Brennan Nomination Held-Up Over Benghazi, Stop and Frisk Stopped, Poor Europe: P.M. Links


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  1. France’s Socialist Budget Minister is being investigated for tax fraud.

    What’s French for schadenfreude?

    1. We Surrender?

    2. Schadenfreudeux?

    3. Royal with Cheese (actually it’s just Royal Cheese)?

      1. Don’t get caught in the rain.

        1. It was actually supposed to be another The Godfather reference, but I screwed it up:

          [Ordering drinks in a Havana cafe]
          Fredo Corleone: Uno… por favor…

          [to Michael]
          Fredo Corleone: How do you say “banana daiquiri”?

          Michael Corleone: “Banana daiquiri.”

      1. When does it walk under the freshly painted white fence and attract unwanted attention from an amorous mouffette?

        1. Man, I used to love Pepe and Penelope when I was a kid.

      1. In former Soviet Russia, Gerard Depardieu YOU!

    4. Timmy’s job is opening. Do you have to be a USA citizen for that job? If not, then this guy might have options.

  2. New York City cops can no longer “stop and frisk” people outside private residential buildings, says a federal judge.

    Do you want law & order at any cost or don’t you?

    1. I can only spare a single $1 trillion coin. Will that do?

  3. Kuwait and Venezuela have both sent goon squads after people who tweeted un-nice things about their fearless leaders.

    “So, what are you in for?”

    1. Litering.

      1. Watch out for this one folks. Can’t spell worth shit and a litter bug to boot.

        1. I presumed it was just the crime of shifting to pussy-European measurement systems.

        2. Can’t spell + litter bug + wedded to the metric system = History’s Greatest Monster

          1. Fucking Canadians.

            1. You just called me a Canadian?

              1. No, no… that’s a bit harsh. Triple R seemed to be describing their natural characteristics.

            2. I’m giving you a ten meter head start before I call the Home Secretary’s office to report a hate crime.

      2. …and creating a public nuisance!

      3. Litering…

        Possession of a Farva-sized soda in NYC?

      4. Littering and…

  4. Sen. Lindsey Graham says he’ll sit on John Brennan’s nomination to head the CIA until the administration answers a few questions about the Benghazi attack.

    That’s not all senator Lindthy likes to sit on.


    1. Oh god, not another congressional page scandal.

    2. I thought Larry Craig retired from the Senate.

  5. How many ways is this story fucked up?

    A 4-year-old boy from New Jersey was asked not to return to his school without a flu shot. But his parents say the child is allergic to the raw egg in the vaccine.

    1. What about the nasal vaccine? Does that have egg in it?

        1. Why hello there, Jenny McCarthy!

          1. No. Not at all.

            I’m very pro-vaccine.

    2. Jeremy Pereira was home playing on an iPad instead of attending school on Monday

      I don’t know Sparky, I think he will get a better education this way.

      1. I agree. Especially since he’s FOUR!

        1. New Jersey is one of the only states in the nation to require flu shots for young schoolchildren, from six months through 5 years old.

          Six month old schoolchildren? WTF?

          1. You have to indoctrinate really early to avoid any stray thinking.

        2. Seriously. Since when do 4 year olds go to school?

          1. I did.

            1. Yeah, but you’re weird.

              1. Yeah, but you’re weird.

                Is that why I have noticed some “othering” lately?

            2. Public school?

              1. Initally, no. When I moved to OK, yes.

          2. I was 4 when I started kindergarten if that counts in our unofficial poll.

          3. My oldest started at 3. So will my youngest.

            1. We started ours at 2.5, in went at 3.5

              1. all private by the way.

                1. Yes. Private school. Montessori.

    3. I know someone who did get a flu shot and was allergic to the ingredients. It permanently fucked him up.

      1. Yep. Anything that is made with egg albumin, specifically. Not a fun thing to have, and this type of allergy make all forms of VAX contraindicated in the patient with this allergy.

        Not good. Hate ti say it, but I am with the school on this one, and may be a blessing in disguise.

        1. Are all vaccines formulated with egg albumin?
          Isn’t there another chem that would do the job?

          1. No, they have to cultured within an amniotic environment. Avian eggs are the fastest and most reliable way to do so.

        2. Curious Doc, I don’t have issue with the regular MMR etc. Vax but the annual Flu vax is designed to only affect AT BEST 4 strains, none of which is guaranteed to be going around. Also, what is the current US death rate for minors from influenza? Is it enough of a risk that we need forced Vax? I get herd protection and all the other arguments, and I am by no means a Jenny M but I also don’t like medical intervention without a need. Polio, ok, Small Pox (back in the day) Ok, Measles, OK. Flu? This isn’t subsaharan Africa.

          Rotovirus is one of the most common infections a child can get (something like over 85% kids get it) and it was WAY more dangerous to my little one than the flu has been (hospitalized for two days). I am not sold on the flu tax, I just don’t see any science being applied to its use.

          P.S. is there a Vax for rotovirus? and if not why? Ohh and there is only one vector…gross…really…gross.

          1. Predicting which strain of The Flu is something of a trick, and what’s done is review the last three years of Flu outbreaks to best hedge against which one will be the most prominent strain. It is admittedly a guess, but usually a very sound one.

            I don’t have the specific numbers on hand, but because of VAX, in the USA they are pretty low, and I do recommend them for children unless otherwise indicated or contraindicated.

            Rotovirus info and vaccine info.

            Rotovirus is very nasty and I wholeheartedly recommend them, with the same caveats.

    4. But the boy’s doctors recommended giving him the vaccine and then judging his reaction. However, his parents wouldn’t do this.

