Obama To Be Sworn-In Twice, Biden Promises Gun Restrictions, Dancing Dinosaurs: P.M. Links


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  1. President Obama will be sworn in twice, again.

    Once on the Bible, once on the Koran, just like before.

  2. Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane! It’s…a remote control Superman soaring off the California coast, no doubt after sealing the San Andreas fault.

    1. Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane!

      Allow me to repeat a joke that I heard on the internets yesterday: what on earth were those first two so excited about?

      1. They’d never seen a Superman-shaped bird or plane before.

  3. Former Office of Management and Budget head Peter Orszag says the president has lost his leverage in upcoming budget battles.

    At best I think you can say he doesn’t have the same leverage he had.

    1. Limit gets raised no matter what so it’s all fuck you money in his eyes.

  4. Hugo Chavez death watch: Still comatose, fighting for life.

    We are all very confused. We have no idea what to expect. I pray for his recovery but I am expecting the worst,” said Joaqu?n Cavarcas, as he scanned the Ciudad CCS newspaper for the latest update.

    Oh, you don’t say, Joaquin? If he does return to power you really can expect the worst.

    1. I await the day when we can announce that he’s still dead.

      1. He may be join Castro among the semi-dead.

        1. He may be join Castro among the semi-dead one of shrike’s heros.

          1. You idiots think one is not a conservative they must love Chavez.


            That would make Hayek a Chavez fan.

            Your retard is amazing.

            1. My retard is amazing. He can lift a hundred pounds right over his head!

              I would think that an atheist thug like Castro would get your underoos wetter than a Georgia swamp.

  5. http://www.samharris.org/blog/…..of-the-gun

    I’m sure it’s not as laissez-fair, pro-gun as most people here would like, but I think Sam Harris has written the ultimate defensive of gun ownership from a liberal perspective.

    1. *defense

    2. Why is Harris considered a liberal? Because he is an atheist? His brilliance? Please tell.

      1. On an old episode of Penn Says from way back in 2008, Penn Jillette said he had an argument with Harris about why Penn was choosing not to vote for Obama.

        1. That works I guess. I would like to see that in that I am a fan of both.

          I suspect Harris is a classic (Locke) type liberal in that religion (either Muslim or Christian conservative) is the greatest threat to freedom there is (as I believe).

          “Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest”


          1. I would like to see that in that I am a fan of both.

            I love it when you tell us a bunch of things that you like and don’t like. It’s fascinating.

          2. Yeah, it’s religion that is the greatest threat to freedom. You just listed the wrong ones.


            (Here’s a hint, it’s the religion of AGW and the State.)

      2. I’ve never heard of this site, so I can’t vouch for it’s information, but here’s this:


      3. Why is Harris considered a liberal?

        He is an overbearing zealot who supports torture and murder. Textbook definition.

    3. Where is the science lobby? The safe food lobby? Where is the get-the-Chinese-lead-paint-out-of-our-kids’-toys lobby?

      Um, we already have the FDA and whatever completely retarded agency was started to rescue children after that toy issue a few years ago.

      1. I know, I know. The essay has its disappointing moments.

        1. It wasn’t terrible, and it didn’t change my opinion of Harris, so there’s that.

        2. The fact that 40 percent of all guns in the U.S. are legally purchased from private sellers without background checks on the buyers (the so-called “gun show loophole”) is terrifying.

          Neuroscience-boy has a bad case of the vapors.

          1. & check the numbers from say 2009. From here, roughly 14 million guns bought/sold in 2009, and from here, 31,347 firearms related deaths.

            Taking his 40%, it means roughly 5.6 million guns changed hands without the government ever being told , yet only 31K-ish deaths.

            From just a numbers perspective, it seems people should look at this and say – there doesn’t seem to be a problem.

            Even if we assume every firearm related death was due to this loophole, and every firearm related death was in fact a negative (IMO – killing someone in self-defense isn’t a negative), then roughly .2 % of these scary purchases ended in disaster.

            Not sure we should be wasting our times crafting new laws to stop something when AT LEAST 99.8 % of the time – everything works out fine.

            Not that facts matter much anymore…

            1. I don’t have the stats in front of me but I recall straw purchase and stolen vastly outnumber “private sale” when the ATF traces a “crime gun”.

            2. The 31kish number is also completely disingenuous because it combines 8.5k murders, .5k accidents and 21k suicides into one statistic.

              1. The use of the suicide stat is just another dishonest ploy.

                Like someone gets so desperate to die that they put a gun to their head, but wouldn’t do it any other way. And even if it was that way, suicide is a voluntary and personal choice someone has to make with themselves.

                1. I’m willing to accept the argument that owning a firearm makes it more likely that a person who is feeling suicidal will actually go through with it. It is a simple-to-use tool for suicide, and, if it works as intended, pretty much means you can’t change your mind once you start the attempt.

                  But I’m not willing to accept that all 21,000 gun-assisted suicides wouldn’t happen but for the gun. It really is a terribly dishonest ploy, but one to be completely expected from the gun-grabbing lobby. And that the go-to spokespeople who the MSM interviews from the pro-gun rights crowd wren’t able to clearly articulate that for the masses is just… annoying.

                  1. Thing is, that our suicide rate is in line (or lower, depends) with other industrial countries. So it appears that ready access to firearms isn’t producing many more suicides than would normally occur.

      2. Yeah, I thought that was weird too. Our food supply is pretty safe — I thought that was one of the many graces of government that justifies it taxing the shit out of us.

      3. Why, it’s almost like things that are desirable, available in a competitive marketplace, and that aren’t reliably threatened by politicians don’t need lobbying…

    4. Most guns kept in the home will never be used for self-defense. They are, in fact, more likely to be used by an unstable person to threaten family members or to commit suicide.

      Most, however, will either go unused or used for sport.

      1. I thought Harris’s point was that such realities are still not good enough reasons to ban gun ownership.

        1. Yeah but guns aren’t just for self defense. Some people enjoy them for the sport of hunting or [GASP] simply target shooting. Self defense may be the constitutional justification but need shouldn’t be the only justification for a personal possession, really.

          1. Self defense is not the constitutional reason. Neither is hunting or sport. It’s to scare the shit out of the government and no other reason.

            1. Well, I consider defense from bad actors of the state still self defense.

      2. You didn’t go far enough.

        Most guns kept in the home will never be used for self-defense.

        …but if they’re not there, they can never be used for self defense, can they.

