Fiscal Cliff Talks Stall, Obama Opposes Eased Immigration for Skilled Workers, Student Loans Go Unpaid: P.M. Links


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  1. Law-enforcement agents don’t need warrants to record video inside your house, says the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

    Secretly, though, so you won’t know they got footage of the dog shoot.

    1. Equipped with a small hidden video camera on his clothes, a Wildlife agent went to Wahchumwah’s house and feigned interest in buying feathers and pelts.

      So it’s okay for law enforcement to record you inside your home, but illegal for you to record them doing their jobs on public roadways?

      Peak retard? Is that you?

      1. Its also legal for the police to lie to you but its against the law for you to lie to the police.

        1. Fuck you for reminding me. Now I’m pissed off again.


      2. People don’t have a right to privacy when an officer fears for his safety (which, incidentally, is always because cops are cowards). “Civilians” of course, do not need to fear for their safety when they are near police, so that’s why policemen have a right to privacy in public.

        God, it’s like you a anti cop bigot.


        1. People don’t have a right to privacy when an officer fears for his safety

          Huh, I wonder if he was selling those eagle feathers to people who wanted to use them for fletchings, which would in turn lead to gangs of archers roaming the streets bowing down cops. Everyone knows that police armor is bulletproof, but arrowproof?

          Officer safety, all the way.

          1. Hey now, let’s not joke about taking arrows.

      3. Enough with this “peak retard” myth. There’s plenty of untapped retard waiting to be exploited

  2. Let the Reason Commentariat decide:
    Bad father, or savvy businessman?

    Now, if this were, say, Kate Upton, sexing up Mercedes in the Super Bowl, it’d be tacky, and an advertising cliche, but basically business as usual. But Kim being Lexxa’s father puts a strange and newly unwholesome spin on the already questionable “Sex sells” motif. “If I felt bad about it, I wouldn’t do it,” Papa Ridley… tells AdFreak, adding that he often uses sexy snaps of his daughter and her pals to move product. “Girls and dogs attract people’s attention,” he says. He’s also used Max, his golden retriever, in ads, including a motorcycle shot with Lexxa driving and the dog in the sidecar.

    UPDATE: I saw this story earlier on the Daily Fail (as evidenced by the shoddy job they did “fixing” the story), but apparently the man has recanted and is now claiming she’s just a “friend”. I think it was still a good business move on his end.

    When one user asked him: ‘Does buying the car include a free “ride” with the porn star?’, Mr Ridley revealed who the tattooed, bottle-blonde was by saying: ‘Nice way to talk about my daughter!!!! But sure———-!!!! Hit the buy it now!!’


    1. That’s some nice mid-shelf white trash skank. I bet she smells like cigarettes and Jolly Ranchers. She looks fun.

      1. Yeah, but she’s probably got more miles than the car.

        1. Seriously, triple bag it and don’t kiss her on the mouth.

          1. Stop slut shaming, Micro-aggressors.

            1. Just an observation, not a judgment.

            2. Shaming? I’m just expressing my conditions for showing her I approve in the most honest way possible!

          2. You only live once and the way things are going, it’s going to be short.

            Bareback all the way.

            1. I think the bags were for her head.

              1. Still don’t need ’em. This girls has doggie-style and anal written all over her, God bless her.

                1. This girls has doggie-style and anal written all over her

                  It’s true. She has tattoos.

                  1. For directions?

    2. Think she puts out?

      1. stupid question sage.

        This used to be the EXACT type of girl I would “date”…best part, they don’t want you to call them again…ahh those were the days.

        1. Date = Buy her 3 drinks and a hit of mollie at the club and send her on the walk of shame about the time you stop rolling?

          1. Date = masturbate to while weeping at the knowledge that no one will ever love you?

            Damn, there I go projecting again.

            1. Fuck off Mary

          2. Date = Buy her 3 drinks and a hit of mollie at the club and send her on the walk of shame about the time you stop rolling?

            Of course. What else would “date” mean?

    3. I want a Z before those Godawful 5mph bumpers. I drove one for about a week when I was trying to sell it for someone else…fucking awesome.

      OT: Why is this news? I’ve seen guys listing used astronomical telescopes for sale with their hot JB daughters wearing more provocative/less clothing than that. Smiling and stroking the ota.

      1. Pics or it didn’t happen.

        I want to develop a new fetish; girls with telescopes seems like a good choice.