      Yeah, because they’re not fucking idiots. They want to take that kind of risk for a flu shot? Time to switch to a different practice.

    5. He’s only FOUR! Why does he have to go to school?

  6. Cops kill something other than a dog.

    Several hundred people attended a vigil Sunday in Boulder, Colo., for the elk that was killed by a police officer. It had wandered into a neighborhood, where it was fatally shot by an on-duty police officer.

    1. A vigil. For an ungulate. Please tell me it was a vigil for elk steaks instead.

      1. “Now it’ll be ant ant ant for a couple of days, then all of a sudden, ‘oh, mum, I’ve bought a sloth’ or some other odd-toed ungulate like a tapir.”

      2. At least they’re not rioting because of the number of days you can fly a flag.

      3. Samson was killed by a Poacher in Estes Park a few years back. If i remember correctly the guy needed protection cause the people were pissed. Stupid fuck actually took the rack to a local taxidermist who said “Yeah, I’ll mount it for you.” And then called the cops. They now have a statue to Samson in Estes. Dude was enormous even for an elk.

        And while they may be “dumb ungulates” these were smart enough to stay in Estes/RMNP for decades.

      4. Dude, it’s goddamn Boulder, Colorado. I’m surprised the city council didn’t declare a day of mourning.

      5. Several HUNDRED yet.

    2. Elks are huge and pretty dangerous. For once, the cop might have done something right.

      1. And tasty if they aren’t too old or sick!

      2. They are freakin’ huge. Seeing one (and there is never just one) on the side of the road at night is terrifying.

        1. And they are a different breed of willy than a deer too. Anyone can get a deer. But hunting an elk is really a challenge.

          1. I hope you meant wily. The other is STEVE SMITH territory.

          2. different breed of willy

            You won’t hear any complaints from the lady elks.

      3. Someone came to work yesterday with an elk carcass in their truckbed. I didn’t know whether to be disgusted or applaud the person for being a good shot.

  7. Michael Bloomberg is advising Joe Biden on gun control policy…

    See? The Administration is taking input from the Right, too.

    1. Feinstein, Pelosi, Bloomberg, Bama, and Biden form LEFTYTRON!

  8. What do you expect to happen when you start a health scare?

    With more than half of U.S. states experiencing high levels of flu-like illness — and flu activity continuing to rise, ERs across the country are seeing a surge in business — and some are struggling to keep up.

    Currently, 29 states and New York City are reporting high levels of influenza-like-illness (ILI), and another nine states are reporting moderate levels of ILI. This season, 18 children have died from flu-associated deaths.

    1. 18 children have died from flu-associated deaths

      Death will kill you.

      1. It’s the number one cause.

    2. Why do people go to the ER with the flu? Shouldn’t you just stay in bed?

      1. Because doctors like to inform people nowadays that THE FLU WILL KILL YOU!

        1. If your are very young, very old, or have a present complicated, underlying condition, yes, it will.

          Flu, in its various forms has killed more people than The Plague did, just less concentrated population over a longer period of time.

          1. I’m not fallin’ for your scare tactics.

            1. At least you haven’t othered me.-)

      2. Google “flu-like symptoms”; there are A LOT of maladies that carry this S/S profile and can be quite lethal.

        1. But if you survive, you will have superpowers.

          Why isn’t it ever that? I want superpowers.

          1. That requires exposure to radiation. And a tutu. Didn’t you see The Toxic Avenger? It’s a documentary about our own lovable Epi.-)

            1. Superpowers without negative charisma points, thanks.

              1. Min-maxing with CHA as your dump stat is so common anyway…

                1. Only for libertarians.

      3. Because they can’t get sick time at work without a doctor’s note.

    3. There’s something nasty going around. My whole family got it, with symptoms for at least eight days.

      1. Same here. Somehow we avoided the ER, though.

        1. Good thing no one had bacterial meningitis.

          1. We’re pretty paranoid about that. Unfortunately from what I understand, the characteristic symptoms are not guaranteed to show up, at least not until it may be too late.

            1. That is true, but it is very rare for hallmark S/S not to present, and in my experience, the younger one is the less likely one is to be asymptomatic.

  9. More trigger-happy police.

    Phoenix authorities say a 5-year-old boy was found in a car’s front passenger seat after police fired at the vehicle and fatally shot the driver.

  10. Rioters have taken to the streets of Belfast five nights in a row to dispute just how many days out of the year the British flag should fly over city hall.

    The land of ire. Rioting is really just like a parade for them.

    1. Troubles 2: Electric Boogaloo!

  11. Gen. McChrystal joins the “Gunz R Yucky” crowd, primarily because the .223 round fired by his M-4 is so devastating, that only soldiers should carry it.…..28785.html

    1. All right then. Presumably he has nothing against my 7.62×39 rifles?

      1. All right then. Presumably he has nothing against my 7.62×39 rifles?

        I have something against your 7.62×39 commie rifles, you fucking commie thug.

        1. Hey, everybody needs a truck gun.

      2. Or my 7.62x63mm (aka .30-06), for that matter?

    2. Oh, gee, somebody who spent a lifetime as an officer is down on privately owned weapons. That’s a shock.

      1. Oh, gee, somebody who spent a lifetime as an officer is down on privately owned weapons. That’s a shock.

        Part of the thrill of wearing a costume that confers special privileges is the satisfactin you get knowing that those who doesn’t wear the same costume don’t get those privileges. It dilutes the specialness of your costume.

  12. Here an epidemic, there an epidemic, everywhere an epidemic epidemic.

    Distractions, however, are temporary, and the truth is eternal. Watch for an epidemic of depression and suicidality, not to mention homicidality, as the real self-loathing and hatred of others that lies beneath all this narcissism rises to the surface. I see it happening and, no doubt, many of you do, too.