        The terminal stupidity of the gun banners certainly works for me. It’s like verbally sparring with a retard, or joe.

        1. I am surrounded by otherwise intelligent people who imagine that the ability to dial 911 is all the protection against violence a sane person ever needs.


      3. They are, in fact, more likely to be used by an unstable person to threaten family members

        There’s your sport.

    5. By all means, let us ban these weapons. But when the next lunatic arrives at a school armed with legal pistols and a dozen ten-round magazines, we should be prepared to talk about how an assault weapons ban was a distraction from the real issue of gun violence.

      That’s a real knee-slapper, Sam.

      1. Yep. The same way they acknowledged that the increased rate of violence, with and without guns, in Chicago and DC proved that handgun bans were a distraction from the real issues.

        Oh wait, that would involve admitting they were wrong and their pet cause was a failure.

        Instead they let it ride and blamed the appallingly high crime rate on other jurisdictions’ ‘loose’ laws. I guess criminals in DC were getting their guns in lower crime Arlingon and Richmond and bringing them to DC to commit crimes. Same thing with Chicago. What was needed to really make the DC and Chicago bans work was bans everywhere, THEN those areas would be crime free.

        Just like it’s one more stimulus being the key to solving this financial crisis, they simply need ONE MORE gun control laws and that will be the one to make a difference.

        Everywhere else had their ‘loose’ gun laws and managed to not have anything close to the DC and Chicago, but that didn’t matter, as those two areas had all the cool laws and got A & B grades from the Brady Group while nearly every other state got Ds and Fs. When 3/4 of the class gets a D or F, it might say something about the teacher or the test and not just the students.

        1. That’s a good point: If guns are easy to get in Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan, why aren’t violent crime rates higher in those places than in Chicago?

          1. Chicago does have higher population density than any of those places.

            Of course one could ask why Chicago/DC has so much more of a violence problem than Houston, for example.

            1. I’m sure there are places in those states with about the same population density, yet not the same crime.

    6. Okay, can someone sum that up, cause by the time I get done reading it, Chavez will be buried.

    7. He makes it clear that he thinks guns are icky. I’m not impressed.

      What’s even less impressive is this response to it by some foot over at Richard Dawkins’s site.

      Now, what positive is offered by guns? The pleasure of target practice? Perhaps?but the risk of death, much more common than in other nations, the widespread terrorizing of women, I would submit, far outweigh the pleasure of shooting at a pretend paper body on a target. As the data make clear, the mythological self-defense argument is far outweighed by well-documented domestic violence, accidents, and suicides that exist in much smaller percentages in other developed nations.

      OK then. I know whose house to rob.

      1. Didn’t you know that domestic violence, accidents, and suicides never happened before the invention of gunpowder?

        Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

      2. the mythological self-defense argument is far outweighed by well-documented domestic violence, accidents, and suicides that exist in much smaller percentages in other developed nations.

        The US suicide rate is on the low side for developed nations. About 1/3 the rate of gun free Japan, 50% lower than socialist utopia Sweden and only slightly higher than Canada’s.

        1. David Kopel’s “The Samurai, the Mountie and the Cowboy” absolutely flays all of these arguments. The upshot is that gun control has never caused violent crime or suicide rates to drop.

    8. I must be thinking of a different Sam Harris.

    9. I vaguely knew who sam Harris was but after a little research I find he is somewhat worse than Amitai Etzioni and bordering on Peter Singer territory.

      The worst sort of statist scum.

  6. …scientists say that dinosaurs may have shaken their tail feathers to attract mates.

    Just like Charo.

    1. Or Leslie Mann in that scene in The Change Up. You know the one.

        1. Man, I was going to jump out of the bushes and go ‘Ha! Ha! They were fake!’.

  7. Gun Control by the end of the month or my name isn’t Boe Jiden!

    1. Gan buns!

  8. Scientists think they have discovered a temperature colder than absolute zero, and it ain’t the offices of Jezebel during a conference call.

    1. However, when objects with negative temperatures release energy, they can actually absorb entropy.


      1. Isn’t entropy time?

        1. Isn’t It’s entropy time?

          Can’t cool this.

      2. So I can get younger and more organized? Win-win!

    2. This unusual advance could lead to new engines that could technically be more than 100 percent efficient, and shed light on mysteries such as dark energy, the mysterious substance that is apparently pulling our universe apart

      , and be used to produce ice-nine.

    3. That looks like bullshit.

      Temperature is linked with pressure ? the hotter something is, the more it expands outward, and the colder something is, the more it contracts inward. To make sure this gas had a negative temperature, the researchers had to give it a negative pressure as well, tinkering with the interactions between atoms until they attracted each other more than they repelled each other.

      Yeah, sure they did. I’d love to read how one alters the fundamental forces of the universe with lasers.

      1. Yup, anything that you could do to make atoms attractive to each other with lasers would transfer that energy to another form thereby raising the temperature.

        1. It looks like I was wrong about it being bullshit.

          1. Hey, at least they aren’t breaking the fundamental laws of the universe. Imagine the SWAT team they’d send in for that. Jesus.

            1. “A thorough investigation has determined that the strong nuclear force acted appropriately and in accordance with all Standard Model policies.”

              1. “Mr. Ohm, STOP RESISTING!”

    4. When temperatures go either below zero or above infinity

      They must be working off a different definition of “infinity” than everyone else.

  9. …Vice President Joe Biden promises that tougher federal gun control laws will pass by the end of January.

    What happens in Joe’s brain doesn’t always stay in Joe’s brain.

    1. because the president is in his last term, he has “no excuse not to pass strong (gun control) legislation declare martial law.”


  10. Boston Mayor Thomas “Mumbles” Menino says Vice President Joe Biden promises that tougher federal gun control laws will pass by the end of January. Biden should insist on a cut of the ensuing gun-sales rush.

    Sure, Joe. Sure. Have fun getting destroyed in the midterms if you manage to pull this off.

    1. If Mumbles said it, it must be true. That or he was promising Biden 2 tickets for the Pats game.

    2. “I understand the second amendment, the right to bear arms,” he said. “But I don’t understand how young kids should be able to get guns.”

      Because tough federal laws worked so well keeping drugs, cigarettes, alcohol… out of the hands of kids.

      Reality, how does it work?

    3. What I find funny is mayors of NYC and Boston, two cities in heavy gun control states are pushing for federal gun control that is about as dumb as theirs, but not much more, to be pushed on all of us. They don’t see a hint of hypocrisy in basically telling the entire nation what to do, policy wise, when the rest of the nation did not do the same to them when they enacted their policies.

