Tensions Rising Between India and Pakistan Over Cross Border Kashmir Violence

Both are nuclear powers


India has rebuked Pakistan over the alleged killing of two soldiers in the disputed territory of Kashmir but has warned against escalation of the dispute in the flashpoint region.

India summoned Pakistan's top envoy in Delhi to express its outrage.

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  1. During Indo-Pak partition in 1947 all Muslim majority regions are to be merged with Pakistan.

    Indian regime betrayed and annexed both Hindu majority “Hyderabad state” and Muslim majority “Kashmir state”.

    To promote 2 million Brahmin Caste hegemony in Jammu region, Indian regime is asking 1200 million Indians to suffer viz Mumbai/Pune/Delhi/Coimbatore/Hyderabad/Parliament blasts, 4 cross border wars and possible nuclear war with Pakistan.

    Google “Kashmir_dispute#Reasons_behind_the_dispute”

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