    We had better get a plan together to combat this greatest epidemic as it takes shape. Because it will dwarf the toll of any epidemic we have ever known. And it will be the hardest to defeat. Because, by the time we see the scope and destructiveness of this enemy clearly, we will also realize, as the saying goes, that it is us.

    1. An epidemic of epidemics? Yo dawg…

    2. “Our youth now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for their elders and love chatter in place of exercise; they no longer rise when elders enter the room; they contradict their parents, chatter before company; gobble up their food and tyrannize their teachers.” — Socrates

    3. WTF?

  13. In Europe, the rich are getting richer, and the poor poorer. It’s that heartless, unbridled mixed economy what done it.

    It’s Thatcher’s fault.


    Come for the spontaneous, sexist remarks from the commentators, stay for the half-hearted apologies from the top brass.

    1. I don’t watch college sports because I hate the NCAA…

      But I would have watched the game last night if I knew she was going to be on screen a lot.

      1. Future wife of future NFL practice squad quarterback and insurance salesman in Birmingham.

        1. See, I missed my shot.

      2. Shorter CPA: Ooh, ooh, ooh, I watch sports looking for a reason to masturbate!

    2. So is Brent Musburger drooling over a coed 1/3 his age sexist or just kind of creepy?

      1. How about human?

        1. That too. I really don’t get the outrage. He just said what pretty much every man and most of the women watching were thinking.

          1. Plus it wasn;t like there was a competitive football game to watch!

        2. She was Miss Alabama, right? So apparently most people find her smoking hot.

      2. He’s banging broads two at a time.

        1. Did you slap around my brother?

          1. I gotta business to run. I gotta kick asses sometimes to make it run right. We had a little argument, Freddy and I, so I had to straighten him out.

      3. I saw the headline about him being creepy and the snide remarks from Mrs. Oprah Winfree, and then I heard the tape. He sounded like a regular dude having a good time commenting on a skirt. Fuck the clinched ass of our modern zeitgeist.

        1. It’s occurred to me that the NFL and other sports leagues should license national broadcasts with multiple announcer options. So, for instance, instead of the regular network coverage, you could have something more edgy, like a guy talking about the rack on the QB’s mother. And about that time he got wasted before a game.

          1. I’ll go one further. I think HBO should start bidding on sports broadcasts and just air them uncensored. Announcer drops an f-bomb? Tough. Titties flop out in the stands? Oh well.

            1. Exactly. See the real, uncensored games. After a while, the schools will start porning out sorority girls for pay, just to increase their ratings.

            2. This would be great for baseball since they would have plenty of time between pitches and innings to bullshit about all sorts of stuff. I would have loved to hear Steve Stone uncensored when he was broadcasting Cubs games.

              1. “I’m so fucked up, Steve Stone! Let’s sing ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’ right now. Oh my God, did you see the rack on that girl? Holy shit!”

              2. That would work particularly well with teams in the cellar. I fondly remember the bad Braves days, where I’d hear conversations about things totally unrelated to the game.

            3. Or the players could drop the F-bomb.

              1. I stood next to Serena in a nightclub once. She is huge. Like NFL lineman huge.

                A few moments later I commented to my friend’s PC wife about just how huge Serena was, and she scoffed, “I don’t think you are familiar with African American females.”

                Because I like my friend, I refrained from calling his wife a cunt.

                1. “I don’t think you are familiar with African American females.”

                  Good thing you weren’t talking about one.

          2. So nonstop Jesse Palmer and David Pollack, you know that’s what they really want to talk about.

            1. Sure. Jesse went to UF, so he’s a whore.

          3. I long to have TV broadcasts timed with the radio announcers.

    3. I, for one, am completely horrified.

      A man called a beautiful woman, a beautiful woman. Right there on the TeeVee.

      1. Musberger is a piker when compared to Joe Namath.

        And I don’t remember this kind of outrage when Kathy Griffin simulated sucking someone’s dick on New Years.

        1. Didn’t Griffin pretty much maul Justin Bieber who is if I remember correctly underage? What Griffen did was a hell of a lot worse than what Namath did even before you consider the fact that Suzy Kolber was a forty year old woman and not an under age teenager.

    4. She’s Miss Alabama. I’d feel worse for her if she didn’t invite the ogling. Yes, Musburger’s remarks were tasteless, but this is way too big a deal over a distraction from a boring game.

    5. What a bunch of crap. Anyone remember all the drooling over Ryan Tannehill’s wife at the NFL draft earlier this year? Or ANY time the camera puts its lens on some hot piece because, oh, maybe a lot of guys watch football and that’s one of the things they like to see?

      1. Pretty I get a close up of some cheerleaders titties before every commercial break on sundays.

    6. Webb, a 23-year-old model, told the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer that she first encountered McCarron on Twitter, and they met in early December when he attended the Miss Alabama USA pageant in Montgomery. The two visited over the holidays and publicly confirmed their romance right before the new year.

      I saw a close-up of McCarron on the field and said “Yep, he’s gay.” My roommate pointed out the girlfriend they kept showing in the crowd, and my response was “Definitely a beard.” The above paragraph pretty much confirms that.

      (NTTAWWT by the way)

      1. Show me on this doll where the SEC touched you.

        1. hehe so true.

          I’m a fan of UVA, so I just enjoy the butthurt that flows from all over the country as the SEC wins yet another championiship. Not because I particularly like the SEC, but I do like the butthurt. It’s great.

          Oregon should have gotten to play Alabama. That would have been a great game.