        1. How’s the rollercoaster game playing out? Over it?

          1. How’s the rollercoaster game playing out? Over it?

            Jesus, you have no idea how jaded 4 years in Bangkok makes you.

            And to think, I used to be turned on by something so mundane as naked women.

  3. DAMN YOU FOE!!!!

    1. The acronym fits, doesn’t it?

      1. some day….

  4. “No, fuck you. Cut spending.”

  5. Sleep – Dopesmoker

    Because fuck you, that’s why.

  6. Immortal jellyfish. I fucking love science.

    Sommer kept his hydrozoans in petri dishes and observed their reproduction habits. After several days he noticed that his Turritopsis dohrnii was behaving in a very peculiar manner, for which he could hypothesize no earthly explanation. Plainly speaking, it refused to die. It appeared to age in reverse, growing younger and younger until it reached its earliest stage of development, at which point it began its life cycle anew.

    1. Cool, but that article needs an executive summary.

      1. “Immortal Jellyfish”: not really immortal, but they live forever by aging in reverse when they get old, then aging forward when they get young.

  7. President Obama surprised many observers by coming out against easing immigration for skilled, U.S.-educated tech workers.

    It’s heartwarming that his douchebaggery can still surprise.

    1. You have to understand, everything liberals believe about Barack Obama is the opposite of what he actually is. Therefore, it surprises them when he does anything.

      1. My hospital ED, after months of negotiating with the county for a rate to care for uninsured patients, finally got a contract today. I told one of my fellow docs and she said, “Oh wow! Is that because of Obama?”

    2. He doesn’t like the ~$400 million a year that my US educated Indian coworkers have been contributing to the US economy.

      1. If they are not dependent on the state what possible use could they be to him?

        1. Well, they depend on the state to not deport them for no reason. Does that count?

        2. Come on. Obama has absolutely no problem buying off rich people too.

          Give him this: He bribes people regardless of race, ethnicity or income. Very equal opportunity briber.

          1. A kid fresh out of college doesn’t have much to offer him. Now that he has a second term that kids potential boss in Silicon Valley doesn’t either.

      2. He prefers the uneducated, unskilled, easily manipulated proletariat type of immigrant. Those mid-level bourgeoisie types can be free-thinkers and are highly undesirable.

    3. If the Republican party was halfway competent they would pound him on this eight ways to Sunday; hell, they might even gain a few Asian votes out of it. But I won’t hold my breath.

      1. Only problem is the Repubs
        would then need someone to inform the masses that they were pounding him on it.

      2. Won’t work. Romney campaigned on this issue and Obama gained big in the Asian vote.

    4. the bill didn’t on net increase immigration (perhaps J.D. did not notice this)

      it takes 55,000 visas away from one pile and gives it only to the STEM people.

      not a terrible thing to oppose even if you support increased immigration

    5. Why is anyone surprised? The most blatant xenophobia/ethnic slurring I’ve seen on the internet is over H1b visas.

      Those people are usually hardcore DU/Kos types sitting at home collecting UI from there last shitty IT job

  8. Syria drops off the internet (excerpted from the RISKS mail list):

    Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2012 10:50:56 -0800 From: Paul Saffo Subject: Fwd: Syria blacks out the Internet

    This is a first — a countrywide Internet blackout. It is going to have all sorts of unexpected consequences, but frankly I am surprised it took them so long to do it (they probably didn’t know how)…

    An Akamai chart shows the shutdown pretty dramatically. Here is the original report of the blackout with continuing coverage — note the charts:…..-air.shtml

    [See also techcrunch. PGN]…..-uprising/

    1. I hear a neocon drooling somewhere.

      1. You mean Hillary?

        1. No, it’s John, and that’s not drool….

  9. A video of a New York City police officer being kind to a homeless man has gone viral…

    He could be in the wrong profession.

    1. Sounds more like it is contract negotiation time.

      1. Let us now comb his record for any history of abuse.

  10. A repost from last night as no one was left awake when I originally posted these:

    Getting a jump on MLs…this has to be the dumbest thing I have read in a while.


    What a miserable little island! Too bad this government child stealing crap is happening here too.

    1. Aussies have lost it. A proud rebellious people reduced to ninnies hiding behind their government’s petticoat.

    2. My wife has gotten annoyed at my eye-rolling before. And I usually don’t even realize I’m doing it.

      1. OTOH, women will call just about any male eye movement “eye-rolling” if it is done in the context of arguing with them. It’s of a kind with their calling a man’s part of any vigorous verbal exchange with them, “yelling.” I’m sure you’re familiar with that one as well.

