Hamas Declares Victory, Throws a Party

Let's do the same in Afghanistan


Palestinians in Gaza marked a national holiday on Thursday to celebrate what Hamas leaders said was a victory over Israel, after eight days of intense hostilities ended in a cease-fire on Wednesday at 9 p.m.

Across Gaza, Palestinians celebrated, waving flags of Hamas, Fatah and smaller groups such as the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine – as well as the Egyptian flag in a nod at the involvement of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi in brokering an understanding between Israel and Hamas.

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  1. "Palestinians in Gaza marked a national holiday on Thursday to celebrate what Hamas leaders said was a victory over Israel,..."

    I guess it is a lefty thing: up = down, etc.
    A couple of more "victories" like this and there won't be a lot of people to celebrate.

  2. This was definitly a Hamas victory. By negotiating with these terrorists, the Israelis have given them credibility. Israel is a cautionary tale of what happens when a people believe in their hearts things that are not true. The palestinians do not want peace. We taught the Israelis to believe that everyone was like us, that they are rational humanitarians who just want to right hisotric wrongs. They control gaza, the "occupation" is over, but they still fire rockets into Israel. Israelis need to overrun Gaza. They need to destroy the place. Their should be no electricity, no gasoline, no cars, no houses more than two stories, in Gaza. We did the same to Japan, we did it to Germany, and those countries learned their place afterwards. The only thing these people understand is force.

    1. I think everyone over at Red State is waiting for you. "Putting countries in their place" is anathema to Libertarianism. FYI.

      Also, the "occupation" isn't over as long as the blockade is in force. Giving them control over the internal politics of Gaza while denying them anything remotely resembling economic freedom is not giving them "control".

      Yes, Hamas is bad and I understand the lack of freedom that Hamas is actually looking to give. My perspective is a purely libertarian one, and also one of someone, an American someone, who has been living in neighboring countries (yes, more than one) for years. If Israel really gave them control over Gaza and then missiles were lobbed, then surgically attacking Hamas would be understandable. Speculating on what "they really want", or "will really do", or in your case "really understand" is horseshit until they give them control over Gaza.

      Lastly, we haven't "taught" them shit, they brought their own philosophy with them from Europe and Russia, pure and simple. You're giving the US way too much credit. And yes, I know some give the US too much blame, and some have pointed out in regards to the Rothbardians, and for the record I'm not one....although I sypathize with quite a bit of the philosophy itself.

      1. A truely "libertarian" nation would not meddle in the politics of other nations. It would have free trade in theory, but if it's neighboors were statists and didn't let them have free trade, that would not make the libertarian nation any less libertarian. So saying that economic freedom is dependent on the actions of other nation's is fallacious. My assumption about what they want is not "mere speculation." They voted for Hamas and they regularly tell polsters they don't want peace with Israel.

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