Damascus Air Strikes Greet Syrians on New Year's Day

Rebel assault on Aleppo airport also leaves it closed for the start of 2013


Syrians woke up to air strikes near Damascus on New Year's Day as Aleppo airport was closed after repeated rebel attacks, casting doubts on diplomatic drives to end the 21-month conflict. 

The violence came a day after activists reported finding the corpses of dozens of people who had been tortured, another sign of the gruesome nature of the conflict, and as the regime said it welcomed any initiative for talks to end it. 

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  1. The Iranian regime is having a hard time seeing a world without Assad. The Syrian people themselves are having no such difficulty, and their view is becoming clearer and clearer every day with each bomb that falls.
    Iran, therefore, should take a lesson from Syria as the drama unfolding there is but a preview of what is coming to Iran.
    Nor will the regime’s usual scapegoating of Israel save the day, for the Information Age has made this little handy technique obsolete. Moreover, the internet is now impervious to full censorship.
    When the Iranian people have had enough and turn against the regime, the regime will turn on them, just like Assad has — preferring to destroy the country rather than yield power. Such is the way of tyrants, even the theocratic ones.
    And when their end comes, few of us will shed any tears — as few of us are saving any tears for Assad now.

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