    7. But when Ellen DeGeneres has her hot 20 year old male guests take of their shirts, that’s just fun.

  15. America’s white male problem.

    The American political process is being hijacked by a reckless, whining dangerous gang of psychologically damaged white men who are far-right ideologues. I used to be one of them. It’s time to tell the truth about our white male problem.


    The real problem we face is not economics or gun ownership or what happens to Planned Parenthood, but how we can reintegrate a few hurting marginalized white males in Congress and their most ardent delusional supporters into a better future while stopping them from using self-created political stalemate to burn down the house we all share.

    Somebody needs to tell him about Ted Cruz, Alan Keys, Herman Cain and Michelle Bachman. Think he’d care?

    1. Just insert “Jews” or “Kulaks” for “white males” in that article and you get a good sense for where these people are going. How long before they turn violent?

      How Our Government Is Trying to Scare Us into Submitting to Corporate Dominance

      Gabby Giffords Takes on NRA, Announces Push for Gun Control

      How the Conservative Movement Cons Its Naive Followers Out of Their Cash

      5 Most Terrifying Things About the Likely New CIA Head John Brennan

      The Secret Sex Lives of Conservative Christian Women

      Austerity Disaster: Hurricane Sandy Victims Thrown to Lending Sharks and Privatized “Relief”

      Seems like a good news source.

      1. I found the link at Feministing.

      2. NEWS & POLITICS
        Gabby Giffords Takes on NRA, Announces Push for Gun Control

        I called that one.-(

      3. The Secret Sex Lives of Conservative Christian Women

        Christ, the “gorillas in the mist” tone to that line is just mind-bogglingly inane, and par for the course for liberals.


        1. Dude the best one was in 08. I had many liberal women acquaintances talk about how they were sure Palin was repressed and frigid and all this other stuff. Which is obviously asinine.

    3. the house we all share

      I don’t think my name’s on that lease, guy.

    4. He was crazy & stayed crazy. Nothing very interesting.

    5. The American political process is being hijacked by a reckless, whining dangerous gang of psychologically damaged white men who are far-right ideologues. I used to be one of them.

      “Now I’m a psychologically damaged left-wing ideologue! Look how far I’ve come!”

      1. So, do I need to report to Disintegration Chamber 3?

        1. 3 is broken today, you’ll have to use 4.

  16. We’re now one step closer to America’s coming civil war

    Yet as an economic and social enterprise, government creates nothing.

    Far from adding to people’s standard of living, government is the number one cause of poverty in this country. It forces those who depend on its largesse to live hand to mouth, with no time or money to plan for the future. They become unable to fend for themselves—and increasingly resentful of those who can.

    Oh damn… he went there. Now sit back and watch the liberals rage-explode.

    1. Too bad he fails to understand that many of those who live in poverty are generally OK with it.

      1. why would those who in live “in poverty” bite the hand that feeds?

        and poverty in America is a joke. our poorest are the worlds richest.

        1. why would those who in live “in poverty” bite the hand that feeds?

          Eventually, that hand will run out of treats. They will be cold, hungry, and scared. They will lash out at the closest thing near them with all of the irrationality of an injured animal.

    2. Qu’ils mangent de la brioche.

  17. Colorado taxpayers forced to pony up $1,000,000 when cops break down door and shoot man that may have driven on someone’s lawn. Department also will have to change policies that, unfortunately, will not bring back the man their officer murdered.

    BTW, the officer was found not guilty of negligent homicide, and the DA thinks that’s just a-ok.

    FTA: Despite the not guilty verdict on four of six charges, Mesa County District Attorney Pete Hautzinger says he is satisfied with the decision.

    “I’m completely fine with the four not guilties. Twelve Mesa County jurors felt that way and I respect that. It’s the way the system should work and I have no problem with that. I would have liked the whole thing to have been over, but we will have to see what’s the right thing to do with the remaining two counts, and I can’t say that yet,” explained Hautzinger.

    Yeah, I’m sure that’s the typical prosecutor reaction when they lose a murder case.

    1. Prosecutors are always happy when they lose a case.

    2. But remember, it’s ordinary citizens with guns that are a danger to society.

  18. Pelosi lets the “we need to have a conversation” mask slip:

    There has to be a national conversation,” said Ms. Pelosi, who was active in the House in 1994 when Congress passed an assault-weapons ban that has since expired. “The safety of our country cannot go as slow as the slowest ship in the House of Representatives or even the United States Senate.”

    If we come out of the Newtown experience and all we do is talk about it and not have a result,” she added, “that would be a dereliction of duty on the part of us in public office. We must find a place where we can come to agreement on this.

    [. . .]

    On gun rights, Ms. Pelosi said Democrats are no longer talking about gun control but refer instead to what she calls gun violence prevention ? an effort by Democrats and their allies to find a less politically charged term, one that suggests a broader range of approaches beyond simply gun regulation.

    [. . .]

    “We have to prioritize, get the votes and do something,” said Ms. Pelosi, who identified limits on high-capacity ammunition magazines as one area that Democrats would explore.

    Clearly what Pelosi means by “have a conversation” is “we must have a conversation that ends in gun restrictions whether they actually help to alleviate the possibility of another Newtown or not.”

    1. Nancy, to prevent violence, I suggest you add G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate to the air processors. What could go wrong?

    2. [i]”There has to be a national conversation”[/i]

      I will agree to a national conversation, if Nancy agrees to let Alex Jones testify in front of the House. Preferably at the State of the Union.

    3. an effort by Democrats and their allies to find a less politically charged term

      The Thomas Frank tactic at work again. It would be pathetic if it weren’t so Orwellian.

