GOP Offers Fiscal Cliff Proposal, Boeing Gets Big Taxpayer Bucks, New York Times Sheds Jobs : P.M. Links



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  1. The New York Times is shedding yet another 30 newsroom positions.

    Editorial positions, which the journalists have covered anyway.

    1. I fail to see any evidence of any journalists currently existing on the Times payroll.

  2. Stuck for ideas on how to decorate? look no further!

    1. The “screwing reindeer” decoration reminded me of someone in the neighborhood I used to live in who had wooden reindeer decorations similar to these. Every year, someone would mount one on top of the other.

      Juvenile, but I have to admit I laughed.

  3. Vampire on the loose in Serbia

    1. Hey! That’s serious business there, buddy! I’m not too, too far from the Carpathians (well, far enough), and local lore has it that those bloodsucking, haemophiles can move in quick, eh!

      Load up on garlic and silver nitrate, peoples!

      “You have to have FAITH, for that to work, Mister Vincent!!!”

      1. “See, I released it in Transylvania so vampires would come and visit me and I could get them to bite into my neck and then I could become immortal! Why the hell do you think I made myself look so sexy on the cover?!?”

        1. “It’s formica. Heh.”

        2. I’ve been to Transylvania Episiarch, you’re no Transylvania.

          1. Please come visit me dawg
            Well back in 1912 I could kick your ass
            I did the tango and the foxtrot before it got banned
            There was ragtime and jazz before there ever was rap
            Now I’m trapped with a colostomy bag in my pants…

      2. The Carpathians are all the way on the other side of Ukraine, aren’t they?

    2. Is this a real vampire or one of those angsty fake ones that can walk around in daylight and don’t react to garlic or the cross?

      1. FoE, I have a question for you. Why do vampires need to go to high school?

        1. Do you realize how embarrassing it is for the immortal to be done in by truancy?

          1. How do you get held back 100 years in a row? I’m honestly not seeing it.

            1. By continually asking dumb questions like that, Vlad.

              1. “Look, I’ve been going to this high school for seven and a half years. I’m no dummy.”

        2. Because they keep getting (but not appearing) older and the girls stay the same?

          1. Alright, Alright, Alright.

  4. The wind-energy industry is hoping for an extension of tax breaks set to expire at year’s end because, basically, the business isn’t viable on its own.

    Plus, all those poor migrating birds. And Ted Kennedy’s view.

    1. +1 1967 Oldsmobile Delmont 88.

    2. Arlington isn’t so high up as to allow Cape Wind equipment to obstruct the view.

  5. Mike Tyson & Brad Pitt’s Love Triangle

    1. Mickey might have stood a chance. And I would have had an equal chance understanding what either of them was saying.

      1. I went a garavan fer me ma.

        1. And don’t forget – periwinkle blue.

    2. Gads, Pitt could have nearly any woman he wanted, and went for Robin Givens while she was still kinda-sorta with Mike Tyson? That’s so much lack of judgment all at once.

  6. I took a piss in a Boeing lavatory once. Everywhere but the toilet hole. It might have been an Airbus.

    1. Have you met Sandi?

  7. The New York Times is shedding yet another 30 newsroom positions. Wait … wait. I feel a tear coming. No, that was an eyelash.

    Smart business. I mean, just how many reporters does it take to cheer on the Obama administration?

    1. All of them?

    2. Well, none, if you’re talking about reporters.

  8. Basically, it’s less sucky than the White House proposal.

    And it’s a starting negotiating position, and it’s the best fantasy the Republicans can come up with.

    1. It’s $220 billion a year for 10 years.

      What’s this year’s deficit again?

      1. 1.6 trillion. Never forget.

        1. Actually, it’s 1.6 bazillion.

          1. “Actually, it’s 1.6 bazillion.”

            Might as well be, it’s just as incomprehensible to the average voter as “trillion”. 1.6 Terabucks (TB), now..that’s much better.

    2. And another thing.

      What is it with these ten-year plans?

      Everybody knows they should be *five*-year plans.

      1. Dude, are you saying we aren’t twice as awesome as the Chinese?

        1. Well, since you put it *that* way ….

    3. It looks terrible and absolutely inadequate. And that’s now our best-case scenario.

      Taxes are a bullshit non-issue to our current problem. Revenues are fine, especially given our static economy. What isn’t fine is spending. A deal without massive spending cuts just means a disaster to come. One that we can see without even squinting our eyes funny, thanks to Europe.

      “No, fuck you, cut spending.”

      1. Even if they could acknowledge the realities of the relationship of tax increases to tax revenues, and even if they were actually trying to address the debt problem, Democrats politically couldn’t allow the wealthy to keep their money. They couldn’t acknowledge their own economic fallacies and they couldn’t end the class war that’s gotten them so far with voters.

        1. So preserving their illusion is more important than having a strong economy and a generally affluent culture.

          The Republicans should’ve just flat-out said “No more.” Whatever the political consequences. Someone sure needs to do that.

          1. It’s all about the narrative. And saying no more would lead to an endless pillorying.

      2. Here is what the offer should have been, I think it fits PL’s requirement:

        10 year plan:
        Year 1: 24% of GDP
        Year 2: 23% of GDP
        Year 3: 22% of GDP
        Year 4: 21% of GDP
        Year 5: 20% of GDP
        Year 6: 19% of GDP
        Year 7: 18% of GDP
        Year 8: 17% of GDP
        Year 9: 16% of GDP
        Year 10: 15% of GDP

        Give the Dems their choice of taxes to go with this. However, in the bill, taxes immediately revert to current levels PERMANENTLY if spending exceeds those limits in any year.

        1. And everyone who violates these limits is cast out.

          1. Into low Earth orbit?

        2. 15% of GDP is asking too much, even in a fantasy scenario. Cut all those numbers to half percent increments, and there’s a chance.

          1. No, fuck you, cut spending.

        3. I like this. It’s a good start.

  9. “The wind-energy industry is hoping for an extension of tax breaks set to expire at year’s end because, basically, the business isn’t viable on its own.”

    The government doesn’t create bubbles!

  10. Man shoots terminally ill wife in hospital, then turns gun on self:…..mpany-room

    Can’t wait for the local media to argue for more gun control instead of legalized assisted suicide….

    1. legalized assisted suicide….

