A.M. Links: Joe Biden Pretends To Make Nice With the NRA, Bradley Manning Trial Delayed, Cops Bust Students


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  1. …Joe Biden is sitting down with gun-owner groups, including the NRA.

    Face it, Joe just likes to hear himself talk.

    1. Joe Biden, NRA…what could possibly go wrong?

    2. it’s not as if anyone else does

    3. Why is the NRA going to the WH if they get shafted anyways?!

      1. Because they never learn? Because the higher ups get paid to be in the spotlight as much as possible and they love it?

        1. Because they’re part owners. They might as well have a look at the place.

          1. It is because the NRA is part of the anti-gun lobby. And yes I am being serious. They are the absolute worst group to put up to defend 2a. I see them as no different than the Brady Campaign…hell, they authored the Brady Bill.

      2. Because if they don’t go, it will be a sign of disrespect. Then President Red-Ass and Veep Chapped-Ass will go for the jugular. The worst thing you can do to the Egomaniac-In-Chief is make him or his administration look trivial.

        1. Actually that’d be the BEST thing they could do. If I was the NRA head, I’d freaking taunt them into trying something. Then maybe 1% more of the populace could see what ineffectual losers they are.

          Seriously, EDG, I think you’re onto something.

        2. But what if you really DO disrespect the President?

        3. The worst thing you can do to the Egomaniac-In-Chief is make him or his administration look trivial.

          I thought that was the point of having Biden as VP.

    4. are we supposed to laugh at Joe or take him seriously during the odd numbered years? It’s all so confusing.

  2. …because some families might choose schools with religious affiliations.

    Choice is fine, as long as we all choose the same thing.

    1. They have a reasonable First Amendment concern. I interpret it differently, but I can see how someone would consider it government funding for religion.

      1. They have a reasonable First Amendment concern.

        No, they don’t.

        If we were talking about the “New Hampshire Catholic School Voucher, Only to be Used by Catholics in Catholic Schools Program,” then yes, you would have a 1A concern.

        As it is, we have pants wetting by the KULTUR WARRIORS, who are alternating between fainting couches, that someone might actually choose to not send their little rugrats to a secular school.

        1. Kinda seems like the ACLU is just shitting on school choice. Are a lot of irony-deficient union teachers ACLU members?

    2. Choice is fine, as long as we all choose the same thing.

      You aren’t free unless you are free to be wrong.

  3. Man pisses out of a moving car on a highway in front of cops. What happens next is heartwarming

    1. I was assuming your comment was sarcasm. I was gratefully relieved. Much like the car passenger.

    2. So you’re saying Kiwi cops are more humane than Aussie cops?

    3. They should have pulled them over for having the steering wheel on the wrong side.

      1. Not to mention driving on the wrong side of the road.

        1. and is promptly pulled up.

          What the bloody ell does that mean, govnah? Were they in an airplane or something?

    4. “Warms the cockles” seems more apropos.

  4. Mot?rheadphones! Take that, Dr Dre!

    1. That’s cool.

    2. The only thing you see, you know it’s going to be: CompressorHead

    3. Nothing beats these: http://www.ebay.com/ctg/Radio-…../114454121

  5. Owners of two spas raided for alleged prostitution

    Was it fraud? Did the girls turn the cops down?

  6. North Korea Follows Only One American on Twitter- Coldplay’s biggest fan. Urrgh

    1. It gets worse. They only follow one Canadian as well.

      Nickleback’s biggest fan.

      1. Maybe it is just me, but I would rather listen to Nickleback than Coldplay.

        1. It’s just you. Coldplay is better than Nickelback.

          1. I’m not trying to say I like Nickelback, just that Coldplay makes me want to kill myself.

            1. Me too. But Nickelback makes me want to kill everyone and then myself.

              1. They’re not going to outlaw Nickelback, so don’t even bother.

          2. Coldplay is more pretentiously annoying, anyway.

            1. Nonsense. The crass commercialization of Gwyneth’s grief over her dead father was heart-warming and completely sincere. And more importantly, a huge hit!

              1. Bonus cynicism points for entirely ripping off Joe Satriani while doing so. Seriously the most overwhelming case of copyright infringement I’ve ever heard.

            2. But Nickelback is more obnoxiously annoying.

        2. It is just you. I hope.

        3. I third the vote – motion carries.

        4. They both suck donkey balls.

          1. Agreed. But if forced to choose, which way are you going?

              1. I was going to go with molten lead.

                1. Crown of gold.

            1. Nickleback. I have no idea what a Nickleback song even sounds like. Whereas I know what Coldplay sounds like : vacuous European sanctimony. So at least I’d learn something.

    2. Look at the serfs
      Look how they all bow to you
      And everything you do
      Yeah, they are all yellow

  7. Defense attorneys suggest that failure to hold a speedy trial might justify dropping the whole matter.

    Hey, he already got time served taken off his inevitable life sentence. What more do you want?

    1. If he gets death for treason, I want his family to pay for those extra days he was kept alive is what I want.

    2. Something is going on with the Manning and Hasan trials. Military justice, even General Court-Martials, is normally fast – like blindingly fast.

      You here about a Soldier or Marine on base getting arrested. A week or 2 later, you can read the court verdict and punishment in the base newspaper.

      1. Anyone know what is the plural of Court Martial?
        Is it Courts Martial or Court Martials?

        1. Courts Martial

          Court is the noun, martial the adjective. See also Attorneys-General

          1. I bet you go into Burger King and order 2 whoppers junior, don’t you?

            1. if i were a pedantic glutton, yes.

              “My good fellow, would you be so kind as to allow me to purchase two of your most nourishing and deliciousd whoppers junior – sans fromage, of course”

            2. No, she just asks for a brace of Jr. Whoppers

              1. No, the proper unit of measure is either grains or stones, My Good LTC.-)

              2. I don’t know, I didn’t go in any Burger Kings.

                Or is it Burgers King?

                1. That second one, I think. There can be only one King of the Burgers.

                  The King is dead. Long live the King.

            3. IFH would have to leave Australia to go to Burger King. They have Hungry Jack’s instead.

            4. I ask for one Whopper Junior, and one more.

          2. Yes, that is correct, even though it sounds stupid as shit.

          3. Thanks Furry – that’s what I thought and I used it in a novel (as R.E. Lee’s words) but someone challenged it.

      2. This. It doesn’t take three years to prosecute a PFC. It takes about three weeks.

        1. Not when you have a White House directing a Pentagon to make politically palatable results.

      3. Two things are going on. First, the Army JAG Corps is really not capable of doing large, complex trials like these very well. But they are so insular and arrogant they refuse to call on their reserve and guard assets. The Reserves and National Guards are full of federal and state prosecutors who are experts in death penalty and national security law cases. Active duty JAGs just don’t do those kinds of cases enough to know what they are doing. So they are having to learn on the fly and are predictably taking forever and fucking it up.

        Second, both of those cases are a disgrace to the commands and the Army in general. In the Manning case an unsupervised specialist with mental problems was allowed access to enormous amounts of classified materials that he had no need to know. In the other, a mentally deranged jihadist was promoted to Major and sent to the field to counsel soldiers with PTSD. The Army would like both of those cases to just go away and are thus trying desperately to not try them.

        1. Which I find odd, because the general and ancient tribal wisdom in the Army is that if you fuck up, you admit, take your lumps, and move on.

          The longer they drag these things out, the worse it looks. If they had tried these chumps and sentenced them 2 years ago, the next time this would come up was when they were eligible for release.

          1. In the Army, as a whole, yes – but that does not apply to various parts of the “Pentagon” Army or most of the JAGC.

            1. Plus they have to fly down to Gitmo to do interviews and get the flight records from the tower chief at Andrews AFB.

              1. You can’t handle the truth, can you?

              2. I spit my coffee out when I read this. Well played, sire knight; well played, indeed.

        2. the jihadist wasn’t just promoted; his obvious issues were ignored by other troops concerned that pointing out the obvious would kill their careers.

  8. Meet the Genius Behind the Trillion-Dollar Coin and the Plot to Breach the Debt Ceiling

    The coin hack even surprised and impressed former U.S. Mint director Philip Diehl, who co-authored the law that enabled the platinum loophole in the first place.

    “When I first heard about the idea to mint a trillion-dollar coin, I was very surprised,” says Diehl. “But because I know that law backwards and forwards, I knew immediately that the guy who came up with the idea was right.

    “It’s an ingenious use of the law to avoid a ridiculous and irresponsible situation, in which the country would be driven to default.”

