Apply Now for the 2013 Searle Film Fellowship at Reason TV


Reason TV—the online video journalism project of the Reason Foundation—is seeking talented individuals interested in advancing the message of free minds and free markets through video journalism and related multimedia productions. Reason's top priority is talent: established and aspiring producers, videographers, editors, researchers, and marketing professionals will all be considered. 

The Searle Film Fellowship at Reason TV is a year-long, full time position that gives aspiring video journalists the opportunity to create substantive, original content that explores the ideas of free minds and free markets. Initial responsibilities will depend on experience and could range from research assistance to video editing to producing independent pieces to developing marketing and distribution plans. Fellows will also participate in training in production techniques appropriate to their skill level. Fellowships are full-time salaried positions with benefits; salary will depend on experience.    

Resourcefulness, a willingness to pick up miscellaneous tasks and reliability are a must. The ideal candidate will also have a strong interest in libertarian ideas, the field of documentary filmmaking or video journalism, familiarity with shooting and editing, and content distribution and marketing.

Applicants at any level of experience will be considered. Individuals who are able to work from one of the Reason offices (in LA or DC) are preferred, but telecommuters will also be considered. To apply, please submit the following materials in a single pdf file via email to by January 15, 2013:

• A cover letter with a summary of your experience and an explanation of your interest in Reason TV.

• A resume, including contact information for three references.

• Three one-page segment sketches you would like to produce (or help produce) at Reason TV.  The format, style, and level of detail are at your discretion.   

• Samples of your work, if applicable to your level of experience. If available online, include links in the email; if you prefer to mail a reel, please send TWO copies to: Reason Foundation, Attn: Amy Pelletier, 5737 Mesmer Ave, Los Angeles CA 90230.

Please direct questions about the fellowship and application process to Amy Pelletier at

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  1. Resourcefulness, a willingness to pick up miscellaneous tasks Shackford and Tuccille’s laundry and reliability are a must.


    1. That will require a tremendous amount of resourcefulness, as we live in different states.

      1. There is a “I, Laundry” sketch in there somewhere.

      2. Don’t ruin my joke Shackford. It doesn’t need the help.

  2. I’ve got a movie idea. Well, actually it’s an entire series of movies/shorts based on It’s a Wonderful Life.

    You find historical figures that think of suicide late in life and an angel shows them what the world would be like if they’d never been born.

    Some of them are funny, like Hitler in the bunker seeing how much better the world and Germany would have been without him (think German/Jewish scientists developing space travel and a flourishing nation), only for him to be seen running through the halls of the bunker saying hello to all of the people down there with him as the Russians close in.

    Some are more serious, like Lincoln seeing how slavery would have rapidly ended and the south would have been prosperous without him and the north continued to be full of racists that were beholden to the CSA’s raw materials.

    Some are downright silly, like Napoleon seeing how zombies took over the world because a great, great, great great great-grandson of some guy who died in the Napoleonic Wars developed a way to regenerate dead tissue with disastrous results.

    Basically, its a stupid idea with lulzy possibilities.

    1. Whatever happened to your modern Robin Hood adaptation? Having trouble getting Adam Sandler to sign on as the lead?

      1. I’ve decided to dump all of my financial resources into this obvious winner of a project instead.

    2. Meh. You’re sick, dude, but that show sucks.

      Instead let’s make a show about Libertarians have takend over the world and taken the proglodytes for slaves. Only the progs are too lazy and stupid to work, so we have to decide their fate, and each episode is an idea of what we do with them.

      In the first episode I decide that we should hook them all up to hamster wheels and apply electro-shock to them at intervals to make them move the wheels. This is our renewable energy source.

      1. Stop. Just stop. You had me at “slaves”.

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