      What are you, some kind of monster? We can’t have people making decisions like this for themselves. You can’t have people deciding when they’re ready to die, especially if they do it in the comfort of their own homes.

      1. “We’re not going to kill you. The moral thing to do is to let you die naturally…alone, in a pile of your own filth.”

        1. A friend of mine is currently dying slowly and rather horribly from advanced cancer. I’m not sure if this would or should be her choice if she could make it… but it’s damn sure making me (even more) positive that assisted suicide needs to be an option in such cases.

          1. Top. Men.

          2. As horrible as these stories sound, the plain fact is that the NHS does not have the money to pay for the kind of extreme lifesaving treatment these patients need.

            And neither do their parents (in the case of the babies in the first link) or the families (the elderly in the second link).

        2. “We’re not going to kill you. The moral thing to do is to let you die naturally…alone, in a pile of your own filth.”

          Don’t forget the excruciating pain.

          1. “Don’t forget the excruciating pain.”

            There is plenty of morphine pumps, Chemo, anti-(x) “wonder”? drugs to keep you lingering. ..Neither alive nor dead in perpetual misery for as long as your private insurance can stand it. Science and technology are wonderful!

            1. Morphine is a bitch of a drug. You feel no pain while you’re on it, but you can’t rest either. When you “sleep”, it’s more like blacking out (racist?) after drinking too much.

              1. The chronic dehydration, brutal nausea, fevered dreaming, and painful addiction are not exactly pluses, when succumbing to a terminal illness.

  11. I’m disappointed that there was no mention of the biggest news of the day: the royal pregnancy.

    1. Not happy with the just royal pain in the ass, huh?

    2. So now Kate Middleton is the Royal MILF.

      1. Um, not for a few more months. Now she’s just the royal PWILF. Or PWYLF. Whatever.

    3. It was mentioned in morning links.

  12. Is it OK for men to wear Christmas jumpers ‘ironically‘?

    1. Net. Next?

      1. The sweater and dickie combo, on the other hand…

        1. I got an “Access denied” page.

    2. It is so fucking charmingly British to call them “jumpers” that I’m inclined to let this one slide.

  13. As I predicted, the Repubs have proven stupid enough to take the bait and start proposing cuts. Now Obama has the popular ground, as he is the one proposing tax cuts (!), and the Repubs have dutifully played their role as the bad guys wanting to cut spending on the po’.

    Boehner should have just sent the House home, with instructions to be prepared to reconvene when a bill has been submitted by the Dems.

    1. “The Stupid Party”, indeed.

      Dollars to doughnuts Boehner cries before the end of the month.

  14. As is normal with all ultra-conservatives, I think poor Mr Buchanan is a little confused.

    One America believes our history is a catalog of crimes against people of color, that women have an inviolable right to abortions, that condoms should be handed out to sexually active teens in schools where Darwinism should be taught as revealed truth, while Bibles, prayers and religious symbols should be permanently expelled.

    The other America sees all this as unpatriotic, godless and decadent.

    One America believes in equality of rights; the other demands equality of results brought about through the redistribution of income and wealth, affirmative action, racial and gender set-asides, and quotas.

    One America believes in gun control; the other in gun rights.

    1. What’s confused about that? Seems like a generalized but roughly fair summation to me.

      1. From an ultra-conservative point of view, sure it is.

        1. You haven’t said what’s confused about it, though.

  15. An absolute must-read series from Doug Hagmann of Canada Free Press:

    Benghazi Explained: Part I.

        1. Interesting but a bit overblown. I’ll buy the gunrunning-to-Syria part, but wouldn’t go so far as to say that Obama is starting World War III at the behest of Saudi Arabia.

        2. I find it hard to believe that Russia will start WWIII over Syria.

          Iran – maybe, but not Syria.

    1. What if I’m done giving a fuck about Libya?

      1. Libya was nothing but a prelude. I highly recommend that you at least read the supplement so that you have an idea of what’s coming in the not too distant future.

        1. But what if I don’t care about that either?

          1. You could start by not posting contentless comments.

            1. Pardon me, Kommissar, but Mike M said it was a MUST read.

              1. Well, then, quit posting and get to reading, sucka!

                1. Holy mother of shit.

                  I just read the things and while I am generally a little leery of ‘complicated explanations’ for things that may be a tad simpler…(i.e. I would think that level 1 of the explanation could be demonstrated pretty conclusively without a need for an extended Iran/Contra-level coverup)… I find the bulk of it convincing, particularly regarding key facts.

                  First among them is that the attacks were not on an ’embassy’ or even a consulate…or even any building acknowledged to be part of any US territory. It was a ()#$(*#@ “secret” compound in a region which is the home base for the principal ‘rebel forces’ (aka Western-supplied anti-Gaddafi groups) The fact that this was the target, and it was done in an extremely coordinated fashion on the very face of it raises questions… which this thing answers in detail. Next would be “What were we really doing there, “diplomatically”?” The explanation that there was an ongoing CIA operation out of the area is not surprising. What he says it *was*…. is surprising. To a degree.

                  1. double-lastly…

                    I also think this =


                    is a good sign of how concerned ‘bama is about the possibility of this sort of info getting out re: Benghazi.

                    I mean, really. “”National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat Programs””??

                    Massive Executive-Branch whistleblower pre-emptive crackdown… telling everyone in his admin to spy on employees who might ‘misuse’ information. i.e. leak. Clear threat to existing personnel.

                    Most. Transparent. Admin. Ever.

                    Did this come after Wikileaks/ Bradley Manning etc.? No. It came right after the closed-door Benghazi hearings

                2. e.g. “…one of the very first lies was to deliberate misidentify or improperly characterize the compound in Benghazi as a consulate. Was there an American flag flying outside of this compound? No. Was any diplomatic legitimate business being conducted at this compound? No. But they called it a consulate to draw attention away from the fact this was a CIA base of operations.

                  It was located in a relatively rural area, and it consisted of a residence and a separate “annex” located about 1800 feet away. By car, the annex was just over a mile away. It was difficult to find, too. People coming from Tripoli to this compound often got turned around, even with the help of a GPS.

                  So the very first thing everyone must understand is that the administration, including Barack Obama and others in the executive branch, and the State Department, including Hillary Clinton (her official statement identified the compound as a mission, suggesting a ‘diplomatic mission’) knew that this compound served no legitimate diplomatic purpose. That’s the first lie.””