    1. This is just a way to print money, essentially, right? So it would have no negative effects other than enabling more irresponsible and counterproductive spending?

      1. Yes. The utter slack-jawed stupidity of these people is awe-inspiring.

        Infuriatingly, Bernard von Nothaus is going to jail for far less.

      2. No matter, the coin would not go into circulation.

        It is still a stupid idea and in my view illegal.

      3. So, why not just print up a couple hundred million $1,000,000 bills and give one to each American? It’s cheaper and you arrive at economic ruin having a helluva lot more fun.

    2. Well, I guess as long as it’s legal there’s no reason not to do it then.

    3. This is ridiculous. If Obama is going to sell the country out, he’s going to do it for thirty pieces of platinum.

      1. What I have a problem with, is if you stamp “$1,000,000,000,000” on a one ounce platinum disc, obviously the price of platinum doesn’t rise to a trillion dollars. Likewise, I have a one ounce disc of gold that says “50 Dollars” on it, and I damn sure wouldn’t trade it in for 50 $1 FRNs. The fact that this dodge is even considered as legitimate by some is evidence of magical thinking and denial of reality. It’s one thing to use a symbol printed on paper as a proxy for value exchanged. It is a great degree different to so wildly misrepresent the value. Why not make it out of stainless steel, or aluminum? Does the fact the Pt is a precious metal somehow soothe a monetary daemon in ways unknown to those of us not initiated into the mysteries?

        1. It’s not going to fly;

          Some guy tried the opposite dodge. He would pay his employees in old silver coins where the metal was worth many times the denomination stamped on the coins. He would file their W-2’s and do withholding based on the face value of the coins.

          For example, he would pay an employee $100,000 a year using coins with a face value of $15,000, report that to the IRS and do his withholding accordingly.

          IIRC he got locked up for it.

          When I rise to power, he will get a feast-day that is prominently observed.

          1. That is brilliant. What law did they invent to lock him up?

            1. Forget it, found it. Genius.

            2. And here is a nifty blog post no the trillion dollar coin that mentions the guy (Kahre) above. And also asserts that given the precedent Bernanke would be within his rights – if not expected – to value the “deposited” platinum coin at it’s exchange value and not face value. Meaning he could hand Obama about $1500 or so when he dpositis the coin.

              1. Reading your link, I was cheered to find out that Kahre wasn’t convicted but rather the jury hung.

                1. That was the first trial (the link is old). Later links show a 15 year sentence I think.

                  Never fuck with The State.

          2. That’s interesting. What law did he violate? Old coins are still legal tender, no?

            1. He was using new coins, minted under a law passed in the 80’s.

              Best I can tell, he didn’t violate the law; the tax system isn’t set up to handle this situation. He was technically correct (the best kind of correct), but was flouting… gloriously flouting… the spirit of the law.

              My guess is he purchased the coins based on their bullion content paying in FR dollars, paid his employees based on their face value as US dollars, the employees then traded the coins for FRD’s on their bullion content.

              Had the U.S. govt better calibrated the face value so that the USD matched the FRD, this would be a non issue.

              Had the U.S. govt not tried to cover the unconstitutionality of the federal reserve system by equating FRD’s with USD’s, it would be a non issue.

              But those conditions would have screwed over their ability to inflate to pay for the fun stuff govt officials get to do, so instead they tried to hammer the guy for complying with their idiotic laws.

        2. Given that there were only about $10B of Pt mined last year, rate of recovery is at an all time high, and that Pt has only been mined for about 100 years, there probably is only about $500B worth of Pt recovered in history.

        3. It’s one thing to use a symbol printed on paper as a proxy for value exchanged. It is a great degree different to so wildly misrepresent the value. Why not make it out of stainless steel, or aluminum? Does the fact the Pt is a precious metal somehow soothe a monetary daemon in ways unknown to those of us not initiated into the mysteries?

          That’s the conundrum. By using platinum instead of silver or nickel or steel or whatever, they’re basically arguing, unintentionally, that precious metals have a inherent monetary value of some sort.

          I guess it’s possible that pegging a 1 oz platinum coin at $1 trillion wouldn’t affect other PM values, but I doubt it. It’s more likely that doing so would be an admission that the fiat currency game is up and subsequently send gold and silver through the roof.

          1. Seignurage is back, baby!

          2. Dude, the late 19th century U.S. economic crises are full of testimony as to why bimetallism is a fucking disaster.

            1. bimetallism is fine as long you don’t try to fix an exchange rate between gold and silver. But of course “they” always try to do that because “they” are morons.

    4. It’s an ingenious use of the law to avoid a ridiculous and irresponsible situation, in which the country would be driven to default.

      Just to be crystal clear, if you are an ongoing borrower whose lenders feel you have defaulted on your loan, regardless of your technical compliance, life is going to get a whole lot harder.

      1. Right! It may be an “ingenious” way to dodge around the rules, but the people who matter (the US’s creditors) are not going to be impressed.

        Also, how is this not “circumventing the law” in the same sense as building a non-“assault weapon” AR platform rifle?

    5. The whole law referred to is about the mint making commemorative coins…so the Trillion dollar thing, it would be to commemorate the moment we achieved peak retard?

      1. It’s only a local maximum.

      2. We will never achieve Peak Retard.

        1. We will, if we mint a trillion retard coin.

    6. Even if we assume the Treasury can mint a trillion-dollar coin (and you will note a distinct lack of actual Treasury lawyers issuing opinions to that effect), it would be a mere curio unless the Federal Reserve agrees to pay a trillion dollars for it.

      And I seriously, seriously doubt that will ever happen. Aside from the dreadful fiscal, monetary, and political implications, doing so would be a surrender of the Fed’s control of the money supply.

      1. Why would the Fed have to agree to accept the coin? As long as it is legal tender, couldn’t a bank deposit it in their Fed account?

  9. Owners of two spas raided for alleged prostitution are suing the Airway Heights, Washington, Police Department, demanding the return of large sums of money seized by the sticky-fingered constabulary.

    Eeew! /teenage girl

  10. You Cannot Raise Taxes on the Rich

    Tax hikes on the so-called rich may decrease the private sector’s share of income, but they probably will not do much to decrease the real income of high-wage workers and may in reality increase government revenue at the expense of low-wage workers in the long term, though it is very difficult to disaggregate the complex relationships between taxes, wages, and prices. But those who say that they are most interested in economic inequality would do well to follow Kenworthy’s example and look at transfers rather than taxes. Means-testing Social Security and Medicare would do more to make the total package of taxes and transfers more progressive than any tax hike likely to pass Congress in the foreseeable future. It is also a reform that many conservatives and deficit hawks could support. This should be persuasive to those on the Left whose interest in tax hikes on the high-income is not strictly punitive, but I am afraid they are a very small minority.

    1. Oh yeah, they’re a very small minority.

    2. They don’t want to means-test Medicare, though, because they want a monopsony.

  11. A growing presence in schools around the country, police have taken to arresting students for … pretty much everything.

    Administrators couldn’t be happier to have that burden lifted from them. Out of proportion disciplinary actions by staff are one less thing to get pilloried for at school board meetings.

    1. What kind of asshole would sentence their kid to public school. The risk-to-possible-gain ratio is just insanely skewed in the wrong direction.

      1. If you paid for something, you gotta use it. Otherwise you’re a chump.

        1. You don’t have to use it if you are wealthy enough to absorb the loss. But yeah, most people in the middle class don’t have a choice.

        2. I do use it. I just use it to keep other people’s kids away from mine.

        3. I am the champion of chumps. I pay $1,000 a month in property taxes and another $1,000 for parochial High School.

          1. Damn, what school is that? It cost $2,500 for me each year 20 years ago. My high school is now $12,500/yr to attend.

            1. Same for my kid. My credit card gets hit for a little over $1k a month on the payment plan.

          2. That is a freakin’ bargain compared to where I live.

            My property taxes are $24K, and about average for the town. Yes my kids go to the local public school but jesus it is a complete ripoff.

            1. That’s what I would be paying if I lived in the same house 20 miles further east in NJ.

              1. Well that’s not far from me. I am in Westchester County, NY.

                I occasionally trek to Crystal Springs to play golf. Near you?

                1. Warren County (almost Morris) NJ.

                  1. That’s just south of there and I assume similar. Much different than the rest of NJ, and nothing at all like the caricature of the state.

