Fiscal Cliff "Mini-Deal" in the Works, Senate Reauthorizes Warrantless Wiretapping, White House Petition Demands Response to Petitions: P.M. Links


  • President Obama is reportedly working on a "mini-deal" on the fiscal cliff.

  • The Senate approved a reauthorization of FISA, which allows the government to conduct warrantless wiretapping at home.
  • The latest White House petition demands the White House respond to petitions. It's right there in the First Amendment.
  • Gun sales in California are up over the last ten years as gun-related injuries and deaths are down.
  • The hacker group Anonymous is demanding the Manteca Police Department in California fire an officer who shot a parolee eleven times in his driveway.
  • The IRS placed a $4 million lien against comedian Katt Williams, providing more evidence for his government is pimps theory.
  • MSNBC's president says Chris Matthews is a statesman.
  • France's Socialist president has declared 2013 a battle for jobs, though given the policies in 2012, it'll probably feel like a battle against them.
  • George H.W. Bush is still in the intensive care unit, but his family says his condition is improving with the former president singing to his doctors and nurses.

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