ITunes Prepares for Launch in Russia

Don't go looking for Pussy Riot


At long last, Apple appears to be approaching a launch date for iTunes in Russia — and it could come as soon as tomorrow. A tipster has forwarded us an email, in Russian, inviting a small group of people to an iTunes event in Moscow on the evening of December 4. The email does not give much away, simply noting that team iTunes will be holding a musical evening, and that it's a small, invitation-only affair at one of the city's swanky shopping centers, GUM, located on Moscow's Red Square.

The email was sent out by one of Apple's PR people in the country, Irina Efremova. We have contacted Apple to ask about the event and will update this post when we learn more.

People have been anticipating a launch of iTunes in Russia for some time now. It was originally planned for October of this year and then delayed to November, according to sources cited by the RIA Novosti Russian news agency from November 20. That report had also said the launch was now "delayed indefinitely."