                3. “….DH: We now know that it was a CIA compound located in a somewhat rural area and not identifiable as U.S. owned or operated.

                  II: Correct. So think about this. The compound was unmarked, operationally discreet, located in a rural area and difficult to find. How did a few hundred protesters suddenly gather at this location on the evening of 9/11? How did they know where to go, if this was not an embassy or consulate? More to the point, how is it possible that anyone in any official capacity in this administration could realistically describe the attack in terms of a protest gone bad, even at the first reports of trouble? They could not. This was a deliberate lie to the American people.

                  So how is it that U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice, five days after the attack and after much of the initial dust settled, appeared on five national news shows and still attributed the murders of Americans as a result of protests? Who told her to do that? And, she continued to blame the murders on an obscure internet video. Why?

                  1. Q: Is Barack arrogant and stupid enough to start a shooting war with Russia and China?

                    A: Yes, he is.

                4. In short = I buy that it was a CIA op. I buy that the attack was specific blowback against their operations in the region and elsewhere. I buy that the often aforementioned “people who were alleged to have been ‘kept’ there”…

                  e.g. =…..-benghazi/

                  …were as the guy alleges – foreign agents we’d snatched. Specifically, these guys


                  Seven members of the Iranian Red Crescent had been kidnapped or snatched from the streets of Benghazi on or about July 31, 2012. Again you must understand that virtually anyone walking on the streets of Benghazi not indigenous to the area are spies. Covert operatives, operating under various covers. From all nations.

                  They mysteriously reappeared after the attacks. Ok, I buy that too.

                  Going full bore into the Gun Running to Syria bit… plausible. We’ve done it before.

                  The prelude to WWIII…and the plan to create a scenario for war with Iran & Russia? The thing gets a tad too World Net Daily for me… it doesn’t need to go that far though to demonstrate that the situation there was actually a very dirty job which the Admin wants to keep deeply under wraps.

                  1. The prelude to WWIII…and the plan to create a scenario for war with Iran & Russia? The thing gets a tad too World Net Daily for me…

                    You’re forgetting that Keynesians masturbate to such fantasies.

                    1. The prelude to WWIII…and the plan to create a scenario for war with Iran & Russia? The thing gets a tad too World Net Daily for me…

                      Bama’s already done the FDR thing of expanding the welfare state to save the country from a depression – now he want to one up him on winning a world war too.

                  2. re: – the Gun Running to Syria… seems to have received plenty of coverage =


                    “…the connection between Benghazi and the rise of jihadists in Syria is stronger than has been officially acknowledged.”

                    Putting it mildly. Funny how this story – widely covered by British press – received 0% coverage in reports in US Media prior to the election. Shocking!

                5. Lastly, I also buy that Petraeus was shuffled out precisely because of this issue, questions surrounding it, and had nothing to do with his extramarital squeeze, other than perhaps the fact she’d commented re: the benghazi “prisoners” in public, letting loose more questions about how she knew that detail, etc…

                  1. Gilmore, get this: on my way home from work tonight I turn on the radio, and what is the very first thing I hear, but a propaganda statement from our dear leader himself threatening Assad over the “use of chemical weapons against his own people”. It was like bad deja vu from the Bush/WMD period, almost verbatim.

                    Basically, it’s already starting. I think the administration has made a calculated decision that Russia is bluffing over their “red line in the sand”.

                    Let’s pray to whatever deities we do (or don’t) believe in that they’re right, because we’re going to war again.

                    1. ….threatening Assad over the “use of chemical weapons against his own people”

                      that was something the article specified as part of the Turkish/Libyan weapons transfer…

                      e.g. One aspect of the weapons plan was to set up a false flag operation to make it appear that Assad used chemical weapons against his own people. Imagine the outcry from the civilized world to the news that Assad ‘gassed’ his own people. That would be an invitation to NATO and the West to openly intervene. Don’t forget about the timing of all of this. Two months before the elections, and time was running out. The job of taking out Assad was not yet complete. Such an event would quickly advance this agenda. By this time, however, being caught and placed in a rather unenviable position between Russia and the U.S., the Turkish consul general was in a ‘CYA, clean-up’ mode, assuring that none of the chemical weapons that might have still been in Libya were headed for Turkey

                      It gets pretty damn-near into truther territory…

                      until you realize every detail is actually confirmable


                      A senior U.S. defense official told The Associated Press Monday that intelligence officials have detected activity around more than one of Syria’s chemical weapons sites in the last week… …..

                    2. i swear, i’m about as impervious to conspiracy theories as one could imagine…

                      …but im almost convinced at this point the whole thing was a hit to expose the US weapons transfers. Possibly because we’d put the turks in the hotseat w/ russia. So they burned the op. they werent happy about iraq. i can imagine the second war on their borders is not precisely welcomed either.

                    3. Face The Nation, yesterday=


                      she confirms the place was used for a meeting that night with the turkish liaison – and was not a ‘consulate’

                      … and then, jesus…. the signal with the GOP member of the intelligence committee gets cut when he’s asked a direct question re: “were they asking for help, and why didn’t they get it?”

                      then Feinstein begins to prevaricate… about the problems with the intelligence ‘talking points’… as though that were the question

                      Even Lindsey Graham is exclusively concerned with the political angle as opposed to the reality. He himself calls the location a ‘consulate’, when even that is a barefaced lie.

                      jesus, the whole thing just screams “fucked up”

                    4. I will say this at the least = Hagmann & son don’t strike me as the #1 most credible folks in the world. Or even slightly credible. At least from the point of view of being ‘new world order’, Alex-Jones-Lite-promulgators. Bible prophecies? ick. I tried listening to their radio broadcast, and they sound semi-sane… until their conspiracy BS starts.

                      That understood = i think their Benghazi story is probably (surprisingly) actually closer to a real interpretation than the official line, which I see public figures absolutely terrified of talking about in detail at all anymore… Feinstein looks like she’s on the verge of a breakdown talking about the issue.

    2. Isn’t America supposed to be loved and respected around the world now that we have a half-black president who grew up in Indonesia and graduated from Harvard?