      They (supporters of this shit) bristle at the idea that they just like telling other people what to do.

      1. What I find funny is mayors of NYC and Boston…

        Funny in a sad, ironic way. Right?

        Cause it’s not funny in a “ha-ha” way. That’s for sure.

    4. They want to do this now, before it’s an election year. They still remember the 1994 gotterdammerung.

  11. Barney Frank wants to replace John Kerry as senator.

    I think having Chief Warren and Barney the Frank as their senators would cause Massachusetts to surpass California has the state with the worst representatives.

    1. In my humble opinion, Frank is not half as bad as either Pelosi or the War Profitess. He’s mildly libertarian on a few things. They have absolutely zero in common with us.

      1. I mean your junior senator, Boxer, the one that aged badly. Not the rep from SanFran who is still hot. That’s why I was thinking of her instead. Hot.

        1. Fiona Ma is the one that wanted to ban EDC music but was shocked when she found out that was unconstitutional.

          At any rate, she looks fairly good for 46. Asian women age gracefully.

          1. I’ll be in my bunk.

          2. Meh. Tens of thousands of better looking Asian women of around that age in Hawaii.

      2. Dude,

        Barney Frank’s efforts to shield Fannie Mae from oversight (and to keep his toy boy who is a senior manager there rolling in the dough) contributed in a big way to the bubble and bust of the oughts.

        He’s an irredeemable goit.

        1. THIS. Why is he wasting his talents in the Senate? He’d be a more perfectly imperfect choice to replace Timmah at the Treasury.

          1. Dammit, ASM, don’t give them ideas!

        2. Still not in Feinstein’s league. She is Ethel Rosenberg, Armand Hammer and Basil Zaharoff rolled up in one sociopathic bundle.

        3. Barney Frank didn’t “shield” anything. That is wingnut myth.

          A minority party member can’t get a meeting room in the House without permission from the party in power (GOP).

          1. You do realize that the Dems controlled both the house and the senate from 2007 right?

            1. The housing bubble of 2002-06 popped in 2007 with the failure of a Bear Stearns mortgage fund.

              Bush actually protected Fannie Mae by killing the GSE Reform Act of 2005 that PASSED THE FUCKING HOUSE WITH BARNEY FRANK in it.

              1. Fuck you you disingenuous fuck. Did anyone here give BOOOSH a pass?

                Affordable Housing Requirements were implemented in 92.

              2. And when did everyone start looking into FM&FM; and the banking industry? Say it with me now retard: 200motherfucking8!

                God damn but you are disingenuous piece of shit.

          2. Fuck you shreek.

            Frank was neck deep in the housing bubble.

            1. Wallison is a paid shill. The housing bubble occurred in the all Western governments simultaneously.

              I guess Barney Frank caused British and Irish banks to fail too.

              1. Fuck you cunt. I’m saying that it was government policy to give loans to those that had no business getting loans since 9fucking2, asshole. It was Frank’s baby, and BOTH Teams embraced it. So blaming the bubble on BOOOOOOSH is a steaming pile of horse shit. It wasn’t Team Red or Team Blue, it was government interference in the free market, combined with easy money from the Fed that’s to blame.

                Talk about fucking shills, god you are a piece of shit!

                1. Shriek will run interference for the Party of the State every time. Fortunately, we have fine works like Morgansen’s “Reckless Endangerment” and the recent study about the CRA to dissipate Shriek’s kultursmog.

                  Fannie is at the center of this, and it was run for, by and of the Democratic Party. Insiders ran it, insiders pulled the regulatory wires and insiders ran interference in Congress when their machinations were noticed.

                2. There’s a very interesting NBER white paper that helps explain how we got such cheap money.

                  Basically it goes like this – normally, investment money seeks out inefficiencies. So typically, investment money more often seeks out developing countries.

                  Problem is, those countries developing, are completely un-business friendly. Like China.

                  So China starts making enough money to pay some of its citizens, and even they don’t invest in the Chinese economy, because your new store today, could become the state’s tomorrow.

                  So globally, you had a ton of money, without any real place to invest. So it flowed to Western countries.

                  Where maybe real investment opportunities were limited, but at least the money was safe from arbitrary government policy.

                  Combine that with feds interest rate policy and government perverting incentives of the free market and a bad mathematical model mitigating risk and… bam.

                  Here we are.

          3. That’s true, but not particularly relevant. Frank, Waters and others presented a united front and only needed a tiny minority of Republicans to make it stick. With the usual bullshit of “you want to grind the faces of the poor!” that wasn’t too hard.

      3. ya, he is at least good some of the time on the things that Team Blue is supposed to be good on. That’s pretty faint praise, but it still puts him at least in the top 50 percentile.

    2. Inhofe is easily the worst Senator currently serving. Coburn brings OK up a bit but not enough.

      1. Uh, Elizabeth Warren was sworn in yesterday.

        1. She has six years to fuck up. She is 0 for 0 now.

          1. The woman who basically said “From each according to his ability to each according to his needs” already ranks in the top ten worst. There is no way she doesn’t try to push that sort of agenda.

            1. Don’t be a dumbass. She said a variation of “Wal-Mart delivers its goods on government roads”. Which is true.

              She just left out the part about Wal-Mart paying for its share of those roads for political reasons.

              A craven pol? Yes. A Marxist? Only to a Glenn Beck wingnut.

              1. Political reasons like if you don’t pay the government confiscates your shit and throws you in jail?

                fuck you idiot

              2. There isn’t a Democratic boot (or moccasin) Shriek won’t lick on command. Or lick without command, presuming one would be issued anyway.

                Warren’s a marxism by the drink statist.

  12. An under-construction Quaker meeting house was torched in Philadelphia after the group hired a non-union contractor. Guess who the cops think done the deed.

    Considering the recent record of the Philadelphia PD, that is actually a tough call.

    1. Some of you may wonder why Quakers would even be using a non-union contractor. Well, here in Quaker-land, there’s an old joke about Quakers and business savvy: Quakers can buy wholesale from a Jew and sell retail to a Scotsman and still make a decent profit.

  13. An under-construction Quaker meeting house was torched in Philadelphia after the group hired a non-union contractor.

    At least I got my hat-tip in the 24/7 feed. Someday, I’ll get a hat-tip in an HampersandR entry.

    1. You’ll take what they give you and you’ll like it.

  14. “But I don’t understand how young kids should be able to get guns.”

