Reid Says Fiscal Cliff Plan is in GOP's Court, Rebels Are on Their Way to CAR's Capital, LA Collects Guns in Buyback, French Jobless Rate Increasing: P.M. Links


  • Sen. Harry Reid has said that it is up to the Republicans to come up with a fiscal cliff plan that the president can sign. 
  • Consumer confidence is down, thanks in large part to the fiscal cliff fiasco. 
  • LA officials have collected 2037 firearms in their post-Christmas gun buyback program. Participants collected gift cards valued between $100 and $200 in exchange for handing in weapons. 
  • Rebels are on their way to the Central African Republic's capital. 
  • Matt Damon is giving up on politics, saying that the whole system is rigged. The system can't be that flawed, Damon admits to voting for Obama. 
  • Six people have died in Poland after being poisoned by tainted alcohol. 
  • The French jobless rate is up. Turns out increasing the minimum wage and the income tax rate for the wealthy isn't that great for job creation. Who knew?!

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