        1. Fuck them. Women and the Aussies!


  11. Can I ask the wimmenz here? Do you chicas possess some sort of ex-boyfriend radar that goes off when one of your exes starts dating someone new? I swear to Christ, I meet a girl I want to do more than have a casual fling with and everyfuckingtime an ex-gf crawls out of the woodwork. Its unsettling. Decide I’m into a girl Monday and by Wednesday I’m getting texts from two exes who I don’t have regular communication with. So help a brother out, is there a woman’s network, or is this some sort of superpower?

    1. I’ve found that I’m most irresistible to women in general for the 2-3 weeks after I start a relationship following a long drought with no interest.

      1. Apparently, the Friday after Thanksgiving is the one day of the year where I am irresistible to women. So I’m working on finding a single, mildly attractive woman worth at least 9 figures for next year.

    2. Brett, at your age the women aren’t hurting when it comes to attracting boyfriends. So the time period of the break up – break up cycle is much shorter for them than for guys.

      What’s probably happening is that their cycle has approximately the same period as your searching-for-new-friend phase.

      1. Maybe, its been happening reliably from age 18 on. Say 3 times out of 4. Which admittedly gives me a total of 9 in 12 or so. Its unsettling.

        1. They probably hear through the fem-network that you are stepping out again, realize what they lost, and want to make their play before you are off the market for good.

    3. The older I get the more I realize old fashioned paternalistic societies were built to be a firewall between guys and the necessity of developing relationships to score. Relationships are a woman’s game that you can’t win, but soldier on, and dive on that grenade. An honest casualty is the best outcome you’ll be dealt in these times.

      1. The older I get the more I realize old fashioned paternalistic societies were built to be a firewall between guys and the necessity of developing relationships to score.

        I have no idea what that means.

        1. It means there were these rituals that got you a mate and satisfied your obligations toward her.

          Your parents arrange the marriage, your relatives parade the bloodstained sheet after you pass it out and that’s that.

          It’s an ethos.

          1. Like National Socialism.

            1. You know who else had an ethos… oh… nevermind

          2. And that tradition too was prevalent.

            I did pretty well in the current clime, but I have to think Lena Dunham’s suitors over the years would beg to differ. However, doubtful they are aware there was ever an alternative to suffering. You would kind of have to be blind to your options to date her.

          3. For some reason I had read read it as “paternal societies” and was thinking of groups like Free Masons.

            1. Damn you Reason! Give us the edit button!

              “fraternal societies”

            2. I can see why that would certainly confuse things.

        2. Relationships are complicated. We’re not. We’re outgunned. In previous eras, you really didn’t have to go through the courtship rites. That was a trend that grew from the upper middle classes of Europe. See Jane Austin. Use to, a man accumulated a little holdings of his own from working from twelve to twenty so and he bought a teen age girl from her father for a few goats, hens and the like. The upper middle class became the dominant, elite culture, and stamped its laws on everyone else. No more buying women on the cheap. You have to go through the properly licensed retail channels and spare no expense.

          1. Deregulate the buying of teenage womenz!!!

            I have my next super PAC all ready to go.

            1. If anything, just so the wife doesn’t get any ideas she can just let herself go. Stiff competition out there, and there’s a hillbilly’s waif daughter eyeing your spot, woman!

      2. Relationships are a woman’s game that you can’t win, but soldier on, and dive on that grenade.

        I understand the whole background on this, that women are the ones doing the choosing, and whatnot, and the whole PUA thing, but as a woman I have to say I really don’t get it. I mean, it makes sense if I, as a woman, were just looking to score. But it makes no sense for actually settling down. Dudes aren’t like rushing to go out and get you the ring now that they get the milk for free and whatnot.

        Not a complaint per se, just that I really don’t understand why it’s a “women’s game.” It seems to pretty much be both sides fucking with each other, just in different ways.

        1. Men don’t settle down. We submit.

          1. Exactly…so you are, in fact, the choosers as far as we are concerned.

            1. That depends on what we’re talking about. If it’s sex, then women run the show. If it’s marriage, then men run it only as far as “will it happen or not.”

              1. I think that’s pretty much what I said above 😉

                1. Damn! My female-translator must be on the fritz again!

            2. Exactly…so you are, in fact, the choosers as far as we are concerned.

              Men get to decide certain conditions of the end game. Women get to decide who plays at all. Different orders of magnitude here.

        2. Women out think us on relationship stuff at every turn.

          1. I mean the mine field of ‘does this make my ass look big’ alone is too disquieting for most of us to handle with aplomb.

