TV News Report on UFO Sightings in Colorado Huge Ratings Hit

They want to believe


The newsroom at Fox31 in Denver was so stunned by the response its UFO coverage provoked on Nov. 8 that it actually did a followup (!) last week. "We've heard from hundreds of people from all over the world," Ron Zappolo, the buoyed anchor, told viewers.

But really? Seriously? Surprised at worldwide interest in UFOs when the acronym search dings 234 million hits on Google? Granted, that's only a fraction of the 3 billion-plus returns tallied by punching "sex" into the search engine, but hey, "UFOs" beat "Jesus" by a whopping 83 million. De Void's guessing the response was due to the fact that Fox31, aka KDVR, actually made an effort to apply a little journalism to the mystery. And KDVR was so stoked it shared the emails and voice messages and photos that came rolling in after Heidi Hemmat's initial report. Clearly, the volume and intensity of the feedback threw her for a loop.