                    1. Nope, I actually like Scott Garrett.

        4. If you paid for something, you gotta use it. Otherwise you’re a chump.

          And so what if your children are fucked as a result?

          “Sorry, kids, but your futures’ are not nearly as important as me “getting back” some of the money that was stolen from me”

      2. Are public schools really a lot worse than 20 years ago? I’m no supporter of government run schools for many reasons, but I really don’t have much to complain about from my public school education. Of course, quality of schools varies widely and I am the sort of person who would have learned stuff anywhere, so maybe I have a skewed view.

        1. The public schools that I attended served me best when they just got out of my way. To a large extent, I self-homeschooled.

        2. From my viewpoint, the public schools spend a lot of time on stuff that is more akin to indictrination as opposed to education.

          Thus, our kids end up scoring low in math and science compared to other nations, though I admit those results may be dubious/flawed/skewed in some manner.

          Now, I’m not advocating that our kids should only study math/science. However, there are only so many hours in a day and if you devote a significant portion of those hours toward instruction that should be the province of the parents, then you get kids that aren’t competitive with others in the world.

          My two cents.

          1. Except their parents might give them the wrong ideas. For example, their parents might tell them FDR was not the greatest President in history, who saved us from the Great Depression. They might tell their kids that equality of opportunity, not equality of outcomes, is the goal of the American system.

            Make no mistake…the indoctrination is the point of public education. Turning out obedient citizens with the right mindsets, attitudes, and preconceptions. Never, and I mean never, forget that.

    2. So…homeschool then. I’m glad they are making this choice easy for me.

      1. Yep. If the wife and I decide to have a lil’ libertarian, we will homeschool as well. Or ship him off to one of my monocle factories. Cheap labor is cheap.

        1. I mean I’m seriously considering never buying a house and using the savings to live at a rented home/apartment to teach the little bastards. Otherwise I don’t know how I’m going to do it without being a good statist and stealing people’s money.

          1. You could choose not to have any of the little bastards and retire early.

            1. Yeah but my life is pretty much a meaningless waste and the only way to feel like it mattered is by producing (hopefully) better human beings. Than again, if I fucked up so badly with myself, maybe I should just forget the whole thing. Good idea Franny. Time to drink.

              1. If you do decide to have kids, and you want to make/shape them into better humans than you, don’t let the pendulum swing to far in the other direction.

    3. Besides, you have to teach children their subservient place somehow.

  12. Executive orders and gun controls

    How many options are available to the President when it comes to executive orders and guns? I’m no expert, but it would seem to boil down to a series of basic federal gun laws, like the Gun Control Act of 1968, the National Firearms Act of 1934 and the National Instant Background Check System that was part of the 1993 Brady handgun law.

    Can the President simply issue an executive order to ban the sale of certain weapons? I’m no legal expert, but it would seem like the White House could only nibble around the edges of this debate with executive orders when it comes to imported weapons, maybe background checks and reporting of multiple gun purchases.

    More dramatic gun restrictions would likely only be possible through legislation, not executive fiat or the promulgation of new regulations.

    1. People forget that Obama is really pretty limited both intellectually and politically. He knows one thing, constantly do anything to keep your base excited. That worked in the election with his base and with low information voters. It doesn’t work in other situations, namely mid terms and gun control. He is going to do nothing but end the careers of a bunch of Congressional Democrats.

      1. Says the board moron who never gets anything right.

        1. Shut up sock puppet.

          1. John, and I say this as fellow H&Rer;, it’s ‘fuck off, sockpuppet’, and if you must emebellish you can add ‘die in a fire’.

            1. Also remember that, as a sock puppet, his ass looks like an elbow.

        2. Oh, the Lithium flavoured irony, Shriek.-D

        3. Obamacare ended a few careers.

        4. Says the board moron who never gets anything right.

          Pot. Kettle. Something, something.

      2. I seriously doubt it, but if that happens, it will be the first good thing he’s done.

        1. Congressional Democrats are going to under tremendous pressure to “do something”. But only the ones from the bluest states would have any hope of re-election if they turn against gun owners.

          1. So they just promise more free shit to counter-balance it. Anyone who could lose a district based on ‘gun control’ has already lost, so there won’t be any turnover over this.

            1. I don’t think so. Gun control hasn’t been a big issue in the Congressional elections since 2004 or really since 2000. After 2000, the Dems learned that gun control benders were bad for their health. There is a whole bunch of Senators up for re-election in 2014 who won in red states in 08 who are very vulnerable to this.

              1. Your optimism is going to get the best of you every time.

            2. You are wrong on that. There are plenty of democrats who would lose seats. Especially senators.

              1. Reid won’t let a bill come to vote until the House passes one.


              2. I am never wrong in matters like this. I always come to my conclusions by assuming the average voter is Shrike.

                1. That stupid?

    2. Incorrect.

      The CPSC could issue “safety” rules that made it effectively impossible to legally sell a gun and they could do it without ever even using the word gun in their regulations.

      Chances are these regulations would be overturned by the Supreme Court once someone figured out a way to get standing to sue or was prosecuted for violating them but that would take years.

      1. Guns are excluded by law from the products the CPSC can regulate.

        1. How about bullets?

          If the CSPC can’t do it, the ATF can, if they can’t there are a host of other agencies which could.

          Trust me, with the size and scope of the regulatory state and the powers delegated to it by the Congress it would be possible for the President to do pretty much ban ANYTHING he wanted.

          The Ban might not hold up to Judicial scrutiny, and if motivated to do so Congress could quickly outlaw the regulation but that doesn’t change the fact that the Presidend could ban it in the first place, nor would it stop people from being Harrassed at the least and possibly prosecuted for violating the regulation while it was in effect.

    3. So, does it even matter anymore that Executive Orders from the Pres. don’t affect the private sector? I mean seriously, where was this particular shark jumped in history. A Presidential Executive order only applies to the departments and employees of the Executive Branch (and sometimes other parts of civil service). Not to you and me and bob. It would be like ATT telling an MCI employee he can’t take vacation on Tuesdays.

  13. STEVE SMITH: The Movie.


    1. I wonder if the Yeti is live action or CGI.

      1. I’ll have to defer to Warty for that question.

    2. “You could have told me Sasquatch was a… a dude.”

  14. http://www.tricities.com/news/…..91713.html

    But having armed guards at schools could never prevent a mass shooting. That is just crazy gun nut talk.

    1. Obviously not. I mean look they had a mass shooting at that hospital on that Army base, and you know they had tons of armed guards there. And there was still a mass shooting.

      No, banning guns is the only way.

      1. Yeah. It is funny how people think that the military just has weapons laying around all over the place and not locked in arms rooms.

        1. It’s just not something people who’ve never been in the military would expect. You watch FMJ, they all have M-14s, end of story.

        2. Military bases are essentially gun free zones. The only people armed are the 18 yo cops.

    2. The new thing going around the leftosphere is that Columbine had an armed guard stationed there and he couldn’t prevent the killings.

      However, when you read the actual police report, it shows that 1) the guy wasn’t even at the school when the shootings began; 2) when he arrived, he shot at Harris on two different occasions and missed, showing he was a lousy shot and should have practiced more; and 3) when the swat teams arrived, they fucked around outside while kids were getting shot instead of storming the place and ending the threat as soon as possible.

      Now, I’m not on the “armed guards in the schools” camp because public schools are enough of a prison already. But if you’re going to use Columbine as an example to support your position, it helps to have done your homework on events first.

    3. The gunman had two low-capacity pistols holding a total of 13 rounds.

      Obviously we need to ban magazines that hold over ten rounds.

  15. Ward Churchill’s Last Stand: Supreme Court or Bust

    In a more just world, Ward Churchill would have been tossed from the academy for sheer silliness. In 21st-century America, it took a faculty committee, the university’s Board of Regents, and eventually the Colorado Supreme Court. In September 2012, the state’s highest court finally decided that the Regents were within their rights to fire the professor unanimously found guilty by a committee of colleagues of “multiple acts of plagiarism, fabrication, and falsification.” And to think: the faculty committee only wanted him suspended.

    In December, Churchill appealed his case to the Supreme Court.

    1. I am pulling for Churchill on this one. He didn’t do anything worse or different than what Elizabeth Warren did.

      1. He didn’t marry the head of the department or win an election.

        1. Or possess a vagina.

          1. The jury is still out on that one.

        2. Nor is he of indigenous ancestry.

          1. Neither is she.

    2. In a just world based upon, Ward would never been promoted higher than assistant night manager of an Arby’s.

  16. Chinese officials say they’ll loosen censorship of a reformist newspaper.

    They’ll allow them to add a second or two to Mao’s world record Yangtze swim time.

