A.M. Links: Islamists Expect Victory in Egypt, Obama's Aid Package Comes With Goodies, Both Sides Losing in Syria, Boehner Offers Tax Hikes, Posting Fake Information on Sandy Hook Shooting Could Lead to Arrest


  • It is looking increasingly likely that Egyptian Islamists have won the vote on a draft constitution. Liberal and leftist rivals are claiming vote rigging took place. 
  • Obama's Sandy aid package comes with all sorts of goodies attached, with Alaskan fisheries and the Smithsonian Institution reaping some of the benefits. 
  • House Speaker John Boehner has offered to raise taxes on high-income earners in exchange for a containment of entitlement program costs. 
  • A chase in Ohio that resulted in two unarmed men being killed by cops who fired 137 bullets has unsurprisingly prompted community complaints. The president of the police union has defended the officers. 
  • Connecticut State Police are saying that anyone who posts fake information regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting could face arrest. 

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