    Given your name is “Tommy Menino”, I’m pretty sure you *do*.

  15. Let us all gape in awe at the humility of President Barack Obama: White House’s official photo gallery includes photo of president reacting to receiving news of the Newton shooting.

    1. Trying to go with the ol’ JFK/RFK quiet contemplation thing, huh? What gravitas.

      What a schmuck. His heart breaks for America.

    2. I’m starting to fear this asshole’s megalomania.

      1. You’re *STARTING TO*? Just now?

        1. Before I was just disgusted by it, and figured he would just serve his two megalomaniac terms and that would be it. But this level of megalomania concerns me. I’m waiting for the first calls to repeal the 22nd Amendment.

          1. I can see this happening. I’d say the timeline goes something like this: some of his cult members start making their idiot calls, which he “refuses,” with great modesty, no doubt. Then, as the cult members of the press start increasing their voices about it, he “decides” to “study the idea”. PACs start forming, ads are placed on TV & the Internet, etc. etc. etc.

            1. That sounds eerily accurate.

              You all did see that on the Lupercal
              I thrice presented him a kingly crown,
              Which he did thrice refuse: was this ambition?

            2. Found this on the 22nd Amendment wiki page

              Attempts at repeal

              According to historian Glenn W. LaFantasie (who was opposed to repealing the amendment) of Western Kentucky University, “ever since 1985, when Ronald Reagan was serving in his second term as president, there have been repeated attempts to repeal the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution, which limits each president to two terms.” [3] In addition, several Democratic congressmen, including Rep. Barney Frank, Rep. Jos? Serrano,[4] Rep. Howard Berman, and Sen. Harry Reid,[5] have introduced legislation to repeal the Twenty-second Amendment, but each resolution died before making it out of its respective committee. Other alterations have been proposed, including replacing the absolute two term limit with a limit of no more than two consecutive terms and giving Congress the power to grant a dispensation to a current or former president by way of a supermajority vote in both houses.[citation needed]

          2. Repealing the 22nd Amendment would require more “compromise” with the House of Representatives!

      2. I wouldn’t call it megalomania–more like an indication of how feminized this country has become. Only a woman or a feminized man would want to see the President emoting like a baby over this.

    3. Is the President always shadowed by an official photographer? Who the fuck thought it appropriate to take a photo at that exact moment in time? Why does it just look like Obama was taking a nap? Look at the man’s expression. There is no way that is an actual expression of grief; it is what a narcissist and a sociopath would think to be an approximation of an emotion he has never felt.

      1. Of course they are, you dumbass. Think back to all the pics of Dumbya with a bullhorn faking his 9/11 angst standing on rubble or him in a flightsuit with a Mission Accomplished banner behind him while 4000 Americans were yet to die in Iraq for his vanity.

        1. And those were staged events, planned well in advance, you mendacious retard.

            1. “What are all these cameras doing at a PRESS CONFERENCE!?”

          1. Are you denying that you love George W Bush and wish he would run again in 2016?

      2. I’m still bitterly amused that he calls that day the worst day of his life: I guess it hurt worse than the time a similar number of children were immolated on his orders.

        1. But they weren’t the children of voters, you see..

        2. the time a similar number of children were immolated on his orders.

          “Worst day? Only if by that you mean my BEST day!”

        3. Dumbya says his worst day was when Kanye West called him a racist.

          (not making this shit up)

          1. (not making this shit up)

            If that’s your New Year’s resolution, you’re already backsliding.

            1. Yep, ole Dumbya said it.

              Former President George W Bush has revealed that the moment when Kanye West suggested he was a racist during a 2005 telethon appeal for the victims of Hurricane Katrina was the low point of his White House years.

              Read more: http://www.theweek.co.uk/peopl…..z2H3LuUgIm

              What a sociopath he is. 9/11 the low point? Iraq? Katrina?

              Nope, Kanye West calling Bush a racist was.

              Bush is the most degenerate POS ever to step into the White House.

              1. your not even trying anymore are you. that’s just lazy.

                fuck you idiot.

              2. Wow. You aren’t trying are you?

                For those playing – the article doesn’t say any of that.

                It states it was an “all-time low” which isn’t remotely the same thing as saying the low point.


      3. I would guess not, because it would be overkill to do the necessary security clearances. I imagine that they keep one on hand though and call him in for particularly solemn moments.

    4. “And lemmee tell ya, Barry. This is a big fucking deal. Can you believe that this just fell into our lap?”

      1. “How could this happen to me?”

      2. “How did I get so lucky? This is one tragedy that this guy [points to himself] WILL NOT be letting go to waste. OK John, wait for me to get into character, and I’ll shuffle my feet when I’m ready for you to take the picture. Alright, let’s see it. Shit, nailed it on the first shot. We’ll run with that.”

        1. “Call a press conference, and don’t forget to leave a pile of diced onions under the podium!”

          1. Get Joe to rev up the firebird, the fumes always irritate me just enough.

            No, I only need some level 3 or 4 tearing up, pepper spray is too much and some of those guys in the press corps might smell onions and think I’ve got lunch for them. Yeah, goose it Joe. That’s it. Alright, inside we go. Nah, Nah, this should last at least 10 minutes and I can turn it on and off.

    5. I had the same reaction. Taking a picture then? Ye gods.

    6. O…OK? You can read anything into that image. I can’t help but imagine he’s thinking, “Jesus, now I have to deal with this shit?”

      1. Or more aptly “How can I best use this tragedy to my advantage?”

        1. Never let a tragedy go to waste.

        2. I knew when the news 1st broke and it was only a few kids, that Schumer, McCarthy, Lautenberg, Boxer, Feinstein, and ole Bronco Bama were talking all the gun control stuff they wanted before the bodies had even dropped 1 degree in temperature.

          They got almost lottery ticket lucky with this and they’ve gone on the same kind of excessive, ultimately self-defeating spree that bites so many lottery winners in the ass.
          They want it all, want it now, don’t know exactly what they want; don’t care how insane, greedy, opportunistic, craven, or extreme they appear to be; and they don’t care what it costs.

          Oh, and fuck all the people who didn’t die in mass shootings, as well as all the people killed with things other than firearms, and finally fuck all those people in other countries who dies in drone strikes. We already know why, don’t we?

    7. The Leader receives the news that His children are suffering. He will avenge them, if he has to raze all of Gaul to do it.

    8. He looks like he’s nodding off.

    9. Holy shit that furniture (other than the permanent stuff) looks cheap! Did O’s decorator pick it up from Ashley?

      Worst. Oval Office. Ever.