  17. http://www.theblaze.com/storie…..ne-number/

    Fox Five, whatever that is, retaliates against Gawker publishing the names all legal gun owners in NYC by publishing the name, address and phone number of the douche bag founder of Gawker.

    1. Three douchebags and two hot looking women.

    2. I’m not doubting who started this mess, but this seems like it could really begin spiraling downward to a place no one wants.

      1. It totally is. How long before some nut goes and does someone harm? Gawker and the assholes at that newspaper in New York are the scum of the earth.

        1. Supposedly inmates in NY are already threatening the guards since they now know their home addresses.

        2. Hopefully people keep tabs on this and see if any enterprising burglars make off with loot from mostly defenseless non-gun owners.

          1. John, and I say this as fellow H&Rer;, for the last time it’s ‘fuck off, sockpuppet’, and if you must emebellish you can add ‘die in a fire’.

            1. Sorry Drax, that was a bad copy/paste. For some reason I cannot always post comments and have to refresh my screen beforehand and I was to quick on the paste action.

              Meant to say…

              This is what will happen, just wait for the weather to warm up.

              1. Yeah, I was confused but I accept admonishment for continuing the trail of comments underneath a sock-puppet.

                Regarding the actual issue, I’m afraid things like this will be buried/unreported because certain people don’t want to project information that doesn’t tow the line du jour.

        3. Aren’t they just telling the criminals which (armed) homes to avoid?

          1. yup…and at which ones they might be able to score a gun.

    3. They should have also published the same info about the asshole who wrote the story.

    4. “Fox Five” is the local Fox-affiliated broadcast station.

      (I hate the tendency towards making less transparent where a particular TV or radio station is.)

      1. However, “The Five” is a talk show on Fox News that comes on at 5:00 and features five of their regular guests talking about various stuff.

  18. Kyrsten Sinema was sworn into Congress Monday, but with a twist: She didn’t swear on a Bible. The newly elected representative for Arizona’s 9th district swore her oath of office on a copy of the Constitution instead. Sinema refuses to confirm she is an atheist, as many believe, saying merely that she is “not a member of a faith community” and that all Americans deserve both “freedom of religion and freedom from religion.”


    1. then perhaps she should re-read the Constitution she claims fealty to. It says nothing about “freedom from religion”. It says the state can’t tell what or how to worship, implying that if you don’t worship anything, that’s okay too.

      1. She is talking about state imposed religion such as mandatory school prayer.

        “Free minds” used to mean something here. Now its just me. H/R is way too conservative.

        1. since not the new schoolmarm, she’s a member of Congress. No one there is imposing jack shit on her. She is trying to score cheap political points before people too stupid to notice. And having some success it seems.

          I don’t care what she is and doubt that anyone here does, either. But I suspect most would expect she not try to bastardize language in creating the constitution she wished existed.

          1. But I suspect most would expect she not try to bastardize language in creating the constitution she wished existed.

            I seriously can’t figure out how the fuck you come to the conclusion that she wants to rewrite the Constitution.

            1. Because, no matter what militant and/or evangelical atheists believe, this–

              Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

              –does not contain a right to be ‘free’ from religion anywhere in it. At best it allows that you don’t need to practice religion while seeing the public expression of faith all around you.

        2. “Free minds used to mean something here” is definitely going onto my list of stock comedy phrases.
          This is why nobody takes libertarians seriously.

          1. I thought it was why there are no female libertarians.

          2. It was better when Postrel was here.

            1. Roadz!

              1. For a magazine called Reason.

        3. Hahahaha

        4. “Free minds” used to mean something here. Now its just me. H/R is way too conservative.

          I am an atheist. I am not, however, a statist douche like yourself who would deny people their freedom of conscience. Who else was that who hated people and slaughtered them because of their religion? At least Hitler was more honest about his intentions.

        5. Re: Palin’s Buttwipe,

          She is talking about state imposed religion such as mandatory school prayer

          You mean no more “Barack Hussein Obama… Hmm! Hmm! Hmm!”????

          Say it ain’t so, Shoeless! Say it ain’t so!

        6. “Free minds” used to mean something here. Now its just me.

          You certainly were free to make up your mind to suck Obama’s schlong on a regular basis.

      2. I don’t see where she’s saying that is in the Constitution. Looks to me like “freedom from religion” are her own words.

        1. she’s hiding behind the Constitution and hoping no one notices. I don’t care if she’s an atheist or worships flying monkeys; 1A entitles her to the religion of her choice, including no religion at all.

          1. What are you talking about? Hiding from what? I agree she should just come out and say she’s an atheist, but what’s the big deal that she said people deserve “freedom from religion?”

            1. because it’s a meaningless phrase. Freedom of also includes the option of no religion. She is weaseling her way around of stating what appears to be reality about herself and, as such, deserves to be mocked.

              1. People also deserve to be mocked for getting their panties in a wad over this.

              2. wareagle, you are hair splitting. It means you have freedom to the religion of your choice AND you have the freedom FROM having the government push one on you. What she said is EXACTLY correct and I applaud her for her action of swearing on the Constitution (I think they all should).

                1. “and I applaud her for her action of swearing on the Constitution (I think they all should).”

                  As a non-athiest, I have to say, I really like that idea. Swearing on the document that you are bound to (moreso by your election) is brilliant, and would hopefully encourage anyone running for office to actually know what in it.

                  1. Except swearing on a holy book is invoking your God to punish you for oathbreaking. If they swear on the Constitution are we going to have drones firing missiles at oathbreaking officials.

                    Because I’m totally down with that.

                    1. Yeah, I’m down too! That would be better than July 4th.

      3. It says the state can’t tell what or how to worship, implying that if you don’t worship anything, that’s okay too

        That’s and interpretation too. IT says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. Which, as I interpret it, means, in addition to what you say, that government cannot favor or promote any particular religion, or religion in general. Which is what I think she means by “freedom from religion”.

      4. It says nothing about “freedom from religion”.


    2. Sinema refuses to confirm she is an atheist

      It never ceases to amaze me that atheism is so stigmatized that people will say all sorts of things just short of atheism, but never cross the line.

      Chickenshits, all of them.

      1. Wait, John told me that atheists are everywhere and that they’re persecuting good Christians all the time.

        1. Atheists are all guerrillas. They’re all over the place but you can’t tell who they are until they jump you and force you to stop worshiping whatever you choose. They also jump women constantly and force them to have abortions. True story.

          1. AND, atheism is a religion.

    3. She’s afraid that if she touches a bible, she will burn. Witches!

    4. She’s actually a vampire and the Bible would burn her. Obviously.

  19. Oliver Stone: I Learned Nothing From the Rich

    “I’ve been around many rich people in my life. I don’t think I’ve learned anything from them. I think most of them are highly tense, anxious individuals who have not shared with me the great wisdom that I’m getting from people from different walks of life, sometimes much humbler.”

    1. IF being rich is such a drag on your wisdom, why hasn’t Stone given away his money?

      1. his wealth has prevented him from seeing that this is the wisest course of action

      2. “I learned nothing from the rich” – but I don’t mind being rich myself.

      3. He’s good rich – like the Kennedy’s, not bad rich like icky business people.

    2. Oliver, naturally, will be keeping his wealth and continuing to share his, er, wisdom.

    3. Weird, it’s almost like you learn the most from people not like yourself.

      1. By that, I mean rich, I don’t claim to know Oliver Stone’s state of anxiety.

        1. He’s hear to learn from Warty – he is not like any of us.

    4. Yes because all rich people are exactly alike. They are all either neurotic Hollywood “Artists” or uptight Financial CEO’s who fund said artists to likes of which a big name Hollywood director hangs out and parties with.

      There are of course no rich farmers in North Dakota or construction workers in New Mexico or Hotel owners in South Carolina who started out poor and worked their asses off to found and build their own companies to get rich.

    5. I, too, have learned nothing from Oliver Stone’s being rich.

  20. New mortgage lending rules to limit loan options

    For most borrowers, the rules will mean no more interest-only mortgages, no more loans where the principal due increases over time, no more loans that carry a balloon payment and no more loan terms of more than 30 years. In addition, would-be borrowers will be less likely to qualify for a mortgage unless their total debts account for no more than 43 percent of their monthly gross income.

    These so-called qualified mortgages are expected to be embraced by lenders, because by following the criteria, they will have a better chance of shielding themselves from lawsuits from consumers whose loans go bad.

