A.M. Links: Afghanistan's the War That Never Ends, Bernanke Promises More Intervention, NYC Not Liable for Police Sex Assault


  • In case it wasn't perfectly clear President Obama was lying about the ending the war in Afghanistan, General Joseph Dunford told Congress at his confirmation hearing that the "narrative" of war will continue past 2014.

  • Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke promises to continue intervening in the housing market.
  • David Petraeus has arrived on Capitol Hill to testify behind closed doors on the Benghazi attacks.
  • The Sixth Circuit Court ruled Michigan's ban on affirmative action is unconstitutional, because of the Equal Protections Clause.
  • New York City can't be held liable for sexual assault committed by a detective, a federal judge ruled. Oscar Sandino forced a suspect's girlfriend to perform oral sex in a precinct bathroom.
  • Encouraged by the Muslim Brotherhood, protesters in Jordan want King Abdullah to step down.

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