    10. I like how His Luminescence is triangulated within the portrait of Washington, and the busts of Lincoln, and King. Staged? Naaaah. He’s just that cool!

    1. You’d think that the feet of the woman would have been more prominent.

    2. Well, at least it goes a little way towards explaining why Sanchez stayed as starter and Timmy never got a chance. I think.

    3. What Ryan and his wife do in their personal lives is none of our business. But he has to know that he will be photographed in public, and this tattoo is a little weird, considering recent events and his status as Sanchez’s boss. Considering the Jets are currently the defendants in a sexual harassment lawsuit, I would think Ryan would show better judgement.

      1. Ryan showing better judgement? Have you seen the way he coaches that team?

    4. Why not a Jets jersey with no number? I’m assuming there is a crazy three way video of them waiting to be released…

    5. Boy, he really put his foot in his mouth.

  16. bsolute zero is often thought to be the coldest temperature possible. But now researchers show they can achieve even lower temperatures for a strange realm of “negative temperatures.”
    Oddly, another way to look at these negative temperatures is to consider them hotter than infinity, researchers added.
    This unusual advance could lead to new engines that could technically be more than 100 percent efficient, and shed light on mysteries such as dark energy, the mysterious substance that is apparently pulling our universe apart.
    An object’s temperature is a measure of how much its atoms move ? the colder an object is, the slower the atoms are. At the physically impossible-to-reach temperature of zero kelvin, or minus 459.67 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 273.15 degrees Celsius), atoms would stop moving. As such, nothing can be colder than absolute zero on the Kelvin scale.


    1. Negative absolute temperature challenges the very definition of temperature. What is negative random kinetic energy?

      1. Man this sounds like so much BS, but I would love to read the paper. What the fuck does the Second Law or Thermogoddamics mean now? I am working my assets to get access to this journal article. Since I’m cheap.

        1. I can get it for you in a couple of days if you wanna wait, and you remind me.

          CANT UPDATE:

          Tried the gangsta cant and shot as well I normally do. It felt like the gun was pushing back instead of up, which was good.

          You seem to know shooting, so let me ask you something.

          I have been shooting low left for-fucking-ever, and the chart I have says that I am either slapping the trigger or gripping. I have really tried not to do these things, and think the problem is something else.

          I have tried everything and it never fails, except three occasions: shooting my dad’s .357 (perfect shots almost everytime), shooting his .22 revolver, and shooting the ruger markII. This leads me to think that it has something to do with my grip on automatics (I use the now standard thumbs forward grip).

          Any ideas?

          1. Sometimes it’s hard to diagnose a problem without seeing what you’re doing. IF you’re up for it and able to make it, my pistol club is going to begin our regular Thursday night sessions later this month. We’re up near New Castle. Drop me a line at the e-mail above if you feel like showing up. I and a couple other fellows might be able to help.

            Otherwise, you might want to go back to an Isosceles stance if you’re using a Weaver and see if that helps. It helps to balance the forces on your arms. If you’re right handed, a Weaver stance can contribute to a down-and-left shooting tendency.

            BTW, Dr. Girlfriend, (who is employed by a major university) got the paper for me and I’m perusing it now. With too much beer to be able to make sense of it. Thanks for the offer on the paper though.

            1. Thanks for the invite. My semester should be cake this term, so I might just be able to make it.

              1. What are you studying? I forget if you’ve mentioned it before.

                1. Chemistry.

                  I have one lab left, and 5 (or 6, can’t remember) gen-ed classes yet to take. Which means my chemistry education is finished, but I need two semesters of bullshit to get that piece of paper.

                  1. Good deal. ChE, here. There’s a lot of opportunity in the PGH area for chemistry types, especially with the oil/gas boom.

                  2. Take advantage of it. Take Japanese Art or something. Ballroom Dancing, if they offer it at your U. Round that shit out.

                    1. Next semester:

                      Russian Fairy Tales
                      East Asian Cinema
                      Instrumental lab
                      World Religions

                      I just wanna be done. I’m an older (a relatively ancient 31) student and just want to get to work. Also, my GF is 3000 miles away until I’m done.

                      I’m chomping at the bit here.

                    2. Well, good luck. I’ve been in long distance relationships and it’s better to be close.

                      Until then, keep shooting and have some fun.

        2. OK, so it apparently only works under certain conditions, such as when you limit the maximum energy state of the atoms by confining them to a lattice of laser beams somehow. Of course, while this could theoretically lead to an engine that has an efficiency greater than 1.0, it depends on someone running and powering a laser, which is a decidedly non-isentropic process from end to end.

          1. That sounds like a lot of work just to get tight groups at center target.

            1. It pays off in the long run.

          2. Given properly defined boundaries I can already build a system that’s greater than 100% efficient. Just don’t look outside the boundaries.

            1. That’s kind of what I was getting at.

          3. Maybe you power the laser using the [gt] 100% efficient engine.

            1. Is the laser 100% efficient?

      2. They’re using the equivalent definition of temperature as dq/dS, the marginal amount of energy you need to add to the system to increase the entropy. For systems with infinitely many energy states, this is always positive since adding energy increases entropy.

        For systems with finitely many energy states, too much energy pushes more and more of the realizations into the highest energy level, which decreases entropy since the system is becoming ordered. So taking energy out of the system would increase the entropy by allowing realizations to move into lower energy levels too.

        1. What type of system would have a finite number of energy states?

          Even if they’re quantized there’s still an infinite amount.

          …don’t …grok

          1. In the “ordinary world” yes, electrons near a nucleus for example have infinitely many energy levels available. But by monkeying with the energy landscape you can force particles to only have finitely many accessible states. That’s what they were doing with the “laser web”.

            I don’t know the details, but that’s the outline of how you could do it.

            1. So, basically locking particles in place and pumping them full of energy will cause them to reach a finite state where entropy is decreased through homogeneity?

              1. Roughly speaking, it looks like that. I have no idea how the lasers alter the potentials in a way that makes all but a finite number of states inaccessible, but supposedly they do.

            2. I think they found a special case where the mathematics allows negative temperatures, but the effects are only local.

              1. There’s a wikipedia page on negative temperature that sort of explains it. Apparently it’s not a new idea in theory, though before this experiment no one had been able to produce negative temperature on a macroscopic system.

                1. Okay, that page actually helped.

                  Not a new concept, but an experimental feat.

