A.M. Links: More Debt Buying, Money Creation From Fed, European Central Bank Poised to Gain New Powers, Gay Marriage Set for Legalization in Uruguay


  • The Fed will continue its economic intervention, purchasing more debt and printing more money.

  • Some Congressional Republicans are okay with the defense spending growth reductions set to kick in at the fiscal cliff. Shock. Awe.
  • Authorities in California are rapidly ratcheting up surveillance in public spaces.
  • Germany may be on board with giving the European Central Bank regulatory powers over all continental banks.
  • Uruguay's lower house approved legislation legalizing gay marriage, with the senate likely to pass it too. The president says he'll sign it.
  • Cuba slouches toward freedom.
  • Scientists have found seven habitable planets in the galaxy so far, but not Nibiru.
  • Last call for Reason's webathon!

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