    1. Wait until people start protesting not being able to get mortgages.

      1. Wasn’t that already getting a trial balloon article or two last week or so? Lenders – damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

      2. Its a vicious cycle.

    2. Well, thank zod the government fixed it…

      …they know best.

    3. Prediction: within two years there will be NYTimes and WaPo editorials blaming the evil banks for not making loans to the poor and minorities.

  21. http://chicagoboyz.net/archives/34410.html

    And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?

    Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?

    After all, you knew ahead of time that those bluecaps were out at night for no good purpose. And you could be sure ahead of time that you’d be cracking the skull of a cutthroat. Or what about the Black Maria [Government limo] sitting out there on the street with one lonely chauffeur ? what if it had been driven off or its tires spiked.

    The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn, The GULAG Archipelago

    1. Yeah, and what if every Jew hauled off had done nothing more than poked out the eye of a Nazi? Trouble is, people want to believe they are being relocated for their own safety, or that a glorious leader knows what is best for them, or that they won’t be selected for delousing.

      1. The trouble is that people are fucking chicken and they have been conditioned their whole lives to submit to authority.

    2. I don’t think even our blue politicians are dumb enough to try confiscation.

      Here in NJ there are guns on a banned list, but the cops never tried to find and take them. A couple times we have had to send guys home from the rifle range because they brought an M1 Carbine. (Yes they are banned here but the AR15 isn’t) People just bring them to PA to shoot.

    3. And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?

      This keen hindsight will mean nothing if no one learns from it.

    4. I used to like to quote his interrogation chapter at the torture apologists. Alexsandr was a great man.

      1. Alexsandr was a great man.

        Ukraine, Poland, and Germany would like to disagree with you, Wartster.

        1. They have something against Aleksandr Solzhinitsyn?

          1. The wimminz of the time certainly do, and Belarussians aren’t too fond of him either. Gospodin Solzhinitsyn was no choir boy, though their beef is moreso with Stalin ultimately than Solzhinki.

            1. He was still a Russian Nationalist while being anti-commie. He still helped grind Poland into a submissive client state with redrawn borders.

              1. They can’t all be perfect.

                1. Indeed, and it’s absolutely fascinating seeing how history really is written by the victors, and both Russia and Ukraine are going through a real metamorphosis WRT how inaccurate history really is from both the Red POV and how the USA sees and writes it. I have learned quickly while being here that there are some subjects one does not broach, and WWII is a biggie.

                  1. Even the most anit-nationalist Russian emigrants I know tear up when speaking of Berlin. What a fucking mess.

  22. Emma Watson.

    1. Emma has some nice legs and a nice ass. The weirdos who run Hollywood must be appalled that they haven’t turned her into a skeletor yet.

      1. Thank God she grew her hair back.

        1. Yes. She is not a classic beauty. She is very pretty. But that jaw line is really harsh. She doesn’t have the features to pull off short hair. Looks much better with longer hair.

        2. Why are you thankful she grew her back hair? :-p

      2. At least she has grown her hair back so she doesn’t look like a little boy anymore.

    2. I’ll take the Alabama quarterback’s girlfriend over her any day of the week.

      1. Too bad neither would take you.

    3. MEh. Seen much better…

      1. You leave Emma alone. Emma is adorable. And think about the bank account that goes with her.

      2. Yeah, yeah, doc – keep rubbing our noses in the fact that you are in the land of the hot young wimminz.

        1. First thing he did was start eating soup with a fork and get himself locked up in a one-on-one. Which is why he’s always talking about “seen” better.

          1. It’s a truthful statement, Brett. The most beautiful woman I have ever seen is not UKR. The most beautiful woman I have seen in UKR is, of course, Dr. Podruga Groovova. UKR is overflowing with beautiful wimminz overall. Anyway you slice it, I win, and the rest are Daily FAILS.

            Also, you eat borshh with a spoon.-D

            1. I hooked up pretty early when I first came here 17 years ago and I am still here and we are still together so things worked out pretty well.

              Still I advise you to be picky hold out longer than I did, which was like 3 months.

              1. I am extremely selective, PS, and been a confirmed bachelor for the 38-42 years I have occupied terra firma. She’s a good one, and I despise regret. I will, however, tread carefully, though she has no desire to live in the USA, so I can safely eliminate “The Green Card Pump and Dump” scam that is admittedly prevalent in Eastern Europe WRT to mail order brides.

                1. confirmed bachelor

                  Are you coming out to us?

                  1. Are you coming out to us?

                    As a bachelor? Is every bachelor gay? That’s silly. I delayed marriage to mitigate my risk of divorce (which is higher than the average of other professions), and I very much believe in legal marriage and complete fidelity. I simply hedged my bet.-)

                    1. “confirmed bachelor” was used to say that a man was (probably) gay back when people didn’t talk about that sort of thing.

                    2. Doc, you didn’t know this? I haz disappoint

                    3. Doc, you didn’t know this? I haz disappoint

                      At the risk of sounding like I just fell off of a turnip truck, no, I didn’t. I thought the term applied to someone who is verifiable never married, and have used it for years. Also, thank you for not othering me on the board even in lieu of your disappoint.-)

                      Wait, I just had a wicked bout of fridge logic WRT my dating life…

                2. Okay, Herr Doktor, you sound like you’ve already been reeled in. Hope things work out as well for you as they did for me, I think the odds are in your favor that they will.

            2. Podruga Groovova? Egads, how much of that is her real name?

              1. Means “Girlfriend of Groovus” literally. Nom du blog applies to her as well.

              2. Podruga Groovova? Egads, how much of that is her real name?

                I think it’s Ukrainian for Dr Girlfriend.

            3. Also, you eat borshh with a spoon.-D

              And copious amounts of sour cream…always with the sour cream.

              p.s. it is borscht when properly anglicized.

              1. As a side note, I have nothing against the green card approach. I actually know several people STILL happily married that started out as green card imports (they are citizens now). It is not an entirely taboo subject within the eastern european (can’t really say russian, to many others) community. While most of my group are originally from “refugee” visas or H1Bs from the 90s, some people we know did do the “American wife” thing.

          2. Yep. Otherwise the correct verb is “had”.

            1. Once again, a gentleman never kisses and tells…

              My masculinity is not dependent on the notches on my bedpost, but my character, Alpha male-ing when necessary, being broad of shoulder, Carpet of Virility, and general all around Grooviness.

              Dr. Podruga (so far) agrees.-)

              1. Well, here’s hoping your carpet stays virile.

    4. Love her.

    5. Manjaw…check
      Adams apple…check
      Flat chest…check
      No waist…check

  23. Zimmerman articles continue to show pictures of Martin when he was twelve. I wonder why.

    1. Because the whoel point of the Daily Mail is to make Brits feel better about their fucked up situation by portraying Americans in the worst possible light?

      1. American media uses that same pic as well.

        1. I try not to look at most American media.

  24. SC ROCKS

    Best crazy cat lady story today. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry, you’ll wait what?

    “I don’t have children, so my cats are my kids, and I am registered with the state for feline foster care,” Pozniko said. “Why don’t they zone in on the rapists, killers and pornographers? Why are they coming after me?”

    1. They are dog people. That’s why they are coming after her.

      1. By “dog people”, you mean that they like to shoot the dogs.

      2. Dog people? We have lizard man but I have not heard of these dog people. I hope they get zoned in with the pornographers though.

    2. Pozniko said she called PETA looking for help and advice concerning a wounded cat, but she hung up in frustration after she was shuffled around to several people. PETA apparently got the mistaken idea that she wasn’t caring for the animal and called police, who then cited her for having too many cats, she said.

      You’re right. It did make me laugh.

      1. Why call PETA? Aren’t they opposed to keeping pets at all?

        1. Exactly… It just shows that even people who support PETA, don’t know what the group stands for.

          PETA has not interest in helping the woman. As far as they are concerned, she’s part of the problem.

    3. 10 cats? That barely even counts as a cat lady.

      In other cat news, everyone should read this.

      1. KITTEH! KOSHKI!!!!

      2. Thanks for that, Warty – that was…something.

      3. A lot of people are asking: my mom made it out okay, and she ended up rebuilding her teddy bear business over the next few years.

        I laughed

      4. Yeah. That is kinda low. But her crazy is above ten I think.

        Pozniko, who has lived in her home since 1964, said she is willing to let the city count cats at her house, but she wants her lawyer present.

        How often do read that?