            1. The correct answer is, “No, your ass makes those jeans look big.” You will never be asked that question again.

              1. ‘I married your scrawny ass so I would never get asked that’ still put me in the dog house.

    4. Decide I’m into a girl Monday and by Wednesday I’m getting texts from two exes who I don’t have regular communication with.

      Truth. I swear they can smell that shit.

    5. If they are exes, is there a reason you give them more than a passing “sup” or “how them tittie hanging?”?

      1. Nope. I’ve ignored about 8 from the one after a two or three message “how’s life” exchange. The other got the idea. Its not that they’re interested in getting back with me. I’m not that special. Its just weird that of all the times they could choose to catch up, its always within a week of me dating a new one.

        Then again, I don’t send check-ins to exes at all. Most of ’em are nice girls, and I’ve got nothing to offer ’em anymore.

        1. Really? Ex sex is great. The intimate body knowledge which enables great sex, coupled with the total lack of need to put up with any shit or even pretend to.

        2. I’m not a regular girl–yanno electrical engineer, porn-watcher, gun owner and of course the big kahuna of anti-femininity:libertarian–but it sounds like simple “I don’t want it, but no one else can have it either” bullshit.

  12. In case some of you were wondering after yesterday’s beer suggestion thread, I went with Firestone Union Jack IPA for myself, hard apple cider, and Disaranno. The last two my friend’s picked out and partially paid for.

    1. Actually, I was wondering how that fared. I haven’t had Firestone before, but do know Disaranno quite well. Mixes with brandy smoothly. First wife use to drink a brand of hard apple cider called Scrappy Jacks. Personally, not my thing.

      Last night, the nephew brought home a six pack of Breckenridge Vanilla Porter. It gets my recommendation. Good dark ale and not as sweet as the name suggest. I’m going to enjoy a few tonight, and a brawler sized Stone IPA.

      1. Scrumpy Jack? A scrumpy is a cider where they keep the peel in the mash when they brew it.

        1. Oops. Looks like I was thinking of a specific brand of scrumpy that did that, as there’s nothing specific about that in wikipedia or other websites.

        2. You are indeed correct, sir. I didn’t even realize I changed the word to ‘scrappy.’ A scappy fellow sounds so much more appealing than a scrumpy one.

      2. Dry Dock Vanilla is better. But Breck is always a safe bet.

        Glad to hea everything worked out ASM but get new friends…Hard cider and disaranno? really? next time your turn 21 come to Denver, we will hook you up.

    2. Sweet! I hope you like the Firestone. I’ve got three Union Jacks waiting for me at home, but the Double Jack is even better if you can find it. (Try Whole Foods.)

    3. Yeah I didn’t really understand the fascination with trying to do an IPA last night, but happy birthday and hope you enjoyed it.

      I bottled a nice dark amber bock last night and tried the chocolate stout that I made… it was a mistake to go stout since I’m not a huge fan of that heavy coffee taste; I am hoping the friends for whom I made it will appreciate it come New Years.

  13. Boehner wants the president to put forward a Democratic plan for spending cuts — a suggestion that Democrats find ridiculous because Republicans are seeking spending cuts and entitlement changes.

    Any Democrats out there to expound a bit? I’m having trouble with the “ridiculous” explanation.

    1. Not a Democrat, but my guess is “The Republicans are trying to do X+Y. That means we obviously can’t do either one.”

  14. This is fucked up. Even for the internet.

    At first, sounded a lot like the first incarnation of the site, which allowed people to submit naked photos of their exes while linking it to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, for the whole Internet to see. But, turns out it’s even grosser this time: In addition to a target’s name, photo, and social-media link, Moore is also asking for an address, notes Beta Beat’s Jessica Roy, who spoke with Moore last night. Taking that all-important bit of personal information, Moore will make a map to go along with the nudie photos. “We’re gonna introduce the mapping stuff so you can stalk people,” Moore gleefully told Roy. “I know?it’s scary as shit.” So Is Anyone Up not only facilitates Internet stalking, but the IRL sort, too. Oh joy.

    1. That bolded part? That just doomed him to pay everything he owns to the first woman who can prove she got stalked off of his website. He’s admitting he created the website to aid and abet criminal activity. That’ll play real well to a jury in the inevitable civil suit.

      Way to go, dumbass.

      1. Dude,

        Look at the website he’s setting up. Smart life choices are not what this guy makes.

