 tokens for “nudity”.
        Log out when you get to 355.


        /heard it from a friend

      2. Who knew camwhores made so much?


        1. Warty’s a genius. He hits a computer with ransomware that links to his cam. You pay him $500 or the only thing you’ll ever see on the internet again is him.

          1. Wait, computer monitors can depict Warty now?

            1. Yes, but only in 2 dimensions.

  42. Also, doesn’t telling everyone about Galt’s Gulch kind of defeat the entire point?

    1. Well, Google Earth didn’t exist when Atlas Shrugged was written. I doubt you could hide it now, unless you’re going to head underground. And even then, getting fabulously rich underground probably wouldn’t work out any better than it did at Erebor.

  43. WOW what a cool penalty shot.

  44. Sound like a pretty crazy plan to me dude. Wow.


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