Venezuela, US Begin Talks

Began trying to improve ties in November


Venezuela and the U.S. are making tentative moves to improve relations even as Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez struggles to recover from an unknown type of cancer at a Cuban hospital.

Officials say the détente began in late November, when Roberta Jacobson, the U.S.'s top diplomat for Latin America, telephoned Venezuela's Vice President Nicolás Maduro, the Chávez-designated heir. Both sides discussed areas of mutual interest, according to U.S. officials.

"We have for some time made it clear that we were willing and open to trying to improve our ties with Venezuela," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said at a news briefing this week.

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  1. “We have for some time made it clear that we were willing and open to trying to improve our ties with Venezuela,”

    Is this because the effort would increase the number of SEIU members who will vote Dem next election?
    WIH would the US care to ‘improve our ties’ to a one-by-nothing country run by a thuggish lefty?
    Let the asshole die; find out how long his fantasy lasts until people get hungry. Maybe they’ll get reasonable; if not, let ’em be hungry. I’m tired of bailing out idiots with adolescent fantasies.

  2. Was hoping that the talks were re: a challenge trade of chief autocrats. If we could spin Obama for a dying Chavez, we could sit on our new investment for a couple of months, then parcel out Hugo’s remains into a limited edition series of reliquaries to be sold to progressives and socialists in an effort to chip away at the national debt. As a follow-up deal, we could dump salary on Canada by offering a package of Biden/Boehner for a A/AA prospect on the Montreal City Council. We could kick in Rubio or Ryan to sweeten the deal if we need to, as I doubt either will hit above .250 this year.

    Classic addition-by-subtraction transactions. Make it happen, DePodesta.

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