      1. Politicians using the phrase “dereliction of duty” really pisses me off. You’re not a soldier Nancy, you’re a worthless lying piece of shit who does nothing but plunder the producers of the country in order to bailout your buddies and buy bread and circuses for the masses. You are worse then a tick, lower then a flea. You are a parasitical nonentity. I have taken shits with more intrinsic worth then Nancy Pelosi.

  19. Form best of the web yesterday. Journalists really are stupid and uninformed. This is classic.

    A cute example of the Butterfield fallacy appears in this Associated Press dispatch:

    A bluefin tuna sold for a record $1.76 million at a Tokyo auction Saturday, nearly three times the previous high set last year–even as environmentalists warn that stocks of the majestic, speedy fish are being depleted worldwide amid strong demand for sushi.

    Supply, demand, how do they work?

    1. I say we terraform Mars and make it into a giant tuna farm.

      1. I saw one of the Bourdaine shows in Croatia and there were some Croats who were raising Tuna on a farm.

        1. See? My plan is already in action.

          They talk about the limited availability of some species of fish in Jiro Dreams of Sushi (which I recommend). Japan has fished the hell out of its waters.

  20. Your gut laugh for the day. From the usually much better than this Conor Friedsdorf. Chuck Hagel deserves any and every name he is called, no matter how thin the veneer to justify it.

    1. Hey now, Chuck Heigel may be a little anti Semitic. But he makes up for it by hating gay people.

    2. From the usually much better than this Conor Friedsdor


      This is a typical Conor Friedersdorf piece.

      1. Really? He’s the best thing at the Atlantic (OK, admittedly not a high bar, but still).

  21. Police officer out on $80k bond for attempted sexual assault of a child is arrested again for the same crime from another jurisdiction.

    $80k bond for trying to snatch little girls off the street for sex? I wonder what got him that? His police badge of his military ID?

    1. Hopefully the badge – and the crimes he committed – will get him some extra-special treatment once he’s inside.

    2. It sounds like he’s an Army (artillery in particular) officer, not a police officer.

    3. dammit. the shitbag is from my town.

    4. He received the Bronze Star for valor during a deployment to Afghanistan, according to Fort Carson.

      If only he had stayed. He could have enjoyed some bacha bazi with our Afghani comrades and contributed to cross-cultural understanding!

  22. AIG wants to sue US govt because “bail out” was unfair.…..GR20130108

    1. Their commercials about how wonderful the bailout was bring new meaning to the word nauseating.

      1. $206B must absolutely include every employee’s withholding plus their part of the payroll tax.

      2. people ask as if AIG stole the money from the government. it was the government giving it to AIG (er Goldman).

  23. Dear John, I was reading last night and found someone who roughly echoes my thoughts on learning about history. I thought it was interesting in regards to the back and forth we had last week.

    “Nobody denies that people should be so taught and trained in youth, as to know and benefit by the ascertained results of human experience. But it is the privilege and proper condition of a human being, arrived at the maturity of his faculties, to use and interpret experience in his own way. It is for him to find out what part of recorded experience is properly applicable to his own circumstances and character. The traditions and customs of other people are, to a certain extent, evidence of what their experience has taught them; presumptive evidence, and as such, have a claim to this deference: but, in the first place, their experience may be too narrow; or they may not have interpreted it rightly. Secondly, their interpretation of experience may be correct but unsuitable to him.” – John Stuart Mill

    1. I wouldn’t disagree.

    2. Slightly off-topic, but I’ve been thinking lately about (how I recall I was taught) history in schools. You generally start off with the distant past and work your way forward and ultimately run out of school year before you get to (relatively) recent events. Maybe this is backwards. Maybe it would be better if we started off teaching children “this is what was happening recently before you were alive” and worked backward, showing how things flowed from earlier conditions and events. Children would (I hope) be better able to relate to their parents and grandparents because they would know what happened to them.

      1. That’s the stupidest idea ever. American history and government was meant for high school juniors and seniors, not young kids. I mean, the best possible years for indoctrination are the first two/three years someone has a driver’s license. We can’t be teaching those kids about the pyramids and shit.

        1. If it’s the stupidest idea ever, does that mean I’m qualified to hold public office?

          1. It’s actually a good idea, so no.

            Except, of course, it’ll give progressive numbskulls a chance to spend an entire semester on FDR’s New Deal and zero days on the founding documents. And trust me, that’s exactly what will happen in US History classes.

            1. I spent an entire semester on FDR and the New Deal (American History Major). I came out of it despising the man.

          2. I doubt it. Of course, I’m assuming some semblance of morality.

            1. I doubt it. Of course, I’m assuming some semblance of morality.

              Always a mistake.

      2. Max Eastman wrote about how standard history texts are boring because they start in the past and march forward chronologically. he suggested mimicking the natural way of learning: that we perceive the rough outlines of the whole, then add increasing detail. He thought textbooks should be written starting with a page that summarized the whole book, then a chapter covering everything in more detail, then maybe four chapters covering everything in even greater detail, and finally more chapters with the greatest detail. His book Enjoyment of Laughter is written that way.

    3. The issue with that statement is that Mill was an educated man. I find that often people who are educated come up with extraordinarily stupid ideas. Orwell has a quote about that.

      You, I assume, are roughly familiar with history, despite lacking much interest in it. For example, you would be able to explain why Jerusalem is a holy city for three faiths. Or what part of the world democracy sprang from. Or why Americans speak English and not French or Spanish. These are important things to know, in the same way it’s important to know how to do algebra, because if you don’t know these things then you’re not really educated.

      Yes it’s more then a bit of a tautology, and very arbitrary, but that’s the nature of education. There’s never enough time to teach it all, so some things are summarized or simplified and most things are cut entirely. That doesn’t make them unimportant.

