A.M. Links: Afghanistan War Not Ending in 2014, Obama Administration Drafted Drone Rules In Case of Romney Win, Egypt's President Tries to Sell Power Grab to Judges


  • never give up and good luck will find you?

    Your reminder for the day that the war in Afghanistan is not ending in 2014.

  • The Obama Administration drafted rules for the use of drones in anticipation of a Mitt Romney win, because they did not think he was as wise as the Nobel Peace Prize winning president.
  • The FBI is trolling Twitter for tips on insider trading and securities fraud. Top men.
  • A Conservative member of Parliament in Britain wants patients to pay for their own medication when it comes to lifestyle-related conditions, because personal responsibility is not yet vestigial in the island country.
  • The Egyptian president Muhammed Morsi met with the country's top judges to insist his unilateral power-grab this weekend was just temporary.
  • The Irish Republicans are eyeing a new terror campaign, according to the British press.

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