  15. Dear Prudence:

    I’ve been dating my girlfriend for a year now. We get along great and moved in together a couple of months ago. One issue has been causing friction. She wants me to perform oral sex on her, which I did when we first started dating. I enjoy doing it but the problem is my girlfriend’s vagina has a strong odor. I’ve never been with a woman whose smell made me cringe. I don’t want to tell her the reason that I don’t want to go down on her because I’m sure it would hurt her. Because of my reluctance, she has stopped performing oral sex on me as a kind of standoff. She has been bringing this up so much that I’m going to have to give her an answer as to why I’m holding my nose.

    1. Doing it wrong?

    2. Honey, I think it’s time we have a talk about your stanky cooch.

      1. Now I’m no doctor, but about that vagina of yours…

        1. Knock knock!

          Who’s there?

          My GF’s vagina!

          My GF’s vagina who?

          My GF’s vagina–WHOOO BOY, does it stink!

          1. “I smell your cunt, bitch.”

            1. You are offending Ken S.

    3. Jesus Christ!

      What a fucking idiot!

      Bring it up! Why waste a year making her fucking suffer. She can’t fix the problem if you don’t fucking tell her!

      1. The best relationships are based on lack of communication and sex standoffs.

        1. Dude you might want to rethink that based on your comment about masturbation being the only dates you get now….

          1. I don’t see how those could possibly be connected.

    4. I think the appropriate way to inform a woman of this problem is in a Boxy Brown voice.

    5. “Bitch go home and wash out yo’ beaver.”

      1. I thought it was “Ho go home…”

        1. No, you’re wrong, it’s Ho Sit Down.

    6. A year? He’s screwed now. Waited way to long to address it.

    7. Man the fuck up and either breathe through your fucking mouth or tell her. Doing an unpleasant chore is part of being a man. So is speaking frankly to someone you love. Being a passive dick about it and then whining when you don’t get a blowjob is sad.

      1. I feel sorry for the poor girl, because I’ll bet he ain’t using his fingers for what God intended either.

        1. The shocker?

          1. Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe he’s just not sure what goes where.

        2. I feel sorry for the poor girl, because I’ll bet he ain’t using his fingers for what God intended either.

          This. 9 times out of 10, a good fingering that produces an orgasm will flush out that area nicely. Of course, that’s just for a minor smell. If it’s really bad, that’s another story.

    8. If it smells like fish, it’s a dish.

      If it smells like cologne, leave it alone.

    9. You need to invest in a Brondell Swash 1000. Spend the extra couple hundred bucks, it will be worth it.

    10. For gods sake, the dude should just tell her. Well tended lady parts should NOT stench; stench is a sign of bad organisms in the coochie and needs to be treated.

    1. Creationists believe what they want to believe. News at 11.

    2. Breaking news: Creationists don’t understand semantics.

      1. Are you accusing them of being anti-semantic?

        1. No, just anti-semiotic

    3. Daniel Dennet’s Darwin’s Dangerous Idea completely crushes that article into nanoparticles.

      Sorry, bro.

    4. Yeah, I’m not going to bother clicking through.

  16. “President Obama surprised many observers…”

    No. No, he didn’t. He only surprised those observers suffering from head-in-butt syndrome.

    1. Given the percentage of “observers” (i.e. journalists and talking heads) who are completely in the take for Obama, and hence have their heads jammed so far up their asses they’re french kissing their Adam’s apple, “many” is an appropriate adjective.


    You can watch the last episode of Late Night with David Letterman on the YouTube.

    1. So when did he get cancelled?

    2. Maybe I’m just getting old, so my memory sucks, but I could have sworn that Letterman was longer than 9 minutes.

    3. And we would want to…why, exactly?

      I’d almost rather watch tub girl. Almost.

  18. Police stop woman for no reason. She passes FST. They try to take her purse without PC and she refuses. They tazer her three times. She goes into cardiac arrest.

    Nothing else happened.

    1. No drugs or erratic behavior. Anyone want to tell me that this wasn’t an electrocution? Cause it doesn’t even meet the (purposely poorly defined) standards of excited delirium.

  19. It is not just my birthday today, but also the birthday of legendary broadcaster Vin Scully. Here is his calling of the ninth inning of Sandy Koufax’s perfect game in 1965.

    1. I hate to say this, but I really do not like Vin Scully. His voice just grates on my nerves for some reason, kinda like Chris Collinsworth’s does.

      That said, he’s done a lot for MLB and for Los Doyers in particular.

