"Two and a Half Men" Star: Don't Watch It, Filled With Filth

Angus Jones, who plays the child Jake in the CBS sitcom, says the show contradicts his deeply held Christian values in a new testimony


Angus T. Jones is pleading with his fans to STOP watching "Two and a Half Men" … claiming it's nothing but "filth" that contradicts his deep Christian values. 

Jones—who makes $350k AN EPISODE playing Jake on the show—is featured in a new video for the Forerunner Christian Church … in which he talks about his commitment to his faith and explains, "If you watch Two and a Half Men, please stop watching Two and a Half Men."

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  1. What’s up with the actors on this show and their inability to just ask the producers to let them go?

  2. I agree that people should not watch 2.5 men, but it has nothing to do with Satan, it is because the show is horrible AND it contains Ashton Kutcher.

  3. The actors on this show generally defy the idea that we are all rational beings acting in our own economic self interest. There may just be areas of life (or perhaps geography – like Hollywood) where applied economics are inapplicable somehow…

  4. Well if he really thinks that then he should either return or donate to charity EVERY dollar he earned from being on that show. Otherwise he’s a screaming hypocrite for keeping the wages of sin.

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