A.M. Links: Kim Jong-Un Orders More Rocket Launches, NC Judge Commutes Death Sentences, Tax Bill Sent to Greek Parliament, Assaulted Fox News Contributor Not Seeking Police Help, John Kerry Likely Secretary of State Nominee


  • Kim Jong-Un has ordered more rocket launches after the success of the widely condemned launch earlier this week. 
  • A judge in North Carolina commuted the death sentences of three convicted prisoners after ruling that race played a role in jury selection. 
  • A tax reform bill submitted to the Greek parliament includes a new top tax rate of 42 percent on those earning more than €42,000 a year. 
  • Fox News contributor Steven Crowder has yet to ask police for help after being punched in the face during a right-to-work protest in Michigan. Crowder has said he would rather have an MMA-sanctioned fight with his assailant to settle the matter.
  • It is looking increasingly likely that Sen. John Kerry will be the next Secretary of State. 
  • The Muslim Brotherhood will be holding rallies in Egypt ahead of tomorrow's referendum on a controversial draft constitution. 

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