      1. You’re not supposed to remember that.

  16. Canadian business tax rate among world’s lowest

    Canada has moved up three places to eighth in a global comparison of the most advantageous place to pay corporate taxes, placing the country in the top 10 for the first time.

    The annual study by PwC [PricewaterhouseCoopers], in conjunction with the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation, shows Canada moving sharply up in a 185-country comparison.

    U.S. ranks 69th (giggity).

    1. rts| 12.3.12 @ 4:41PM |#

      Canadian business tax rate among world’s lowest

      Liberals would simply see this as a clear opportunity to TAKE MORE

      1. Read the comments and despair.

        1. CBC Comments are more coherent than Globe&Mail; comments.

          1. If true, that’s just… well… sad. Just plain sad.

        2. rts| 12.3.12 @ 4:50PM |#

          Read the comments and despair.

          It may be a good thing, but I don’t see any…

          1. Oh shit. Found them.

            Basically, “money that companies keep is money that *should have been ours!*”

            Ergo, Low-Taxes?=STEALING FROM THE POOR

            That is apparently what 90% of canadians believe. Oh, they also don’t understand that 90% of their economy is selling raw materials to US, China, et al. They seem to think they’d be better off sans any ‘international trade’.

            1. I warned you!

      1. Many years ago, when I first learned that we were off the reservation with corporate tax rates, I knew we were going to have problems. Strange that I could see it but our best and brightest super overlord gods couldn’t.

        1. Strange that I could see it but our best and brightest super overlord gods couldn’t.

          Foreseeable consequences… not unintended… something something Iron Law…

        2. What’s even more sad is they got many of their bright collectivist ideas FROM the former Soviet Union.

          Tragically ironic.

      2. I notice the government stepped down. clearly your evil libertarian plan is working (part one at least).

        1. Umm, not quite. I wish I could claim that one. I am in Kiev, actually, getting the rest of my papers in order this week so I can start practice. Government is still puttering along, however. They (the cabinet members) are still technically in Parliament, and still working in their posts until replacements are named. Under UKR law, when the premier steps down, all of the Cabinet has to follow suit.

          There are/were a few demonstrations, but that isn’t unusual for Kiev, since there is always some FEMEN-ster type or Russkie hater making mischief and hooliganism.

          Basically, the big stink is the government over-extended themselves, and industry hasn’t quite brought in projected revenues, so they have to beg the IMF for a loan, and the IMF is dictating that gas and heating oil rates get raised, which I do fear is going to cause some serious demonstrations. UKR is still dependent on Mat’ja Rossija for oil and natty gas, much like the US is on foreign oil.

  17. The 11 Most Important Guns in History

    1. That’s an odd number.

      1. +eleventy

    2. Did the just throw in a generic hand cannon to make it look like they weren’t lazy and ignored most of gun history?

  18. Sportswriter Jason Whitlock, who’s column Bob Costas cited during his gun control spiel, called the NRA the new KKK on a podcast this morning.

    I normally like Whitlock’s humor, but fuck is this man stupid and totally missing the point about why there is gun violence in the inner city among black youths.

    1. This is just more liberal ‘anyone who disagrees with me does so due to racism’ bullshit. It’s unbelievable how stupid these people are.

    2. Whitlock was just on Loose Cannons on AM570 las hour. He was spouting the same crap. He didn’t call the NRA the KKK, but he kept insisting that “too many Americans are infatuated with their guns.” He attributed the infatuation to religious and cultural upbringing. Whitlock is emotional, and shouldn’t use his airtime to address this issue.

      1. Someone is getting tired of his small time gig at and is gunning for major media attention.

        1. Funny, because last time he had major media attention he wound up with a small time gig at

      2. So THAT’S the AM radio shrike is always bitching about.

        1. LOL @ this^ +1

      3. I’m convinced Whitlock is using the NRA as a scapegoat because the NRA is predominantly white. That way he doesn’t have to deal with the problem of black on black violence or admit that there are serious issues in inner city America. He can just blame a white ‘other’ and go on with his life, blissfully free of all cognitive dissonance.

        1. Someone should point out that just because one community is awash in violence doesn’t mean that all communities are.

          I know quite a few weapons-owning folks on my block, and there hasn’t been a murder there in decades. So I don’t think Whitlock wants to go down that particular road.

          1. A lot of the problems in inner city America are the result of progressive social engineering. They’ve been heavily anti-business, which has inevitably resulted in a lack of jobs and high levels of poverty. They’ve regulated the hell out of everything, which had the exact same result. They broke up black families with their idiotic welfare plans and bred dependency. They did nothing to stop the war on drugs, and actually helped the conservatives exacerbate it.

            So when everything blows up and violence and poverty skyrocket, they need outside scapegoats so that they can sleep at night. That way you never have to deal with your own moral failings.

            1. And you’ve basically described everything that’s wrong with Latin America and Africa as well.

          2. “So I don’t think Whitlock wants to go down that particular road.”

            What?..beyond empty rhetoric? Leaving the relatively safe hyperbole (echo) chamber to venture out into the uncharted and dangerous sprawl of fact based dialogue strikes terror into the heart of the coddled proggie mini-pundit….here there be dragons.

        2. I’m convinced that Whitlock is a mendacious cunt and is just looking for a convenient scapegoat for his pet leftist outrage.

          And why the fuck is anyone taking a fucking sports writer as a serious person in anything other than sports?

          1. He’s a sports pundit, that is who he is.

        3. Not to mention that crime rates have been falling for a couple decades now

      4. he kept insisting that “too many Americans are infatuated with their guns.”

        It’s nice that he feels the need to keep up with my personal proclivities. Whitlock, go fuck yourself with a rusty chainsaw.

        1. “he kept insisting that “too many Americans are infatuated with their guns the insufferable talking heads on their Idiot boxes? television sets.”

    3. On what subject hasn’t Whitlock been a progressive fucktard?

    4. I take with a grain of salt anything said by a man who fixates on Jeremy Lin’s penis.

  19. Why are Republicans even trying, as long as Obama doesn’t come up with even a half decent offer they should just stay shut.

  20. The updated Reason app for Apple and Android now includes Reason 24/7!



  21. The updated Reason app for Apple and Android now includes Reason 24/7!



    1. Come on dude. Now 24/7 can go completely unread on our phones the same way it goes completely unread on the desktop version. This is huge!