      Looking things up on the Internet is not a substitute for knowledge, because you have to know what you don’t know. I can look up the exact course of the Crusades, but I have to know that there was such a thing before I can do that.

      1. Looking things up on the Internet is not a substitute for knowledge, because you have to know what you don’t know. I can look up the exact course of the Crusades, but I have to know that there was such a thing before I can do that.

        I understand your point but I’m not sure I wholly agree with it. I agree that the Internet is not a good replacement for knowledge, however it is a fine place to pick up a small bit of information quickly.

        That doesn’t make them unimportant.

        There is plenty of knowledge about historical facts that I would consider entirely unimportant.

        1. There is plenty of knowledge about historical facts that I would consider entirely unimportant.

          Indeed. Although a lot of that is again due to your own perspective. I rarely encounter history I’m not at least mildly interested in. But most science reporting or articles, with the exception of pretty pictures of space, bores me.

          I agree that the Internet is not a good replacement for knowledge, however it is a fine place to pick up a small bit of information quickly.

          Actually the Internet is going to essentially render large swathes of academia obsolete. If you look at the history of the university, for much of history the primary function was literally collecting knowledge. No philosophy or research or what have you, but getting books, translating them, preserving them, cataloging them. That entire function of storing data will be replaced by the cloud in our lifetimes. It’s already started. No one goes to the university library to look things up. They go because that’s where it’s quiet, free from the distractions of your dorm room or apartment.

          If we did have a free market in education, I think you’d see a lot of changes made, pushing specialization down from the college level to the secondary level. I hated and still do hate math. It bores me, and I’m no good at it. But I had to take math all through high school, even though I literally refused to do any work for the last two years.

          1. Although a lot of that is again due to your own perspective.

            And that’s exactly where I agree with Mill on the point.

  24. Michael Bloomberg is advising Joe Biden on gun control policy, so you know that all legislation proposed by the veep’s team will be reasonable and respectful of individual rights.

    It also means there won’t be anything serious coming out of that committee, only a lot of grand standing, photo-ops, chest-pounding and more journalists and talking heads fattening their bellies with the government’s cheese.

    1. Your magazine can hold as many rounds as you like but the total powder capacity has to be less than 16 oz.

      1. Sweet. At a solid loading for my .308, that’s about 150 rounds in a magazine. Can I go belt-fed?

        1. As long as there are no transfats in the belt, yes.

  25. Cristina Kirchner has learned her lesson. Sort of.

    Argentine President Cristina Kirchner will go on a four-nation trip in a rented British airplane for fear that her official aircraft would be impounded in a debt dispute, the government said Monday.

    Despite a bitter war of words with London over the Falkland Islands, Kirchner’s government is paying British air charter firm Chapman Freeborn $880,000 for the trip to Cuba, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and Vietnam.

    1. I just had a the vision of the Chinese impounding Air Force One in Bejing and leaving Obama, the Wookie and the Brats to fly home commercial.

      1. ha, next trip to china, the plane lands and when they come back, it’s got a bunch of tickets on the windshield and a boot on one of the wheels.

        1. That would be a perfect SNL skit if SNL were anything but sniffling bootlickers

    2. Ye gods, that picture is horrible. Best comment in the thread: “She must have been something before electricity”. I also liked “botox socialist bitch”.

      1. Yikes. It looks like she’s wearing some sort of bad disguise made of flesh-colored modeling clay.

    3. Hilarious and explains a lot. Funny that she’s stirring up trouble with Britain over the Falklands – Argentina never had the funds to replace their losses of obsolete junk from the last war, much less upgrade to modern gear.

      Sad that idiot voters can’t see past this shit.

  26. Anyone else using Yahoo mail and getting fed up by the pro-Democrat news headlines?

    1. I haven’t used Yahoo mail ever since that time they cancelled all those accounts a few years back.

      1. Yahoo is my spam account; the address I give when I wish I didn’t need to give an email address. I log in, click on the confirmation email, and leave the other 9,000 messages unread. Why would you keep using email that is so spammy and makes you click past a “news” page to get to your mail?

  27. Officer accused of violent crime has violent past.

    In other surprising news, the sun will set in the west this evening.

  28. Some guy tells Jezebel about how a false rape accusation got him raped in jail. Best reply:

    JerseyJane Reply
    While it’s terrible you had to experience being falsely accused, take another look at that graph. Who is at greater risk in society? Men being falsely accused or women who are actually being raped? The point is that false accusations are not the widespread problem. Women being raped is the epidemic here.

    1. Your job is to be raped so we won’t be. Sorry sucker.

    2. So rape isn’t the problem, women being raped is. Men being raped doesn’t matter. That’s nice.

      1. Look at the graph! Didn’t you see at the graph???

        1. Hold on, I think I have it: all men are rapists or potential rapists. If a man is falsely accused of rape and then subsequently raped in jail himself, he has both been taken out of society and therefore is one less potential rapist, and he took a rape that a woman could conceivably have suffered, thereby reducing total rape potential even more! Is that it?


          1. And just think how much better he understands rape and how much more empathetic he will be to female rape victims than a man who hasn’t been raped. Maybe all men should be raped.

            1. John’s on to something…that Warty already believes.

              1. Steve Smith is out there doing God’s work in some of America’s toughest neighborhoods. We just didn’t realize that until Jezebel pointed it out.

            2. There is a book galled angry women and one of the feminist writes asserts just that. All men should be ass-raped at least once. True story. Sugarfree’s read it.

        2. The infographic is misleading activist b.s., already dissected by Slate and even commenters on the Enliven Project’s website.