  17. Rape conviction overturned because of 19th century California law that only protects married women from men who sneak into their bedroom and have sex with them while impersonating their partner.

    1. Whoa, an actual illegitimate rape?

  18. I’ve been involved in a number of conversations in the last year about folks being desperate for work “not willing” to step beneath what they feel they should be doing for a living.

    It’s hard for them, because businesses don’t want to hire an experienced professional for part time minimum wage work when they can step on a high school kid.

    1. I’ve been involved in a number of conversations in the last year about folks being desperate for work “not willing” to step beneath what they feel they should be doing for a living

      Well, they’re obviously not desperate enough. Let them experience a few months of hunger and let’s see how willing they are to take a job that’s “beneath them”.

      1. They may want to take the jobs, but firms won’t hire an MBA to do burger flipping.

        1. I also wouldn’t hire an MBA who would rather flip a burger than attempt to be an entrepreneur.

    2. I’ve been involved in a number of conversations in the last year about folks being desperate for work “not willing” to step beneath what they feel they should be doing for a living.

      And that’s part of the whole damn problem–too many overeducated people who think they’re above a certain kind of work.

      Fuck that noise–if you’re half as talented as you say you are, work in a low-paying job and show everyone your skillz. People who actually have ability always manage to find a way to be successful, no matter where they are.

      1. People who actually have ability always manage to find a way to be successful, no matter where they are.

        Fuckin’ A, man.

        That’s why I always liked working in restaurants; it’s almost always merit based. There is no paper qualifications, if you got it you’ll move up. And if you manage a couple of places and have good references you can get a loan to open your own place. Meritocracy and capitalism bundled nicely, I love it.

        And yup, I’ll probably use my $100k education to work in a greasy kitchen somewhere.

  19. Donald Glover to play the part of a black Republican on Lena Dunham’s Girls

    Glover’s character, Sandy, is described as “a handsome black Republican” who’s dating Lena Dunham’s Hannah and who, at one point, calls her out on her “knowledge of race and its ramifications.” This reportedly inspires Dunham to respond with a “self-righteous, defensive rant” that also includes a Missy Elliott lyric.

    Darkest Timeline?

    1. I swear I read that as Danny Glover at first.

      1. So did I. But he’s getting too old for that shit.

        1. Diplomatic Immunity.

          1. Oh, no way you live. (Saxophone solo)

          2. IT’S JUST BEEN REVOKED.

      2. He’s too old for that shit.

  20. So on that microaggressions site from the AM links thread, I spotted this gem:

    I’m a student teacher at a high school in a relatively liberal Midwestern town. We had a substitute teacher for a few days in a row and as she was leaving, asked me if I had a “special someone” in my life. I replied that I was engaged and she asked about my fiance: “What does HE do?” I am a lesbian, engaged to my partner. Cornered, forced to come out to a stranger, like I needed to provide an explanation as to HOW I could possibly be engaged to a woman, annoyed at the assumption that I’m straight

    Seriously dude? Less than 5% (depending on the study) have “had sexual relations with someone of the same sex” and only a portion of those ever get married (whether in the legal or social sense).

    I mean if you’re in Seattle or SF it’s one thing, but seriously, assuming a woman is engaged to a man isn’t unreasonable.

    And I’m not doing some shit like switching to “zhe” as a neutral pronoun.

    1. Guess what, people: Stereotypes exist for a reason. And its not neccesarily racist or sexist or what have you: It’s playing the damn odds.

      So, for example, assuming most people I meet to be straight is going to generally work okay for me. As will assuming that any random woman I encounter will be more inclined to emotion than a male counterpart.

      Now, I may be wrong on some of these assumptions, but I will be right enough of the time that making these assumptions will make getting through my day a hell of a lot faster.

      Hell, even Jesse Jackson admitted that he felt safer at an ATM at midnite when he saw the guy walking up behind him was white rather than black.

      1. Yes, you are echoing Bill Maher. Profile the Arabs, dammit!

    2. “What does HE do?” I am a lesbian, engaged to my partner.

      “He’s in IT.”

      See how fucking simple that was?

      1. Wait, you mean no one actually forced her to come out?

        It was a fucking substitute.

      2. “He’s in IT.”

        Is he the clown?

        1. And if they are anything like the average, older lesbian couple I see around DC, one fem, the other butch as hell, describing her as him isn’t really a stretch.

        2. No, the huge alien spider.


          1. “They all float down here.” That’s what she should have said.

    3. Aw, that poor special snowflake was treated all special and snowflakey. Who should she sue?

      1. Damn it. WASN’T.

        1. Damn it. WASN’T.

          Aww, does the poor precious snowflake want an edit button?

          1. Yes, I do. And a lollipop.

    4. Ya know what?

      Fuck people who get offended. I am so sick of these pussies. Get the fuck over it!

      1. I find your lack of compassion offensive.

        The proper authorities have been contacted.

        1. That wasn’t nice. Why do you other me?

          1. Because as a minority (white male) I’m asserting myself after untold years of oppression!

            *raises fist to sky*

            1. How about a hug?

                1. Just knowing you’re feeling better will be enough for me.

    1. Ever notice that troothers will spot exploitation of that demographic even when they themselves don’t see it?

    2. What a superb rant. Condell nails it.

  21. Video/pictures: Polar bear attacks wildlife filmmaker as he sits in protective cube.

    1. Exactly why we need to burn more coal. Kill those vicious bears.

    2. You spend all winter, sitting on a steadily shrinking slab of ice, and then see how cranky *you* are.

      1. Yeah, Cleveland does suck.

    3. Dude, why are you whispering? The thing is already headed right to you.

    4. I like the one photobombed shot.

    5. Not having a high powered rifle huge caliber revolver when being in close proximity to polar bears: extra stupid.

      1. *or* huge caliber revolver

    6. “You go in the cage…… cage goes on the ice…… bear’s on the ice….. our bear…….
      Farewell and adieu to ye fair Spanish ladies….. farewell and adieu to ye ladies of Spain…….”

      1. We’re gonna need a bigger ice floe.

  22. Biopic of young Hillary Clinton reportedly in the works, WaPo has some casting suggestions for Bill and Hillary.

    1. If they get any of those people, then I want Johnny Depp to play alcohol-bloated me in my biopic.



      Emma Stone?!? Scarlett Johannsen?!?