      1. I wonder if it is unread in general or just by Hit & Run commenters. I think it needs a format change, but I haven’t yet figured out what format would work.

        1. Fist of Etiquette| 12.3.12 @ 5:01PM |#

          …I haven’t yet figured out what format would work.

          I think all-black. Black is always in fashion.

      2. Mike M.| 12.3.12 @ 4:50PM |#

        Come on dude. Now 24/7 can go completely unread on our phones the same way it goes completely unread on the desktop version. This is huge!

        I think we also need a new layer between AM/PM links and actual articles. Like, a link to a link to a link to a link. I’m *tired* of reading these “one off” summaries, clicking the link, and then finding myself *directly* at the article in question! Thats like a girl with no underwear on! NO ONE LIKES THAT!! You need undies, and preferably, UNDIES WITHIN UNDIES!! (like in Japan)

        Reason 24/7 = Under-undies.

        1. What if the links just lead directly to the advertisers’ sales pages?

          1. if they involve that chick with the CARE t-shirt here =

            then I APPROVE

  22. So, I finally got around to seeing Ordinary People last night. It’s scary when a film depicts your life. And I just gave a massive hint to CT reasonoids (Epi, nicole) as to where I grew up in the state.

    1. And I just gave a massive hint to CT reasonoids (Epi, nicole) as to where I grew up …

      Uh, we could always tell you grew up in a dysfunctional family.

      And fuck Ordinary People. (I mean that in every way possible)

      My dysfunctional family was The Great Santini FTW!

      … only no retarded black guy. That I can recall.

    2. I already know what your kind grew up like. Fucking monocle-wearers.

      1. Posh! My parents were poor Oklahoma tenent farmers who emigrated from the dustbowl back in the Great Depression! I earned my monocle through years of oppressing people just like them, making them work in my factories and mines… I showed them all how hard work, monopolistic takeover of industry, and corporate collusion with government, can make me filthy rich and powerful! My parents would be proud. if they hadn’t died of blacklung. Shiftless ingrates.

        1. Are you T Boone Pickens?

          1. pppt. Amateur.

        2. “I showed them all how hard work, monopolistic takeover of industry, and corporate collusion with government, can make me filthy rich and powerful!”

          Well,..that..and the pinko slaughtering union busting/strike ending… Maxim machine gun.

  23. Thanks, dead LB, for ruining the KC Chiefs chance at the first overall pick!

    1. Man, this is insensitive even for here.

      1. You have compassion for a murderer?

  24. Presumably, these are sexbots, but NASA won’t let them use the term.

    The 13-inch android is scheduled to be completed by next summer and will be sent to the orbiting ISS shortly before astronaut Koichi Wakata arrives, according to officials of the Kibo Robot Project.

    1. Meh, the field of teledildonics is advancing rapidly.

    2. Speaking of NASA, anyone else bored with the ‘major’ NASA announcement?

        1. The one that maybe they found something that maybe hints at organic compounds, but maybe it’s just contamination. Maybe.

          1. If only they had more spending!

            1. I bet this whole issue would be settled if, I dunno, some scientists were stationed there, looking for life with shovels.

              1. So, you’re saying “Fuck bots, more spending!”

                1. No. I’m not suggesting that NASA do this.

                  1. So you’re saying we need to create a new government department to do it! Brilliant!

      1. Well, they found organic compounds that would be the products of a reaction of methane with a perchlorate, but they’re not certain the methane didn’t hitch a ride drom Earth.

      2. I fully expect that we’ll eventually find some primitive subsurface life on Mars, but vague stuff like this is meaningless. There’s organic material on comets, for Zod’s sake.

        1. I agree, but I think this is how it accidentally got billed as “earthshaking” before the retraction. It would be very significant if life or evidence of past life were found on Mars. This just isn’t necessarily that evidence.

      3. Auric Demonocles| 12.3.12 @ 4:58PM |#

        Speaking of NASA, anyone else bored with the ‘major’ NASA announcement?

        The shuttle is powered by a Toyota engine now?

    3. Wasn’t there something about water on Mercury last week?

      1. Yep. Quite large amounts of it too.

        1. It’s not water. It’s frozen beer.

          Remember, you heard it here first!

          1. I will brew the first Space Beer from Martian water, mark my words.

            1. In grad school I blew a chance with this hot blonde because I honestly answered “What would your dream job be if you could do anything?” with “Run a space brewery.”

  25. What’s the point of even pretending?

    1. Vegans are literally worse than Hitler. I’m dead serious.

      1. Vegetarians are worse than a vegetarian?

        1. Do you understand the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian, or are you just playing stupid for fun?

          1. No, just stupid, and confused the terms. Oh, well.

      2. Vegans are inconvenience incarnate. They are smug personified.

        1. Just be gratified that their food choices, which they think are healthy, are not.

          1. Vegans are probably the most unhealthy people, all things being equal, I have seen. Weak, emaciated people. They should die, IMHO. Especially if they are being vegan ironically.

            1. If someone is being vegan ironically, they need to be destroyed on the spot.

    2. I don’t see any alcohol. Fuck vegans.

      1. To be sure, most liquor is vegan, isn’t it? Except for the bacon grease I’m fermenting into bacourbon, but that’s a trade secret you don’t need to know about.

        1. One would think.

          Then one googles the subject (“vegan alcohol”) and finds this:

          A vegan drinking alcohol is a hypocrite. Yeast must me used to propagate the fermentation process and convert the sugar into alcohol in ANY alcoholic drink. Yeast is in fact is a living micro-organism. The carbon dioxide and alcohol are a waste product after the yeast cells consume the sugar. Why does the life of a cow, fish or bee have more authenticity than that of the millions of yeast cells that are used to produce a bottle of wine?


          Many beers and wines are refined using a product called isinglass, which comes from fish, or may be filtered with bone char. While it may be easy to spot the worm in a bottle of tequila, determining which beers and wines are strictly vegan is another chore!

          1. Seriously, a vegan’s entire life is a chore, so why let this stop you?

          2. Holy shit. My wife, who is doing the vegan thing for health reasons only, laughs off the extra insanity–honey and yeast are fucked, as far as she’s concerned.

            How is eating a plant ethical but eating yeast is not?

            1. It’s not supposed to make sense, ProL. It’s a religion.

              1. I liked it better when religions were actually religions, so you knew where you stood. See, it’s hard to see my diet as a religion. Or, for that matter, my politics.