        1. Pozniko, who has lived in her home since 1964, said she is willing to let the city count cats at her house, but she wants her lawyer present.

          Sounds eminently sensible to me. Why trust agents of the State?

          1. You’re right.

      5. That is freakin’ AWESOME!

        I’m so glad that douchebag hypocrity Al Gore at least invented the Internet. Becasue without the Internet we would never see pure awesome genius like that. And porn.

  25. Obama’s new Treasury Secretary is illiterate.

    1. My 4 year can writer her name better than that.

      Hell his checks would be easy as hell to forge.

  26. Student loses legal battle over ‘Mark of the beast’.

  27. Midlands teacher accused of stomping on American flag in class

    “He drew a couple of symbols, like one of them was a cross, and he said, ‘What does this represent,’ and everybody said, ‘Christianity,'” said Copeland.

    “Then he proceeds to take down the American flag, and said, ‘This is a symbol, but it’s only a piece of cloth. It doesn’t mean anything,’ and then he throws it down on the floor and then stomps on it, repeatedly.”

    “I asked what was he trying to get, the point across? And she said, ‘I don’t know,’ and he said, his explanation was there would be no consequences, it’s just a piece of cloth that doesn’t mean anything.”

    But there are consequences.

    1. Eh, I’m inclined to agree that it shouldn’t mean anything especially since the current wussified-and-somehow-more-violent-than-ever nanny-state that presides over us doesn’t deserve to have that flag associated with it.

      1. That was my prime reaction as well. Every time I see the usurper-in-chief deliver another nauseating speech flanked by Old Glory, I feel viscerally disgusted. The fucker wouldn’t deserve to have his coffin draped by it.

        1. Yeah for the record, I think there are only intermittent periods in American History totaling no more than 50 years that the ideals of that flag were upheld. So, although Obama is the current piece of shit, there was plenty of gaseous diarrhea before him.

    2. So much for defacing a flag being considered free speech, I guess.

      1. Since when has there been free speech in public schools?

        Sadly, as people argue against the state to stop limiting the free speech of students, many of those same people might be inclined to see this teacher punished for exercising his.

      2. Obama (D) is Prez dude, it’s all different now. Duh.

    3. Isn’t this a scene from Shogun?

  28. World’s longest tree walk.

  29. WASHINGTON – A semi-automatic pistol found near the scene of a gun battle in Mexico where five people died, including a Mexican beauty queen, has been traced to a former federal gun agent in Minnesota who was part of the government’s controversial Fast and Furious border gun-tracking operation.

    The Justice Department’s inspector general has confirmed that it is investigating allegations that an FN Herstal Five-seven handgun tracked from the area of a Nov. 23 shootout in Sinaloa was linked to George Gillett Jr., who oversaw Operation Fast and Furious from October 2009 to April 2010.

    Gillett played a central role in a similar Twin Cities gun sting a decade ago that was shut down after several government-tracked guns were connected to violent gang crimes. He later worked in Arizona and has offered himself as a witness in the Republican-led congressional probe of Operation Fast and Furious, which led to a U.S. House contempt vote in June against U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.


    1. “Gillett played a central role in a similar Twin Cities gun sting a decade ago that was shut down after several government-tracked guns were connected to violent gang crimes.”

      This is the meat of this story.

    2. The “Gun Show Loophole!”.

  30. Corrections officer gets away with murder after uttering the magic words “I thought he was reaching for a weapon.”


    1. Gates pulled up to Smith’s Mercedes-Benz in his Cadillac Escalade

      Escalade? Mercedes Benz? The fuck!? How much do corrections officers get paid?

      1. With overtime more than six figures.

        1. more than low

  31. iPhone thief gets his ass kicked.

    1. I’m surprised he was able to find it with Apple Maps.

  32. Quick! To a fainting couch! This is such a shock!

    I have no list. Many years ago, a girlfriend of mine found a notebook in which I’d recorded the details of my own sexual past. I had two lists, one for the women I’d slept with and one for the men with whom I’d had fleeting sexual encounters in high school and college. Like Kevin’s partner, she demanded I throw it out, making the classically false claim that true fidelity requires a willingness to erase the record of the past. I gave in, and after a few abortive attempts to reconstruct the list after that ex and I had separated, I gave up. I don’t know my exact number, and I certainly don’t remember the names.

    If Hugo Schwyzer didn’t exist, I’d have to make him up.

    1. I should be grateful that I don’t have to worry about my children finding an enumerated record of everything their father did before he married their mother.

      No, they won’t. They’ll just find the unnumerated record of the narcissism, humiliation of his exes, and attempted murder. Arsehole.

    2. What was the purpose of keeping the list much less trying to reconstruct it? Is it jerk off material or something? I would think the memories would be sufficient without the written list.

      1. Now if you had actually read the quote about which you were commenting you would have seen that the person’s memory wasn’t that good and could have used some help.

        Here, let me quote a little bit for you:

        after a few abortive attempts to reconstruct the list after that ex and I had separated, I gave up. I don’t know my exact number, and I certainly don’t remember the names.


        1. You don’t have to remember the names to remember the experience. He seems to have some sort of obsession with the names. DERP!!

          1. I don’t know my exact number

            Apparently he doesn’t remember all the experiences either. I’ve a novel idea. Why don’t you read what you’re commenting on!

        2. after a few abortive attempts to reconstruct the list after that ex and I had separated, I gave up. I don’t know my exact number, and I certainly don’t remember the names

          Translation: I had a lot of random sex with strangers.

          As to a purpose for the list – it might have come in handy in the future when he’s trying to track down where he got his herpes from and who else he might have given it to.

          1. Bingo. This also could be actionable as well, as standing for assault and damages applies.

            Any barristers have comment on this?

      2. Actually, John, like keeping a food diary, it does serve a purpose as an accurate medical record of one’s sexual health behaviour, something I do believe a spouse or significant other in a sexual relationship does have a right to know. Heck, even one night stands should be privy to such information, as that aspect of health can directly affect them.

        1. That is a good point. I guess if you are swinging on both teams an doing a lot of fucking, I can see it. But if you are so promiscuous that you are keeping a list for the inevitable day you show up with HIV or resistant gonorrhea, maybe you need to rethink your lifestyle.

        2. There needs to be an app for this. And then HIPAA exemption carved out by the app developer’s lobbyist. I imagine a future where everyone’s smartphone can immediately clear or disqualify them for sexual conduct in realtime.

          1. Why not? Consensual sex, while a perfectly legitimate demonstrable display of self-ownership, is just that, consensual.

            If I ran Groovy Insurance, Inc. you bet your sweet bippy I would want to know this information, and assign risk accordingly, since Groovy Insurance, Inc. is paying for your lifestyle (sexual conduct falls under the purview of health choices, meaning sex is not a requirement for the organism to live.)

            If you are promiscuous and never use condoms, why should Groovy Insurance pay for your (very expensive) vancomycin?

            1. I have no problem with folks signing hp for a service like this voluntarily. In fact, I may look into its feasibility.

              1. I could be hired away from my current company, to be your Chief Risk Officer.

            2. I’ll be happy to head up your IT!

        3. A food diary?!?

          Die Iesu!

        4. Can I trash it after my tests come back definitively negative for patchouli?

          1. No. Patchouli Poisoning Syndrome is permanent and incurable, though it’s possible it may regress to an inactive form. Otherwise, you would be perpetrating a fraud. Caveat Emptor, lad.-D

          2. Can I trash it after my tests come back definitively negative for patchouli?

            I smoked patchouli scented potpourri once in college. Should I get tested?

            1. Should I get tested?

              Doc told me you only get it from screwing dirty hippies.

      3. It was probably made up anyways. Who keeps a list? A person who wants someone else to find the list, and be impressed by the number of sexual conquests.

        1. It was probably made up anyways. Who keeps a list? A person who wants someone else to find the list, and be impressed by the number of sexual conquests.

          I’m convinced this is why people keep diaries, so other people can read them. Of course most probably expect that they’ll be read after their death and published into best sellers or made into oscar winning movies about their lives. Maybe he’s just a narcissistic fuck.

    3. I don’t want to see Warty’s list.

      1. It has several scenes of children hiding in poop, I’ll tell you that much.

        1. Do you have it in some sort of SQL database, or is it just a spreadsheet?

          1. SELECT * FROM children WHERE location = “poop”

            1. shouldn’t you technically be using UNIQUE?

              Just sayin’

  33. Hastings will sever ties with an embattled police officer in one year under an agreement that keeps him in a desk job until then.