      1. So Emma Stone as Hillary and Scarlett Johansson as Bill?

        1. I think Randy Quaid would be brilliant as Bill Clinton.

          1. This. And Jodie Foster as Hillary.

            1. After she gains 30 pounds.

            2. You can’t ruin Jodie Foster like that, how about Ke$ha?

              1. Even better. She should also gain 30 pounds.

          2. Actually, Dennis Quaid wasn’t bad as Bill in The Special Relationship.

            1. Randy Quaid is best Quaid.

      2. Dude, to a big government boot-licker, lefty politicians are the epitome of sexy.

        In their demented minds, the statist libido has equated Hilary Clinton with Scarlett Johannsen.

        1. I know, but still:


          They’re so fucking subservient and sycophantic it’s amazing.

        2. I love the women who think that Al Gore is “sexy.”

          If Al Gore wasn’t Al Gore and hit on one of them in a bar, all they’d be tweeting is how this creepy, old, fat guy was skeezing them out.

          1. Hey ladies. I’m not wearing any underwear, because I’m “green”.


            /Al Gore

        3. I had a thing for Hillary in 1992. She was actually pretty good looking at the time and I was dealing with strange new feelings.

          Scarlet Johansen was pushing it though.

  23. A second Texas state trooper has been punished for an out-of-line “body cavity search” of two women alongside a state highway. He was temporarily suspended. With pay.

    The state doesn’t want to run afoul of the Eighth Amendment.

  24. Hyperion, Epi, RC, etc.:

    I got a copy of Borderlands 2 with my graphics card. I can’t fucking stop.

    1. Sadly, both Sug and I have hit the level cap of level 50 and have gotten bored with it. But it was good fun while it lasted.

      1. There will be a 4th DLC, whiner.

        1. I WANT IT NOW.

          1. Start a new character, whiner. I recommend a Siren.

            1. You would, Nancy. It’s the same missions, so the entertainment value is pretty low.

              1. If you pick a very different class, the gameplay is very different. Yes, the maps are the same, so what. Try Syndicate if you really don’t want to try a new class. It’s written by Richard Morgan and I’ve been told that the weapons system and RPG elements make it actually pretty similar to Borderlands.

                And you’re a douche.

            2. Siren is the chick right? That’s what I picked.

              Also, if you wonder who added you on Steam, it was me.

              1. Good choice with the Siren. I have mine configured as a Lone Wolf/Damage Dealer and she’s pretty brutal. I also have 15 Golden Keys left.

      2. I’m also pegged at 50. I just started Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage but I’m debating if I should start a new character.


      3. Take up something like Go. You won’t hit a level cap. πŸ™‚

    2. Yeah, I only get to play a few hours a week, but it’s damn tough to stop.

    3. Just started playing this game the other day. I’m trying to get used to the combat…it’s not really my style yet. The visuals are great though.

  25. Krugnuts is just so worn out by how little money we’re spending that he can’t be forced to get off his biased ass and blog.

    Sorry about the failure to post anything earlier. It was a combination of family responsibilities and, to be frank, sheer weariness over the folly of our public life. And I really don’t feel up to any extended discussion even now.

    Aww, that’s precious.

    1. Being a top man is exhausting.

      1. This is a cover story. In reality, they’re doing a remake of Fantasy Island with Geithner and Krugman. I leave the speficic casting to others.

  26. Don’t know if this has been posted here yet, but here’s some fake Brady campaign posters making the rounds.

    Brady campaign pissed at the truth.

    Some grabbers were on facebook defending the posters as real, much to the chagrin of women.

    Spread ’em around, fellas. Propaganda Normative active symbols work!

    1. Awesome. That’ll make some heads explode.

    2. Some grabbers were on facebook defending the posters as real, much to the chagrin of women

      Oh you simply must share.

      1. Yes, seconded. That’s literally too perfect.

        This is the way to destroy the statist coalition: set them at each other’s throats over their dearest issues.

        1. John Kennett: Its never ok to kill even in defending your life or those you love. What makes you think you are more deserving. The Brady campaign has shown great courage with their new ad campaign. Rape certainly does NOT rise to the same level as murder.
          ? 2 hours ago via mobile

          I love the image of some demasculated fuck telling a woman that she only need to close her eyes and think of England in the event she is raped.

          Don’t shoot the poor rapist, he’s only doing it because of low self-esteem, and micro-aggression, or something.

          1. Wait, I thought that “lying back and thinking of England” was rape. According to joe, that is.

            What a moron he is. Delicious.

            1. The lady in the first picture is a Sandinista aiming the barrel at corporate rapist of our natural resources so he is cool with it.

          2. I think the Official Message in Norway is that it’s the cultural norm of the rapists to violently and sexually assault women dressed like Western whores.

    3. Comment:

      “NO mention, however, as to why the add is supposed to be offensive. For the sake of consistency of principles and logic, the Brady campaign would HAVE to agree that it is better to be raped than to gun down your would-be rapist – or isn’t the slogan “Campaign to PREVENT Gun Violence”? Why then would the add not be CONSISTENT with the Brady Campaign’s slogan? Please, somebody explain it to me.”

      1. I agree with that poster, but people usually get defensive when the mask slips and their true intentions become apparent.

    4. Snopes is saying “FALSE” to the idea that the Brady campaign posted the ad, despite being provided with screenshots of it on their facebook page under their own name.

      The evidence to the contrary? Caroline Brewer, Director of communications for the Brady Campaign, said they didn’t do it.

      1. Yerp, that’s why I said “fake” Brady ads.

        1. Yes I know. There’s dispute now about whether they really were fake, since there are several screenshots of the FB page with one of the ads posted under Brady’s name.

          1. Oh, I thought everybody knew they were fake.

            I didn’t know there was any controversy in their provenance.


            Went to Anthony’s today.

            Jesus, the prices they have on even non-ban-scare items is through the roof. And of course, they had a line out the door of rubes ready to hand over their cash.

            1. Were the clerks taking advantage of the situation and saying it’s store policy that they kick you in the nuts before allowing you to buy a gun?

              I was thanking my lucky stars to find 100 rd 9mm boxes at Walmart down the road.

              Oh and I sympathize with your low left issues. The person who taught me to shoot yelled at me if I moved the gun, even the slightest bit, after my finger went in the trigger guard, so I developed a trigger-slapping habit.

              1. I was thanking my lucky stars to find 100 rd 9mm boxes at Walmart down the road.

                So you’re the one!

                I love those federal 100 packs, cheap and reliable.

                Were the clerks taking advantage of the situation and saying it’s store policy that they kick you in the nuts before allowing you to buy a gun?

