Gaza Air Strike Flattens Building, Kills 10 Civilians

At least four were children


Palestinian medical officials say at least 10 civilians, including women and young children, have been killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City.

The strike flattened the two-story building of the Daloo family.

Gaza health official Ashraf al-Kidra says four women and four small children are among the dead.

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  1. Hamas sucks at defending its people.

    1. On the other hand, Israel is really good at killing civilians.

        1. How about you move to Israel and just leave us out of your fight?

          1. This is between Israel and the goat-phucking Hamas. How about you stay out of it, Paultard?

        2. Israel just takes after Killer-in-Chief Obama.

          1. Except the people killed in Obama’s strikes aren’t ordering rocket attacks against the US.

            In this case, you have two countries (more or less) right next to each other, and one starts firing rockets at the other and the other retaliates by striking at the leaders of the organization launching the initial attacks.

            The difference is, Hamas is launching indiscriminate attacks against anyone in Israel, while Israel is trying to target the leaders of Hamas. And of course, Israel has much better weaponry.

            What Obama is doing is launching missiles strikes against people in countries on the other side of the planet for reasons that aren’t particularly clear anymore.

  2. “Palestinian medical officials say”

    And we are believing them why, exactly?

    “Hamas sucks at defending its people.”

    Say, rather, that Hamas is pretty expert at getting civilians killed and then spinning the consequences.

    1. Various factions on that side have been known to kill it’s own to create sympathetic victims and then blame it on their enemies.

      Spinning doesnt quite cover what they do.

    2. Considering that Hamas and its ilk favors using its own civilians as acceptable means of weapon delivery, it’s hard to believe they care too much about the consequences.

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