    Veteran officer Rene Doffing, whose past troubles include allegations of negligently hitting a suspect with his squad car and, more recently, of stealing a corkscrew from a Hastings restaurant, has agreed to stay in his current non-enforcement assignment with the police department until an early retirement set for Jan. 12, 2014.

    Doffing, 49, has been on non-uniform paid administrative assignment since early January 2011, when allegations surfaced that he took the corkscrew from a bar area of a Green Mill restaurant. A jury acquitted him in July of a misdemeanor theft charge.

    He did not return a call for comment Wednesday.

    Doffing, who was hired as a Hastings patrol officer in 1994, will be able to draw his 20-year union pension upon the retirement date, Police Chief Paul Schnell said.


    And nothing else happened.

    1. In fairness, I am not sure walking off with a corkscrew should cost you your job.

      1. Cost him his job? It got him early retirement with full pension! Now he can double-dip!
        He just got a million dollar payday!

        1. That is a problem with the pension system. Guys who didn’t steal corkscrews are getting the same deal. The fact that this guy walked off with a corkscrew has nothing to do with that bigger problem.

          1. The fact that he will get to work until retirement and then get his full pension means he didn’t lose his job.

            1. You miss the point. The point of the post and the “nothing else happened” is to complain about him working and receiving his pension. Well so what? Stealing a corkscrew should not have gotten him fired. So him getting his pension is no bigger injustice than any other cop getting one.

              Stop and think a bit before you post instead of incessantly playing gotcha.

              1. Stealing is illegal, John. And this person works to enforce laws that he knowingly breaks. Tell us again how he shouldn’t be fired for violating the sole purpose of his job?

          2. Your reading comprehension this morning is terrible. Late night?

      2. Stealing is stealing. It should cost him his job and his pension. Since he is a cop it should cost him life in prison.

  34. Because everyone would like to talk about gun control some more

    I do find one thing highly amusing. In my personal experience, some of the most vehement anti-gun people I’ve ever associated with will usually eventually admit after getting to know me, that if something bad happened, then they really hope I’m around, because I’m one of the good ones. Usually they never realize just how hypocritical and na?ve that is.

    1. Some of my best friends are black.


        Stan: “…But…he told me he is….”

        Kills me every time.

    2. I get this occasionally from some of my idiot friends. I guess the idea of manning up and taking care of yourself is anathema. But then, these are school teachers I’m thinking of.

  35. Now that there are some women and sensitive me here, I can post what we found in the back barn 36 hours ago. We’ve got three more goats about to kid and two of the three ewes are likewise ready to pop.

    1. I read pop as poop.

      Family story here: my grandfather had a dream of being self-sufficient. He bought a book on raising animals. While grandpa was off at work, my grandmother took the book and wrote the word “poop” on every page. She knew she was going to end up doing all the work of looking after the goats and poultry.

    2. are you auctioning off naming rights? How about The Jacket and Welch for $10?

      1. Well, the black one is a female and the black and white one is a male. I don’t think your scheme will work.

        We could name the male Heroic Mulatto and the female after the first black female Libertarian as soon as she is identified.

          1. I love Hurston because Richard Wright and other Harlem Renaissance writers couldn’t stand her. .

        1. As a Packer fan, I suggest naming the male Charles Woodson.

          1. I know what you did there. Don’t think I don’t fucking know what you did there! ๐Ÿ™‚

        2. Riggs and Murtaug.

          1. If the black female ends up with horns, we’ll probably name her Moochelle.

    3. They look adorably delicious. Have you picked out recipes yet? I mean, names?

      1. Goats? I am not a fan of goat meat at all. These two are likely bound for the livestock auction in a couple of months once we’ve got the rest of the spring birthing done.

        1. Build a tandoori, you fool.

        2. Cabrito is some of the best meat ever. Eat ’em when they’re young.

    4. We got a 40 degree wind overnight and the snow is coated with slick ice. Chickens coming out of the barn never had a chance. If you’ve never seen a chicken slip and slide, you haven’t lived.

      1. This reminds me: it’s almost turkey time, so CA reasonoids, be sure to let me know if you’re gonna want a turkey from our farm for Thanksgiving. We’re currently planning on getting 30.

      2. We had about 50 chickens. My brother and I had the job of rounding them up in the winter each day to put them in the coop (chickens are some of the dumbest creatures imaginable). We usually missed several. One morning, my mother walked past a chicken sitting on a post, it didn’t move, it was coated in about 1/8″ of ice. She put it in the oven to thaw it and it was fine…can’t imagine the stories it told to the other chickens.

    5. They look delicious.

  36. The CA Dem super-majority starts the death of a thousand cuts:
    “New state tax on wood products confusing”
    “To the surprise of many, since Jan. 1, California retailers have been required to collect an extra 1 percent tax on sales of certain lumber products including plywood, 2-by-4s and unfinished decking, fencing and railings. But products that have had a little more work done – such as indoor finished flooring, baseboards, doors and windows – are exempt.”

    The tax supposedly raises ~$30M, probably won’t cost too much more than that to administer at the government level, and likely not more than 3 or 4 times that amount to admin for the sellers.
    But, hey, the accountants will get to figure the costs for all those broken windows!

    1. is this the new tactic – make a tax law so confusing no one is sure how much to collect on what? Then again, it’s CA so it could make perfect sense.

      1. Three felonies a day, baby.

        1. I’m currently reading that, and holy crap is that book depressing.

      2. Imagine the revenue from the fines and interest; the gov’t gets to define the tax at the time of audit.

  37. Best picture nominations out:

    Beasts of the Southern Wild
    Silver Linings Playbook
    Zero Dark Thirty
    Les Miserables
    Life of Pi
    Django Unchained

    1. Is it true that Spieliberg’s movie doesn’t suck Lincolnite cock? If it is, kudos, Stevie.

      1. Interesting how the ignored Zero Dark Thirty, which by all accounts is a totally kick ass movie and probably the movie from this year people will still be watching thirty years from now.

        1. I certainly haven’t watched Black Hawk Down after the first viewing and I have no intention of seeing Zero Dark Thirty. But hey, that’s just me. I can’t watch that shit-stain of a movie The Passion of the Christ either. Fuck that shit.

          I’d be cool if Life of Pi or Django somehow won.

          1. If you don’t like war movies, so what? I don’t like horror movies. But I wouldn’t call the Exorcist a shit stain of a movie.

            1. I didn’t call these particular war movies “shit-stains.” Mel Gibson’s snuff fairy tale on the other hand? Guilty as charged. But I am skeptical of the details (gleaned from reviews I’ve read) portrayed in Zero Dark Thirty for sure.

              Also not a big fan of horror, so we can agree there. I sort of like Carrie though, but I consider that more of a revenge film.

              1. Sorry your Jewish sensabilities puts you into a hissy at someone disliked by Hollywood trying to make a modern day movie centered around religion.

                Sorry, had to be said.

        2. Zero Dark Thirty was terrible. And not just because it implies that torture is a good thing and that it was necessary to get Bin Laden. It’s just a terrible movie.

          1. Why was it terrible? I haven’t seen it.

            1. If you were in the military, have ever had any interaction with the intelligence apparatus, or know any actual SEALs, it’s a steaming pile of shit.

              Much like Bigelow’s last military movie.

              1. I thought the Hurt Locker was laughable. So I will give you that. But just because a movie is not realistic, doesn’t mean it can’t be good and fun. Argo took a lot of liberties with the facts, but was still a good movie.

                And as far as the SEALs go, they have become such attention whores, they can only blame themselves if the portrayal of them in the movies not accurate.

                1. But just because a movie is not realistic, doesn’t mean it can’t be good and fun.

                  I have a big problem with blatantly inaccurate portrayals of historical events, especially recent ones, because they shape the way a Hell of a lot of people view things. These self-same dipshits then spout of at the mouth about their “knowledge” accrued from a fucking movie.

                  This movie has the same pacing and tension build problems that The Hurt Locker had. Plenty of senseless intermediate action that does basically nothing to move the story forward.

                  they have become such attention whores

                  Yeah, whatever.

                  1. I have a real problem with the SEALs redmanfms. They are not the only member of the special ops community. Yet they seem to be the only member who immediately runs to the media every single time they do anything. So much for the whole shadow warrior thing.

                    Those SEALS that went and told their story about the Bin Ladin raid before the fucking war was even over, are media whores and should have been Court Martialed. Fuck them. There are people who did incredible shit in World War II and Korea and Vietnam who literally went to their graves with their secrets. And these narcissistic assholes can’t wait a year? Or until they leave the service? Fuck them.

