Syrian Airstrikes Blamed in Bombing of Bread Line

Dozens reported dead


Bombs that antigovernment activists said were dropped by a Syrian warplane on Sunday killed dozens of people at a bakery in the central town of Halfaya where residents had lined up for bread after the town received its first flour delivery in days.

The attack, and the number of casualties, could not be immediately confirmed. A local activist said he ran to the bakery soon after he heard a warplane and then explosions and the sound of ambulances. "There were bodies everywhere," the activist, Samer, said.

Photographs he took after the attack showed bodies in a heap on a bloody sidewalk outside a low-slung building, which was damaged but still standing. Amateur video of what the activists said was the aftermath of the attack showed a man sitting near a motorcycle, his arm twisted around his back, struggling to stand as people around him screamed. Roughly a dozen people could be seen on the ground, covered in dirt or debris from the building; some were wounded, and several appeared to be dead. Armed men wearing camouflage outfits were helping to move the bodies, which were placed in bunches on truck beds.