India: Pakistani Soldiers Kill Two in Crossborder Violence in Kashmir

Second incident in three days


Pakistani soldiers crossed the cease-fire line in the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir on Tuesday and attacked an army patrol, killing two Indian soldiers before retreating back into Pakistani-controlled territory, an Indian army official said.

The outbreak of violence was the second in three days in Kashmir, where a cease-fire has largely held for a decade between the two wary, nuclear-armed rivals. Deaths in military exchanges are now extremely rare. But while diplomatic nervousness over the disputed region is never far from the surface, the earlier incident created no signs of escalating tensions.

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  1. During Indo-Pak partition in 1947 all Muslim majority regions are to be merged with Pakistan.

    Indian regime betrayed and annexed both Hindu majority “Hyderabad state” and Muslim majority “Kashmir state”.

    To promote 2 million Brahmin caste hegemony in Jammu region, Indian regime is asking 1200 million Indians to suffer viz Mumbai/Pune/Delhi/Coimbatore/Hyderabad/Parliament blasts, 4 cross border wars and possible nuclear war with Pakistan.

    Google “Kashmir_dispute#Reasons_behind_the_dispute”

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