            2. Taken to its logical conclusion vegans should starve themselves to death.

              1. Don’t hardcore Jains only eat fruit/vegetables which has fallen from the plant that grew it?

            3. Yeast is fungus, so it and mushrooms are same class. If you can eat one, you can eat the other and vice versa.

              I actually saw a site that covers which beers use isinglass and/or gelatin for finings so arent vegan friendly.

              1. Really, shouldn’t they push for entirely synthetic food?

                1. So basically the little colored cubes that Kirk ate?

                  1. So basically the little colored cubes that Kirk ate?

                    So racist.

                    1. He wasn’t talking about Uhura, dude.

                2. Is there such a thing as ‘entirely synthetic’?

                  1. In the sense that the elements of the foodstuff aren’t derived from anything living, sure.

                    I think the best way, in order to be ethically pure, would be to harvest carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen from space and combine all of that to make something consumable.

                3. They should be the first ones fed Soylent Green.

              2. You’re applying science, in its subfield of taxonomy to this discussion. There is no science to veganism, only emotion.

            4. My wife, who is doing the vegan thing for health reasons only,

              Vegans are the most unhealthy people on earth. What was her bone structure no brittle enough, or does she have too much muscle mass to fit into an ironic tiny 80’s kids’ shirts?

              Oh wait, I got it, you love that ‘see the veins through transparent rice paper like skin and bleeding gums’ look so fashionable in places like Brooklyn.

              1. I hear you, but she’s only doing it for now, not necessarily forever.

              2. My wife, who is doing the vegan thing for health reasons only,

                She hoping to see an increase in stress fractures?

            5. So, they’ll refuse antibiotics if it will save their life?

              1. Again, looking for sense or reason in the vegan thought pattern is a fool’s errand. They don’t make sense; it’s a religion.

                1. Didja ever notice how vegans get fat in weird places on their bodies? Tellin’ you man, that shit messes with the bodies hormonal system.

                    1. General Butt Naked| 12.3.12 @ 5:35PM |#

                      Didja ever notice how vegans get fat in weird places on their bodies?

                      It starts in the lining of their brain

                    2. I thought fat was good for your brain. Omega three and all that jazz.

              2. No, because they must live to protect other life. I think.

          3. Apparently the Simpsons had an episode where Lisa decided bugs were not anti-vegetarian for a bit. But then she crossed those off the list.

          4. A vegan breathing air is a hypocrite. Chroloplasts must be used to propagate the photosynthetic process and convert the carbon dioxide into sugar in ANY atmospheric sample. Grass is in fact is a living organism. The water and oxygen are a waste product after the plant cells create the sugar. Why does the life of a cow, fish or bee have more authenticity than that of the millions of plant cells that are used to produce a breath of air?

          5. Why does the life of a cow, fish or bee have more authenticity than that of the millions of yeast cells that are used to produce a bottle of wine?

            You know what? At least they’re willing to be consistent. I’m actually going to give them points for this. Insanity points, but still.

            1. “Greetings, Econauts. I’m Free Waterfall Sr., founder of Penguins Unlimited. [The crowd applauds.] Whoa! No, no! No applause. Every time you clap your hands you kill thousands of spores that’ll some day form a nutritious fungus. Just show your approval with a mold-friendly thumbs up. [The crowd thumbs-ups.] Please hold your thumbs until the end. Now, folks, it’s time to stop that tanker with a non-violent human circle.”

              1. If I thought they were sufficiently literate, I would muse on how many of them had read American Pastoral and considered becoming Jainists.

                1. They’re not. They’re basically the culinary version of an extreme progressive.

                  1. So they should love her! Not so much the book though, I guess.

          6. Fuck isinglass. I like my homebrew cloudy, the way god intended.

        2. If a vegan tries hard enough I’m sure they could find a way to guilt themselves out of being able to have booze too. Veganism is merely self-flagellation, but to one’s taste buds as opposed to one’s back.

    3. I got my wife, who is currently a dietary vegan, some Silk eggnog substitute. Yeah, I know, but these are the insane things we do for the people we love.

      Anyway, she said it wasn’t as shitty as she expected, so I tried a sip. While it was not remotely eggnog good, it did have more of a vague eggnog taste than I was expecting. The consistency isn’t right, either, but my wife adjusts that by freezing it some.

      My great aunt has this great recipe for what she calls “egg custard.” I may have to try to make that this year.

      1. The consistency isn’t right, either, but my wife adjusts that by freezing it some.

        That sentence made me cry inside my stomach a little.

        1. I’m certainly not advocating the shit.

          She’s suffering plenty without me piling on. I have sushi for lunch about once a week, and I try not to mention it to her, to avoid her wistful ahi-craving looks.

          1. I have sushi for lunch about once a week, and I try not to mention it to her, to avoid her wistful ahi-craving looks.

            Fuck all that. One of my duties as husband is to keep my wife off of what e call Crazy Street. Were I in your position, it would be my duty to eat all of the animal-y goodness I could consume, and never cease to re-inform my wife just how fucking awesome it is.

            Let her get the looks. She will be better off for it.

    4. Archduke Pantsfan| 12.3.12 @ 4:54PM |#

      What’s the point of even pretending?

      I fucking hate people.

      Vegans? Even worse than the others. I’ve pointed out a million times how they’re always taking things that are *entirely based around animal products* (e.g. “a burger”) and then de-meatifying them.

      I’m like, if you fucking hate animal products so much, why are you constantly trying to recreate food products *shaped and flavored to imitate them*???

      1. Because even they can’t deny that meat is tasty, much tastier than the shit they eat.

  26. Unicorn lair discoverd in North Korea, says North Korean state media.

    1. Sounds legit.

    2. Unicorn lair is the code name for Kim Jung Un’s crash pad.

  27. No, fuck you, cut spending.

    1. Oh, I think I may achieve new levels of anger before this is all over.

      1. Please do. The world needs a Hulk!

          1. Being stalked by the Incredible Skulk!

            1. Yes, I am an Incredible Suk. -))))

              1. You should get the tattoo.

                1. Nah. Wouldn’t go over well. People would either accuse me of being a Sikh with a bad caste or keep telling me I have shit on my forehead.

