A.M. Links: Troops Out of Afghanistan by 2014?, NYC Waiving Inspection Fees, Hiking Business Taxes, Glenn Beck Relaunching The Blaze as a Libertarian News Network


  • The Obama Administration indicated it may be open to the idea of not leaving any troops in Afghanistan after 2014.

  • New York City is waiving inspection fees for some post-Sandy reconstruction, but is also raising taxes in seven "business improvement districts" in the city.
  • A man in Minnesota had his camera confiscated after recording a bloody-faced man getting frisked by cops. After he went to the police station to get the camera back he was charged with obstruction of legal process and disorderly conduct.  Cops in Santa Ana, meanwhile, freaked out over being recorded by an activist, calling it "odd" and "suspicious" behavior.
  • Police in Phoenix fatally shot  a driver after he hit a brick wall at the end of a police chase. A five year old was found in the passenger's seat.
  • John Lott accuses CNN's Piers Morgan of ambushing pro-gun guests and booking Alex Jones earlier this week to get exactly the kind of reaction he did.
  • Glenn Beck announced he's relaunching The Blaze as a libertarian news network.  "I consider myself a libertarian," Beck said. "I'm a lot closer to Penn Jillette than I am to Chuck Hagel."

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