                I didn’t even talk to a clerk; they were running multiple pics/nics checks and had people waiting when I got there. Not that I was actually gonna buy anything.

                They had a used pistol for $362 that I bought new for $325, and a pistol I bought used for $300(buddy price, but still) they had used for $470. Daaayum son, that’s outrageous. I’ve noticed in the past that new guns ar about 20-$50 than at other places, and their used prices have always been terrible, but not this bad.

                Went to gander mountain and dunham’s too. Same story, no guns and tons of people waiting.

                1. I kind of understand the idiots buying guns for no reason…last week I bought a Mauser that looked like it hadn’t been cleaned since you-know-who was in office, though I got it for a song. A couple of days of scrubbing the interior of the barrel and thank God it wasn’t pitted. Must not have been corrosive ammo.

                  Now I’m wondering why I got a bolt-action rifle when I never use the one I already have.

                  1. Now I’m wondering why I got a bolt-action rifle when I never use the one I already have.

                    To go on a murder rampage, you child-killing, bitter-clinging, racist, rethuglitard.

                    1. And in that case the media would actually be right when they call the ammo holders “clips”.

                    2. consider a career in law enforcement. i get 100 free rounds a month. it adds up.

                      another pot story. woman calls police because a babysitter for her kid left some pot in the car.

                      sgt. cancels call. it’s LEGAL . we aren’t a marijuana disposal service . she was told to get rid of it herself if she didn’t want it.

                      i LIKE this new law.

                    3. consider a career in law enforcement. i get 100 free rounds a month. it adds up.

                      They’re not free rounds, they’re taxpayer/asset forfeiture funded rounds. Thanks for reminding me. πŸ™

                      I used to think I was too smart for them to let me be a LEO, but a couple of months ago they let me on to a drug trial jury after I told them I favored legalization. So I’m beginning to wonder.

              2. jeez. a trigger slapper. at least you can admit it. that’s the first step.

                LOVE your trigger. gently squeeze it. don’t slap it like some neglected penis

  27. Jolie O’Dell. The Ken Schultz of tech.

    Sex sells, right? And disembodied female body parts coupled with Beavis and Butt-head-level puns are super-sexy, right?
    Guys, this is why we don’t have more women in tech: It’s a cesspool. As long as we’re passing offensive schlock like this off as marketing for a major technology conference, we don’t deserve more women in tech.

    And after ranting at men for a whole column, they bury this at the end:

    *Note: Dirk Marketing is run by Angie Dirk, a woman.

    1. Left out the best part:

      Patriarchy wouldn’t be patriarchy without women’s participation, and we wish Ms. Dirk would have had the wherewithal to do better work and demand higher standards of her clients.

      1. That was the rationalization for berating “men”. The best part was her getting called out on it. Her piss poor rationalizations are standard feminist boilerplate.

        1. My experience has been that “the reason there aren’t more women in tech” is that other women make fun of them about it.

          Which is all just part of the Grand Patriarchal Conspiracy, I know.

          1. I regret that you don’t know any men who think women’s brains are sexy, too.

            I think brains are extremely sexy…and equally scarce.

    2. Oh god, the comments

      yup. and I think the underlying issue is, why is the prime female identity is hyper sexualization? Why don’t we have music videos of women becoming a successful tech journalist or going to Harvard and publishing scientific papers like the rest of men who have been emasculated, rendered worthless, achievements that are not celebrated if it doesn’t involve fucking some bimbo, who by the way is a product of female identity. You don’t have barbie dolls that look like Velma or ahn suu kyi because you raise an entire gender to believe being a whore and a slut is what all women desire to be. This is why you don’t have more female scientists and working in the tech. Women have failed to thrive in industries where hyper sexualization of the female body through cosmetics, makeup, clothing, fashion except when used for their life’s greatest point, being the exact hyper sexualized female that makes men jerk off.

      The fuck? Poe’s law anyone?

      1. “Why can’t I change human nature?”

        1. “Because you’re a woman. Get back in the kitchen.”

    3. Nephew had a great misogynist quip the other day when watching the pre-game shows and Erin Andrews was on. ‘That looks like the kind of bitch who has human resources on speed dial.’

      1. When Erin Andrews speaks, she consistently has the expression of someone who is smelling something vile.

    4. Rewire the human genome or remove the planks from these lady’s uptight asses? Which would prove to be the more challenging?

    5. Shockingly, she is not hideous”not hideous.

      Though she has the stupid fucking colourful hair. What is with them and the orange/pink/purple hair?

      Most of the shots have a pretty MySpace feel to them.

        1. No she’s not! Jolie has a college degree, so she can use her sexuality to empower herself. Now pretty girls who don’t have college degrees and use their sexuality to eat, are empowering men.

          You have to graduate from college to understand who is empowering whom.

            1. O Rly?

    6. Jolie O’Dell

      Why did she steal her name from a 1920s whore?

      1. Because speakeasy whores were the BEST!

  28. Cornered, forced to come out to a stranger

    Forced? Did she threaten you with the Comfy Chair?

    1. Well, by “forced” she means “invited” and by “come out” she meant “share details of my life that I’m preparing to make public record.”

      1. Besides, it’s 2013, and no one gives a shit if you’re gay. It’s offensive to such a small segment of the population that coming out gay is about as risque as coming out straight.

        I think that scares a lot of the victim class more than anything: that no one gives a shit about their color, ethnicity, or sexual preferences.

        That’s why we see all of these non-incidents of supposed oppression that are nothing of the sort. That these fucks think they’re getting the same treatment that a black person in Mississippi got in the 50s is fucking grotesque.

    1. That’s inspiring. I’m glad your man Obama is such an outstanding advocate of the right to self defense with firearms.

  29. A second Texas state trooper has been punished for an out-of-line “body cavity search” of two women alongside a state highway. He was temporarily suspended. With pay.

    Methinks the scare quotes above are slightly out of place.

    1. i can state with reasonable confidence he diverged from his training and policy πŸ™‚

      imo, this is a classic firing offense.

      and again, he wasn’t suspended with pay. he was placed on ADMIN LEAVE with pay. suspension means w/o pay. admin leave means – they are investigating and putting the officer in limbo. it is not punishment.

  30. OK, so I made it through the first week of Bar Exam studies. I’m not crazy yet, but I feel like I am constantly behind on things. Wish my family luck as they try to do without me for the next 7.5 weeks.

  31. Biden should insist on a cut of the ensuing gun-sales rush.2SC2625

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