                  1. What, they don’t read Dune in Ukraine?

                    1. I have yet to encounter one who hath read the wisdom and prescience that is Frank Herbert’s Dune. I’m sure it’s translated to Russian/UKR. I’ve never looked, TBH. Let me ask Jandeks.

                    2. Russian can be a pretty compact language, Pro’L Dib. Amazing how many characters that articles and present tense “to be” take up in a book, no?

                    3. Russian can be a pretty compact language… Zdrasvuitye.

            2. It could be the Incredible Schuck

      2. “What is the potential benefit of reducing the deficit? Are you going to get lower prices? No. Are you going to get lower interest rates? No. Are you going to get more economic growth? No. So there’s no tangible payoff.”

        Therefore, *increase* that fucker.

        1. Wait, what?!?

        2. What’s the downside of failing to do so? Eventually, an unprecedented economic collapse. Perhaps horrifically bad.

          1. What’s the downside of failing to do so? Eventually, an unprecedented economic collapse. Perhaps horrifically bad.

            That’s why I’ve invested heavily in being able to make my own currency should this befall us.

            And enough components to make me a very rich man.

        3. It’s also comically untrue. High debt overhang results in lower growth rates and government spending crowds out private investment. We don’t have inflation now, because of how little economic growth there is, but if the economy picks up there’s no guarantee that we won’t have mass, 1970s style inflation. Which would, you know, raise prices.

          Idiots, man.

          1. Its obvious. Interest is unproductive.

            How the fuck cant they see this?

            1. Of course, when you would suggest that any of these fucktards run their own households as such, it’s “Whoa! Gubmints don’t work like that! It’s all different and stuff!”

              Yes, gubmint works on completely different economic laws that have no downside at all. It’s like they were shat from a leprechaun’s ass.

              1. The Magical Mystery Economy is hoping to take you away.

          2. We don’t have inflation now…
            Yes, we do. Look at food packaging – they’re keeping prices the same, and making the portions smaller. I saw a 14 ounce Coke bottle the other day.

            1. We don’t have inflation now…

              Only when you discount the things that are discounted when coming up with what the government means by “inflation”, specifically food and fuel.

          3. We don’t have inflation now

            Yes, we do. Inflation is monetary. Look at charts of M2, of course there is inflation.

    2. The funny thing is, this guy’s not really saying anything different than what Mark Steyn was talking about the other day–if middle-class and poor America want European socialism, they’re going to have to pay European-level taxes to get it. Like, 30-40% of GDP-style taxes.

      The fiction being bandied about by Obama is that only the “rich” should have to pay these rates, and employment will somehow magically take care of the rest.

  28. So is the wind industry thing a tax break or a tax credit? There’s a big difference between the two and the article has a serious lack of details.

    1. What the world needs now is love, sweet love.

      It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.

  29. School districts in five states plan to add up to 300 hours more to the school year.

    State and Federal funds will be used to pay for the costs of the extra hours, including overtime for teachers.

    1. Of course there was no suggestion that teachers who get a full-time salary should have to work OMG Full Time!

    2. Overtime? Aren’t they all on salary?

      1. For nine months’ worth of work.

        And just because you are on salary does not mean you are exempt from FLSA overtime requirements #themoreyouknow

  30. British lawmakers slam Amazon, Google, Starbucks for ‘immoral’ tax avoidance schemes

    1. “‘immoral’ tax avoidance schemes”

      As opposed to illegal, brilliant…shame them into giving you more of their money…this plan is fool proof!

  31. Hilary Clinton just said that Syria using chemical weapons on rebels would be a ‘red line’. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the excuse the US and Europe will use to intervene in Syria.

    1. I do have fantasies of figuring out where Assad is hiding and sending a B-2 to crater that particular building one night in a “mysterious explosion”….

    2. Remember the good ol’ days when Iraq “had” bio/chem weapons and Bush said that Hussein (not the one in the White House) would suffer consequences if he used them against his enemies, and the progressives had a huge laugh at how dumb it was?

      Whatever happened with that?

      1. One theory is that the WMD was moved to Syria before we invaded Iraq.

        1. Wikileaks via Examiner: Iraq WMD program was real

          I remember seeing something on CNN abut a week before the invasion of Iraq involving a convoy of trucks crossing the Syrian border from Iraq in the dead of night.

          If Assad knows we’re coming, he may not demure from using them like Saddam did.

  32. I just had an epiphany. Our very own SugarFree is really Tupac Shakur, hiding out in a library in Kentucky. He faked his own death so that he could finally escape the grasp of Marion “Suge” Knight, aka “Sugar Bear”, aka dat nigga. I hope I haven’t compromised you, 2Pac. It is you against the world, after all.

    1. The worst thing about Suge Knight is that he doesn’t even know how to spell sug. I mean wtf?

      1. I’m crazy. I’d call that motherfucker ‘sooge’ right to goddamn fat ugly face.

        1. Well, that would be crazy.

          1. He’d beat my ass, but I’d get to go on the teevee.

    2. NutraSweet is Andy Kaufman, you idiot.

      1. That’s impossible as we both know where Kaufman is now. But I’ll stop saying where that is, since you properly chastised me for revealing his gag.

        1. The first rule of Andy Kaufman is you do not talk about Andy Kaufman.

          1. Let you get a piledriver…

          2. Look what happened to Lawler when he tried to reveal that Andy was still alive and, well, had access to nuclear weapons, let us say.

    3. SugarFree is really Tupac Shakur

      Tupac had a sense of shame. Bzzzzzzt. Try again.

  33. *BARF*

    Bill Maher @billmaher
    I don’t get today’s Republicans. Paying for stuff used to be called responsible; now its called Socialism.

    1. Dumbest thing I’ve read all day.

      1. I don’t get today’s Democrats. Government takeover of private industries used to be called illegal; now it’s called pragmatic.

    2. One of life’s greatest mysteries is how in the name of Baby Jesus this human skid mark called himself a libertarian.

    3. Promising to pay for things you can’t afford used to be called fraud; now its called the “balanced” approach.

    4. I don’t get today’s Republicans. Paying for stuff used to be called responsible; now its called Socialism.

      Paying for YOUR OWN stuff is responsible, Bill. Forcing other people to pay for your stuff is socialism.