          1. Of course it is. I would expect really, really hope that no one here even gave it a smidge of credibility.

      2. In the words of another commenter, “Nothing of importance happens unless it happens to a man.”

        1. Well, that’s merely a truism, nicole. Is that turkey pot pie done yet?

    3. It’s like the individual just doesn’t exist in their world. each of us in a some predetermined group and that’s all that matters.

      1. You must be taking a rest in between raping women to say that, patriarchal scum.

      2. It is not like that NOVA. That is exactly what it is. There is no “like” about it.

    4. IOW, men deserve it because JerseyJane fucked a guy one time who didn’t look as much like the Twilight guy after she sobered up.

      1. Just that one time? That’s more like her life story.

    5. While it’s terrible you had to experience being falsely accused

      Apparently, being raped isn’t even worth mentioning.

      1. Come on, dude, he’s a just a man. They just don’t understand rape, even when he’s actually been raped and she probably hasn’t.

        1. True. I’ll bet he doesn’t understand ball and good either.

          1. Well I’ll tell you what, as long as I get these muffins, I don’t give a crap what he does. He’s a winner in my book. In fact, I’m gonna make a couple of dogs tonight. Start a restaurant with ’em, call it “Dogs”. I’m gonna work on that name, too, because that does not seem good to me.

        2. He should be grateful — he got “grit” out of the experience, just like the children of single mothers.

    6. I never begrudge anyone trying to make a buck, but these “media” outlets that create a non-existent problem (the rape culture) out of thin air and sell it to their audience, is an abomination. There are now millions(?) of Jezzy readers who now actually believe this nonsense and actual harm is done by it.

      What’s the recourse? How does one prove harm from such irresponsible actions? Can the media say anything it likes regardless of repercussions?

      The government was designed with supposed checks and balances. Are there any checks on the media? I’d normally say the free market, but apparently there are idiots who want to be lied to.

      1. An acquaintance posted a link to a piece from The Nation (barf) about our country’s “rape epidemic”.

        Maybe there is an “epidemic”. But whenever I hear that we do, I never hear why, exactly, we qualify as having an epidemic.

        The thing is, it’s not like there are hordes of people out there who think rape is OK. I’m pretty sure nearly everyone thinks it’s terrible. So why do we need to declare an “epidemic” to address it?

        1. Isn’t rape and violent crime at historic lows?

          1. yes. and there is also little doubt that in the current culture, women have never been freer and more willing to report rape vs. the past

            one could argue that harsh sentencing and civil commitments have helped…

            or not

            1. to clarify,… have helped with the crime rate primarily, not the willingness to report, although that is probably affected too

        2. “yea, but daniel tosh made a rape joke. plus, DUKE LACROSSE. i know they did something wrong.”

          disclaimer: i read or at least try to skim articles in each issue of the nation. i figure if you want to know how progressives think, read their house organs – the nation and mother jones

          1. Mother Jones doesn’t qualify as a house organ, it’s just a fluffer. Slate or HuffPo are much more insider-ish outlets.

          2. Liberals really are not your problem in this world at this time.

        3. Plus, they aren’t even using the word “epidemic” correctly. An epidemic occurs in a small circumscribed area, like an “epidemic of measles in Pittsburgh.” If something outbreaks nationwide it is a “pandemic.”

      2. There are now millions(?) of Jezzy readers


        Oh, wait. Let me catch my


        Sorry about that.

        1. Hundreds?

          1. Dozens?

            1. Okay, a couple.

        2. A very vocal dozens.

        3. True fact. They ran DNA test on some Jezzies a while back. it came back human.

          1. Top Queries from Search Traffic
            The top queries driving traffic to from search engines. Updated monthly.

            Query Percent of Search Traffic
            1 jezebel 6.17%
            2 catarina migliorini 1.67%
            3 kody maxson 1.38%
            4 honey boo boo 0.98%
            5 forever 21 0.71%
            6 kate middleton bottomless 0.57%
            7 creepshots 0.43%
            8 backpage 0.35%
            9 amanda seyfried panic attacks 0.29%
            10 how to pass a drug test 0.27%

            Query Percent of Search Traffic
            1 reason 6.02%
            2 reason magazine 1.75%
            3 gary johnson results 1.65%
            4 gary johnson 1.57%
            5 hit and run 0.93%
            6 atlas shrugged part 2 0.64%
            7 instapundit 0.51%
            8 brandon j raub 0.47%
            9 0.46%
            10 file not found 0.32%

            Yeah, I’m ok with that.

            1. LOL, but does that mean the tenth most common query that leads to is “file not found”…?

          2. Reason’s readers: Compared with internet averages, this site’s users are disproportionately Caucasian, and they tend to be childless, higher-income, moderately educated men aged under 25 and over 45.

            Jezzle’s readers: Based on internet averages, is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range 18-24, have no children, are college educated and browse this site from school.

            1. How does Alexa know if a site’s visitor is male or female, or what race they are, or any other demographic information other than location?

              1. I don’t think they do “know,” I’m pretty sure they just guess like advertisers do.

                1. It’s pretty clear that we all buy lots of T-shirts.

          1. Then why did you post it twice?

            Fucking retard.

            1. Yes, yes I am fucking a retard.

              1. DOMESTIC ABUSE! /Jezebel

    1. Yeah but can you bullseye a wamprat with it?

      1. I read “bullseye an armpit with it,” and thought fucking hairy European chicks.

    2. Damn Uropeens. Why can’t they speak Murikan?

      50 meters per second? Now I need to do math. I was told there would be no math!