      1. That’s just worse than your opinon on Star Trek in the foie gras thread.

        1. He just gets on my nerves. I guess it comes from listening to “Hamilton” Joe Nuxhall “rounding third and heading for home” and Marty Brenneman that I’m spoiled.

          1. Baseball isn’t a fast-paced sport, so I love that Scully tells you stories and gives you insights into who the players are rather than the standard play-by-play/colorman format where you have two homers bantering obnoxiously.

            1. Agreed. He’s a legend. I love listening to him.

              Heck, even though I am nominally a Red Sox fan, I still fondly remember that certain October 1986 call, “there’s a little roller up the first base ………

          2. sloop-

            One can love Marty Brenneman and Vin Scully and Ken Coleman and Joe “can you believe it” Castiglione and Dick “Oh My!” Enberg and Gene Deckerhoff and Ray Scott and Pat Summerall and John Madden and John Sterling and Marv Albert and Ned Martin and Dicky V. and Greg Gumbel and John “this guy” Gruden and Curt Gowdy and Howard Cosell and Dandy Don and Phil Rizutto and Jim Mandich and Gil Santos and Kevin Harlan and Jimmy Cefalo and Chuck Thompson and Jim Palmer and Johnny Most and Sean Grande and Chick Hearn and Ron “hot rod” Hundley and Charley Jones and Dave Lapham and Bob Papa and Jim Simpson and Don Criqui and Lindsey Nelson and Len Dawson and John Brodie and Todd Christiansen and Eugene Robinson and Bob Murphy and Gino Capaletti and Ken Harrelson and Keith Jackson and Tom Hammond and Jim Brown and Geroge Allen.

            Speaking of Brown and Allen, they were paired with Vin Scully for the 1978 season on CBS. That was interesting!

            Best sports voices ever?

            John Facenda
            Ned Martin (Red Sox)
            Gene Deckerhoff (Florida State and Tampa Bay)
            Charley Jones

            1. Oh, I know. His voice just bothers me for some reason.

              My best voices ever would probably be Keith Jackson, Marv Albert, Jim McCay and Mel Allen.

              1. Shit, I forgot to add Mel Allen.

                However, Jim McKay? What a f’ing d-bag!

                In 1982, ABC Sports filmed a piece in Newport, RI about the first US Open Golf championship which was held at the Newport Country Club in 1895. I got a part as a caddy for the golf scenes (I was 19) and a part for the indoor scenes which were filmed at Mrs. Astor’s Beechwood mansion.

                McKay shows up and is Mr. Aloof. I tried to engage him in some sports talk and he looked at me like Epi would look at Joe from Lowell.


                1. No, Blofeld, I do not have any respect for the dead.

      2. Chris Collinsworth more than Al Michaels? Jeez, could NBC have picked a worse duo for that broadcast?

        1. Yes, as another network has Phil Simms on color commentary for their #1 pair.

      3. Mr. Scully really is a great guy though. Mr. Collinsworth is trying to annoy us.

    2. How’s the hangover?

      1. Mild. I had an exam on the Federal Rules of Evidence this morning for a law class so I didn’t drink that much last night. Now that that’s taken care of I have the weekend off from work to look forward to.

        1. Rule 403(b)?

      2. Hangover? By my count, he should just be getting tuned up for a classic bender.

        BTW, your birthday is also shared by such luminaries as Anna Faris, Ethan Coen, Christian Doppler (the radar guy), Chuck Mangione, Don Cheadle, CS Lewis and most-importantly Jerry Lawler.

        1. At this point he should be drinking off last night’s hangover.

        2. Mine includes Michael Jordon, Paris Hilton, Hal Holbrook, Michael Bay, Lou Diamond Phillips, Denise Richards, Billie Joe Armstrong, Rene Russo and Larry the Cable Guy.

          what a lame list except for the first and maybe Russo and Armstrong, think I’ll erase this and move on. Definitely not hitting submit with Bay on there and Episiarch out there.

          1. TOO LATE SUCKER.

            1. Shit. No where to run! No where to turn!

          2. Mine is shared with John Huston, Herb Brooks, Loni Anderson, Rick Derringer (of “Hang On Sloopy” fame), Tawny Kitean, Patrick Ewing, Adam “MCA” Yauch, Kaylani Lei, Lolo Jones and Neil Fucking Armstrong.


