A.M. Links: White House to Review Secession Petitions, Fiscal Cliff and Greece Worries Markets, Flight Disruption in Europe, "Chief Firefighter" to Head China's Fight Against Corruption, Teachers at Failing District "Highly Effective"


  • The White House says it will review the secession petitions submitted to the White House's website. Petitions from Texas, Louisiana, and Florida have passed the 25,000 signature mark after which a response is required. 
  • The situation in Greece and the upcoming fiscal debate in Congress has the markets worried. The Dow closed down 58.90 points yesterday, though it could have been worse had Home Depot stock not jumped 3.6 percent.  
  • Anti-austerity strikes have caused flight disruptions across Europe, with flights to and from Spain and Greece among the most affected. 
  • A Chinese financial official known as "the chief firefighter" is likely to be picked to head the fight against corruption. 
  • Administrators gave every teacher and principal in a Michigan school district a "Highly Effective" rating despite the district receiving a failing grade for student achievement, which makes total sense.  
  • Toyota has issued its second recall in two months after faults in the steering wheel and water system were discovered in nine models. 

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