                    1. I have a real problem with the SEALs redmanfms.

                      Yeah I get that.

                      Based on much of what you’ve posted previously about the SEALs, a whole lot of it is based on naked belligerent ignorance.

                      They are not the only member of the special ops community. Yet they seem to be the only member who immediately runs to the media every single time they do anything.

                      I seriously have no fucking idea where you are getting this horseshit, but ok.

                      Those SEALS that went and told their story about the Bin Ladin raid before the fucking war was even over, are media whores and should have been Court Martialed.

                      Jesus, source?

                      There are people who did incredible shit in World War II and Korea and Vietnam who literally went to their graves with their secrets. And these narcissistic assholes can’t wait a year?

                      Non sequitur.

                      I fail to see what guys dying 60 years ago has to do with a sailor telling a story now.

                      I strongly suspect you have a scorching case of confirmation bias. You’ve probably always hated SEALs for whatever reason, so any time you see a SEAL talk about fucking anything you throw a fucking hissy fit.

                    2. I strongly suspect you have no idea what you are talking about Redmanfus. I worked with them in Iraq. I had no problem with the SEALS until they started spilling their guts in hopes of media recognition.

                      And if you want a source for that, use google and search Bin Ladin raid and you will find any number of stories sourced by whinny assed SEALS complaing about how Obama took all the credit for their deed.

                  2. I have a big problem with blatantly inaccurate portrayals of historical events, especially recent ones, because they shape the way a Hell of a lot of people view things.

                    Which is why if you ever want to get Chuck Yeager really steamed at you, congratulate him for being the first American to break the sound barrier and ask him how much courage it took to override his instincts and reverse the flight controls at that critical moment. He’s old, so you probably can dodge if he takes a poke at you. ๐Ÿ™‚

                2. how big of a clown are you?

                  Bigelow gets special treatment from the CIA to make the military look good.

                  Accuracy was never a goal.

              2. Worse, the Hurt Locker was just boring.

          2. I have to disagree. I thought Zero Dark Thirty was excellent.

            It’s a movie, not a documentary.

  38. Woman goes to hospital in extreme pain.
    She becomes difficult due to pain.
    Hospital calls police.
    Police search woman (no word on warrants or consent) and find 2 prescription pills not in bottles.
    Hospital tells police they can take untreated woman to jail.
    Woman turns up dead 2 hours after booking.

    Good luck unwinding the liability in this one, as well as the 4A violation if they had no warrant to search her purse.

    1. First, the police are straight going to get sued. They will be shielded to some extent by sovereign immunity and the state tort claims act. But they are still going to pay.

      The Hospital is going to shell out millions. The problem here is that she was pregnant. That means the baby has a claim for wrongful death too. They are going to pay in the millions over this. Sadly, the women and her child will still be dead. In a just world, the cops and everyone at the hospital responsible for this would be serving long prison terms. But we, as I am sure you know, don’t live in a just world.

      1. First, the police are straight going to get sued. They will be shielded to some extent by sovereign immunity and the state tort claims act. But they are still going to pay.

        You mean the taxpayers will pay for their actions, right? And I’m not convinced a 4A suit won’t still result in federal charges against the officers if they searched her without a warrant.

        As to the hospital shelling out millions, you’re right. And the story conspicuously leaves out the name of the facility, so I wonder if it’s a public or private hospital, which could have some bearing on who pays and how much.

        Either way, it’s assholes all around.

    2. Good to know Obamacare is decreasing health care costs.


    3. The hospital released a person with an ectopic pregnancy as being fit for incarceration?

      1. Yep. And from the comments I read, apparently an ectopic pregnancy creates such severe pain, one would be nearly uncontrollable until put on meds.

        But this sentence gets me the most: Unfortunately, when police found two prescription pills that didn’t belong to Jamie, police took her to jail for drug possession.

        I find it hard to believe they had the time to develop Probable Cause, obtain a search warrant and question the deceased as to the reason she had the pills in her purse and still decide that she needed to be released and request that release so they could take her to jail…all before she actually received any treatment.

        People like the police officers and the nurses need to be publicly shamed and held personally responsible for the death of this woman. They basically conspired to murder her.

        1. The girl in the next cubicle over from mine at a previous job had one. IIRC in one week she went from being totally fine to ambulance ride to hospital.

          Luckily, her intake into the medical system was conducted by volunteer firemen drawn from the surrounding farms.

      2. If that happened at my hospital, I would be sure the lampposts were decorated with the ER staff involved.

    4. The state medical examiner’s office confirms Jamie died from a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, where an embryo implants outside the uterus.

      HOLY FUCK that hospital is done. And if it’s not, it will wish it was b/c I’m going to send this to my wife who will post it on every mother listserv in America.

      1. Pauls Valley General Hospital

  39. breaking news

    Detective guilty of offering NoW leak for cash

    A senior Met Police detective has been found guilty of offering to sell inside information on the phone hacking inquiry to the News of the World.

    A Southwark Crown Court jury convicted Det Ch Insp April Casburn, 53, of misconduct in public office.

    She was the first person to be prosecuted as part of Operation Elveden, the probe into payments by journalists to public officials.

  40. I am not a fan of goat meat at all.

    I am confuze.

    1. Too stringy for my tastes. Although, I haven’t slaughtered and cooked one myself. I would imagine it would taste better with its diet of hay and olive leaves than the crap they feed them on production farms.

      I may rethink this and put one of our wethers down.

      1. Grease one of the babies. Cabrito is muy bueno.

  41. Really glad I don’t do IT contracting for the state bureau of Epidemiology right now. Although, the CDC pays them big-time when flu outbreaks go viral.

    U.S. health authorities say the flu arrived about a month earlier than usual this year, and the flu strain making most people sick – H3N2 – has a reputation for causing fairly severe illness, especially in the elderly.

    As a result, hospitals around the country have been forced to find additional space to treat the ill, and some have had to turn people away.

    1. I blame the CDC themselves for this mutant strain of the flu. What with their research team and their proclivity for having sex with family pets in their free time.

      You can’t deal with the flu all day, go home and fuck your dog and then come back to work and not expect to develop a super-virus.

      1. Ugh. Yeah. Didn’t she see Outbreak?

    2. when flu outbreaks go viral

      Aren’t flu outbreaks always viral?

      1. How dare you question my puns! I am funny. And well liked! And smart!

        1. Yeah, keep listening to your mother…

          1. I told you I dress myself. Now.

    3. As a result, hospitals around the country have been forced to find additional space to treat the ill, and some have had to turn people away.

      Treat the ill? What with blankets, chicken soup, and orange juice?

      When did going to the Hospital when you have the flu become the norm? Sure, there are the severe outliers, but in general it’s almost always bed rest and fluids.

  42. Behold the fire-crotches!


    1. I love me some redhead, but at least 5 of those do not have the fire down below.

      1. Over half are not redheads.

        1. Some need to be told that red hair is not actually red.

  43. You can’t deal with the flu all day, go home and fuck your dog and then come back to work and not expect to develop a super-virus.

    Top Men Minds

    1. some people have no work ethic

  44. Lying and concealing information in an investigation might work when your buddies are asking questions, but apparently it doesn’t sit well with the FBI.

    BTW, this case sounds like a bad crime drama plot. Judges asking inmates for sex. Good cops going after bad cops. A shady internal investigation and a whitewash. The Feds taking over. Awesome!

  45. First, he falls asleep in his police cruiser and gets a whopping 24 hours “suspension”. (Not 24 hours of scheduled work, but 24 hours starting after he completed a shift)

    Now the same Trenton, NJ supercop has lost his gun after leaving it on the bumper of his cruiser in a parking lot.


      1. Unfortunately, this logic is only taken further with, “See, even those who are highly trained with weapons misplace/misuse them, which means that they definitely shouldn’t be in the hands of your average redneck.”

        When government fails, the only explanation to the statist is that they need to legislate harder.

        1. Look what happens to a CHL holder who lost his gun:


  46. “He doesn’t believe he is guilty of anything,” Marger said. “He was following orders from his superior officer as the good policeman he was does.”

    Always and everywhere an unimpeachable defense.

    1. “He was following orders from his superior officer as the good policeman he was does.”

      “Always and everywhere an unimpeachable defense.”

      Yeah, that defence was a smashing success at the Nuremburg trials. It certainly worked out well for all involved.

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