            1. Shit, I forgot to mention Paula Creamer and Lexi Belle on that list. Two women that are masters with white balls.

          3. what a lame list

            I don’t think so. Hal Holbrook killed as Mark Twain in one-man shows, and he was always the evil district attorney type in movies, wasn’t he? At least in Magnum Force.

            Now I think he pitches reverse mortgages to enfeebled seniors who think it might be a good idea.

  20. Person killed in motorcycle crash. Scumbag cop helps himself to the victim’s cash and jewelry. The cop was paid $112,000 by taxpayers last year. I guess they’re now going to have to start training officers explicitly to not steal shit off of deceased victims of traffic accidents.

    1. Why must you tempt the Dunphy?

      (say his name three times)

      1. Say Dunphy again! I dare you! I double dare your motherfucker!

        1. *you

  21. Are the Reason servers located in Damascus or did Jezebel launch an all-out DDOS on them?

    1. It was the old Letterman clip I posted that did it, I’m sure.

    2. Yeah, I got bounced for a while.

  22. Looks like the Seattle Police are up to their old tricks. Funny, I remember hearing somebody on here talking about how much freer people up there are…I wonder what happened to that guy?

    1. Bloody Dunphy, Bloody Dunphy, Bloody Dunphy…

    2. I like that the video on there says ‘alleged police beating.’ Sure we have a video of two police officers holding a suspect down while a third punches him in the face, but is that really proof?

    3. PoliceOne’s commentariat chimes in on the incident.

      Ex 1: Use of force fine. Always annoys me when cops argue with idiots though. Just cuff and stuff, don’t trade wits with him. I know its hard to not do, but always looks bad to the sheep watching. Getting all puffy before you cuff him always gives off the appearance of arresting him cause you are angry too. We all know better, but the 12 sheep in the pen don’t.

      Ex 2: should have knocked out a few of his teeth,then could call his cousin NOBAMA.JOB WELL DONE.

      1. Always looks bad to the sheep watching? That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard.

        The first step to cleaning up police brutality would be to fire everyone who posts on police one.

      2. From the article..

        “Spitting on someone is dangerous,” Whitcomb told reporters. “It could be harmful because of any pathogens that might be there. We don’t know anyone’s health history when we’re dealing with them. But ultimately you may as well punch someone if you spit on them. The idea is it’s assaultive behavior to officers who are doing their job.”

        So, for the record…the next time someone spits at me, I can kill them, right? I mean, I ain’t taking no risk with dangerous pathogens, and obviously police aren’t above the law.

        Clearly, you can respond to any kind of pathogen assault with violent force. Next mother fucker who sneezes at me is getting shanked.

    4. Dude, he posted this a couple of days ago as an example of JUSTIFIED use of force. I shit you not.

  23. Jackson, Tennessee cop under investigation for stealing money from a passenger sitting in a vehicle at a traffic stop. The department is not releasing his name, the name of the victim or any of the details of the case. You know, for transparency sake.

    1. He’d have been fine if he just asset forfeitured the cash, but then you have to share.


    HuffPo article about Glenn Beck’s Piss Obama, this happened in the comments:

    91 Fans Become a fan
    24 hours ago ( 5:41 PM)
    Beck not only insulted our President, Barack Hussein Obama he insulted and offended me. The President is just not the President, he is also husband of Michelle, father of Sasha and Malia, son of Obama Sr. and Ann Durham and brother to Maya Soetoro Ny and consequently he and his family deserve respect. Besides him being a credit to his family, his other accomplishments include First African American to graduate from Harvard, Illinois State Senator, Nobel Peace Prize Recipient and not to mention, he ascended to being the most powerful leader of the entire world when the American public overwhelmingly elected and reelected him as our 44th President of the United States. I get great pleasure knowing he is hating it right now that Obama won. My question to Beck: What have you done lately beside humiliating yourself?
    Favorite (1) Flag as Abusive Permalink | Share it

    84 Fans
    21 hours ago ( 8:09 PM)
    First African American to graduate from Harvard? Seriously?
    Favorite (2) Flag as Abusive Permalink | Share it

    91 Fans Become a fan
    20 hours ago ( 9:18 PM)
    You know, I might need to research that more. I thought I heard it, but now that you mention it, it is probably not correct. I will get back you.

    1. I hate Obamabots…

      1. Why…..? Fuck they’re entertaining!

        1. ‘Beck not only insulted our president, Barack Hussein Obama he INSULTED AND OFFENDED ME.’

          The Obama cult of personality is the most powerful cult of personality I’ve ever personally witnessed.

