Arab Spring

Google and Twitter Team Up To Bypass Syria's Internet Blackout

Speak2Tweet gets voice messages online


Google and Twitter have restarted their Speak2Tweet service to let people disseminate voice messages over Twitter as a way to sidestep Syria's Internet blackout.

The Speak2Tweet service got its start during Egypt's Internet blackout in February 2011 but has been largely dormant since then. Late yesterday, Google announced on Google+ that it's brought the service back online.

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  1. Don’t hold your breath for the owners/managers of Google, Twitter, Facebook and all the others to do something that requires courage.

    For whatever reason, these software moguls are one of the largest contingents of simpy, soft, cowardly little assholes the world has ever seen.

    People like Zuckerberg and Page are such flaming panzy asses. Freedom and liberty are not part of their personalities.

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