      1. 112 mph

        1. I don’t have experience (fortunately) with the terminal velocity of an 82mm mortar shell but that seems a bit low.

          1. Well, I spent 4 years as a Marine mortarman. You can usually see them on the way out and watch them most of the way on a clear day. I’m sure terminal velocity is faster but the laser would only have to catch them on the way up which would be easier.

            1. Yeah I thought mortar rounds (shells? some other word?) went kinda slow. Kind of like lobbing a ball versus pegging someone with it.

  29. that’s good for new york. nypd has so bastardized and expanded the concept of “stop and frisk” as to decimate the constitution

    there are times and places for both stops and frisks, like in the original case- terry v. ohio, that certainly justified a stop and frisk. if you read it, you will probably say “yea, ok. THAT justifies a stop and frisk. it’s suspicious as #$(#$(#”

    but NYPD has turned it into a joke and reigning them in , to any extent, is a good thing

    1. Come on, that was as mealy-mouthed a “he said, she said” piece on climate change as you can get in a mainstream newspaper. It even quoted carbon apologist John Christy.

      1. Fucking Squirrels.

        In short: If it’s a global problem, you can’t claim that warmer than average temps on a small sliver of the earth’s surface (not even the entire US faced higher than average temps) are proof of a global problem. And that’s exactly what the article did. In the fucking headline no less.

        1. “A hundred years from now, they’re not going to be talking about health care or the fiscal cliff,” he said. “But they will ask, ‘What did you do when we knew we were going to have serious climate change?’ “

          Herpidy, derpidy, herpa, derp, derp!

          1. ‘What did you do when we knew we were going to have serious climate change?’

            And the truthful environmentalists will answer, “I complained that others weren’t doing enough.”

        2. It’s also what the NOAA scientists are saying:

          “Federal scientists said that the data are compelling evidence that climate change is affecting weather in the United States and suggest that the nation’s weather is likely to be hotter, drier and potentially more extreme than it would have been without the warmer temperatures.”

          And this is hardly the first bit of data that supports the fact of global warming.

          1. WHy is it, then, not affecting other places?

          2. climate change is affecting weather in the United States and suggest that the nation’s weather is likely to be hotter, drier and potentially more extreme than it would have been without the warmer temperatures.”

            Every AGW prophecy has it getting hotter, drier and more extreme. Which is odd since AGW is only theoretically possible with huge water vapor feedbacks, meaning that it relies on the climate being wetter to even get started. And atmospheric warming inevitably moderates the temperature extremes created by solar warming and rotation.

            So why not warmer, wetter and more moderate?

            1. Dude,

              The CAGW theories are falsified by the absence of water vapor increases the models predict.

              What these fear-mongers do is try to conflate any warming at all with CAGW. At this point people are clinging to their beautiful theory despite it’s utter inability to make unique predictions that are not falsified by observation.

              I figure in 15 years the scare will have gone the way of the ice age scare Hansen was peddling in the 70’s

  30. Greg Gutfield just quoted Sullum’s post on The Five.

    1. “Hey, Joe, love you long time.”

      1. Recently I realized that most probably very few people who remember this line from FMJ know what was being refered to.

        A “long time” generally meant an extended session, usually overnight. Usually what was offered was a “short time” which was a single shot.

        These were standard terms used in a number of areas where the US military had a presence in Asia during the ’60s and 70’s.

    2. Actually I’m not sure if the Association of Prostitutes is government funded or not. Don’t really want to investigate further at work.

    3. “I don’t think we will have problems persuading English teachers to provide services for free,” she said. “We already have several volunteer psychologists and doctors helping us.”

      I am so mentioning this in the faculty lounge tomorrow.

  31. the issue with false accusations that feminists etc. gloss over is that many crimes have a relatively high false report rate. estimates are that 10-12% of burglaries are false reports fwiw.


    false rape complaints target a SUSPECT (almost always) whereas false burglary complaints don’t. they just want the insurance.

    i know somebody who killed themself because of a false sexual assault complaint. it’s a major problem, even if only 10% of reports (realizing there is a fudge factor with the consensual issue, since that is subjective sometimes)

  32. Police steal man’s camera. Police department mum on specific case but charge man with HIPAA violation among other things.

    Looks like Little Canada, MN taxpayers are gonna be ponying up some of their money to pay for the crimes of these idiots.

  33. Here, this little tune has been in my head all day.

    1. I think you need a little of this.

      1. It’s toe-tappingly tragic!

    1. I was waiting for him to get hit by a car, or for Mikhail Koklaev to catch him and rape him or something. But no, nothing funny.

      1. That was hilarious.

      2. What is also hilarious is that the gym where he is demonstrating the farmer’s carry is clearly the same gym where Drago’s training montage occurs.

        1. Judging from the videos he likes, he’s a fan of Azealia Banks. He’a ruin you, cunt.

    1. That’s one dumb motherfucker.

    2. Hey Chait, when your understanding of economics allows you to consider the issuance of a trillion dollar platinum coin as a sound idea, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a serious economic argument against it, it means there exist a huge gaping, the size of your mama’s vagina, hole in your understanding of economics. Get a clue, boy.

    3. Zimbabwe Issues Thirty Trillion Dollar Coin, Now The Richest Nation On Earth!

      No, no serious economist has ever made the distinction between wealth and money.

      Seriously, you are robbing your employers Chait by accepting a pay check.

    4. Jonathan Chait on the trillion dollar coin: There turns out to be no serious economic or legal argument against the platinum coins.

      We are Zimbabwe!

  34. That dudes talking a LOT of smack man!

  35. True story.

    Obama walks into McDonalds: “Can I have a Big Mac meal?”

    Alabama graduate waiting on him: “Sure, that’ll be $6.95”

    Obama: “Got change for a Trillion?”

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