          1. Think it’s bad now? Wait till the 3rd term!

            1. 3rd term? I remember a Huffpost article where the writer literally said ‘As an independent, I wish Barack Obama could be president forever.’

              These people won’t be satisfied with a third term. Anything short of declaring Obama Godking and building him a throne made from the bones of his vanquished enemies will not be enough for the average prog.

            2. I’ve heard people talking about Michelle running.

          2. Beck not only insulted our president, Barack Hussein Obama he INSULTED AND OFFENDED ME.

            So it’s a twofer

        2. This retarded bitch actually credited Obama with being “the first African American to graduate from Harvard.” Then when I called her on it, she actually said “I might need to research that more.” That level of arrogant condescension and religious devotion is too disturbing to be entertaining.

          1. Richard Theodore Greener in 1870.

    2. he ascended to being the most powerful leader of the entire world

      “Ascended”? Really? Can you get any more messianic?

      /chandler bing

      Yeah, and I don’t care, you hatas. I still like to watch Friends.

      1. It’s spelled “Chanandler Bong”.

  25. Let’s make a deal, suckers.

    President Obama demanded Thursday that Congress relinquish control over federal debt levels and approve at least $50 billion in fresh spending to boost the economy next year as part of a deal to avert the year-end fiscal cliff, senior Republican aides said.

    The proposal, delivered Thursday by Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner to top congressional leaders, also seeks $1.6 trillion in new taxes over the next decade, starting with an immediate increase in tax rates for top earners. It makes no concession to Republicans who want to raise cash by wiping out tax breaks instead of raising rates.


    1. Haven’t we heard for the last 2 years that $800 billion just wasn’t big enough? What the fuck good would $50 billion do, other than as a straight up slush fund for Obama cronies?

    2. Spending up 104 percent from 2001-2012.
      Tax revenues up 25 percent, 2001-2012.

      Cut Spending.

    3. Yeah, I saw that part about Obama wanting Congress to grant him authority to raise the debt ceiling on his own from here on out. After the first WTF reaction – astounded that this guy doesn’t know or doesn’t care how the Constitution works – it occurs to me that he’s doing his usual shit. He asks Congress, they say no, he sadly has to take matters into his own hands and act because Congress won’t act. He’s getting ready to just go ahead and do away with the pretense of acting like he cares what Congress thinks or wants or does.

  26. Another article on why Syria lost internet. I like the “last four sites visited” portion of the article: SPOILER ALERT – 1/4 of the internet is still porn…awesome.

  27. President Obama surprised many observers by coming out against easing immigration for skilled, U.S.-educated tech workers. Want to bet some Silicon Valley-types wish they had money-back guarantees on their political contributions?

    This would be about the time that strapping young lad, Nelson, would appear.

  28. Better get your waders.

    But sea-level rise is now among the most pressing questions of our time.

    Polar ice has a tremendous capacity to cause massive rises – with huge potential impacts on coastal cities and communities around the world.


    The study’s headline conclusion is that the polar ice sheets have overall contributed 11.1mm to sea level rise but with a “give or take” uncertainty of 3.8mm – meaning the contribution could be as little as 7.3mm or as much as 14.9mm.

    How can mankind possibly survive?

    1. Funny, Scandinavia is rising so quickly, they are having to spend billions to deepen traditional ports.

    2. “Prior to now there’d been 30 to 40 different estimates of how the ice sheets are changing, and what we realised was that most people just wanted one number to tell them what the real change was.

      I wasn’t aware that this was how science worked.

  29. as much as 14.9mm

    Dear Zod! Half an inch! That’s almost to the top of my Chucks soles! The canvas will surely rot!

  30. If you want to shoot and kill somebody that is really not posing a threat to you, I’d advise joining the Ventura, California Police Department.

    Bonus points if you’ve been accused in the past of excessive force.

    1. That’s on “The Avenue” which is a pretty crummy area in Ventura. I live in the next town over, so I’m surprised I haven’t heard of this one before.

    2. Or they can go to the next city over, Oxnard:…..2696.story

      1. ox nard.


    UN vote recognizes state of Palestine

    So does this mean when Hamas launches rockets into civilian targets they are now commiting an act of war and war crimes to boot? This will not end well.

  32. “President Obama surprised many observers by coming out against easing immigration for skilled, U.S.-educated tech workers. Want to bet some Silicon Valley-types wish they had money-back guarantees on their political contributions?”

    As long as I can bet that these supporters would not in any way, shape or form waiver on their support for Obama, then I’d gladly take this bet.

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