  34. I’ve been busy today, but I read that when Romney visited the Whitehouse, the meal was white turkey chili. Tell me that isn’t racist.

  35. So what do you think, does my new gun make my ass look fat?

    (Seriously, this was the video I found on my phone after we went to the range yesterday.)

    1. Would you call that an isosceles stance or a Weaver stance?

      1. Weaver, and being tired. I’m actually shooting the Hi-Power there, which I was having a lot of trouble holding. I didn’t figure it out until much later but the trigger length is too short for me. You also might notice that I’m cross-dominant, hand vs. eye.

        1. If you’d like some unelicited advice, may I suggest a more aggressive stance, keeping the center of mass slightly forward of your hips. Push forward with the arms such that the back muscles can absorb some recoil. Don’t be afraid to get a slight crouch. If you’re shooting cross dominant you will likely have better luck with an isosceles than a Weaver stance. I know you didn’t ask for it but as a competitive shooter I can’t help but try to offer advice to anyone. Keep it up!

          1. Thanks db. I know I need to lean forward more, that’s the thing I’m sort of bad at. And I actually had never stood this way before, my right arm was locked straight but not my left and I had to do that to accommodate for the trigger length–it felt awkward at first but once I “got” it it was working well for me.

    2. I’m gonna have to go with no. How’s the SIG working for you, anyway? I’m contemplating a tiny one in .380 when I’m too lazy to carry a real gun.

      1. I like it. Now I need to pick out a .22.

        1. Become a total Sig slut and get a Mosquito.

          1. That’s what I want…

            1. If you’re okay with usng one ammo, and one ammo only, and if you’re okay with a take-down that is magnitudes more difficult that a modern sports car, the mosquito is great.

            2. More unsolicited advice;

              I’ve heard tons of bad feedback on the Sig mosquito. It seems to have persistent issues with cycling different types of ammo; and ”should” only be used with cci mini mags or similar (higher power cycles better; but ammo is more expensive).

              I’ve never had a problem with my Ruger 22/45; pain in the butt to takedown and clean, but eats everything I feed it…

              1. “It seems to have persistent issues with cycling different types of ammo; and ”should” only be used with cci mini mags or similar ”

                My Walther P22 is like is my Beretta Bobcat. My Ruger standard loves standard vel ammo…as does my H-S HDM.

        2. Which SIG? I have the P239 9mm.

      2. I picked up a Walther PPK (.380) from a friend recently, purely for the Bond, James Bond factor. I’m still surprised every time I pull it out how very small it is.

    3. I’m assuming a male friend was filming that video?

    4. Needs moar 2LiveCrew…..ata_player

  36. OK, people. Nicole is the current leader in the baby-naming sweepstakes. Her current bid of $215 will win unless someone ponies up more between now and midnight.

    Fair warning…

    1. Wait, if i give you $1000 I can name your baby!??

      SHAKA-ZULU!!! Works for boy or girl!

    2. I should have known it would be nicole, going with a lame, normal name like Sophia. A man would be smart enough to realize this is an opportunity to give a kid (who isn’t yours) a joke name.

      1. It’s an opportunity to give a kid a name I probably won’t get to give my own. I LIKE THE MEANING OKAY? And the meaning goes great with Reason.

        1. So you outbid JJ and I and ruin our attempts to name the kid Raymond Luxury Yacht. Thanks a lot. And that’s pronounced “throat warbler mangrove”, for the record.

          1. Maybe if you had gone with something actually classy, like Cholmondeley Featherstoneshaw, I could have let it go.

            Besides, I nudged out “Ayn.” You don’t want to do that to anyone.

            1. That kid owes you. Bigtime.

    3. Oh man….

      I could nudge her out and have Sophia Schembechler Spicer…..or I could pay off my next handgun. Big decision.

  37. Become a total Sig slut and get a Mosquito.

    DON’T DO IT!

    Google is your friend. The Mosquito is a cheap-ass piece of shit, and the slide will crack.

    Mine did, and because I did not buy it new, those worthless fuckers wouldn’t even warranty it. A CRACKED SLIDE IS NOT NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR, YOU COCKSUCKERS.

    Find yourself a Smith and Wesson Model 41. They are insanely accurate.

    1. I’m cracking up that you said that–although thanks for the info on the Mosquito–because I’ve shot a S&W 41 and it was so fucking heavy I couldn’t believe it. It was completely exhausting for me to hold. Might feel differently now but I remember it…well.

      1. Unless one is worried about being assaulted by a squirrel, why the hell would one wish to possess a .22?

        1. “why the hell would one wish to possess a .22?”

          Cheap and quiet (practice) shooting.

  38. Should be interesting to see how that all turns out.

  39. I am so very torn in who to pick in tonight’s game i our NFL Pick-Em. I’ve had it NYG all weekend, but ow that I hear a certain poster is going with the Giants, I’m seriously tempted to change my pick to the Redskins or maybe even a tie.

    Or perhaps I should try to figure out who I think Mike M will pick and shadow him in an attempt to maintain my slim overall win percentage lead for the year, regardless of the outcome. But, if I pick opposite him, I could build my lead to 2 games.

    Fuck, I hate these first-world problems.

    1. Can you even pick for a tie?

  40. Unless one is worried about being assaulted by a squirrel, why the hell would one wish to possess a .22?

    Some of us like to shoot A LOT without going broke.

    1. Fair enough.

    2. The Late P Brooks| 12.3.12 @ 8:26PM |#

      Unless one is worried about being assaulted by a squirrel…

      Look man, I’ve just finished years of therapy recovering from my Squirrel Assault, and here you go making the flashbacks start again… god…. (sob)…. the horror…the ….horror….

      1. a .22?

  41. We need to spill more blood in Afghanistan because…women.

    1. “”We must remember that we had three objectives for launching the Afghan war — capturing Osama bin Laden, defeating al Qaeda and the Taliban and protecting Afghan women and their rights.””


      So, the 5yrs they were shooting women in the head on Taliban TV between 1996-2001?…. yeah! big news in the US. people SO cared.

      Daisy Khan strikes me as an extension of the White House’s PR department.

  42. Looks like Nicole is gonna be the big winner!

    1. You dodged a bullet there. And congratulations.

    2. If the Bears would have won I could have afforded a bid!

    3. The Zulu nation is upset and will now be sending their baby shower-party to your residence =

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